Wednesday, September 27, 2006

im quite disappointed that beck might not be in the starting XI once more. i'd like to think positive but, then again, capello wants the best for his team and i dont blame him. what beck needs to do is to continue to impress his boss and score some goals. but i think its unlikely to happen if reyes still in good form. first, he was born with speed and likes to run no matter what happens and second, hes a newcomer so he wants to impress the club and stays with Madrid next season (he insists not goin back to premiere league for unknown reasons, most probably his family hates english stew). so beck could do nothin except accept his fate and doin his job 110%. rumours claiming beck still, isnt satisfied with the deal Real is pushing. he needs to 'pen' the deal soon or he has to look for another club and spends his entire career there.

well well Ste-C has announced his squad for a match against macedonia and guess what? beck wasnt on the list. i have had this thought of beck retiring early when Ste-C came in charge coz hes not the man who likes to keep his words. lennon off coz injury and owen h. as well but still, his phone received no calls from the england coach. looks like beck has to be satified with 94 caps coz hes unlikely make the squad as long as Ste-C in charge. england have history playing well during qualifying games but fail surprsingly soon after the championship begins. lets hope this time they wont make the same mistake again and i'll pray to God beck will be chosen once again to represent his country.

now lets talks about sunday game against atletico madrid. this is the derby ppl have been waiting for. atletico played well under their new coach and could be a threat to Real Madrid if they dont take this game seriously. guti claiming they will win with 3-0 but i dont think atletico will let scoresheet goes that way. as long as they have torres, nothin could go easily for any teams. capello needs to find magical formula to strengthen his defence. if another team had been playing last wednesday, the scoresheet wouldnt be that amaxing. Real let the oppenents running wild at the back and exposed their cute goalkeeper openly. this time around would be badly bruised if they let torres skip casillas and lead the scoreline. i think will capello stick to last lineup and play raul as a right midfielder this time around. i still, think beck deserves his place but im not the coach. lets just wait and see, hopefully barca will be run out since the injury on eto'o. but they still have plenty talented players such as ronaldinho, giuly, xavi and not forgetting young player lionel messi. im certainly goin to enjoy my weekend ....


Monday, September 25, 2006

Real Madrid won their game for 3rd consecutive weeks. but im still unconvinced with their perfomance due to lack of persistent in the midfield. i gradually consider their defence picking up a good sign of improving. they have difficulties to keep the ball at their side as the possesion dropped after 2nd half. however, choosing emerson to partner diarra was brilliant idea. they both barely played for half season but continue to impress and showing people why capello wanted them in the first place. too bad becks wasnt included in the starting lineup. im sure press would love to boost this story up into something else. no one cared when cristie ronaldo sat in the bench, but beck? im sure the headlines will go like this 'no come beck to XI for beck' didnt hit it quite right but im sure it wouldnt differ much to what i have mentioned above. probably capello wants to make sure everyone has a piece in the lineup and makes it clear no one in the squad is untoucheable. this is the time for beck to show people what hes all about and assure his teammates that he will regain his form in no time. but hes a fair player he didnt show his disappointment and gave a warm 'shake hands moments' with reyes. hopefully he will come back to his best soon so he can shut off peoples blabbering mouth. he got his 1st goal last week and i really do hope he can get lots more this season. he deserves a salute to his professionalism and loyalty to both his club and national but none was given to him. he brought lots of things to football. although it may not always be in football works but he certainly gives football an edge and sense of style. he helps make football recognized in all over the world, i mean who doesnt know dave b probably only aliens who dont know him. im curious to see whose gonna start this week for champs league, hopefully it would turn out good for real for having lost to lyon 2 weeks earlier and dismiss criticism that haunts them. go guys...i know you can make it!! viva Real Madrid!! btw arsenal won again! and this time in their own backyard. 1st time so far this season after having lost the last 2 matches. winning against Man U certainly gave them a huge boost for last weeks game against sheffield united. Henry scored a goal and collected 2 goals so far, i think he needs time to recover his rhythm and soon he will 'wow' the crowd once more. i miss seeing theo walcott playing and definitely arsenal need a player like him, someone who can run into defence and spoil any defensive players exist. anyhow current players continue to impress esp rosicky and my dear ehm ehm. cant wait to watch my fav clubs play champs league this week and hopefully they will win. franco and davey good luck.....


