Friday, July 24, 2009

it was Ade’s turn now

when things go bad, they turned their back on us. both Cole and Ade are public enemy after their controversial move to Chelsea and Man C respectively. blaming fans entirely for his move, and reluctant to concede his own mistake, has made my heart went numb. any player will remain respected throughout his career when he acts like a pro. it was clear that Ade wanted a pay rise and he got one. why did he blame Wenger for his own desire to be rich? i can’t figure it out. well, he can't be trusted that’s for sure and i am glad he’s out of our camp because he’s a bad influence to other players. hopefully, we can beat the crap out of him, so we can show people that we’re still worth the fear.

in other development, Klaas Huntelaar has pulled the plug off the wall. the deal with Stuttgart was canceled in last minute after no parties reached consensus to make the deal go through. according to the Sun, Arsenal are interested to sign up this player as a replacement for Ade. can this news be trusted? i doubt it. apparently, Wenger is certain that we all are nothing but ready to face the new season. however, there’s a hole that needed to be filed up before new season starts. Denilson, Song and Diaby look doubtful to me. Flamini departure left huge hole in our squad and we need to fix it now.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

cole is insane

when Ashley Cole moved to Chelsea about 3 seasons ago, many fans were disappointed as well as angered. most of them claimed Cole was only thinking about money and nothing else, thus after 3 seasons very little of them greet him with such enthusiasm in the Emirates stadium. it is known that Manchester City have spent so much amount in summer transfer market in order to challenge their rivals in premier league. after Ade move last week, it is thought that Man C are likely to offer another ridiculous amount to land England and Chelsea captain John Terry. if this deal pulled through, i’d be happy about it. i am not afraid to face Man C despite their recent signings; a club needs some time to make things happen and Man C are not exception. personally, i like the spices Man C owners are bringing into premier league, in fact i prefer to play Man C very early of the season, therefore we can see how far Mark Hughes can turn things around.

let’s go back to Cole shall we?. this week Cole made a controversial comment about his former club, Arsenal. he preferred to see Man C to be at 4th spot instead of Arsenal. HA HA! looks like this little man still hold grudge against us doesn’t he?. in a way he belittled us by putting 4th spot as the magical word. does he expect us to, yet again, finished 4th next season and come empty handed for number of years?. he clearly is pain in the butt. however, i can see his concern over Arsenal latest news of recoveries. number of injured players have regained their fitness and could start right in the beginning of the season. could he have heard the news, therefore he tried to unsettle us by spitting those inappropriate words? it could be. perhaps he’s dreaming on polishing the trophy everytime he comes to practice and smiling looking at his own image. well, Cole let’s see about that. we’ll come head to head soon won’t we?


apparently some fans of LA Galaxy thought David Beckham was indeed a sore loser. without wasting so much time, plenty of hardcore fans decided to make their hatred known to public by hanging posters over the wall. David Beckham indeed crossed the line by saying over and over again that he intends to play in the European league once more in order to stay in Capello’s mind for WC 2010. however, that’s not the way it should be. but i guess, all fans would be enraged hearing their favorite player wanting to leave. same goes to Ade. when he wanted a pay rise several months back, fans started to question his commitment to the Gunners. and when he did ask for a transfer, most of the fans had despised him even more. 14 months after the incident, he has already signed for another English club. David was asked about his loyalty to the club, and yet he confirmed his commitment to LA Galaxy; are you for real?.

it was his personal mistake to take LA Galaxy offer seriously and moved all his entourage to LA when he could have signed for other clubs in Europe. and now, he wants to move back to Europe despite pleads from various parties. that’s why i can’t blame those reactions from fans because they have paid so much to see him play and win titles for their beloved club. my only hope is to see Becks play for WC 2010, therefore playing good amount of football will guarantee a place no matter what club he plays.

