Saturday, January 22, 2011

probable line up and match prediction

well, not much to say for this match except we have to work hard to get the result right. twice we had been broken to pieces by these lads. it’s time for our players to step up to the challenge and show to doubters out there that we can snatch the Premier League title out of manure’s hands.

we have no major injuries since the match against Leeds except few minor knocks, so we will have our full team again for Wigan. expect nothing but uphill battle Gooners. so here is my team line up:

                           Szczesney (GK)

Sagna        Djourou      Koscielny       Clichy

                      Song           Wilshere

Walcott                 Cesc                Nasri


there is this doubt over Nasri’s fitness though. @thegoonblog has pointed out that Nasri still has to take pain killers in order to whisk his ankle pain away. it has yet to be resolved.

the one in the above is everyone’s favourite line up but Wenger loves to surprise many, including myself, and opt for a different one. with Nasri injury mystery, he may go for Arshavin and chooses Nasri as 2nd half sub. Rosicky could be involved as well. again, it all depends on each player’s fitness. not playing Nasri could mean upsetting some fans but if it’s for the better, i can’t see why we try Arshavin on the left.

i want to talk a little bit about the Russian player. he has been recently become Arsenal target man and been constantly in the wrong side of the fans. he’s a fantastic player, no doubt about it. however, his physical stature does not allow him to do much. PL is known for its pace and physical game in which Arshavin was not accustomed to. he came from a Russian club in  a Russian football league and that says it all. not everyone can adjust well with the physical condition of PL, but i beg for patience for this little guy. he has the technicality that, sometime, goes beyond Cesc and other Arsenal players. don’t talk about selling him after his first year in Arsenal. let’s wait a little longer then see what happens next winter. if he does not perform still, then we can consider options for him. but until then, be supportive to our Russian playmaker. if you noticed, he has been trying really hard to get involved in matches and even ran back to help defence. it’s an improvement isn’t it?.

and as for match prediction, i would go for 2-0 for Arsenal and if anything goes mental, 3-1 is the score line. i seldom gets it right, so let’s just hope i get this one correctly.

that’s actually it. till then Gooners…

CB, CB and CB

it is clear ever since the injury of Thomas Vermaelen our top priority is to sign a world class centre back with years of experience but cost us a penny. does it sound a bit off? or is it just me?. no player is cheap these days especially when you put 30 something appearances for a club and netted 25 goals, at least. just look at Dzeko. manshites paid him huge salary which i believe will only lead to another wasteful purchase. hey, i dont undermine his talent but with a player cost a club in that amount, every fan would love to hang him upside down should he fail to impress; i would. most of the times, pressure can be hard which usually lead to failure.

anyway, let’s get back to business shall we?. there are names being paraded around by media and i don’t find them to be quite a replacement for Vermaelen. every corner of fan cafes has strongly advised Wenger to buy high quality (sounds like frying pan) CB but deep down inside i have never believed Wenger would buy someone like Cahill or Samba to temporarily replace Vermaelen. these are types of players who don’t fill in. they are first team players and believe me, not one of them would love to see Koscielny or Djourou play ahead of them. they will not allow these players to stamp out their reputation and will most likely choose to stay with their respective clubs. am i disappointed? no. why should i?. Wenger had confirmed again yesterday that Squillaci would not be far from recovery and would most likely be in the squad next weekend. he also said Song could be deployed as emergency CB and Diaby or Denilson would fit in just fine in the middle. see? how efficient our coach is. don’t blame me, he’s the coach.

we had tried to sign Jagielka in the summer but it broken down due to price offered by Everton. and we would not approach him again unless we lose CBs in the summer. there are names mentioned but i don’t think they’d be as ridiculous as this one. guess what? someone is playing April fool ahead of the month itself. Arsenal is rumoured to try to sign spuds defender, Jonathan Woodgate! merry christmas everybody. i won’t talk about it as it is both rubbish and delusional at the same time. Wenger would NEVER sign someone who can’t even play 2 games a week let alone filling Vermaelen shoes. and the fact that he’s playing for another North London club makes the move sound more silly than Justin Bieber winning Grammy award (let’s hope he doesn’t).

the match is coming in less than 4 hours. i hope everyone is ready and get 3 points we need. i will probably write something before the game and possible line up as well.

till then my lovely Gooners…

key to success

i must whip myself a little harder if i want to keep this blog alive. well, i have skipped writing preview and review for West Ham match which turned out to be one of the best matches we ever produced in the last 2 seasons.