Sunday, September 24, 2006

"Chasing Cars"
We'll do it all
On our own
We don't need
Anything Or anyone
If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?
I don't quite know
How to say
How I feel
Those three words
Are said too much
They're not enough
If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?
Forget what we're told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden that's bursting into life
Let's waste time
Chasing cars
Around our heads
I need your grace
To remind me
To find my own
If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?
Forget what we're told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden that's bursting into life
All that I am
All that I ever was
Is here in your perfect eyes, they're all I can see
I don't know where
Confused about how as well
Just know that these things will never change for us at all
If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Alhamdulillah..akhirnya bulan suci ramadhan telah tiba..i feel soooo grateful. buat org2 yg mungkin g pernah merasakan indahnya berkah dari Tuhan, kok sayang banget coba dh lebih peka ama keadaan disekeliling. Tuhan itu ada rasain adja dalam hati, belakangan ini gw melalui *rough path* yg ga pernah gw bayangin tapi alhamdulillah jujur adja tanpa semua itu mungkin gw g akan sekuat ini dan mungkin g akan menjadi pribadi yg lebih tegar.

bahkan disaat gw almost gave up, ada sesuatu positif didalam diri gw yg ngebuat gw masih sanggup jalan dengan tegap dan berharap cobaan-cobaan itu akan berakhir. semua ini ada hikmahnya dan hikmah yg gw dapetin itu..subhanallah bener2 indah dan gw berharap kedepannya gw bisa jd hamba allah yg lebih baik dan i hope i can say in the next 5 years "gosh i'm just so happy it all ended that way and i'm proud that i've gone thru it with my head held high"

Tuhan akan selalu memberikan yang terbaik..
Tuhan ga pernah meninggalkan hamba-hambaNYA
Tuhan akan selalu menjawab doa kita..dengan cara-cara yang berbeda
Tuhan kan selalu menyayangi hamba-hambaNYA

Selamat menyambut bulan Ramadhan yang penuh nikmat ini

*doain gw cepet kurus ya*


Monday, September 11, 2006

im just curious whether im strong enough to go for another 5 miles. im tired and my legs are dead, i can barely walk but my thoughts are with you. im goin' through rough paths just for you and i hope you understand this....i have a feeling for you and its no joke. i hope you dont mind me thinking of you every night before i rest my soul. though you might not notice me, i know who you are and i'll be more than fortunate to have you as my love life. i understand you do not want me but can i touch you from afar? i can barely breathe looking at your eyes coz you have such mesmerizing eyes that caught me at that time. i saw you passing by on the street and something has controlled over me, i couldnt resist. you overpowered my strength and burned down my guard instantly. how i wish had the courage to touch and hold you but none of them made you mine. your legs led you to someone near the the stop and they didnt stop there. you circled that 'someone' until you had nothing left in your soul. my wall crushing down to pieces but i had no other choice but to follow the lead. few months, still not finding way to touch but i can sense you around me coz im fated to be with you although we may not fit to be together. but my hopes are high. i will not stop caring for you its okay if you dont catch my humble greetings but as long as i can catch a glimpse of you everyday i'll have nothing to complain. coz you are my earth & sun....i love you

dedicated to all who had their love being subdued by other 'elements'

9 September 2006


Caroline Hedley In Venice

WITH a new career to boost her confidence and thoughts of another child occupying her mind, things could not be better for Victoria Beckham right now.
The 32-year-old last night told how she would love a baby girl as a sister to sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz and said switching from pop to the fashion industry was the best move she ever made.
But in an astonishingly frank interview, Posh also tells of her heartache at husband David's axe from the England squad by new boss Steve McClaren and even confesses she reckons Becks is sexier than her.