Monday, July 13, 2009

is he really going?

few minutes ago, a source told media that Man C is interested on bringing Ade to Millennium stadium this summer after having completed a move for Tevez last week. could this happen after all? i hope so. i’d like someone who’s more capable of twisting defenders around and score goals. though Ade isn’t a bad striker, he lacks of finishing touches. there’s a suggestion that Chamakh may switch side this summer as a replacement of Ade, but no one has ever come forward to either confirm or dismiss the news, therefore i can’t write anything about it right now. hopefully, the deal will go through, so i don’t have to see him again. please Mr. Wenger, make my dream come true

Arshavin is back!

i guess, media can stop blabbering about Arshavin now after he spent his first day on training ground. there have been rumors circling around that he would soon leave for Barcelona because of financial problems. no, he’s not tight in budget but tax regulations seem troubled him for some time now, thus made the whole media world went crazy. they like the idea of crumbling Arsenal; what’s new on that eh?

at least we have something to do this summer

after tiring presidential election this July, Indonesian team will have more to cope this month. plenty of football fixtures have been set up to fulfill our dream to be able to succeed in footballing manner.

it seems our goalkeeper is one of the best in Asia and i am proud to have him in our squad. congrats Markus Horison! may your career will flourish like anyone else in other continent

Saturday, July 11, 2009

here we go again…

well, my 10 hours (total) journey finally ended. actually, i was able to go back online yesterday,  however house chores kept me busy the whole day. this is it! we finally landed in Seoul. not many knows how hard it was for us to get here. anyway, football news has starting to get sizzled, yet again, but i am pleased.

the person with the name of nothbanklegend, has posted a very good post on his blog. it’s regarding transfer policy of Arsene Wenger which has indirectly been defined as conventional and lack of power by the media. it is true indeed if we would like to compare ourselves to other big clubs in Europe, Arsenal seem lack a bit of confidence to sign a player. however, that is not the case. Arsenal are indeed in tight budget after having built the new stadium, they are increasingly skimming their purchasing policy a little bit more, but we’re not lagging in behind. in fact, compared to other clubs we have yet to release key players from the team. we’re not trying to build a team, instead we are currently constructing from a scratch. we had endured so many losses in the past and i am very sure, Wenger would not want to dream of another failure again. and in order to materialize the dream, he needs balance and stability. what Real Madrid have done is destructing. with a new coach comes every year, the team will not benefit from this catastrophe at all. what’s going to happen to the team is of course playing back the old record once more. they have abundance of talented players and the president need not to purchase another set of skilled players in order to win trophies. hiring the right coach for the job is the main task and finally, the correct method of coaching should be discussed as well. a troubled car need to be examined thoroughly in order to find the hiccups, therefore we don’t have to replace the whole machine just to fix a rusty spark plug.

Arsene Wenger has been keeping track of the player by the name of Blaise Matuidi from France. he’s currently playing for St. Etienne and ready to talk of transfer to North London club.  he seems eager to play for Arsenal and if this is true, i would be happy to see him playing at the Emirates Stadium. he’s in charge of patrolling in the centre and help the defense to cope with pressure from opponents. if this transfer really did come true, i’d be happy to see my Gunners playing at Goodison Park a month from now. hopefully, he’s up for a challenge.

Arshavin has made another statement of rejecting a move to the Catalan side, Barcelona. it seems Barca are eager to snatch away our players including Cesc Fabregas. both have made numerous statements of not favoring a move to Barca, but the press seems drive in full throttle and hoping both of them would leave this summer; what a pain in the **s.

Friday, July 03, 2009


pressmen should just let it go. Cesc has been saying over and over again that he has no intention to leave Arsenal at the time being. he may reconsider his decision when his contract expires, but not in the near future of course. however, it seems both the media and Laporta are not fully understood Cesc’s words during many press conference. could you please stop publishing those news!. i suggest to Cesc to take a very long leave this summer and only get back when he has to.

i just had this insane idea across my head. Wenger did an interview for a French magazine and clearly stating that he couldn’t go on as football coach forever in his life. there will be the time for him to come down from the center stage. his contract is supposedly ended in 2011 and will most probably be handed an extension. however, i am not too sure whether he’ll take up the challenge for another year or two. and this is when Barcelona chimes in. as many fans would know, Cesc has special relationship with the coach and the sole reason for him to stay during tough seasons, is of course Arsene Wenger. when Wenger exits, i am 85% certain his captain will follow suit. and by the time comes, i hope there will be many talented players could replace Cesc position.


transfer market has just heated up after Manchester United and AC Milan were both sent their representatives to Sevilla camp to lure Fabiano out from the club. it is known to all that the player himself isn’t ready to leave the club although he may snatch an opportunity to join other club in other region. Manchester still have the edge over Milan, however rough style of premier league may not suit Fabiano technical abilities. i am not saying he cannot play in the league, but very little Brazilian manages to survive in premier league. i am so excited to read those news after a week of silence in the market. lots have been said but they were neither conformation nor signing, however today would be the turning point. i hope i can see some good signings in weeks to come and discuss them in this blog, or else i would just help farmers grow up some seeds up the hill.

