Monday, December 31, 2007


Dear God,
Only You who will truly love me
Only You who will save me
Please stay with me
Make me belong to You

Dear God,
Only You who knows which is best
Only You who knows which is wrong
Please bear with me
There's no place feels like home

Dear God,
I asked myself once
How could someone loves God
More than loving other half?
But now You've opened my melted heart

Dear God,
Guide me through this journey of mine
Let me walk Your permissioned path
No more sadness
More blessings and happiness

Dear God,
Many things have happened
I shall not put the blame on You
Coz everything is chain reaction
And i have sinned so much

Dear God,
I don't deserve your kindness
Yet i can't face the world without Your blessings
Forgive my sins
Hope is all i have
Even when i'm not sure if hope's still here

Reminiscing sometimes ripping out the old wound.
if only forgetting is as easy as falling.



Before the year ends once more, i'd like to say how thankful i'm to have gone through another year, another journey, and suddenly another page is flipping by. hopefully my next wil be full of blessings, smile, love, grattitudes, good deeds, dreams and glorious days.

i have gone through so many beautiful things, so many million tears, and many letdowns. but also, the warm feelings inside of me makes me feel even more alive. God, family, and my loved ones are the essentials in my life.

maybe few years back, i'd never know that i'd go through many stories with many question marks. but i have lived through it, and i'm proud to say i have gone through more than you could imagine in one life.

it's a blessing after all, no matter if it's bad pulicities or half smile. i'm grateful for all the blessings, supports, love, care, and lovely wishes. even if there's noone out there who'd care about me but with God and my loved ones i know i'll be ok.

so thank you thank you thank you God, my family and loved ones who had been there to love care and support me. hopefully next year will be even better, more and more creative ideas..more and more smile X).

not for even once walking away..

c/roach kills.

a story that hapened right before 2008, no plans and still new year is uncool, i'm getting older hopefully i'll get wiser and better too. coz no use of geting older but still acting immature (though i still do sometimes). no more pain, more happy tears!! here i coooome..

i woke up, and found a dead c/roach lying on the floor next to my beloved mattress. i totally freaked out (i mean FLIPPING OUT), ok if you think that i'm such a sis. it's not like that, c/roach will trigger my body alarm and start to signal rashes. the c/roach was lying (almost peacefully) next to my cell-phone cover, my beloved hairclip, and my lovely hairband.

suddenly everything went chaotic, my sister tried to console me, my dad shooed (picked it up and put it away), and i was totally shocked. what happened on the night before? why didn't i know that c/roach was inside the room? luckily it was dead, if it was crawling on me i'd be very panicked. if i think back now, i think it was really funny..everyone knew i wasn't allowed to go near c/roach or i'd turn into some ruthless monster but ful of tears.

but i survived the creepy-crawlie moment X), i didn't realize i had something against c/roach until few years back. i stepped on c/roach while i was on the back of my house barefooted and it was really dark so i didn't know the creepy-crawlie was heading my way. so i stepped on it, got panicked, called everyone in my house (yelling to be exact), and cleaned up myself.

but even after i cleaned up myself, i still felt something went totally wrong with my skin. i had rashes, well i didnt expect that i had something against c/roach (as i've mentioned before). and months later i discovered that c/roach was a deadly weapon, i thought it was quite funny coz my sister has hated c/roach since forever. so having her with me is like having a cop that'll secure my way free from c/roach.

Eisleyian. happy nu year everyone! have a blast..
i read a good article about becks being awarded as LA sports of the year. there is part which an american sportwriter was being asked by an english journalist how the americans react on becks arrival. and the LA man asked him back. his response was not a surprise to me as most of the brits are cynical about becks and his ideas. dig in everybody...i mean enjoy the article....

Beckham is Daily News' Sports Person of the
Year for 2007
By Kevin Modesti, Los Angeles Newspaper Group Sports Editor

A few weeks before David Beckham joined the Galaxy, a British TV crew came to Los Angeles to get the lay of the soccer star's new land. The Sky News men interviewed an L.A. sportswriter and asked about Americans' impressions. Then the L.A. guy turned the question around.

The writer wondered: Amid cynicism in England about Beckham, did anyone there see elements of heroism in his trans-Atlantic move, anyone respect the audacity to so grandly risk his reputation by giving the globe a free kick?

The bloke with the microphone thought for a microsecond and said with a laugh: "No."

Today this newspaper names Galaxy midfielder David Beckham the Los Angeles Sports Person of the Year for 2007. It's not because he enjoyed a great rookie season in MLS, made the Galaxy a champion, bent U.S. eyes to the original football, beat back global cynicism and earned acclaim as a hero - in fact, he succeeded in doing precisely none of those things.

It's because of his think-big spirit, the way he widened our view of sports, the commitment with which he took on both naysayers and unreasonable expectations.

Our award, which debuted in 2005, is patterned after the Time Magazine Person of the Year Award. As we said the past two years: Time's award might be a big deal to those whose interests in life focus narrowly on such trifles as politics, economics, science, technology, religion and the arts. But we need something for the renaissance men and women whose curiosity extends to every corner of the wide and wonderful world of Southern California sports.

So here's a prize for the newsmakers of the local sports scene, recognizing a player, coach, executive - anybody - whose impact has been uniquely positive (or negative).

In 2005, the joint winners were USC football's Reggie Bush and Matt Leinart, college kids who showed the pros how to put ego aside for the good of a team. In '06, the winner was Dodgers general manager Ned Colletti, for his leading role in turning the franchise from a laughingstock into the Baseball America Organization of the Year. As Bush's, Leinart's and Colletti's subsequent highs and lows demonstrate, the L.A. Sports Person of the Year Award is no guarantee of wild success in the future.

Surveying colleagues, we were reminded of several worthy - or notably unworthy - newsmakers this year: The Lakers' Kobe Bryant asserted his importance again and again by alternately spitting on and embracing his team; the Anaheim Ducks won the region's first Stanley Cup; the UCLA basketball team went to the Final Four again; track star Marion Jones, a SoCal native, was forced to give back the five Olympic medals she won as a drug cheater.

None of what they did and said set this sports year apart quite like the arrival in the world's celebrity capital of the 32-year-old often called the world's most famous athlete.