Speaking of her plans for a new baby next year, revealed by the Mirror yesterday, Victoria said: "I would love a little girl. Our boys are phenomenal but a girl would just complete our family.
"But at the moment I take my Pill every morning as now isn't quite the right time.
"When you're in the public eye they expect you to pop one out every year. I mean, Cruz is still so young. One minute they're saying I'm pregnant, the next I'm too thin to get pregnant. I can't keep up."
Speaking at the launch of her and David's new fragrance Intimately Beckham in Venice, Posh laughed off rumours computer artists had given her a Jennifer Lopez-style sexy bottom for advertising campaign photos.
She insisted: "Honestly, the pictures weren't worked on nearly as much as everyone thought. I was really sticking my bum out. When you haven't got one you learn how to fake it."
Launching her fashion career, which includes her own make-up range, sunglasses and Rock & Republic jeans, has helped Victoria shake off the jibes she had to put up with about her solo singing career which flopped miserably.
She said: "I never used to be able to wake up in the morning knowing 'I'm brilliant at what I do'. I was never a great singer and I knew that.
"But now it's amazing, I'm doing something I'm actually very good at. I can confidently sit in a room with Donatella Versace or anyone in the fashion business and be respected as I know what I'm talking about.
"It's the first time I've ever felt like that and I can't explain how good that feels." But while she has an army of admiring male fans, Posh said her husband is far sexier because it "comes naturally" to the Real Madrid star.
She added: "I always say to David, you've got so much more going for you. You're naturally so talented and good looking, so much more so than me.
"Everyone always says, 'Oh David, he's so good-looking and so sexy', whereas I'm 'funny'. I don't want to be 'funny'. What do I have to do to be seen as sexy, too."
Branching out into international fashion has also helped Victoria make more A-list friends, including new parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes - who she defended from recent attacks by critics claiming they are a weird couple because of his Scientology beliefs.
She said: "People say he's strange or whatever but he's not, he's just a genuinely lovely caring person.
"And Katie? I have to say she's one of the most down-to-earth celebrities I've ever met and they really are great. I couldn't imagine a better person for Tom and it's brilliant that she's made him so happy."
Posh hopes to meet the couple's baby Suri soon but said Tom keeps her up to date with his daughter's progress.
She added: "I haven't seen Suri in the flesh yet, just in pictures and she looks so beautiful, the spitting image of her dad. Tom calls me all the time and he's so in love with that little girl, he'll phone just to talk about her."
Things may be rosy in Victoria's life, but David had to put up with the misery of being dropped from England after McClaren took over.
He has kept a dignified silence on the matter but Posh believes the whole saga was handled wrongly. She said: "It's not really for me to say but if I'm honest I don't think it was all done in the right way. David wears his heart on his sleeve and yes, he was a bit upset by it.
"All I'll say is 'Is he not one of the best 23 footballers in the country?' But whatever happens he knows he's got the support of me and the boys."
Turning to her boys, she told how four year-old Romeo is interested in football, but said he was also picking up the Beckham trait of wanting to look good.
She added: "He's so into his looks it's something else. He'll say 'Mummy, I want to wear this hat with this outfit' and he won't leave the house until he's looking just right."
David told how he has been keeping a close eye on seven-year-old Brooklyn's soccer skills.
He gushed: "Brooklyn is the most amazing footballer. He managed 17 keepie-uppies the other day which for a boy his age is quite incredible.
"All he wants to do is play football and we're always kicking about in the garden together.
"He's showing amazing potential and I think he could go all the way. I'd love it if he did play for England one day. That would make me so proud."
He said 17-month-old Cruz, has "masses of curly hair just like Victoria did when she was his age"
In October, Victoria will pass on her fashion tips in a book That Extra Half An Inch. The title has sparked a lot of giggling among the Beckhams.
Posh said: "Everyone asks me if the book's title is a reference to men's parts.
"It isn't at all, it's all about heel height, but in an interview the other day I turned to David and said, 'Yes it is about size' It all counts doesn't it?
"He went so red, it was hilarious."
It appears David will spend the rest of his career in Spain, where he is adored by Real fans.
He and Posh have countless deals in the pipeline and Intimately Beckham is proving a best-seller despite not yet being on nationwide sale.
Asked what his favourite scents are, David looked at his wife and said: "Victoria when she comes out of the shower.
"And the kids, they always smell wonderful."
When Posh she is told her scent is outselling David's - her's accounts for almost 70 per cent of sales - the modest star looked shocked. She said: "I always knew David's would sell because it's him. But I wasn't sure if anyone would want to smell like me."
However, it was her who drew the gasps of admiration when she turned up at the Intimately Beckham launch in her 50s petticoat and corset at the luxury Palazzo Pisani Moretta.
But she still didn't let the adoration go to her head. Victoria said jokingly: "I look like one of those dolls that sit on top of your toilet roll."

I was really sticking my bum out. When you havent got one you learn how to fake it

It's not really for me to say but if I'm honest I don't think it was all done in the right way. Yes, David was a bit upset. Is he not one of the best 23 footballers in the country?

Id love a little would just complete our family. But at the moment I take my Pill every morning as now isn't quite the right time.

I always say to David 'You've got so much more going for you. You're naturally so talented and good looking, so much more so than me'.

It's amazing - I'm doing some - thing I'm actually very good at. I can confidently sit in a room with Donatella Versace or anyone in the business and be respected. I know what I'm talking about.

