Sunday, January 03, 2010

Becks sets up example for young MANU player

it has been years since i have heard a player wants to be like David Beckham. there are may be plenty more out there but bias media coverage doesn’t help my knowledge in this department. anyway, there is this boy named Tom Cleverley (his name speaks volume), who is under MANU academy and decides to be like his idol David Beckham. he said, Beckham has never had a strong pace since he was young, but he compliments his weakness by playing smart. and this boy isn’t alone to tell press how smart Beckham is. Cleerence Seedorf, his AC Milan team mate, claimed Becks is smart and a professional indeed. i love to brag further about David Beckham but it may sound like a broken record. so here are those links:

here we go

FA Cup match between Arsenal and West Ham will begin in less than 4 hours. from previous interviews we can safely say, that the coach will most probably field in young players to play away from Emirates. i can fully understand his decision which basically has been made due to our short in key players. as you’d probably notice RVP, Denilson, Bendtner, Theo Walcott, Gibbs and Clichy, Djourou will all miss the match due to injuries sustained during premier league matches as well as international. as i understand West Ham will most likely to play young players due to injuries; in this case we’re even. though we may not see fully inexperienced squad, we all know that Le Boss isn’t keen to sacrifice his experienced players to play in FA Cup but we will most likely see Rosicky on the field for the first time since he aggravated hamstring injury weeks ago. he is short in play time, therefore it will be a good chance for him to show his class today. i’m sure he’s going to wear the arm band tonight, so Mr. Rosicky hereby i stated, you will lead our boys to glory and bring happiness to our camp, thank you.

Friday, January 01, 2010

new year is here.welcome 2010

can’t believe we’re now entering a new decade of millennium. the memory of 2000 came back to me in a flash. in the previous year, which was in 1999, people were busy talking about what would happen to most of electronic devices once the year turn into 00 instead of 60,70 or 90. some predicted they would shut themselves down; the most extreme opinion was the computer would no longer be useable, therefore an upgrade would be a wise decision. well, i didn’t see that happening anyway. my cell phone worked just fine and the computer hadn’t rebooted as predicted. so far, everything followed went on smoothly, except for terrorist attacks on few places in the world of course.

anyway, i should start making new year resolution from now on. though it is not my habit to follow what others think best, i believe my blogs in agreement with some of my friends. i’m talking about shake off my laziness and write more often. i used to write about 3 to 5 posts a week, but now i can only manage to do that in a month. what has come into my mind? nothing basically, perhaps my excitement toward my blogs have gone south thus writing is more of a habit more than hobby. does that even sound relevant?

so many things happened in 2009, i can’t go into detail on each thing that both surprising as well as entertaining me in a span of 365 days. but i’ll just highlight what’s taken my attention these past days.

Arsenal have managed to hold on into their 3rd spot from being stolen by numerous clubs, including Totenham Hotspur, MC and Aston Villa and this has been done with lists of injured players. our main striker option, RVP, has rupture ligament on his ankle and his surgery will keep him out until early April, the least. our LB has caught everyone’s attention with 2 of our experienced players out injured which will keep them sidelined for another month. Theo Walcott has somehow managed to get injured again,the last one kept him for about a month, after cameo display against Aston Villa. he puzzles me indeed. Theo is a young player and at his stage of age injuries will come badly to his career. a player usually starts to flourish at the age of 20 and will eventually stop progressing when he reaches 28 or 29. after ‘growth stage’ a player will enter his mature age which could either lead to more greatness or sloppiness. in Theo’s case i believe the former, but injuries have shy him away from great potential to become one of the best footballer in the world. he’s come to Arsenal with so much promise in other words, people believing him to be the next Thierry Henry. this is sad for a player who barely reach 10 games for Arsenal half of this season. i do hope he will recover or else he’ll lose his place in the WC. i don’t blame Capello for leaving him, but it is unacceptable to have a highly rated player such as him at home while his team mates fly out to South Africa.

as some of you might have heard, David Beckham will play alongside Ronaldinho, Seedorf and other AC Milan players for 6 month ahead. he’s facing a tough battle to be in the starting XI but i believe he can make it, simply because he’s David Beckham. his dedication and work rate will prove doubters wrong. they used to mock him and tease his ability to play football,still is, but in more than 1 occasions he quashed those people away and proving to be one of the best asset a club can have. his latest performance with LA Galaxy has been the best moment for his career in MLS. the good thing about David Beckham is his confidence. unlike some other player, he rarely has a problem in this department. one headline steals the show though, MU will go against their former golden boy in champs league. and this time, it’s knock out stage which means only 1 will survive the battle as the other will go down in another yet tormenting year. MU were denied the European crown by Barca last year and if they didn’t beat AC Milan this year,it means they were denied twice and you know what? i love this notion. i know it’s far fetched but i want to see Milan and Arsenal in the final; who will win my support? i guess i’ll find out when they are there.

that sums up my overbearing blog, sorry for that, and hopefully you all had great NYE celebrations and start counting your wins instead of losses. cheers…..