Thursday, March 29, 2007

i have so many things going on, my love for new games *such as BULLY!!* and WINNING ELEVEN+PES. i've been doing extremely well, especially when my old bud suddenly contacted me and we chatted till we didn't realize time had flown away. God it feels great just to make peace with my past *though only some parts are forgiven*. i think letting some parts in my miserable past * so-called friends* go are not easy believe me it's easier said than done. mebbe it was a bit hard because i still have questions on why they did something barbaric like in the past..and of course i still remember how they managed to put shame on my face everyday oh well we were young back then mebbe that's the truth of my youth. i guess after all that said and done, i'm ready to end the sickening disputes and put it behind. well i hope theyre also sincere to make peace with me and not talking shits about me anymore. but at least i learned precious things while i was being treated badly. God is full of grace, and i'm one of His followers who feels damn grateful just to be very much alive and blisfully happy. God has given me more than just much so i guess he's also the One who opened my heart to realize so many things that i thought had dissapeared long time a go.
don't hold any's awful although a lot of ppl used to hate me but i didn't/don't hold any grudge towards them because i wasn't raised that way. my mom told me that no matter how hurt your feeling is always have patience and have faith in God coz he'll give u the best way to heal ur feelings.
gossips are nasty, take it from me it's all about karma. if u don't want to be mistreated by other people then treat others nicely. because the good deeds never goes unpunished. good effort will come back to u not as punishments but more as rewards.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

its been a while seeing becks football actions in la liga. hes been plagued by knee injury that might keep him out of actions for another week or so. i really hope he can be fit to play this weekend match against celta vigo, but it may be too soon for him to comeback this week as he only manages to work his sweat out in the gym and have yet touches the field from weeks ago. anyway, lets get our topic underway. in most recently, england failed to get the results they wanted and could only hope the following match will get better. they lie 3rd in the placing and could face the axe following major failures in their campaign for euro 08. whatever reasons ste-c implying, england fans all over the world are fed up with promises. only a win can brighten up ste-c's days ahead. already facing mounting demands of becks return in the squad, and failing to win qualifying matches could be a sign of his era to end. it was unfortunate becks couldnt get his fitness right back on track before qualifying matches started. he might have gained his fitness right on time but he couldnt have gotten his way easily to the squad coz of ste-c policy to wipe off sven ericksson era away from his radar and becks was considered one of svens trusted allies. now, the story changes. becks is allowed to be taken back as 'english player' whilst ste-c still insists he decides who will play and who wont be picked to safe his sorry sad face in front of media. if england should failed to win against andorra they need to fight 100 times harder and collect all 3 points of remaining matches to get #2. it looks like ste-c's job is on the line.....

Tuesday, March 20, 2007


ive been reading james pattersons serials and wondering if i ever could turn my head off his masterpiece in the future. hes been brilliant all the way and no doubt he has scored #1 bestseller in many newspapers around US to this date. my first pattersons book was violets are blue and it completely blown me off. since birth i have been given a gift to read most of things. my mom says i read every billboards ever exist along the street since been thought how to read. amazing as it is, i do not hang around in bookstores for nothing. my mom always whining about books i buy. it is not that she discourages my passion in reading, most proabably she wishes me to spend my dime on somethin useful for young woman. i admit, i dont splash my cash on fashion items such apparels and accessories but i do love them, who doesnt?. but i do find myself drown and surrounded by books and novels as soon as i enter a bookstore. do i blame myself for it? i dont think i can. i can spend hours scanning, browsing and finally finding the right books to my taste. i am not afraid to 'touch' somethin new. pendragon is for example. i didnt notice it would be that good. although it could be a little childish since its aimed for young readers, but im not upset. i can be very patient and tolerable in terms of reading. however, theres one things i cannot overcome up till now, my anxiety reading romance novels. i read one book a very long time ago and i was pretty upset with the way things went. there are things that just dont fit into my mind. among others, i enjoy reading gone with the wind. cliche, some may say but it is a good love story although it was written decades ago i still find it creative. i dont condemn all romance novels are absurd and pointless, i must admit there are stories out there deserve the best. probably i need to look hard and be less prejudice and bias. i'll try to do that by the help of my friends who have alwasy been trying to push me into a romance section. all your efforts have been turned down pals, but who knows what comes next?................


