Friday, November 28, 2008


my eyes need a bit of adjustment. i am not used to see cesc wearing captain armband in the presence of william gallas. anyway, i found a new fansite dedicated to cesc fabregas by chance. it's new and most importantly, updated every day. i have been digging for this kind of fansite for quite some time and disappointed the whole time. but now, i know a place to be. the site can be found in go ahead fellas add in to your bookmark.


the picture above is showing cesc as captain quite a while ago. i believe he was captaining junior side in a league cup. one thing can be derived from that picture above: he has always been a leader even in a very young age. i read an article today that suggested, wenger is trying really hard to cling on to his superstar after one and another has left earlier in the season by making cesc captain for the team. adebayor had also been linked to big clubs such as AC Milan during summer window transfer but wenger had managed to shoeed away those irritating clubs. much has been said and these inexperienced players need to prove themselves. there is nothing better than to "speak" on the field.


arsenal are facing one of their fiercest rivals this weekend. chelsea will play without mercy in order to get full points and stay on top in the league. there is no such thing as draw for both teams as they, especially arsenal, are keen to win back their fans' heart after disappointing performances. chelsea did not get the result they wanted on champ league, while arsenal have been shadow of themselves lately. arsenal are currently 5th on the league and 10 points behind league leaders, chelsea. i somehow shocked, being weeks apart from premier league, seeing my arsenal are way below their usual performance. the standing says it all. but it is not too late for them to redeem themselves as the league is far from over. arsenal can't afford to lose points anymore considering their current league position. it is seldom to happen in football but nothing is impossibe. they are, indeed, sitting on 5th position but they still could win premier league title if they can focus and win every single match they'll play. it is tough, but who says life isn't?

Thursday, November 27, 2008

somebody help me

as blue as my mood. my hands are shaking in a way that never happened before. i don't know what to do now since everything is not right. it is nearing end of the month and God knows what will happen when the day greets me. i should take it easy and don't dwell on my problems too long coz it will only take me down instead up. but i can't help to think about everything that has been coming my way since dad's departure from his old company. some people would say, 'it's your turning point buddy no doubt about it'. they may be right but not always. i can say that prior to his decision to leave, we had lived quite a normal life. i went to school and did my homework etc etc. there had been bumps along the way but they were only tiny turbulence compared to what i am experiencing. one false decision can take away everything in our life. life has never been the same.

life teaches me to be grateful on whatever conditions i may have. AC adapter for example. it may sound strange to a lot of people but not to me. it has served my family for nearly 5 years now and has not given us any trouble although we didn't give the adaptor a decent treat it surely deserved. and it chose to break down in a very wrong moment. we are currently tighting our budget due to an expected "visit" of an old foe in coming weekend, thus we want to stay away from over spending. but it seems the adapter is anxious to get itself a bit of attention from us. it needs a replacement as simple as that. a crude statement that goes beyond our own imagination. it probably wants to spend its spare time relaxing in a dump site. oh well, i guess i have to be patient anyway. why on earth it had chosen the wrong timing to retire? one good question.

God knows how to give. after so much agony i feel in my heart, He gave me some entertainment to enjoy. Thank Him all the way...God help me out...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

one good news

it's been a while since my last post and i am really happy to spread the news i just heard. william gallas has been stripped from his captaincy starting yesterday. i think this is a good news since arsenal embarassing defeats these past 2 weeks. i had always felt that gallas isn't suitable as captain in arsenal especially when he was only freshman while there were other appropriate candidates. only a couple of weeks ago i told my sister that gallas should be replaced by emmanuel almunia and now, newspaper brought daylight into my life. my sister even suggested to post my thought in famous gunner's blogs all over the world, so that arsene wenger would hear my brilliant idea. somehow, wenger heard my desperate cry. I AM NOT LYING claiming to have this thought 2 weeks ago right before my trip to my hometown. and now, almunia is already captain. i hope this change will bring freshness and new spirit into the team and not otherwise. we had seen the worse from arsenal, but it doesn't mean it won't hapen again. thus, this is the right time to make amends. go arsenal!! never underestimate our capability. the leaders beware, because we have many games to go before the season ends. nothing is impossible.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