Even as his - and wife Victoria's - adventure was kicked aside in some corners as a cold money grab, a ploy to publicize the Beckham brand and set up the couple in Hollywood, his Galaxy introduction in Carson drew hundreds of journalists and live television coverage and his game appearances drew record crowds.

Sports fans across the Pond found themselves paying attention to the L.A. Bloody Galaxy. Sports fans here found themselves assessing the performance of a midfielder at Real Madrid.
Trouble is, he didn't appear enough, arriving injured and never really healing. But when Beckham played, he played well and - more important - played hard.

Beckham always has been a player with sensational vision, not least in his vision of his place in history. At an age when his European league and England-international career might have been winding down, he reinvented himself as the man who might lead America to soccer once and for all.

It'll take a lot more Beckhams and a lot more years to raise the quality of MLS soccer to a level that deserves the full attention of a nation accustomed to watching the best of every sport. For starters, No. 23 is doing what he can in the modern mode, selling America his jersey and his personality; with any luck he'll never figure out that the best way to get attention in this town is to demand to be traded.

The results aren't there yet. Beckham was able to play in only five MLS games. The Galaxy finished 11th in the 13-team league. With four more seasons on his contract, the best is yet to come, or else.

But his first season has demonstrated that if Beckham fails in his bid to conquer America, it won't be for lack of effort or ambition. The worst thing you could say about this first year of Becks was that we didn't see enough of him.

How many sports superstars can we say that about? Only the L.A. Sports Person of the Year.

courtesy of LA daily news
arsenal won their last match in 2007 by defeating everton at goodison park. 1-4 was indeed a splendid scoreline. after having tough time at emirates stadium they finally came through and won. it was a delicate match i assumed (i couldnt catch it live) and plenty of dangerous tackles. it was difficult for us to swallow a bitter draw against pompey and we avoid reading sports newspaper for a week after man utd rocketing to top spot although it only lasted for a week *sigh* thank God. it'd be a very complicated season as top leaders (arsenal and man utd) are unable to keep their good rythm going even if they had a chance. hopefully, arsenal will stay on top and be the premier league champions. cant wait to see their latest performance.....a win is a must.....
my sist has posted an article stating wenger's admiration on how good becks had managed himself as a football player when he had been cast away in a deserted island not a long ago; however, he made himself noticed when he showed professionalism and dedication to his team. both managers, ste-c and fabio capello, had to make an embarassing u turn to reinstate becks back to their squad. and his come back proved to be in a perfect moment as he had helped real madrid to claim their 30th la liga title. england supposed to have booked their tickets to EURO 08 and all they needed was only a draw; however they weren't good enough and knocked out by minnows, croatia. anyway, back to our topic. i noticed that wenger has always admired becks in some ways, and he is deservedly to be a hero once a while. unfortunately, becks can never join arsenal as he is a former man utd player and is still a big fan of the club. it would be unfair for the fans and himself. becks would have considered to work under mr wenger if he had been working in a different club. we would love to see becks playing for arsenal, as we both fans of the team. however, seeing him practising in arsenal's facilities is good enough for us although it'd only be until january 31st. at least, he can dig in some good knowledge from the professor. we wish him good luck...

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Beef-ing before sleep

i've been away from posting new posts for a while now, i only posted few posts and that's total unfair looking back at my posts earlier that stated i'm a blog-addict. well i still do, i love this blog but my head is currently processing less ideas. i love blogging as much as i love watching soccer, as i've said it's my brain that's been hijacked coz my ideas seem dissapeared.

my parents are telling the rest of the family (which is me ignoring them coz i'm blogging, and my sister who's currently munching more carbs late at night X) ) about the joke and the funny stories about our childhood (embarassing). a lot like love huh, yeah we're lucky to have them as our beloved parents. my sister's nose is out of place coz we just had a head-wrestling (hiperhiperhiper!)

enough about the tid-bits, the year's ending any plans? well it's out of my family habit to celebrate each new year, we'd stay up late just wtach the fireworks or watch good performances on tv. maybe we'll have a plan this year but i don't think so..who knows nothng is impossible. we're the average famiy that some of you might find us very boring, but i like it this way. we're the most laid back people.

ok now it's time for sleep..

eisleyian munching two smoked beefs (so much for carbs)

My Super-dadda

My dad's a superhero,
And he likes to annoy me too.
He likes to call my name super times just to get on my nerve..
Afterall he's the super dad that's mine.
Mine and only mine

love ya dad

Don't you dare to bring him down
Coz not only he's as strong and wise just like an old tree
He also he's got his family that always support and trust him
And he also has the faith that'll bring yourself down
My dad is a a super dad

heart ya dad

my dad's tuper thweet
my dad's amazing
my dad's a bless
my dad's the balloon that'll cheer my day
His hands were the first who held mine

No matter what,
The ups and downs
Of my relationship with him
He'll always be the bossy dad
And i'm the chipper-daughter

For you
From me
From the bottom of my heart
From the naughty kiddo
For my one and only dadda

Thank you's never enough
I say a little prayer for you
Every second
Every new pages
Coz you'll never far behind

whatever their positions in life, my parents will always be the ones who'll spend some of their precious time just to listen to my childish fears. love your parents as they have brought you up and spent fortunes just to buy what you wanted and millions of second just to wipe away your tears. my parents are not flawless (no such thing is flawless), they're also human beings but they love me gazillion times more than other people. by being close and care to them i never feel lonely or incomplete thus they've teached me to rely and trust more to the family than outsiders. i love you both to death!

Eisleyian hearts good hearted people.
New Soul (Yael Naim)

I'm a new soul
I can do this strange world hoping
I could learn a bit about how to give and take.
But since I came here felt the joy
And the fear finding myself making every possible mistake


I'm a young soul in this very strange world hoping
I could learn a bit about what is true and faith.
But why don't please trying to comunnicate
Finding just in love is not always easy to make.


This is a happy end cause' you don't understand
Everything you have done wise
Everything so wrong

This is a happy end come
And give me your hand
I'll take your far away.

I'm a new soul
I can do this strange world hoping
I could learn a bit about how to give
And take but since
I came here felt the joy and the fear
Finding myself making every possible mistake


1) Where did you begin 2007?
// KL with my siblings coz parents were farfaraway.

2) What was your status on Valentine'sDay?
// huaaappuuyy

3) Were you in school (anytime thisyear)?
// school of rock! blah!