Monday, March 19, 2007

failure's not flattering
yesterday once again i was disspointed by the result from arsenal's game hixhix luckily real madrid won against iam feeling bummed and listening to my ipod, gosh it's do hard to see my fav team losing their grip! bad they didn't win i was hoping they'd win WHATEVER!!
so i have this other friend that just broke up *again!!it's a CURSE!!* haha just like my other friend i mentioned before. but she also didn't tell me the exact incident that had taken place before so i can't really comment on them. i just wish she had told me so i wouldn't feel left out, what can i say i feel like i'm one of her disposable assets hixhixhix. she didn't tell me either when she hooked up with this guy. and i was there supporting her. mebbe when ppl being careless to her then she'll go back crying to me.WHATEVER!!
well at least the new songs on my ipod amuse me..loveiloveitloveit..and of course i'm finishing my *2nd chance* written by james patterson. to be exact i'm going to finish it by tonite. hopefully there will be a great movie or tv show so i'm not going to bored and all time low..WHATEVER!!
signing off,

Sunday, March 18, 2007

broken hearted..*duuh*
a friend of mine just broke up with her bf..guess dats kinda sux aite? especially my friend is a very2 vulnerable kind of person. it's hard when she has to go all this shits by herself coz she lives in a far-far away land. i bet it was the toughest decision she had to make. i know she must be very2 devastated with this separation, she must be feeling low down there. and coincidentally, she studies in the same college with her x-bf, she met him from her friend and suddenly they were a couple. i'm sorry to say but i was angry with her coz she made the decision kinda hasty after she broke up with her X. i was dissapointed coz i knew her decision was wrong. *it's not that i was afraid of her getting rid of me but it was because i cared about her*. but i realized that it was her call not mine so why did i have to react foolishly? i didn't want her to be hurt again coz i've seen her devastated before. i love the feeling of falling in love to someone, even when i keep it to myself i feel happy. but to keep falling in love with the same guy is the hardest thing on being in a relationship.
awwhh enough of my stupid words about relationship..gosh it's been a long time since i wrote stuff here. i've been devastated by my fav soccer team ARSENAL N REAL MADRID and then i was busy, i was ill, i was on a trip, i was tired, and here iam writing off what's on my mind. and one more thing, i've been busy searching you tube just to find NFG songs live hihihi my X gave me their cds just to show me how the songs related to what had happened between us few years a go but i didn't care. i kept the cds somewhere and suddenly i remember so i put the cd to my comp and copied it to my itunes library VOILA now i'm a fan although my sist hates them soooo much!! i'd love to see them live i guess it'd be so much fun. but i only love their last 3 albums coz i don't have their other albums..*stick and stones, catalyst, AND coming home*. huhu feel so sad why didn't i like them earlier hixhixhix
i just bought two of my fav mags, Jane Magazine and Teen Vogue and i realized that i've read most of magazines and i think it's really2 important for teenagers to choose what they read. since i was a kid i've been reading a lot of kids magazines, and then teens magz, and now i'm not yet reading women's magz but i love to read magz that's not only about fashion and latest trends and also about knowledge in life. i love to read other people's experiences so i can learn from them. experience is something we can't buy it's something we learn in this life. CHOOSE WHAT YOU READ coz it'll guide you to find what you want out of this life and to be who you are. i want kids to understand that it's not only about being cool and accepted in society but it's also about who you're not about what people want you to be. just remember that not those popular girls in school that get the attention in showbiz but they're normal people who has talent and dignity.
signing off,

Thursday, March 15, 2007

hes always been a professional in whatever things hes doin and im sure thousands of fans in old trafford agree with me. he never said a thing against Man Utd and always praise his former team whenever he has a chance. he left MU bcoz of his manager misbehaviour 4 yrs ago and 2 days ago was the right time to patch things up. he will leave european football for good and the match was a perfect time for becks to say goodbye in old trafford. unfortunately, his knee injury prevented him to do so. nevertheless, red devils had the chance to listen what he had to say in his final appearance at old trafford.

Old Trafford witnessed a very public love-in on Tuesday as David Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson seemingly buried the hatchet amid a multitude of compliments.

Ex-United star Beckham was in Manchester to watch his former club take on a Europe XI in a charity match and used the opportunity to lavish praise on the Scot.
"Everybody here knows you've got the best manager in the world at this club," Beckham said on the pitch at half time. "I just want to say that the time I spent at this club was the best time of my football career.
"I've waited four years to actually come back and say thank you to the fans and the people at this club."
Beckham, who started his career at United and was part of the treble-winning side in 1999 before moving on to Real Madrid, was well received by the 74,000 fans packed into Old Trafford who enjoyed a 4-3 home win over Marcelo Lippi's star-studded side.

"I'd expect he'd get a great reception," said Ferguson. "Even teams, when their managers have played for our club, always get a fantastic reception, quite rightly too."
Beckham's United career came to an abrupt end after falling out with Ferguson - who once famously kicked a boot in the midfielder's face in a fit of anger - but there seemed to be no grudges held as the fiery manager repayed Beckham's earlier platitudes.
"He had great years here. He came as a boy and all his formative years were spent here," Ferguson added.