missing all the fun

i haven't been able to watch live premier league matches due to my irresponsible act. those matches are only available on cable tv which is sucks. counting days to the day when all football fans in the world will be able to watch those matches free of charge. last week Arsenal were facing their archest rival man utd in emirates stadium, which Arsenal won by 2-1. i can still remember clearly, on how i was so excited everytime my heroes coming out of the dressing room and fought for their life on the field. there were times when i was so disappointed with their loss, i control myself against reading sport news from any sources. but grief and sadness did not always dominate my weekends. i once flew out of my seat, or window, after seeing arsenal beat their opponent. same goes with international matches. when ste-c, the former england coach took a bite of sea salt, he grudgingly agreed to let david beckham back into england squad. i watched the second goal with ease which becks helped peter crouch net his goal that night. soon after, the winning goal for croatia came just before the injury time added. as expected, england failed to capitalize their point and lost against determined croatians and sent them packing to swiss/austria. when england got their second goal i was hysterical and jumping with joy. nothing can prevent me from celebrating, but when the third goal came, i was so devastated and out of words to describe my sadness. it was unthinkable not to see england in EURO 08, let alone watching it. all those hysteria, curse epidemic and shouting mania have ceased in the past few months. i guess my mom is happy that she doesn't have to bear those non sense every weekend all year round. nevertheless, i do miss those moments of my life, how can i not? a match between Arsenal and man utd is one of those matches i will miss out and not mentioning those champ league matches every weekdays. o dear, i better pack up my bags.

anyway, becks is now on loan to AC Milan for over 2 months; while i will be given a chance to see him in action after so long, i am here with no real answer whatsoever, the last time i saw him running on the field was with england and not his club. considering MLS popularity isn't so hot in other parts of the world, no channels are willing to fork deep into their pockets to pay the royalty. other reason for not having MLS in other continent is that the fact their play time is in very odd hours. so, it doesn't help to figure out how to see my favorite football player in action every weekend. when he joins AC Milan this december, i will certainly be able to see him running and crossing the ball, that is if he succeed climbing up pecking order in the squad, against competitive teams in europe. unfortunately for him, there will be no chance to come face to face with his old clubs as AC Milan will only play in UEFA Cup instead of champ league. it'll be interesting to see him playing against one of them. although i preferrably choose man utd rather than real madrid. i guess fate has its own way to twist the life of human and God will be the leader who's in charge. well, life is nothing without challenges.

a fan


i am a fan of numerous celebs in hollywood that is also include some of the most talented singers scattered all over LA. but none of them could beat my obsession, although i don't quite agree with this term, toward david beckham. i have been a fan of him since i was in junior high school, while he was playing with his old club man utd. i even  remember cutting an article from a magazine portraying a young becks holding an award. but i can't recall what kind of trophy was he holding. in that particular article, he wasn't embarassed admitting that he had a crush with posh spice who was a year older than him. although some people had begun mocking him as a fortune seeker, he had not backed down a little and continue dating the singer. eleven years passed from that moment and i am still a fan of david beckham and not planning to stop anytime soon. he had played for two different clubs and currently occupying as a captain in his new club LA Galaxy; his third club of course. i've seen him crying, laughing, frowning and so much more throughout his years in football but one thing i cannot erase from my memory when he was sent off from 98 WC. my father told me the incident and i was gutted to see him off. i was avoiding any newspaper in the day after, so i don't have to bother to read all those non sense headlines and able to continue with my own life. i know it was really hard for him and his family after the horrendous incident in the world cup, however as a fan nothing i could do to offer such hospitality except to support him all the way. he was lucky though to have a beautiful family and wife. together they overcame the horror and triumph those challenges.