anyway, i am not going to talk about West Ham coz it’s already been done. we won the match pretty convincingly and i’m going to stop at that.

another match has passed. FA Cup match between Arsenal and Leeds United have been won and we are through to 4th round. we will face Hoff-something club and though they may not even playing at the same league as us or Leeds Utd, they cannot be underestimated or belittled for the sake of our own pride. we were proud and felt save when we led Wigan with 2 goals ahead but paid the price and finally lost to them in embarrassing manner. and all Gooners in the world know, that was the day when we gave up on our title bid.

that’s in the past, i won’t let myself crying over something that’s done. we are going to face, well who else than the very club i mentioned above. looks like i have to stick with them for at least few more paragraphs.

we cannot afford to lose and nothing than 3 points is acceptable. i know Arsenal can be sometimes pain in the bottom, but seeing the way we fought our way into 4th round, i can safely say we are different team now. the key is to keep possession in our way and no more sloppy passes. scoring first would endanger us being chased around the pond but i can take 1 goal more than a draw.

we are only 2 points away from Manshites and playing 1 game less than the Eastland club. it means we can topple them if we win this match and 1 game owed to us. i have yet to check our fixture but i can sense we are getting close to one of the title. nothing is fixed yet. anything can happen in football and our chance to win any of the cup is like having Elton John doing concert in China. just kidding.

till tomorrow Goooners. i will try to update whatever comes in my mind. it may be about our CB signing or any other Arsenal related news.

till later…

Saturday, January 15, 2011

the loss and others in between

by now our loss to Ipswich has gone and buried. every fan in every corner of the globe would never argue how disgusting the match was. i am not talking about the result but the way we approach the game. i won’t be discussing any of it since it has already in the past and no words could undo it unless we are entering Matrix world and make them install a reversing software. but even they could undo it, i don’t think it’d make any difference; our laziness would hurt us twice and i don’t need to see it again.

later today (London time) we will travel to Upton Park to beat our own phantoms. we have not been in good shape since we managed to hammer Chelsea, who are suffering the same sickness as we are. 3 points is the only answer to quash any doubters out there. we have allowed manshites and manure to pull away and stole some precious points from us. West Ham will be looking a win to save them from relegation zone. this will not be easy for us especially after the bitter defeat just 3 days ago. 1 point is enough for West Ham though 3 points is also in their sight.

i have no doubt we will not see major changes from the side. Gibbs, Arshavin and Denilson are players who started against Ipswich and i’m pretty convinced they are not starting today. there is an injury though. Fabianski who has not played in the recent cup matches, has to be sidelined of shoulder injury. Wenger has not stated when he will be available, but i have confidence on Wocj. he is a big guy and most importantly, he is talented and knows his place well.

i can’t wait to watch the game and see whether we are up to the challenge and win important games like champions should. my team line up won’t be much different from other Gooners. here it is:





subs: Shea, Gibbs, Arshavin, Denilson, Chamakh, Bendtner, Rosicky

Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Manshites match

the match will begin in few hours. i haven’t had time to sleep so i might be dozing off for a bit and then get ready to watch it with full power. we won the last encounter away with powerful score line; 3 goals without any fight from the Eastland. today, it will be different from them. they have blended in though not quit settle in just yet, they still post great threats to our title hopes. manshites are sitting 2nd with 2 points clear from us, therefore if we want to challenge for the title we must beat them.

i don’t care much about goals, i will stick with 1 goal only. in this kind of game 1 goal might not be enough but it’s even better than getting another than concede at last minute. i hate surprises and i know this game will give me just that. as you all know, our home records has not been good this season and knowing it, i’m sure Mancini will get this fact embedded on his team’s mind before the match starts.

i have a good feeling for this game but it usually works against me, so yeah i’m a bit stressed out and need my rest before i chew everything and end up in hospital with no handsome nurse. i’m  getting more nervous now. i better be resting.

later Gooners. be ready for something revolutionary, i hope.

before i go, i want to stress out the importance of Nasri and Song in this match. we saw how freely Nasri went forward for the brum match and it paid us handsomely. with Song provided good cover in midfield both Wilshere and Cesc should be our main attacking force in the centre. i don’t know who will start up front but my guts tell me it will be RvP once again. whoever starts, i know he will give all to the team.

Good luck Gunners! love ya till i die

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