4) How did you earn your money?
// by being a good and honest person

5) Did you have to go to the hospital?
// yeahyeahyeah

6) Did you have any encounters with thepolice?
// thank God i didn't, never will hopefully

7) Where did you go on vacation?
// visiting the same place (all over again but thank God for the lovely escapades)

8) What did you purchase that was over$1000?
// discreet

9) Did you know anybody who got married?
- friends of my family

10) Did you know anybody who passed away?
// yeah

12) Did you move anywhere?
// no

14) What concerts/shows did you go to?
// not interested!!!

15) What shows did you attend?
// marching band show

16) Who did you want to win Big Brother?
// no thanks not interested

17) Where do you live now?
// at lovely home with loving family

18) Describe your birthday?
// GR8 coz everyone showed up, i got the dress that i wanted (although a bit late), i got my hair exactly like i wanted em to be, i got my summer shoes, and the most fun part i got to eat with my loved ones altogether. But without God's blessings and love, none of the fun parts would actually be possible to happen.

19) What's one thing you thought you'dnever do but did in 2007?
// the growing part..never thought i'd be wiser on the fast lane. many things were unpredictable, unexpected but best of all i get to know myself better.

20) What has been your favorite moment?
// being around my loved ones always made my day. and of course being loved and adore by them definitely worth all the patience. As always, Realizing God's always with me through the cold fences is a blessing.

21) What's something you learned aboutyourself?
// that i have all the patience in the world.

22) Any new additions to your family?
// hmm ;)

23) What was your worst month?
// i have lived through many worst moments, tho i don't remember which month was the worst. coz only the best ones deserve my attention. (why do you want to spend more than a minute just to dwell on the sad pages?)

24) What music will you remember 2007?

25) Who has been your best drinkingbuddy?
// drinking coffee? of course mom and sist

26) Made new friends?
// yeahyeahyeah

27) Any pain in 2007?
// many tears along the way, that's super-normal i believe. if life was made easy then it should be called dream perhaps?

28) Regrets?
// don't live your live by dwelling on what you could do to erase/rewind those goofy-moments. live by it as your best recommendations for the future. mistakes are not made for you to keep on regretting, mistakes are for you to learn.

29) New lover?
// discreet ;)

30) Where will 2007 end for you?
// hopefully at its best. God knows which/what/who is the best for me, as indecisive as i'm i'll let God decide which is which ;)

eisleyian on the move to a better person =)
Exceling Through Amazing Becks

Arsene Wenger believes Arsenal's youngsters can learn from David Beckham when the former England captain trains at London Colney in January.

Beckham will use Arsenal's facilities to stay fit ahead of England's international friendly against Switzerland in February. Wenger expects the arrangement to be mutually beneficial.

"He will come in January to practise with us, occasionally with the first team or the reserves," said Wenger. "He can always give good advice and we will help him to keep fit. The youngsters will look up to him, of course.

"I admire how strong Beckham has been mentally through his career because he went through some tough times. I respect the fact that he has always loved football and he has always shown respect for his managers even when he was dropped. He didn't come out in a silly way, a spoilt way.

"Also, he has always delivered when it was expected of him, he has shown toughness. When he had to score the free-kick in the last minute against Greece [in the crucial World Cup qualifier in October 2001] he put it in the net. It is a sign of mental strength."

So does Wenger expect Beckham to teach Arsenal's young players how to excel from free kicks? Perhaps not. "I think it will be a tough competition for Beckham!" laughed Wenger.

courtesy of

Friday, December 28, 2007

our thoughts are to benazir bhutto's family who are probably still shaken with her death yesterday evening. it is unfortunate that her death came after so many response from paskitanis about reformation in paskitan military controlled govt. people want changes and benazir bhutto was a potential candidate to replace current president pervez musharaff. how unfortunate this should have happened in a very perfect moment. she was a leader and most of all, a woman. a mother to her beloved children....whoever done this must be held responsible. one might have escaped human law; however nothing can escape God's punishement. our prayer goes to her and family...

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

i dont have so much to tell today apart from juicy news from football point of view. i wonder wheres britney spears when we need her? i bet shes in the attacking mode for this festive season. shes currently mapping her next move to outdo other celebs...wondering what did she give to her younger sister? diapers? certainly not. oooo i know...shaver for sure. anyway back to football news. manuel almunia has been tipped to be the next england goalkeeper although nobody can ascertain the news since fabio capello has yet to come back fom his holiday. capello is expected to be officially in charge on january 7th 2008. heaven knows whats on his mind. england is currently seeking a reliable goalkeeper who can actually fencing the goal post with a pair of magic hands. each of the goalkeeper has proven that a mishap is nothing but an unfortunate incident and could actually be passed down to the next candidate. for example, blunders from calamity james few years ago still printed on my mind. and then his replacement robert green miskick a pass that led to an own goal to his account. he wasnt put his foot in proper position that could have possibly led to his injury. unfortunately for england, another replacement doesnt mean a solution. after a fine display for several matches, paul robinson starting to show doubtful performances. his foolish errors resulting in england loss to croatia few months back. during match against germany, he was again making a huge mistake by tapping a shot from a german player (i forgot his name) in the direction of another german player. his inconsistencies led to another replacement. his name is scott carson and the result was finally shown. england are yet again, lost to croatia. a draw was needed to get england qualify to EURO 08 next summer. a shot that supposed to be an easy one for carson was no doubt would have be remembered as nightmare for england in many years to come. almunia could be the answer england have been waiting for. his recent performance with arsenal clearly showing hes ready for a call up. he stated that spain would never call him up for competitive matches and waiting on the sideline isnt possible as well. with stunning performances by two leading spanish goalkeeper iker casillas and pepe reyna, almunia chances to be spanish goalkeeper are indeed very slim. perhaps, capello would consider him as a substitute in case other goalkeepers go wrong. i'd love to see him under the post instead of having paulie or calamity or even carsie defending the last defensive line. however, his appointment will enrage some people who were disagree with FAs move to appoint capello as the new manager. the recent nationalism propaganda has spread among the fanatics. if let say capello failed to win his first match, he'd be under massive pressure and those fanatics would again pressuring FA to appoint another english manager. yeah like hell...if those ppl wanna see an english coaching england squad they'd have to see another failure like ste-c did last time out. wake up people!!! youre not good enough to train your own squad. why dont you all sit back and learn.