his first memorable achievement of many was of course, to win treble with man utd. his contribution to the club had been recognized even by the manager himself. two years later he brought england to the 02 WC after slotting home a free kick that was agreed as his best moment of all. a year before that, he received an armband from peter taylor to become england captain. unfortunately, england had failed yet again to grab the title from the french and went home with their heads down. the following year, he went from the golden boy to the unwanted player. huge misunderstanding between him and the manager had led him to a tough decision. in 2003, david beckham signed for real madrid with a contract that sealed him for four years with los blancos. deep down i was 100% sure that he never had any intention to leave man utd if he hadn't been treated badly by the manager and the club.


three years without success in real madrid had made him a target from overwrought newspapers all over spain. most of them claimed he was a failure and overpaid galacticos. in the end, he proved them wrong. in his final season with real madrid, he helped his team to win the long-awaited la liga trophy. few months earlier though, former real madrid coach fabio capello had banned him from playing until his contract expire in june, so that means he could no longer be on the pitch as well as on the bench. it was started from the moment becks signing a deal with a californian club LA Galaxy. it such a pity that both the club and coach failed to see everything in order. becks wanted to stay but real madrid failed to deliver their promises. so, he had to move on as simple as that. since then, becks had never failed to attend every trainings and matches his club were having. he even made a quick stopped over in the dressing room to bid good luck for his teammates which is something noble considering his position at that time. comments and strong suggestions from real madrid teammates and of course, his dutifully trainings attendance had earned him a place in the team once again. the reinstatement paid off, real madrid won the title.


He arrived with injury and spent most of his time on the bench in his first year as Galaxy player. the next season though, he was able to conquer those injuries by playing every match he was scheduled for. the only matches he missed out were the ones that collided with his international duty schedule. however, everything hadn't been right for him as again LA Galaxy hit the bottom of the league. fragile defence and low rated players were the ones to be blamed for Galaxy's terrible performance in 08. Galaxy doesn't have rio ferdinand as their CB and certainly lacking the intelligence in CM. they have brilliant forward but everything seems worthless without the power of team work. this year,  La Galaxy slumped to the lowest yet again.

being a 33 years old player can only place him in one position, replaceable. he has been overlooked before but not as fierce as it is today. with many young players knocking heavily on the door, david beckham has no choice but to keep his match fitness in check. he can no longer be the first choice, so he has to measure himself carefully or being risked to be dropped permanently by the manager. his experience is surely the key here and armoured with it, he can rest assured that there's always a place for him in the squad. but nothing will be taken for granted. MLS season is over and england will be having  a couple of two friendly matches in the next few months. becks has no option but to stay match fit. and in order to achieve that, he is going to AC Milan on loan. the deal was to stay on the club for merely three months and play every eligible matches for the italian club. there was a rumour claiming that AC Milan were seeking for a permanent deal but it won't be a reality i pressume. it won't be easy for him as there are other talented players in the club and he is thought to be ready to fight for his place.

first premier league, and then la liga, after that he is venturing to MLS and lastly, i do hope so, serie A. it seems becks is never afraid to challenge himself more than any other players, except nicholas anelka of course. playing in different leagues has not made him a changed player. he is more of the same and probably will not be kaka or ronaldinho after playing for AC Milan. but at least, he can spend his off season with a club which is known in the entire europe for producing huge amount of talent and perhaps becks can be the next although i must admit he is a little too old to become a star player in the making. one thing for sure is to believe that he wouldn't be david beckham we know today if he hadn't been sent off in the 98 world cup. and he wouldn't have been as determined as he is today if he had not endured tough seasons in real madrid. all comes with good reasoning and only God knows why. david beckham will only get bolder and tougher because he is simply david beckham.