it is quite strange though for Fergie to acquire Michael Owen’s services after seeing him once again hit by another injury. since his arrival at St. James’ Park, Owen has yet to fill in the gap upfront. he rarely started due to his injury and spent mostly on the sideline. what Drove Fergie to sign him up instead of Carlos Tevez?. some of the fans could just smack their heads asking the same question. after having lost Ronaldo to Real Madrid, it seems Fergie is a bit frustrated to sign other major name. Ribery, Benzema are both reportedly ready to join Los Blancos while David Villa is unlikely to join the Red Devils without much of difficulty caused by his club, therefore options are now limited. with Michael Owen is ready to sign, Fergie is currently keeping tabs on sensational Argentine striker Kun Aguero as a direct replacement of Carlos Tevez. it is understood Atletico Madrid will never let Kun leave without heavy price tag, thus so far Fergie has yet to make major signings. i am more concern with the way he handles Ronaldo saga though. unlike other manager, except Wenger of course, he is sort of a person who doesn’t mind signing a non-star player in order to balance his team. when he first brought Ronaldo into the team, he was nobody, however talented he was, very little attention was drawn upon him. and now, he is the most expensive player in the world beating Zidane’s record back in 2001. so, what has happened here? has he lost his composure? or simply looking for a direct replacement. indeed, Ronaldo’s departure is huge gap for Manchester United to fill in especially when things get tough. many trophies have been snatched since Ronaldo’s arrival and looking for a player who can do the exact same is simply an uphill battle for the veteran manager.

Real Madrid make me jealous. since Florentino Perez successful comeback about a month ago, lots have been happening in the Madrid city, which mostly linked with his mega spending for the team he is currently building. Kaka, Ronaldo, Benzema, and soon Ribery, have all agreed to play with Real Madrid. those names are all but talented and skillful players and buying their services could mean a trophy or two. but, it could also go downhill, with so many great names, egos are flying around especially when everything falls apart. it happened few years ago right under his nose. could he make the same mistake once again? perhaps he did. but i really do hope Arsenal could do something to overturn this ‘sickness’ into happiness and success of course. and show to clubs like Real Madrid that sometime, star studded team couldn’t beat ‘average’ (some newspaper claimed to be that way) club like Arsenal. we can beat them right Mr. Wenger?. anyway, who would we sign up this summer? Melo is currently staying with Fioentina, therefore his services won’t be coming this summer after all. and looks like Ade will not leave anyway, so Wenger most likely will keep his current squad as it is. unless, there are others who wish to enter the exit door. so far, Toure, Eboue and Ade have been linked with many clubs whom apparently, change their mind after a second or two, that is if we can believe whatever written in the newspapers these days. i hope Ade exits, so i won’t need to see him play next season, moreover the coach can search any other player worth dying for out there. there’s also a rumor saying that Arshavin might just leave this summer heading to Barcelona; however no one has come forward to clear up the mess, so we can treat it as rumor, for now. 

media hatred

i came across an a blog yesterday, and was quite agree with the writer. i cannot go in details as i have so far forgotten half of the story, however i can still summarized it for my own refreshment. Arsenal have been the target for media hatred for too long now. negative perception has been built around London that Arsenal is the most sad football club in London. have you honestly heard Tottenham Hotspur being thrown rumors over and over again?, or Chelsea who apparently have more than just one trouble maker in their dressing room. indeed, senior players at Stamford Bridge were reportedly had a hand on sacking their coaches back in the day, but so far that was it. what about us? starting from Cesc imminent departure to Barcelona, Eboue intent to leave the Emirates, Arshavin wants a pay rise and recently he wants out too. if i write them down all of those sad news, i could go on and on for the rest of the day. everyone wants to leave Arsenal apparently, including the coach. why do they pick on us? i banged my head several times to the wall but couldn’t come up with answers. perhaps it is the fact that we have built our stadium, a nice one, with the help from the Emirates conglomerates? no, i don’t think it would be the one. they have also been mocking us for not having enough finance muscle to buy star players to strengthen the squad and instead we rely heavily on young players from time to time. it seems they are forgetting that The Emirates stadium is the largest stadium in London as well as the most prestigious and the training ground itself is now being used for England senior squad train before every international tournament. are they simply overlook this fact? as simple as it is. we may lack of money but the fans alone can generate enough cash to fund Arsenal financial burden. perhaps it is time to build strength to win trophies in order to regain our position. start to do some tours in Asia as well in the USA to create fan zone all over the world, therefore we can always have more resources come into play. well, Mr. Wenger the season is about to start, go chase good players will ya?