ive always been a fan of this player. ever since he played a minor part in community shield three or four years ago, he already caught my attention. before he played in the community shield however, he used to replaced patrick vieira in the final three minutes or so. well, no one knows for sure what future holds. after vieira had left no other players could have replaced him other francesc fabregas. hes fast and accurate. however, he wasnt a player like he is today. he lost possesions every now and then and they were costly too. but after 2 seasons playing as a regular, hes slowly showing to us all what kind of player he is. this season, hes already collected 11 goals much to relief of arsene wenger. i remember well a match between juventus and arsenal 2 seasons ago. cesc was clearly a better player than his senior patrick vieira. he even scored a goal during the match that saw arsenal came as a winning team. he may be only 19 yrs of age but hes already played like seniors in premier league. last season he was able to play without injuries, unlike what hes trying to conquer this mid season. his injuries came with the most unexpected moment when arsenal desperately trying to hold on to their top spot. fortunately they were able to gain the momentum and brushed past through derby match against totenham last week. it is unclear whether arsenal will be the premier league champions this season considering man utd strong performance and chelsea resistance in every games they play. im hoping to see william gallas lift the cup and be one of the most successful captain in arsenal history. hopeful...

Cesc: Henry Exit Allowed Everyone To Shine

Arsenal midfielder Cesc Fabregas is keen to have silverware to show for the superb season The Gunners are enjoying. He also spoke about how the players have all grown after Thierry Henry's departure.

The way the Gunners have taken the season by the scruff off the neck has caught many off guard. However, he is aware that only silverware can truly silence doubters.

"The team is hungry and wants to achieve something to prove people wrong," Fabregas said.
"We want to achieve a lot of things over the next 12 months.

"If we could win everything that would be perfect - but the Premier League is the competition it would be amazing to win."

The Spaniard has already scored 11 times this season, a sharp improvement from the four he scored last season.

Other players such as Alexander Hleb, Emmanuel Adebayor and Tomas Rosicky have all come good this season, and the midfielder believes it has something to do with Thierry Henry's exit.

"I have more responsibility than before," he said. "When you looked at Arsenal a year or two years ago you just saw Thierry Henry.

"It was a little bit like the other players did not exist.

"But when he left it was an opportunity for everybody to show we are a team and a good club.

"Even if the best player in the world is leaving us we can still achieve something."

Neal Glew from

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Beckham: Capello Will Be Great For England

David Beckham has spoken of his delight at Fabio Capello's appointment as manager of England, and hopes to work under the Italian again.

Los Angeles Galaxy midfielder David Beckham has stressed how much he is looking forward to the prospect of playing under Fabio Capello once more.

The Italian was appointed manager of England last week, and Beckham already knows him well from his time at Real Madrid.

"Fabio is one of the managers players look up to and want to manage them. I hope I'll be part of his plans," said Beckham to BBC Radio 2 during an interview that will be broadcast on Christmas Day.

"I think he is going to be great for the players and the England team."

Belief And Respect

It is widely - but wrongly - thought that Capello cast Beckham into the Madrid wilderness last season, but as the Englishman explained, the mutual respect and belief always remained.

"There were ups and downs with me and the manager at the time but he brought me back into the team and he had the belief in me to put me back in the team," said the former Manchester United man.

Real Madrid went on to win the Spanish league, but Beckham admitted he was disappointed to see Capello turfed out of the Bernabeu. "It gave me an amazing end and I was sad when he got the sack as I believe he had turned the club and the players around and given the fans what they deserved, a trophy.

Terrific Leader

"I think he is a great appointment for England," Beckham continued. "Everyone wants someone leading you that has respect and success. He has definitely got that in his career." Beckham is hoping to win his 100th cap for his country when England take on Switzerland at Wembley in February.

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Monday, December 24, 2007


the league is far from over and anything might happen in the final months. but bernd schuster can have something to celebrate this christmas. after beating barca at their home turf, 7 points gap between the two sides emerged and will feature as headlines in newspaper all over the world. julio baptista scored the only goal for real after a beautiful pass from ruudtje 10 mins before half time. both of the teams showed good possesion of the ball that saw a lot of them shared on the midfield area. i'd say real had a marvellous night after showing the home crowd what it takes to be champions. barca might have ronaldinho, deco, bojan and other brilliant forwards on their side but todays match clearly showed real resistance could actually repell them all. there are three players who are responsible to the win. they are pepe, canna and ramos. the three of them showing a good partnership in the heart of defence. it is unfortunate, that ramos would probably miss out the next match. however, schuster can breath easy considering two weeks of winter break might 'repair' the damage. i'd say a lot more tomorrow or probably the day after. its time for me to rest and have a wonderful dream. smile.....

Sunday, December 23, 2007

hate the fact that my internet connection keeps breaking down every now and then. there were times i had to reboot the laptop *sigh* i hate this. i read many articles today incl. a recent bust up between rijkaard and ronaldinho. did it happen the way we saw on tv? only both of them knew for sure. as winter transfer window appraoches, its difficult for ronnie to seek a way out from barca. summer transfer window seems a much better option for both parties. AC milan is likely to be his next destination. i know hes a superb player but if hes acting like he owns the club, he better leave. im not a fan of barca so i dont really pay attention to this issue. but if he thinks football its just bout him and his money, he better seek other jobs. im passionate with football and dislike anyone who feels its only a job you hold on to bcoz you are trying to be rich. ronaldinho acting as if hes been benched for more than a season. acting like hes injured just to iritate his bosses is completely unacceptable. whatever...with big W printed on it, my sist loves this...whatever...
its good that we are able to get lots of 'desired' songs all of sudden. i happened to access my inbox and suddenly ive lost my mood to do anything. i shouldve known from the start that it would have created havoc in my life. from a single touch of buttons, it has become my nightmare in seconds. a hole has perfectly embedded in my head and wont be long it'd spread deadly diseases all over my soul. i will have to start from scratch and God knows how long i will be going. i understand that i cant rely on others every other time and should build my own castle with both of my hands. these hands are meant to create something good for myself and the whole world. will they up for these challenges? time will answer. i miss my kompie back home and of course, muti2. im missing so many things and possibly losing my intentions to do a whole lot of activities this week. we hardly do anything, by the way. im waiting for someone who can bring me to exciting places. i love surprises and hopefully, he'll know how to do it right. ive grown so much not realizing that no one will answer my tantalizing questions without helps from up above. honestly, i wouldnt be walking to this very rough paths without His mercy and countless helps throughout my life. when will i be going to the right direction? im not sure. i keep my hopes fly high...