i haven't been able to digest this reality. as hard as it seems, i may have to accept it as a fact and nothing else. woman at my age, usually holds so much of potential. and by completing a degree, she can directly send her CVs to companies interested on hiring fresh apel. while it sounds so beautiful, it really is a fantasy for myself. i am quite frustrated by this never ending issue and intending to run away from it. but come to think of it, i have nowhere to go. no matter how far i will take myself to other parts of the world, i will never strive to a success without achieving it first. i have always in tears thinking about how strange things are going and hurting my own head by putting it into perspective. no matter how hard i try, nothing is close to reality. it is a total domino effect from the beginning till the end. one bad decision led to more disastrous ones. i am tangled up and showing no sign of recovery. can anybody tell me why i am here sitting with no real answers?. the more i ask questions the heavier my head is getting. probably i will be receiving some kind of enormous pushover by some people, claiming that sitting is never the solution. it is better for me to run and chase the answers sraight from their source. unfortunately, i haven't got a clue as to where to find the source. it may be hiding under the bushes or vanishing to a wardrobe. it might be just under my nose all along without me noticing its simple feature. go ahead, tease me because i am not finshed just yet. leave me in my own state of mine and you'll see what will come out in mere seconds

amazing day

there was nothing significant happened today as i was mostly spent my sunday time at home watching some news. three bali bombers have been shot to death as to uphold the decision made last month. capital punishment is not unheard of in indonesia as there were other cases involving death penalties before, but mostly were passed out to drug dealers and not terrorists, so this would be the first death penalty for extremists. a lot of people flocked in to each bombers' houses today to pay respect for the dead and pray only good thing will be blessed to their empty souls. i am angered and disappointed with the government as why had taken so long to execute these men? more and more people are getting restless and some, anxious by the government lame reaction on this matter. these people have no understanding of quran and certainly living on their own fantasy. on what ground these people are having to claim that God will permit any such cruelty to His other creations?. God will never tolerate violence and certainly condemn genocide. He obviously states in quran that He creates human in a different race, tribes for them to know each other. it is a clear sign that God wants human to be nice to each other and strive to the best by helping one and another. let God decides what is best to human race.

please God, hear my prays. guide us from this damned sickness and come out as champions. give us clear guidelines as to right and wrong. show the wrongdoers their punishments for being God in the world by eliminating one another. i beg to You to give me answers and let the truth prevail

Saturday, November 08, 2008


i had to write it in red. it happened when i had my late supper. i saw this a very happy news from my beloved arsenal. they won the match with 2-1 scoreline. i am very much in joyous mood after hearing the news. i was unable to tune in to the match due to terrible reason, but i am happy after all. i know, it is far from over but they can start to dream of holding the title. it is not impossible to defeat mighty man utd and certainly possible to conquer other rivals. arsenal fought without their best starting XI but came away with a win and it was a joy for everyone in the stadium. samir nasri was the hero with two goals against one from man utd. losing key players doesn't make arsenal fragile, but a solid one i am sure. a lesson to learn boys, impossible is nothing. i hope i can fetch some worthy news tomorrow, ciao for now. hurray arsenal....thank you God.

a piece of mind

i do need to lay back a little after horrendous week. i don't know how it went so bad after the former week lasted so long than it had to. two days ago i went to a movie with my friend and had a chat about almost everything including our friend wedding this december. how fast she decided over the wedding plan has left us perplexed for many months. and it seems she has never failed to surprise us. it just caught to my throat without being able to come down easily. i have known her for ten years now and i guess i know nothing about her anyway or is it that i have not paid any close attention. is she ready or is she not? no one can answer the question except the Almighty God himself. this question will linger on me forever until it is served

the elected president...

had his first press conference and thought was doing well throughout the hour. when he was announced as the first african american US president, everyone was at ease. changing is on the way in USA. i personally think that most people are eagerly waiting his first mission as the president across atlantic. not only, his political decisions but also his conduct will be watched by millions of people worlwide throughout his duty as the president of USA. 8 years of torture under former president bush and i am only hoping that obama can change some of his predecessor unpopular policies and replace them with something that is acceptable in human standard. everyone was excited and hopefully, obama can uplift those hopefuls prayers until end of his term.