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

weekend without football is…

devastating indeed. i thought i was able to go by  and lead my life like the way i used to before knowing a thing called football. it happens every year but still, i can never bore myself with this any longer. both England matches have come and gone leaving me with nothing but singular experience. well, perhaps not too extreme they way i’ve put it. soon,

David Beckham will join the rest of his teammates in LA and commence his duty over there. meanwhile, Victoria is probably busy looking for the best schools for her sons. it is known that Becks is eager to play in Europe once his contract concluded this year. there are rumors circling around that 2 London clubs are interested on his service, while AC Milan is still on his mind. i can’t imagine David Beckham playing at premier league. apart from people’s mean views, i’d also question his commitment for not playing other club apart from Man Utd. i am no fan of Man Utd but what those people would say? i can obviously read an article titled “BECKS COMING BACK, BUT NOT FOR LONG”. people have been questioning his ability to play football at the highest level for quite some time now, and by coming to premier league he’ll only trigger those demeanor pressmen whacking his face all over again. can he still play a part in premier league team? i don’t know. but he won’t stay in LA that’s for sure. i was anxious when he had agreed to join the US football team without considering another European clubs whom have tried to sign him up. about 2 seasons ago, he had admitted to public that AC Milan were trying to lure him to San Siro, however only to be rejected and chosen coming to LA instead. last November he had agreed to join Milan for 3 month loan, which was done to enable him playing for England. and guess what? he stayed longer than he should have to. does he ever regret his decision to join LA Galaxy instead of AC Milan? i bet deep down his heart he’d say so. 

no Arsenal addition this weekend

i have been anxious to see who’s going to be introduced this month as part of reconstruction built by an engineer named Arsene Wenger. i guess i have to be more patient in order to see a better team. a lot of players have been linked with Arsenal this summer and it won’t stop until the very end. as i said over and over again, we need at least 3 players in order to shake up previous battered performances. the most exposed part is of course, CB. we should acquire someone who’s tall and strong enough to tackle a striker such as Wayne Rooney in order to rule premier league. Chelsea, Man Utd and Liverpool have all armed with those capable defense player at the back. with unlimited cash flow, Man C can just eclipse Arsenal next season, therefore Wenger should acquire the right players to cover us all around. Ade is yet proven to be a reliable player and RVP is too often to be on the sideline rather than to be on the field. while is good to have Vela as sub, however we need more than just words. Vela is a promising player and if he’s groomed well enough, he’ll be much better than his seniors. both RVP and Ade have yet to commit their future with Arsenal, thus adding a player or two won’t hurt our squad. i can’t help to think about Pato and Podolski whom posses similar technique and skill. both of these players have the pace we need and most importantly scoring ability which is lacked from both Arsenal strikers. i don’t say Ade and RVP are clowns, but when it comes in urgency both have failed to step up and score the winning goal, besides by playing up transfer rumors, it won’t improve their relationship with the fans. however, those desired players are far from our reach, moreover they might just over look Arsenal to other English clubs.

i wish we had more financial muscle in order to build up our squad, but that just won’t happen. we have to win champs league and premier league to strengthen our financial condition. after moving to a new stadium, Arsenal are a bit tight up with debts which of course in the end will affect our spending spree. with little and almost nothing, Wenger has done magnificent job for not letting us slip to 5th place. if Ade wants to leave, it is better to sell him at the requested price, it is simply because the offer might not come twice. he can be sold around 15-20mill. and with the money in our hand, we can have someone as good as him and probably even better. let’s just hope we can see some additions this summer because i am tired of seeing old habit hard to die.