People say he's strange but he's not - he's just a genuinely lovely caring person. And Katie is one of the most down-to-earth celebrities I've met

I never woke up in the morning knowing I'm brilliant at what I do. I was never a great singer and I knew that

He's so into his looks it's something else. He'll say 'Mummy, I want to wear this hat with this outfit' and he won't leave the house until he's looking just right

EVERTON VS LIVERPOOL..hmm i'm happier than ever, everton successfully beaten liverpool although liverpool had stew-g, crouch *the useless striker*, pennant, kuyt *he had a great performance though*, alonso, luis garcia *si tante*, and fabulous fabio aurelio *he looks hot!!*, and guess what PEPE REINA the number one gk made the biggest headline of all haha. it was one of the best games in the premiership this year. i loovvvveee it!! andy johnson is going to be one of the best strikers england ever have *as long as he's not going to be brainwashed like the other players at england squad* goalscorers: cahil, johnson, johnson *the last goal was the best of all it shud be the best goal of the game*

ARSENAL VS MIDDLESBROUGH..huhuhu i'm still crying over the result so sad. but maybe they still have to find the right rhythm. i'm glad baptista and gallas joined arsenal coz i think they're great additions to the current squad. the season is still long but i'm dissapointed for the first three games. i still have faith for them huhuhu c'mon gunners show them the real gunners. pheeww this season is going to be tougher than ever after last week game, arsenal are going to face hamburg in germany after that MAN UTD are waiting the gunners to make our life more miserable. hixhixhix


ok i thought newcastle are going to beat fulham coz they were playing at home ground. but unfortunately the were beaten by fulham (1-2). they even scored first. huhu so saaaaadd they really need some emergency help!! poor emre, duff, owen, and parker. they really need gk, given is such a waste poor newcatle don't get me wrong i still love to watch the stars but with ameobi as cf i dun think they're going anywhere. maybe some magic touch by the manager will help!!


top game!!whut more can i say, they are back on track and they're sharper than their last few games. i think they deserved to be called the best players because they're very fit, strong, and very sharp. but they also have to fix lil probs *here and there* to be invincible like they used to be. i believe they can beat barca *who said they can't?* for the fans..just be patient there are much more to come and they're going to play as a team of friends *that's what really counts*.the arrival of 5 stars players :canna, emerson, ruudtje, diarra, and reyes just make los blancos much more interested to watch not that old lame game with boring strategy. at least they're building something inside their heart *which is confidence* and inside the squad *which is the new formula*. congrats capello..we're waiting for the formula to works with them. all the best!!

L.O.V.E is in the air..i can smell em

*reysha fabrista the bossy daughter and the pinky princess*

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

1. How do you think yourself as a person?
- i'm a good person..i can tell u that haha spoil-brat, likes to cook, kind-hearted, lovely, chatter-box,

2. Who is the latest person that broke your heart?
- not exactly broke my heart..i dun noe which one coz i've been hurt by so many ppl

3. What kind of music that suits you the most?
- i like many kind of music i dun exactly categorized 'em

4. What are you most likely to complain about?
- when my siblings didn't listen to what i've said, when the kitchen is dirty, i'm not sooo fussy bout things i prefer to work alone than hv ppl just to mess with me

5. Pick five words to describe yourself?
- simple, complicated *feelings, fussy *bout certain things, easily give in, LOVEABLE!!
6. What is your greatest fear at the moment?

- my visa, and one more thing!!

7. What song are you listening to now?
- no tomorrow by ORSON

8. What are you planning to do in the next three years?
- i don't really plan i let god decide what's best for me

9. When did the last time you feel lonely and why?
- alhamdulillah, i hv beautiful famz, great supporters and my faith in Him i dun feel lonely anymore

10. Are you missing someone?
- ndandandanda!!!papitooooo...and that special look i hvn't been able to see!!hwaaa

11. Do you think that people around you really know what you're about?
- yes..i only hv few ppl around me but they know me best

12. What is it that they don't know about you?
- a secret passage to my past and the key is inside my heart

13. Do you fall in love or get lust easily?
- no maybe i like ppl easily but it doesn't mean i gv my heart effortlessly

14. have any crush right now?
- hmm yess not only crush

15. What do you hate most about watching TV nowadays?
- most of my fav serial hv ended their seasons and i just can't wait to watch 'em this fall

16. Are you a family person?
- definitely nothing is more important than my famz..they're the pieces of me that made me feel whole all the time

17. Who is your hero?
- my momma and dadda

18. Name three people who are the closest to you right now?
- my sist, my momma, gege

19. What's your best friend like?
- they're the bestest girlfriends anyone could ever ask

20. Is love a complicated issue in your life?
- it's always been i guess

21. Who do you trust the most in life?

- beside God, my famz, and my loved ones

22. What's your recent sex fantasy like?
- m not gonna tell u it's a fantasy

23. How do you see yourself in the next 6 months?
- hopefully m going to be a better child, sister, friend, lover, and a better person with strong pesonality