election is geting nearer and if God permits, next year we will have a new president to replace this one. i am fully aware that most of people in my country, including teenagers, are going to cast their votes only if they think the candidates are worth their votes. and if they can't find one, they will leave the paper blank which means they do not vote at all. don't you know that this will only leave us with one result, that is to allow incapable leader to lead us for another term. i can't accept that and certainly won't. we are the ones who will decide our future and use it wisely. our election will only begin in late october, assuming the election committee won't change their mind again, and up till that month we still have time to decide which leader who will deliever and who won't. please don't easily get trapt under some kind of 'promises' spell like we did four years ago. we do have to realize that the future of our next generation is heavily depended on this election. if we chose the wrong candidate it means we will once again be brought to a stone age time and we can afford that. vote coz it's your right and vote wisely.....

bond aftermath

i did watch quantum of solace two days ago and i found it remarkably well visualized. it started with a vengeance and ended with a consoled heart. bond found answers of questions he wanted so badly all this while and able to walk along the line once more. he had lost his love and seek answers to whatever questions his lover had painfully left behind. i love the action he endured throughout the movie and started to become a fan of james bond franchise. i had always thought no one could replace sean connery to become james bond, but i have a different point of view today. this is the second james bond movie for daniel craig and i honestly think worldwide fans had started to move on from sean connery mania. no one actually, except sean, could portray james bond as a living legend and a human at the same time as good as daniel craig does. he was hurt and clearly unsatisfied by some people suggestion to leave it all behind. soon, he embarks to his own adventure of a lifetime by shoving his enemies to the side and control the game as if it his. daniel craig has put everything right since the beginning of the movie. kicking, punching and driving like a madman just to get the ultimate answer he needed. i would have been a james bond fan if the movie had been acted the way it did since two years ago. action packed and twisting story could bring this movie to a different level from its past. before casino royale, i only saw james bond movies as other boring and distracting movie, especially whenever pierce brosnan was in it, and never had any intention whatsoever to watch it during my free time. but it is different today. daniel craig, we welcome you to our world and please don't hesitate to pen another sequel of the movie because we can't wait to see you again, in action of course.

it would have been.....

a superb weekend if i had a satellite tv, so i could watch my favorite football clubs in action this weekend. arsenal are going to meet their archest rival in premier league at home and everyone, including me, hoping that they can get through this without fail. man utd are currently third and facing enormous mission at emirates to win the match, so they can move closer to league leaders liverpool. whilst, man utd are enjoying one of their best moments in premier league history, arsenal are currently experiencing one of the worst, if not the worst, season in history. winter has yet to come and 08/09 season still far from over but i already have mountain of doubts with my arsenal.  losing from minnows and drawing away from home are not helping our season with a title. arsenal have not had a good season since patrick vieira had left arsenal few years back. i am admitting that arsenal are definitely out of shape compared to man utd today more than last season. they need a true leader not a clown who was in tears and out of control during a match a season ago. starting from that moment on, his teammates' confidence on him has been deteriorating and only going down instead of up. replace him with someone who's worth the armband could help wenger solve one of his headaches. he must be a person who has the ability to talk over so many problems in the dressing room and walk away with trophies. wenger has a lot to do this season and that including patching up the damages done by his captain. i don't know what is wrong with arsenal and i bet wenger is confused as much as i do. at the first game of this season, i had mentioned that wenger needed a strong tackler in midfield after flamini had left for AC Milan. it was even better if he could recruit somone who has all the experiences needed, it certainly doesn't have to be an aging player to meet the requirement but someone who knows the deal of his place. instead of acquiring one, he went for denilson to seek help. denilson is someone who's interested to play alongside cesc upfront instead of holding back deep on the field to shield his backline from enemie's attack. and he's clearly not good enough to guard his place from being terrorized by enemies every other time. hopefully, wenger can figure something out before it's too late. indeed, a win this weekend doesn't constitute the whole season results. in fact, it may not reflect arsenal season after all. arsenal could lose this match but won premier league title in the end. but if they won this match it could also help those players to be positive in the future matches. i hate seeing ronaldo and ferguson smug faces on tv claiming that no one can beat man utd at their best. suit yourselves silly....