"It was a great foundation here before he went on to Real Madrid. He was a great player."

Saturday, March 10, 2007


its very funny how things work out themselves, not in a good way of course. first, football. seeing real madrid qualify to next round other than 16 group would be amazing, it didnt happen though. i was putting my hopes for arsenal although they have a slim chance to qualify but at least playing at home would be able to give arsenal a slight advantage. my hopes falling to pieces and hope no more to see both of the teams win somethin worth than gold. hurt, sad and disgraced by the way things unraveled, i quickly decided not to post anything in our blog. to add more salt to the wound, beck was declared not fit to play for another month. i'd love to see him play against barca this weekend and Man Utd on the 13th of march. ppl are eager to see him play once more in old trafford for the last time; this game will be considered as his final salute to his fans in england since real madrid has already lost to bayern munich there will be no chance seeing beck play against other teams in old trafford. our pain is getting deeper and heavier. i really wish things would have gone completely different, but who am i to decide?. i can only wish beckham would play again soon rather than later and bounce back from this madness coz its a round world.

i have aleady talked about my first pain and its time to reveal the second. goin all the way only to find nothing but a dead end. goin backwards always be a good option despite the setback. all around the world looking for dimes and gold but ashes are the only thing she can find. disappointed, she decides to leave her sadness behind and breakway to other direction. her efforts come to nothing as, again, empty spaces are all over the walls.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

thank YOU almighty GOD *ALLAH SWT*
for granting my wishes
and for listening to my every bitter story!!
without your SUPER-MEGA POWER
none of this would have happened
with such a bless on the other page..
tears, sad stories, feeling bummed/gutted
are just pain in the ass
but knowing i can always lean on YOU
is such a wonderful feeling!!
forgive me for all of my mistakes
lead me to YOUR blisfully-path..
have me on your good-girl list!! l.o.v.e YOU GOD!!
people can say what they want
but i know you know me better..
ps:ARSENAL couldn't have won
without YOU!!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

i dunno what were they thinking, throwing objects or materials to referees, opponents and their coaches staffs arent part of the game. we should applaud all the effort of the fans have been doing ever since football was born. but seeing this incident in front of millions of people? a shameful indeed. i hail sports ministry effort to pin down the culprits so this kind of incident will not happen again in the future. i know there are many reasons to hate 'accross street' opponent but it doesnt mean to end a match such as this one. spanish football federation need to do something before its too late. i have seen a lot of kinds provocations but involving a material as a 'chanting spirit' isnt welcomed. sevilla is known for their aggressive crowd and most of the times opponent players have been the target as well as referees. hopefully they WILL do something to make football stadiums a safe place where others have been dominated by hatred and politics.

The Copa del Rey quarter-final second leg between city rivals Real Betis and Sevilla was abandoned when Sevilla coach Juande Ramos was hit by an object thrown from the crowd.
Ramos was carried off the pitch unconscious on a stretcher shortly after Sevilla took the lead 1-0 on aggregate when striker Frederic Kanoute fired home 12 minutes into the second half.
Video footage showed the Sevilla coach had been hit on the head by a two-litre plastic bottle full of liquid thrown from the stands.

Betis medical staff said later that Ramos, who used to manage Betis, regained consciousness as he was put into an ambulance.
Sevilla medical staff said the 52-year-old would spent the night in hospital under observation.
The normal procedure in Spain when matches are called off is for the remaining minutes to be played at a later date.

Last season, the Cup quarter-final second leg between Valencia and Deportivo Coruna was abandoned after a linesman was cut on the head by a coin thrown from the crowd.
The remaining 46 minutes were played behind closed doors a week later.
The build-up to the Seville derby was dominated by arguments between the two clubs over whether or not Sevilla president Jose Maria del Nido would be allowed in the VIP box at Betis' Manuel Ruiz de Lopera stadium.

After mediation by the Andalucian regional government, Betis finally allowed Del Nido to attend the match although a number of fans threw objects at him as he took his seat.
There was further controversy because Betis had placed a bronze bust of Del Nido's arch-rival, Betis owner Manuel Ruiz de Lopera in a seat just behind the Sevilla president.
Spain's sports minister Jaime Lissavetzky said he would be calling for immediate action from the Spanish Football Federation.

"This was a shameful incident," Lissavetzky told Radio Marca.
"We will be calling an emergency meeting of the Anti-violence Commission and will ask the Spanish Football Federation to deal with this with maximum rigour.
"We must stop incidents such as this or those that happened recently in Italy occurring again."

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