do i have time to complain? not a single second. watching flies forcing its way to human existance, reminding me of them. they, who barely contain their ego for the sake of gold and glory. am i among the forsaken being? lets wait and see. i walk accross the park and find my heart has been crossed by unknown forces. sitting on the park bench hoping someone who is kind enough to put it back to its default place. a leashed dog inching its nose on my polished shoes leaving behind a careful mark all over them. the sun is supposed to set at the most fortunate moment. darkness clouding my sights. passing by a corner that duplicates your existance. stopping to take a good look at the store but find nothing but dim lights. hesitating to enter the premise; dancing on both of feet in accordance of one preferrence. choosing to step away from the corner and take other place to land the precious heart and soul. a glimmer of hope resound in both of ears. it doesnt profound the significant of life. again, stepping away from trouble, choosing to walk away from the desired signs of trust. letting myself being blanket by uncertainties and flown to a distant place against everyones will. refreshing breeze rocketing against my perspiring face, comforting beyond imagination. smiling to everybody....
im very disappointed to have missed out three important football mathces coz some ridiculous reasons. i wont miss an extravagant match between real madrid and barcelona tonight. i will cheer real madrid all the way to the final whistle and im hoping to see real madrid players jumping out of joy after a win over los fantasticos. it'll be a match of the year, as beating the catalan giant will eventually make real madrid winter champions. anyway, barca is interested on signing alexander hleb who currently playing for arsenal. Barcelona technical secretary Txiki Bergiristain is very keen to accomodate his forwards with an intelligent player such as alex hleb. i doubt that arsene wenger will ever to let go his talented young gun in the early stage. hleb has only reemerged as a key player after spending few seasons with arsenal. he has had tough seasons as he was trying to adjust with english premier league style of play. however, after all the injuries he endured, he finally comes back with a bang. hopefully, he wont be leaving arsenal for barca. it could be a tempting offer as a young player playing for a club like barcelona would be a huge lift to his international career. mathieu flamini has been tipped to leave arsenal for italian giant juventus. however, it hasnt been confirmed as arsenal are trying to renew flaminis current contract. his weekly wages is expected to rise from 35,000 poundsterling per week to become 40,000 pounds; flamini is rumoured reluctant to accept such offer. it could be a rubbish story but if flamini refuses, he will regret it someday. there are other players who could fill in his boot. abou diaby, alou diarra, denilson and veteran gilberto can easily pluck in the hole. lets wait and see. if by the end of the year he has yet sign a deal, he will most certainly be leaving at the end of the season for free.
i have a couple of interesting articles both from different sources ( and the observer). they discussed about becks future as england player from roberto carlos', a former real madrid and brazilian squad, perspective. since the beginning of 2003 ive always fancied left back position to be secured for this man. as he was proving time and time again to be the man behind the creativity from a left back position. his intelligent 'relationship' with zinedine zidane led to many goals. no one, currently, works as good as he was when he was hovering in Real heart of defence. gabriel heinze and marcello still have a long journey to become as good as him. im saying this not bcoz hes been nice to becks but facts speak for themselves. tell me who can run forward and rush back to defend Reals fragile defence? the name is roberto carlos. unfortunately, his rare error resulting in real madrid lost to bayern munich last season in the champs league and most probably led to his decision to join fenerbache in the upcoming seasons. roberto carlos is also a close friend of becks while he was spending his four years in real madrid. hes also have good comments about becks and capello considering his deep relationship with both of them when he was a real madrid player. dig in everybody...

Carlos Tips Capello To Make Beckham Captain
Veteran Brazilian full-back Roberto Carlos is tipping Fabio Capello to name David Beckham as captain of England.

Roberto Carlos, who played under Fabio Capello in both the Italian's stints as Real Madrid manager, and who was a team-mate of David Beckham's at the Bernabeu, believes Don Fabio will make Beckham captain of the Three Lions again.

And Carlos maintains that it was not Capello who sought to marginalise Beckham at Real last season once the former Manchester United man had revealed his intention to join the Los Angeles Galaxy.

Carlos claims that Capello was made the scapegoat for a decision made by the Madrid board - and that he then deliberately chose to disobey his employers by reinstating Beckham in the side, to telling effect.

Real's improvement later in the season, leading to the winning of the Primera Liga title, coincided with Beckham's recall.

Carlos said: "There were no bad feelings because he [Beckham] knew it wasn't Capello's fault.

"Now, I am sure that Capello will select Beckham for England - 100 per cent sure.

"He will call David and I think he will make him his captain."

Carlos also believes that Capello will get England winning again - although he has warned England fans not to expect exciting football from the arch-pragmatist.

"England need victories, results, and that he will give them," the Brazilian - who left Madrid for Istanbul with Fenerbahce, told The Observer.

"There will be no spectacle, it will be 1-0, 1-0, 1-0.

"But the team will be there, correctly set up and balanced on the pitch. And always winning."

Carlos added: "I don't know if England will win the World Cup in 2010, but they can make it to the finals. No doubt about that."

Beckham will lead Fabio's England

With Fabio Capello, there is no friendship. I have known him for more than 10 years but we have never talked on the phone about personal matters. Above all, though, he is a fair man. He treats everybody the same way in the dressing room. For him, it is a simple job. When you are working, you are working - there is no room for anything else.

When I joined Real Madrid in 1996, it was at Capello's request. He had seen me playing for Inter and wanted me with him in Spain. I was very young, having just arrived in Europe. He told me I had to work really hard, because he was building a competitive team and wanted the title. The training sessions were incredibly serious, everybody had to be focused all the time.

But it wasn't all about defensive football. From the beginning, he wanted me to be free to attack and go forward. We had a central defender called Rafael Alkorta who was very fast and could cover my back, so Capello told me I should attack instead of worrying too much about my defensive work.

At the end of the 2005-06 season I was about to leave Madrid but I stayed because Capello, back again for his second time as manager, asked me to. He told the board that I was the best left-back in the world and said they would not be able to find another one if they let me go - so we worked together again.

Early in that season there was the problem with David Beckham but it was not Capello who threw him out of the team. Whatever it might have looked like, that was a decision that came from the board and Capello was forced to accept it. It really surprised me the way he was left alone to take the blame for that story. It seemed it was his fault, but it wasn't.