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

bond's new mission

less than 24 hrs from now, every single cinema in this country and most asian continent will be thrilled by the latest james bond movie which i pressume will have the bigest ticket sales in james bond history. daniel craig have "bond" so well with his character and seems enjoying his role as the most lethal government agent in the world. he is ruthless, over the top but yet charming at the same time. not the kind of charm you get from a guy who works in fashion industry or some kind of businessman on the dining table. he knows what he wants and strive for it no matter how much it's going to cost his life. he loves toying with danger and able to dance  with it as if it were a never ending love affair. i can't decide which one is better, quantum of solace or casino royale until i have watched the new movie tomorrow. one thing for sure though, it will be packed with grilling action moves by Mr. Bond himself.

today's development

todays wasn't as bad as yesterday and the day before, but still i can feel anxiety seeping in for no apparent reason at all. it may be caused by our imminent trip back home which usually provoking headache even more than conducting a fashion week. nevertheless, i should be happy over other interesting news that suddenly erupts out of nowhere. my friend's wedding is around the corner and i still have some issues have yet to be resolved. retracting from hard-to-handle issue and coming to equally persistent problem. at the end of november, i will be surely pushing myself to the edge as preparing to deal with a bugging issue. anyway, i supposed to go to the mall and looking for delicious deli (sounds ridiculous) that i have been waiting for days. however, instead of whipping my ass behind the wheel, i am here stuck in front  of laptop without knowing when are we going to go. it's past 5 pm now and i am sure as hell that the city roads are jammed with cars and will take a lot of time just to get there. the usual 15 mins trip will eventually take more than half hour or maybe closing to an hour.i am afraid it may not happen at all, but one can only hope.

Monday, November 03, 2008

busy day for blogging

i don't understand why i had to endure such emotional downturn in a day. i am emotianally tired and battered. tomorrow will be a big day. so i have to be prepared for all possibilities that may come and slash me on the thoat. hope something will flourish somehow and someway. it's not possible that i would stumble upon my beloved PS2 by any chance. but even if i had found it, i still need to unravel the mistery where on earth my video games are?. confusing and depressing at the same time. after figuring out where to find those things, i may have to buy a tv to accommodate my PS2 since i am no longer controlling it now. *sigh* don't think about it, just do it. well, i guess nike has a good point on that. 

damn bad day

how can i say more? i posted earlier, today so far hasn't gone according to plan. and now, i found that arsenal were the losing side against lowly stoke city. we are currently going into a great depression. if something isn't done soon enough, we will lose everything. arsene could you please do something! sack gallas a captain and replace him with almunia or anyone else in the club who can hanlde the arm band. do it now arsene or we will be the laughing stock, or it already has.

is this a joke?

i have witnessed some of the funniest jokes ever heard on earth. they did not performed by comedians or live show hosts. instead, they are being laid out by government officials all over the world. for example, thaksin's trials. at first, he was arrested and then being allowed to bailed himself out of prison. and then, he flew to England to keep his sanity in check. without his presence, thai juduciary sentenced him up to five years jail term. how does this sound? funny to me. indeed there's a law stating that if someone is unable to attend any proceeding he still can be charged. that's what i read in the newspaper anyway. another case is involving a political analyst and he's currently enjoying his freedom while he can. he was freed a couple of days ago and was also cleared for all charges bored to him. the trial took quite a long time, which lasted for over 2 years. and the verdict came as a surprise to some people. today also according to the law, he can be re-arrested and remanded for pending appeal. therefore, he's trying so hard to hold  on to his final and most deadly weapon, a secret he kept all this time. i don't know what the secret is, but it is certainly a dangerous one. if let say he were again aqcuitted and convicted, he could have been sentenced to years in prison. it s because, they won't let him go for the second time. that's what i read from newspapers and blogs anyway.

