Wednesday, June 15, 2011

long winding road

it has been a while since i wrote about Arsenal in this blog. it does not mean i have forgotten about the club or too busy to care. life turns out to be much more exciting in the twitter world. i get a little bit more when i peek in my timeline and find out what is left in the Arsenal world.

unless you have been living inside a cave buried deep down, you must have noticed summer is here. it means no real football for another one and a half month. for non-fans, it must be their triumph, for girls can ask to go to wherever they want to go with their boyfriends undisturbed by football fixture. it mush thrilling too for mothers who must have faced difficulties on flicking channels during football matches. and as for me, i am more or less like frozen yoghurt without yoghurt. it’s a joke in case you had not noticed.

summer holiday in footballing world means transfer window in which players are likely to be involved in a deal to determine whether or not to extend their contracts. talking about extending contracts, there are two players who have yet sign an agreement with the club to stay beyond next season. they are Gael Clichy and Samir Nasri. the latter has been the subject of speculation to leave Arsenal rather than staying. a lot has been said by the media which half of them certain he will leave for man*td or Inter Milan. press even managed to get deeper info from the “source” inside and claimed Nasri wants a rise doubling from his current earning. this of course, does not sit well with some fans. they think asking for 160k/week is against the club’s policy; Cesc earns smaller figure than the requested amount. however, i must stress this to you that those words are merely extracted from media, which at times are not always accurate.

Clichy on the other hand, has not been mentioned in Wenger’s latest interview with a French media. the manager reiterated there will be no sale of Cesc Fabregas and he will look after Nasri’s contract talk himself without delay. however, no Clichy whatsoever in the interview. they said Clichy had turned down any contract talk last season and would have walked out of the club if things had come through as the players himself had planned. i cannot remember any of this which most probably have been caused by Cesc-love-in saga with Barcelona. this summer is no different, however.

if you read my blog, you must have noticed i have put several names who might be sold off to other clubs this summer; Rosicky, Denilson, Bendtner, Eboue, Almunia, Diaby are those names. out of six players mentioned, only two players have come out cleanly to voice out their desire to leave the Emirates. Bendtner thinks he deserves his place while Denilson, figures his time as Arsenal player is out and wants to move on. you want to know what i think?. i  think they feel rather dwarfed by young guns resurgence and choose the safest way out of the team. since his groin injury 2 seasons ago, Bendtner has failed to cement his first place out of Chamakh, who later got kicked out of the team by ever-so reliable Robin van Persie. we don’t talk about Denilson anymore. for me, he has gone to other side long time before his desire to leave.

as we all agreed in unanimous decision, Arsenal will not bother to buy unless they can sell off deadwood first; however, i may incline to say, we might do things different way this summer. yes, it is true Wenger refusal to change his philosophy overnight frustrates most of us, but it does not stop his own dire desire to get rid of deadwood and eager to win some trophies next season. Ivan Gazidis enjoyed some Q&A session with AST (Arsenal Supporters Trust) two days ago and you might find excerpt here from ashburton grove. three important keys from this session. Gazidis assured fans that there are new players coming in this summer in order to strengthen the team. he also convinced fans, Kroenke will not be heavily involved in regards of players deal talk. there is one caution though. Wenger knows this team is not competitive enough to win trophies next season, therefore he decides to reinforce it. however, the club will not go beyond its financial ability to attain a player’s service; meaning, we will not see crazy shopping spree this summer or for ever more. happy?. i don’t see it to be a problem. why?.

there are numerous reasons we can’t be choosy over a player’s price tag, but other times we also do not have to bend our policy for the sake of unknown talent. premier league is the most challenging league there is and buying crazily for a kind of player like Jose Reyes, is not encouraged especially when we need our team win major championships. we are being linked to several names starting from Samba, Cahill, Gervinho, Scott Dann, and so on. i do not know whether they will become a part of Arsenal team soon, or is it merely media empty talks. we won’t know until it is announced officially will we?. i was hoping we have signed two players by now, but we know how management handle deals. if Gervinho deal is nearly done like they say, then we must move on to sealing deals for CB, CM and Nasri. we must not get ourselves be outpaced once again.

later all….

PS: i may be moving away from this blog and write my Arsenal thoughts in somewhere else more compatible and flexible.