Friday, July 11, 2008

enjoying my time

it's been quite some time to touch those similarities between me and you. we had a lot in common but we never crossed path as buddies. well, we can never say never. anyway, X-FILES the 2nd movie is set to hit theatres this july! i didn't know until few seconds ago that this second movie will be released this year and not the following year; what a good stuff indeed. i have always been a big fan of x files. i watched most of their series back in the 90's and i was disappointed when they decided to end those magnificent years together. i rarely heard about the two casts and hardly found them in any movie news, thus it will be an exciting weeks for me at least this summer. lots of top movies will be released this summer and they promise everything but boredom. unlike last year, it will miss out some of extravagant sequels such as spiderman, harry potter, james bond etc. nevertheless, i still have plenty of time to decide which movies i shouldn't miss this summer.


anyway, there was one statement from AC milan vice president, adriano galliano saying that he has received a letter from arsenal that could potentially release adebayor at around 30 millions pounds. shocking, however unsurprising to many of us. it is a shock because it feels too soon and not a surprise as ade has been chirping through media that he wants to be paid as good as thierry henry was. well, i guess ade had a meeting with the boss and didn't get what he wanted in the first place. there's one answer for him, that is the exit door. with him leaving, arsenal will lose one of their experienced strikers and it will not be easy for arsene to put his mind straight after unloading his talented players. but nothing is impossible for everyone, including arsene wenger. i remember having read those nasty articles claiming "the end of arsenal" after being dumped by thierry henry for barcelona. well, they were wrong after all. it's true that arsenal stuck at no 4 last season, it was not a surprise though. henry's departure neither make arsenal a complete loser nor a champion. nevertheless, arsenal still eligible to play in champions league through play off. sounds bitter but i am used to it. hopefully, arsene gets his men quickly before someone else does.