it's funny to read all those stuff in our everyday life. people can be brought to justice and cleared of all charges anytime they please as long as they have means to do it. a wonderful dramas i presume, will be unfold not long from now. and how can i be such a fool without mentioning the most anticipated election in the world will take place less than 24 hrs. whoever takes the center stage, will not change the face of the earth. it is because they do not care to listen and painfully smirking at danger looming ahead. they know but they could care less.

another worth mentioning comments

after so many negative comments for the past few weeks, i got the chance to read some good ones. i posted 2 posts before this one and i am happy to post another ones. some people, well a lot of people actually, disbelief becks intention to have loan move to AC Milan this  winter as part of his fitness shake ups. they criticized the move and even condemned publicly that both parties are not in the advantage of anything. in fact, they are only seeking financial boosts amid global recession haunting the world of sports recently. however, after reading bruce arena's comment i became aware that MLS doesn't help becks international career especially when he's already near the end. i wonder why he didn't go to Milan and instead chose LA Galaxy some alien club in the US. soccer isn't famous in the US and not anytime soon because they won't let it eclipse their own football game. fortunately, becks arrived and it helped soccer a litle to gain a bit of attention. anyway here are those comments....(to view complete article  visit

Speaking just hours before Beckham's move was confirmed, Capello said: "If Milan sign him they will make a great acquisition. He is a very focused lad. He is a professional." (capello made a comment during press conference)

"He needs to play at 100% and he needs to position himself to get on the field for first-team minutes."

He said: "His reasons are to stay fit and to make himself available for England, and the only way he can do that is to be training and playing in a good environment. That's his number one reason, I believe, for seeking this loan.

"This, on the part of David, was a purely technical rationale. He wants to continue to play for England and this is one of the ways to do that.

"Those marketing opportunities, he can't avoid that. Wherever he goes there are marketing opportunities and I'm certain that will occur in Italy as well. However, I strongly believe he's doing this for technical reasons.

"He wants to be in a good environment during his down time in MLS and what better environment can you have than AC Milan?" (bruce arena on becks loan move to AC Milan)

somber mood

what has possibly gone wrong? well, i have mentioned that it started from that point on and crusing to my ignited life slowly but surely. and now, i am stuck by the deluisonal decision i had made in the past and had to patch things up with the ways i haven't done before. covering every layer with suitable words of comfort that undeniably lead to another layer with some set up traps along the way. just like painting, life is what we are drawing. if it started badly it would not end the way we have always wanted. so, my painting is already ruined but it's not too late to make it beautiful. the question is, how to make it bearable and gorgeous?. it's on my hands now....

his comments

this is brief comment from the coach himself regarding becks loan move to AC Milan this winter. capello seems pleased with the move and i have a suggestion that he is totally okay with it as long as he doesn't break any rule.

"Milan has made a good acquisition," England manager Fabio Capello, who also coached Beckham at Real Madrid, said.

"In Madrid, I dropped him from the team because he signed with Los Angeles, but he continued to come and train and I put him back on the team."

courtesy of herald sun australia

i have asked myself on why raul is still the captain of real madrid? and now i have the answer. he's a good teammate and a total supportive player, even he's become a former teammate. when capello and executives of real madrid decided to freeze up becks contract negotiations, and banned him from playing for the club until the end of the season just because he had signed a deal with LA Galaxy in winter transfer window, raul and other players gave strong comments about the controversial decisions and backed him up 100%. the war paid off though, becks was again part of the team and real madrid won the league. 2 years after, he's still backing him 100%. a good motivator people say and that he is. here's what he has to say.... (courtesy of sporting life .com)

"Beckham is a great player, a great professional," said Raul in an interview with Gazzetta dello Sport.