nothing but rumors

sad day for football news. there have been plenty of news but so far, they are nothing but reports and rumors. interests for players who performed well during 08/09 season have attracted so many elite European clubs. those clubs are heavily known to spend millions in order to strengthen their squad for the upcoming season; those clubs are: Chelsea, Real Madrid, Barcelona. however, for the past months, Manchester City suddenly came in to the picture. since the arrival of Arabian billionaire, they became one of the wealthiest club in Europe and they are anxious to beat their city rivals and of course much better side, Manchester United. it was proven yet again, that money wouldn’t certainly buy title easily. without good notion between the coach and players, there is always a chance of failing. last season saw Manchester United triumphed 3 titles including premier league without any billionaire helping hands. on the other hand Manchester City had to satisfy with their below 4th spot. rich businessmen have been targeting English clubs for the past 6 years starting from the Russian invasion back in 2003 and led to many other including the latest one in Manchester City. Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United, are among English clubs that were purchased by wealthy businessmen. what concerns me the most is that their greedy transfer fee will lead to crumbling fair and square transfer market.

over the few weeks i read so many demands from players who claim to be one of the best player in the world. if Ronaldo demands $150 million fee, i wouldn’t mind it but Sakho? Dzeko? and so on and so forth. those players may have performed well in their respective leagues, however there’s no such guarantee that these players would actually fit in well in their new clubs. who are to blame?. can we blame agent on this? or should we point our finger to the club itself? what about the player? does he have anything to do with the fee requested?. perhaps all of them have something to do with it. i am sad to read those articles pertaining players wage demands. this thing shouldn’t have happened had not Roman Abramovich meddling in transfer market few years back. he bought players with ridiculous prices and then sell them half the price. these half-the-price players had been claimed as ‘unfruitful’ in the club. moreover, the new coach decided it was best to offload them since those players were not on his plan. since then, a lot of ‘successful’ players in their respective clubs, decided to market themselves during transfer window and told their agent to tell those clubs to bid for his service. cynical as it may seem, but i believe i am right.

recently, Barcelona have been hit by wave of unpleasant news. some players claimed they were not treated as decent footballers, therefore affecting their weekly salary as well as other allowances in other words they want an increase on their salary. should they make it public? i don’t think so. Victor Valdes’ agent even made it to newspapers expressing his client disappointment over his ‘tiny’ salary compared to other star players, such as Thierry Henry and Lionel Messi. the agent even said that his client was considering other options. Valdes is a decent goalkeeper and has helped Barcelona to win many trophies, however there’s no need for him to make it public over his salary. he could just get in touch with the president and discuss it like a professional player.

while some others have been busy in the market, Arsenal have been eerily silent for the past week. indeed, there has been news claiming that Wenger has interest in players, such as Sakho, Melo and even Ribery, however none of them have made into the dressing room so far except Vermaelen. unfortunately, Melo is intending to stay with Fiorentina and Ribery is unlikely to join the Gunners but yet pressmen have been eager to link Arsenal with those players. Wenger has a lot of concerns over his midfield area rather than thinking of buying another firepower upfront. although it might be good for him to have a reliable striker. i cannot wait to see Adebayor leave the Emirates Stadium. a player who doesn’t have the decency to play for the shirt anymore should be allowed to leave. the only thing that pull him back is the fact that Milan are still hesitant to purchase his service. if Milan bids, i am 100% sure he will head to the exit door. what about RVP? does he have the edge like any great strikers do? i am not convince. he may have the talent but certainly not the edge. his injuries are the one who claim our attention, not his goals. therefore, Wenger still need another 2 players or so to strengthen Arsenal. it is even better if he can find someone who can partner Cesc in the middle. someone who has the strong will and tackle too. Diarra is unlikely to leave Real Madrid but if we can lure him out of his current club, he is certainly ours.

beckham’s decision

it might have been a rusty news, but i still have the interest to talk about it. since Carlo Ancelotti departure from AC Milan, David Beckham has been linked to change his course to premier league instead. there’s no secret that Ancelotti admires Becks as much as he admires football. he is not the only coach who has been impressed by Beckham’s attitude both on and off the field. he doesn’t whine whenever the coach forced him to sit out during a match and most importantly, he inspires other player to perform well. despite Ancelotti absence in Milan dressing room, Beckham is tempted to keep his eyes on the Italian giant club. i cannot see his reasons, but Milan is one of European elites and i am sure he will do well. he needs to stay on course if he wants to be included in the WC team next year and the only answer to that is to join a European club. but what if, Milan were to decide to not make a move next winter?. this could be troublesome for him because staying with Galaxy would never work for England coach, Fabio Capello. Beckham better move fast, before Galliani changes his mind.