David, meanwhile, was relaxed and tranquil - he knew he would be needed sooner rather than later. After a few games Capello analysed the situation and realised there was only one option: to go against his bosses and bring Beckham back.

He called David, said he was sorry and told him he was back in the team. David wasn't mad, not at all. There were no bad feelings because he knew it wasn't Capello's fault. Now, I am sure that Capello will select Beckham for England - 100 per cent sure. He will call David and I think he will make him his captain.

What Capello likes to see in a player is commitment to training well, and motivation. Whoever practises well will play. For him, the names don't really count, there are no stars.

I won the World Cup with Luiz Felipe Scolari and the two are similar coaches. They are both winners and have many things in common: the way they prepare for games, the systems, what they demand from us. They are both hard on players, really tough guys. My ears were ringing with the complaints from the touchline. Capello blew up at me every time I missed an easy pass or tried moves that were too difficult to execute. He likes things simple.

He used to watch lots of games, so he had all the information, but his team meetings weren't too long - 15 minutes tops, which is shorter and less boring than other coaches. There is no technology, he just uses a board to explain what he wants, the strengths and weaknesses of the opponents and that's it. There is no need for talk when you work during the week and that is what he did. Training was conditioned according to the next opponent and he talked to every player about his personal challenges and the characteristics of the players you were going to mark or attack.

Capello is strong with the press. He always says that journalists' opinions change with results. If you win, everything is fine and you are doing a great job. If you lose, you will be criticised. Yes, he will suffer with the English press, like everyone else. Yes, he will become enemy number one in the sports pages - he is too straightforward. But what people have to understand is that England need a coach like him.

England need victories, results, and that he will give them. There will be no spectacle, it will be 1-0, 1-0, 1-0... But the team will be there, correctly set up and balanced on the pitch. And always winning.

You can argue that he gets better results in league competitions than in cup games but what I know is that Capello will get England to qualify for the World Cup. I am sure of that. He will have the necessary time to build the team, prepare it, work on tactics and win games. I don't know if England will win the World Cup in 2010, but they can make it to the finals. No doubt about that.
Wenger Blasts Injured Terry
Arsene Wenger is in an unsympathetic mood as he hit back at injured Chelsea defender John Terry...

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has hit out at the "violence" of Chelsea’s John Terry, despite the England defender being ruled out for up to six weeks with a broken foot.

Emmanuel Eboue was previously accused by Chelsea skipper John Terry of hurting his chances of playing in Fabio Capello’s first game in charge of England.

Following a rash challenge by Eboue, England international Terry suffered a break in his foot in the 1-0 defeat to Arsenal on ‘Grand Slam Sunday’.

"I’ve broken the third metatarsal in my foot and reckon I’ll be out for four to six weeks," Terry said.

"I felt he left his studs in there and it should have been a sending-off."

However, Wenger has now lashed back at Terry, saying that his tackle on Cesc Fabregas in the same game was every bit as bad.

"Ideally Eboue should not even have put his foot in there on Terry. We do not encourage players to do that, but you should look again at the violence of the tackle from Terry before," the Frenchman insisted.

"The referee has not seen exactly the violence of the tackle, he got away with it. Good luck to him."Premiership leaders Arsenal are now six points ahead of third-placed London rivals Chelsea.
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i really do think JT has become a president of some sort just bcoz hes an england captain, well at least under ste-c reign. his future as a national captain isnt justified as ste-c has been fired as england coach. its indeed known that capello is a very disciplined coach and acknowldeged as a no-non-sense manager. JT behaviour both on and off the field has caused major stir among chelsea staffs. however, jose morinho, the then chelsea manager, refused to pinpoint JT antics. i doubt he'll be able to hold on to his arm band. but who knows? capello has his own way of coaching and no one can predict whats running on his mind.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

i have found the song that i've been trying to find out who the singer/what the title's actually natalie featuring justin roman titled where are you hohoho finally!! Thank You God!

i've been looking all over the world for this song. i heard it first on the radio with my sister and we really liked the song. although our ears weren't fit enough to hear who the singer was.

take care babes. Eisleyian. as always.
gotta find a way.

here i'm nothing to do, freezin' cold, my right knee is shaking. don't know why, don't know how, certainly awful. hixhixhix *hurthurthurt* nah it's not my heart, it's my knee.

no need to worry, currently my heart is in a good place. talking about hearts, luckily my heart isn't visible..if it's visible for my eyes too see then i'd see the shapeless heart of mine.

i'm a thinker, that's why i always have many things to think in my life. i hate that, because of that my heart is very much shapeless. everyone always said that i'm like a sunshine coz they thought i have nothing to think..nothing to worry.

but i really do think and worry at the same time. maybe unlike others, everytime the difficulties strike me..i embrace them and try to fix them according to what's best at that time. (my mom is the best shrink!)

btw, i had a strange dream last night and it was about giving birth. it was very scary and nerve-wracking as well. that's why this morning as soon as i woke up i let my mom knows how grateful i have her. (thank you dear mother for being the coolest-chic mother)

my current playlist:
- songs by colbie caillat
- songs by jason reeves
- new soul by yael naim
- love like this by natasha beddingfield feat sean kingston
- smart in a stupid way
- pocketful of sunshine by natasha beddingfield

yeahyeahyeah, gotta go now. be back soon, coz i need to find some inspirations elsewhere so i don't have to write more craps. ha-ha

Eisleyian. take care troops-whoops.
Beckham to train with Arsenal

It has been revealed that England midfielder David Beckham will be training with the Gunners at their London Colney training facility.

The former England captain, currently with American-side LA Galaxy, is not with his club as it is currently the close season but he needs to reach match fitness in order to impress new England coach Fabio Capello.

Manager Arsène Wenger said: "We will help him to get fit and prepare for the season.
"There's a good chance that he will come in January, but it's not decided.

"He has 99 caps and I hope he will get 100, if not 100 then 120.

"At his age he needs to keep fit."