"I think he can give Milan a lot."

Beckham's departure from Real Madrid to MLS in 2007 was a blow for Raul, who had hoped the former Manchester United man would remain with the Spanish champions.

"It was a pity to see him leave," said Raul.

The Spain international laughed off reports that Milan are following the 'galactico' policy used by Madrid during Florentino Perez's reign as club president, which involved signing one of the world's best-known players every season.

"Milan are signing people, not 'galacticos'," said Raul. "Ronaldinho and Beckham, just to mention two names, are above all two players that want to bring joy to the fans. The rest is nonsense."

rough and tough

ahead of my long-awaited holiday this december, i still have plenty of things to think of. first, will be my issues in jkt. there's only one major problem on that one, and i can't mention it here. and second, is of course, my friend's wedding next month. what on earth should i wear on that occassion? it had been awhile since my last wedding appearance and i was so little at that time. well, not that little as in a baby or anything. but, they had been different back then. more over, those weddings were mostly realtives events not friends. i had left hometown since early teenager and had not made any contact every since with my childhood friends who had probably married their boyfriends and girlfriends while i am abandoned here in this sinister world. that makes me a whole ten years without any contact with my buddies back home. i had never attend any wedding in this country and not planning to in the future, i hope. and that left me with more burden to carry on to my shoulders. clothes are the main issue here. sure, i can just grab anything from my closet or mum's, but that is so ridiculous. this wedding is to one of my closest friend and i can't just put on anything in sight, it's plain dangerous for me and the family. it's total outrageous and unacceptable. i have to decide what to wear and then i can move on to next level, which is shoes. up one level is hair issue. i can't tie up my hair in whatever pose i want to. i need to stamp some dignity with my look and it definitely doesn't look good if i just let it loose. last but the most important things is, make up. i rarely, well it is seldom to be exact, wear any kind of make up and that includes mascara. i hate to put on mascara is simply because of my eyelashes. they are so pointed and i can't make them steady no matter how hard i try. they have always found a way to enter my dazzling eyes (this is totally overrated) and make them suffer for days. mascara is to be applied on the outside only, and strongly suggested to apply hair gel first before starting to use mascara. so, in any case an eyelash is hovering and jab your eyes on the inside, you are heavenly safe from poisoning. here it goes again, another hallucination comes into play. anyway, make up, clothes, hair style, and lastly shoes are supposed to go hand in hand. i have to make sure everything goes well and in accordance with the wedding theme. *sigh* what do i have to do? it's less than 2 months already and i still haven't figured out this deal. God send me your angel....

sloppy headlines

well, if this morning was not worse enough, i had to read headlines pinching becks move to AC Milan and other things that he does in everyday life. and now, i understand that hamilton had won his first champion in F1 racing. i dislike him since he had won few races in the early 2008. he become so cocky thinking he can eclipse everyone's past records, including michael schumacher's. and then, coming with so much controversial headlines regarding his reckless driving and cost raikkonen his place in a race few weeks back. what on earth was he thinking?. that stupidity made him lost points as the ruling body decided he was indeed driving with so much passion and lost his composure. and not a long ago, he was also involved with raikkonen's partner in ferrari, felipe massa, and nearly made another history by cut him out of his way. after the race he denied everything everyone accussed to him. well, that tiny man is certainly knows how to evade heavy questions. i have not heard a single sorry from the man to his rivals after the incidents and i do feel sorry for ferrari. they nearly had it but in the final minutes, they had failed miserably. maybe they can nail it next year and beat the hell out of other cocky drivers. anyway, the-used-to-be-the-youngest-race-driver-to-win F1 title has gone along the way. alonso failed to make his existence known by not winning the title like he did two years ago. what had been written about alonso were indeed beautiful and promising.  two years from then, he was a sitting duck in his own world. his luck had run out.