24. Do you believe in zodiac sign and astrology?
- dun really read em

25. Can you see yourself living a marriage life?
- why not?but not now

reyshafabrista *the cute lil baby sist*

Monday, September 04, 2006

last night Brazil beat Argentina with 3 to 0! this is sumthin different from WC 06. the team more dynamic and certainly better than their previous games. but Dunga should consider adding more strength to the team. yes, its true young players promise so much last night but in international level they need more experienced players that can balance the team. im not sure what happened to Argentina coz they werent themselves or was it Brazil were the better team. well, it could be both, i think most brazilians are pleased with the result and the players involved. as usual, kaka played his game extremely well and deserved his goal. his run as well as his technique drove the crowd crazy. Brazil are blessed to have players such as his and ronaldo. i think the only country that never ever lose his grip is Brazil who produce tons of talents each year. we all know the legendary bebeto, rivaldo, romario the list is endless. congrats to them! they deserve the win.

*sigh* K-FED new video is out and what do i think? SUQS 100%! how can he say hes as a superstar? when no one recognizes him b4 marrying britney (shocking the world, i guess its britneys hobby to create controversies). he really knows how to befriend or rather uses brit status as a celeb, dont mention all the dime she spent for him all this while just to get him famous. a fortnight ago he was caught hanging out with brody jenner (son of the famous producer/writer david foster), and i think its not for business. well, at least hes doing 'somethin' rather than party hard with his 'collegues'.

now lets talk bout football. this week leagues will roll more action once more as international matches finally over (some results are spectacular) and giving way to clubs to show their true colors. this time around some clubs need to strengthen their positions coz their last results were poor and discouraging. if they are not smooth things up, they wont keep up with current leaders. its premature to say who will win titles but theres no time for rest as underdogs keep their sight in championship titles. so watch out big guns! theres no time for errors. cant wait to watch this weeks games, im sure itll be another great weekend (i really do hope so). more power to my clubs and to my 'sweethearts'.....


Friday, September 01, 2006

well well i dont know where to start coz this isnt easy for me. honestly, throughout time i have grown so much without i realized it. i cant pinpoint what sort of negative behavior i have successfully 'adjusted'. but at times i do realize they arent there anymore though they can shock me by popping out now and then. i am is what i am nobody can change me without my consent (of course) but i guess it happens all the time to everybody. every person in this world has been gifted with unique personality and we should be grateful coz we are different and nobody can steal your character. we should not, not even once, to try compare ourselves to anybody in particular. we also need not to overrate ourselves as it would bring bad influence to our body and soul.

i know a person who sees herself as strong and intelligent even though she realizes there are things she overlook but she feels ok about it and thinks its just part of her life that nobody should pay attention to. BUT i think i do deserve to comment since i know her a lil bit. she thinks she knows what is goin' on and able to handle them but true to say, she doesnt even notice being fooled by her own sight and feelings. every single person (well most of them) on earth have experienced rejection and bitter ending. but ppl have different ways on how to manage their own issues. some of them cry out loud and some even try to commit suicide just to let go their pains. but are we happy about it? are we satisfy with the way we handle those problems? well i bet most of them will answer, NO. thats why God gives us ppl we call friends, family, partners to help us go through miserable moments. whenever we need them, they will always be there (it depends anyway on how close are we to them, if we acting jerk all this while most prob nobody notice us even if we standing in front of them) and assist us no matter how tough it is to be us again. i know how tough life can be coz im goin' through rough path for the past 2 yrs. i didnt tell this to other ppl coz they will only laugh at me coz i cant stand the mockings, never again. i used to complain on how unfair life is. life is unfair....accept the fact! can we move on?....we need to survive in order to stay alive and safe from those 'beasts' outside. we have to be tough coz time wont stop just to see us back on our feet again and feel well. the most important thing is we have to keep our mind open to some circumstances that we may not even realize its there to haunt us. there are lessons to learn in each incidents even though we might dislike the outcome but we just need to accept it and let go. whatever happens, we must believe in God who will lead us to a better way and we should not doubt His judgement coz He's the one who knows. i learned this very hard and quite straight forward. my life hasnt been the same and honestly, i never once in my life ever thought i could be in this position. but i do realize that this is God's work and i am grateful He's there for me no matter how bad i am. we have to accept the fact there are things we cant handle and fall apart instantly. some things arent meant to be fixed and we need to get up and go without looking back. if uphill is the only way to get there, we have no options; what we need to do is to keep vigilant so not to lose control. once we are swirled away, we might not find our way back and in the end we will lose every crucial moment .

Cuz I can't turn to you when it all falls apart