Wenger dismissed speculation that Beckham could one day feature for Arsenal, saying: "He comes (only) to keep fit and work hard."

courtesy of

isn't exciting? i feel damn excited already. i bet my sist feels extra butterflies coz it's a good news for her to be able to see beckham's training with her sister's (which is me btw) favourite soccer club. *extra smile for today*


Friday, December 21, 2007

upon my arrival i had few things hovering my mind and they keep bugging me the whole time. i want them to be erased once and for all but how do i do that? one cannot diminish a great deal of memories in a short period. desire is one of my weakest point of all. ive been able to resist all my wishes; up until now. ive been faced with so many difficult choices before and to make a wise one i'd usually ask my sist over and over again till she pukes all over her dress...sorry sis. this time though, ive made a decision and hopefully the correct one. the decision was set, however unforseen circumstances had prevented me from going forward. talking of which, i havent been able to completely leaving it all behind me. and so sudden the vision came rushing back to present time. i can hardly contempt my excitement and despair both at the same time. we get to see each other again wont we? if its impossible, i'd have to move forward without you, which is a shame. until we meet again...
i'd have to say that three clubs can breath easy after the draw yesterday. those clubs are barcelona, man utd and chelsea (i wonder why). i guess luck did take sides this time. arsenal will face tough draw against ac milan. it wont be an easy win for them. an away win is a must or they will face difficult task at emirates. kaka is perhaps FIFA world best player for 2007 but i do think cesc is one of a kind. if kaka can be guarded throughout the match, ac milan will be stopped. hopefully, arsenal key players will be available and 100% fit come up against a solid team like ac milan. if they can qualify, its a huge boost for both arsene and the young guns. lets take a look at the champs league draw for the last 16:

Tie 1: Celtic versus Barcelona. Barcelona were knocked out by them in the Uefa Cup three seasons ago, one must recall.

Tie 2: Lyon versus Manchester United. The Red Devils will fancy themselves in this one, though a couple of Karim Benzema goals could be a bother.

Tie 3: Schalke versus FC Porto. Both sided will back themselves here.

Tie 4: Liverpool versus Inter Milan. That is a big one. Inter have so much to prove in Europe, and looks like they will have to do it against one of the legendary clubs as far as European Cups are concerned. Will it be another early exit, or glory finally?

Tie 5: AS Roma versus Real Madrid. That will most definitely not be easy for Los Merengues. Another trip to Rome after facing Lazio in the group stage.

Tie 6: Arsenal versus AC Milan. That will be the clash of the round, undoubtedly. The young guns against the old guard, so to speak. And of course, Fabregas against Kaka!

Tie 7: Olympiakos versus Chelsea. The Blues will fancy themselves in this one.

Tie 8: Fenerbahce versus Sevilla. It will not be plain sailing for Sevilla, as they must first negociate a tricky first leg in Turkey.

The first leg on 19/20 Feb, and return leg on 04/05 Mar. Inter will play their second leg on Mar 11 due to a stadium clash with Milan.

Premiership versus Serie A is very much the theme as far as high profile games go. Barcelona, Manchester United and Chelsea have the relatively easy draws on paper.

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Bentley Wants Beckham's England Place
Blackburn Rovers winger David Bentley is gunning for David Beckham's England place.

David Bentley has warmed David Beckham that his aim is to claim the former England captain's place in the national team as his own.

England veteran Beckham, now 32, needs just one more cap to join the exclusive band of players who have worn the Three Lions on their chest a hundred times.

The LA Galaxy and former Manchester United and England star has won 99 caps for his country so is only one tantalising appearance away from his century. Now, ironically, his fate lies in the hands of Fabio Capello, who dropped and then reinstated Beckham when they were both at the Bernabeu with Real Madrid.

Capello spoke glowingly of Beckham when giving his first press conference on being presenbted as the new England manager. The Italian tactician clearly regards Beckham's determination and professionalism highly - but will be monitoring the midfielder's fitness closely.

LA Galaxy’s season is over until March, meaning that Beckham will not have played since November by the time England’s first game under Capello comes round in February - against Euro 2008 co-hosts Switzerland. That gives Blackburn winger Bentley, 23, ample time to impress Capello in Beckham's wide right role - starting on Sunder when Rovers host Chelsea.

The Young Challenger

The former Arsenal trainee who lacks nothing in self-confidence, and who has blossomed at Ewood Park with Mark Hughes as his manager, told The Sun: “I don’t think Capello knows who I am but he will do, I will make sure of that.

In an interview with the newspaper, he explained: “I have to make an impression in every game, not just against Chelsea. But while I treat every game the same, it seems you are noticed more for what you do against the big clubs.

“It’s time for me to perform. I’m confident enough I will force my way into the team. It’s my job to stop David Beckham. That has to be my aim and I don’t think David would argue with that.
“Don’t get me wrong, I will be delighted for him if he gets the 100 because he’s a top bloke and a great player. If he does reach the 100, I hope he gets it by coming on for me after I’ve had a stormer!"

Bentley continued: “I really admire David for everything he’s done in football but I want to be breathing down his neck.
“I’ve a bit of banter with Becks. I tell him I’m the new Becks and better looking. Some players are in awe of him but he’s just Becks to me.

“I believe I should be in the England team instead of him. Any footballer has to think like that.
“It’s up to you, nobody can do it for you. If I don’t get picked it will be nobody else’s fault but my own. I know I’m good enough.

“We will start on a level playing field with Capello. We will all be judged on performance.”
Bentley is determined to play for England in the 2010 World Cup Finals in South Africa.
Of course, England have to qualifyy first, which is never a foregone conclusion; but Bentley told The Sun has no doubt that England will get there despite the fact that their Euro 2008 nemesis Croatia are again standing in the way.

The Blackburn star said: “I thought we’d batter Croatia and go through to Euro 2008 but it didn’t happen. I still believe we’re better than them though. We can be as good as we want to be.

“We are like a wounded lion. Not qualifying has been nagging away at me for weeks and I didn’t even play.

“I know I can’t really go shouting the odds when I’ve only got two caps but in my view we’ll qualify for the World Cup all day long. We’ve got to be in South Africa.”
He does not use the influx of foreign players as a scapegoat for England's shortcomings. That's just a convenient excuse in his opinion.

“Foreigners aren’t killing us off," he stated . "If the English footballers are good enough they’ll make it. Having one really good English player is better than having 10 average ones.
“There’s a lot of crap about us not having young players. We have got them, we just have to believe.

“Ashley Young, Dean Ashton, Matt Derbyshire, Gabriel Agbonlahor, Wayne Rooney are all top Premier League players.

“I don’t go for the foreigners argument. It’s an excuse — and not a very good one.

“There are around 70 English players regularly involved in a Premier League which is probably the strongest league in the world.

“If we can’t find 11 out of that lot then we have got a problem.”

Mark Hinton,

i picked this article not only bcoz of it is related to becks but also bentley involvement in england squad. i'd love to see england qualify to WC 2010, but not in this fashion. david bentley is known as a loud spoken player and his off the field antics. his controversial departure from arsenal had attracted wide spread coverage from around england. considering his young age at that time, arsene wenger hadnt thought his young gun woud have caused so much controversy. hes a good player, but only for himself. england need a team player who can contribute in any positions possible. they dont need a someone whos looking for a personal glory; not this time. he would be considered in the squad if he could change his attitude both on and off the field. moreover, capello isnt keen to have his players tangled with unacceptable behaviour. he will, someday replace becks or any players perform for england but until that time he needs to relax and let act speaks for itself. anyway, i had to agree with one thing he said, which is foreign players do not cause any hazardous to local players. if one is a good player he will be triumph....

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

face of many colors

i found janet's song titled "together again" that was very famous during my last year of primary school. this song was my theme during the last few months before i started my higher level of education. the cool part is that i have successfully downloaded many oldies tunes ha-ha. i feel like my back is cracking..

still, i have to write a story i need to mention in here. it's confusing coz i still feel very much confused how to say, how to deal, and how to overcome such complicated situation. well at least i was the spectator not the player. or was i in the middle with no power to judge nor applaud her?

a friend of mine cried her heart out, blaming on everything she could mention, and feeling sorrow for what she's going through. it really melt her heart, she went from heart broken to heart stomping (ha-ha). she needed me and as usual i gave my shoulder for her to cry on, being a good listener as i always have.

from what i understand, loving someone at our age is different. the context is far from fairy tale. i'm afraid she hasn't learned a damn thing since her last breakdown, whereas i have learned so many things when she broke up and became sour for such long period. girl, don't whine if you think you can handle the pressure.

it's a pity for her to have such pain in her is complicated as it is i'm afraid everything i'll be saying to her will make her feel even farther down. i believe when her bf calls there goes the make up and lalala etc, she'll have all smiles and start forgetting what she had said to me. hmmpphhhh, love sure makes the world go round.

embrace this kiddo..
don't feel broken
the rushes won't be count
if this keeps reoccuring
think more
speak less
coz what may lay in front
still unwritten
still undecided
please reconsider
please stop hurrying

from what i'm seeing through my own eyes..her relationship right now is no different with what she had before. once again she let her selfish side aappeared, and it's not healthy. but it's her relationship so i can't put too many ideas. i hope she'll learn that pushing things around won't solve anything.

that's why i didn't like the idea of she getting too serious with this guy, no offense he might be good or he might be super-nice but is he worth all of her love and time? it's the connection, the willingness/ability, and the honesty that really counts. no matter how hard you try, if it's not meant to be then it's not going to happen.

(puzzle-head, eisleyian)
(shocking views)

1. What do you think of the most when you are alone?
- certain things that at that moment bothering me

2. When it is a rainy night, what do you do most of the time?
- enjoy the lovely moment

3 . When was the last time you wereout?
- yesterday

4. What do you do when you see afull moon?
- screaming like a little twisted brat ha-ha

5. Would you rather swim in the lakeor dive in the ocean?
- i'd love to try both

6 . What would be the best partner of a good cup of coffee?
- beloved family, good mood, and a cosy sofa

7 . If you'll ask yourself a question now, what would it be?
- are you being honest?

8 . If certain things in your life will fall apart, what will you do?
- repent, pull myself together, act wisely and with full sanity

9. Favorite month/s?
- nothing particular

10 . When your friends forget you, whatwill you do?
- live a better life

11 . Do you talk to yourself?
- my sist does

1 2. Is there anything that you are craving for right now?
- blended beverages

13. Do you like to have a chocolateright now?
- yeahyeahyeah

14. Ever cried for something stupid?
- not really

15. Do you like anime?
- yeah

16. How about Japanese music?
-i love music!

17. Do you have a boyfriend?
- discreet.

18. First thing you do after watching a movie?
- usually search the nearest restroom or stomping everyone in front of me for the sake of my sister haha

19. Do you wash the dishes in your house?
- of course.

20 . Can you last two days without a bath?
- depends..

23. Still go to the mall with yourparents?
- yeahyeahyeah, theyre so much fun and it's far more cooler to have them around

25. Are you brand conscious?
- not that much.

26 . Ever fell in-love?
- ha-ha, pretty much all the time

27. What time is it?
- 8+

28. Where are you?
- at home

29. Is it in you to kill someone?
- nooooo.

30. Daydream a lot?
- yeahyeahyeah

31 . Happy with your life?
- grateful as it is

32. what makes your day happiest?
- good day filled with good thoughts and gratitudes

33. favorite place to eat in a mall?
- comfy places with lovely menu

34. favorite meal to eat in a mall?
- depending on my mood and how far my starvation level has reached

Arsenal Kids Battle To Victory

Young Arsenal showed both flair and fight, skill and steel to defeat full-strength Blackburn Rovers 3-2 after extra-time at Ewood Park. Abou Diaby and Eduardo gave them a two-goal lead before Roque Santa Cruz scored just before half-time and againshortly after it to turn the game on its head. Denilsion was sent off in injury-time before tie went into extra-time, when Eduardo struck again without reply.

An archetypal game of two halves - plus extra-time - saw Arsenal's youngsters completely out-play full-strength Blackburn Rovers in the first half, taking a two-goal lead that could easily have been four, but conceding a goal that looked offside right on the stroke of half-time.

But that goal - and no doubt a blistering half-time team-talk from an angry Mark Hughes - proved the catalyst for a transformed Blackburn to fly at the visitors after the break and power their way to an equaliser, then force the young Gunners onto the back foot for most of the second period.

It was a breathless cup tie of fierce intensity and, inevitably, some high octane tackling.

Arsene Wenger took a squad up north whose average age was a mere nineteen and three-quarters. And the first half really was men against boys - but the boys were the ones handing out the lessons.

Arsenal started the brighter, more purposeful and the more alert, and it was no surprise when they took an early lead. After good work from youngster Mark Randall, Nicklas Bendtner crossed from the right and Abou Diaby met it first time to sidefoot his shot over keeper Brad Friedel and into the net.

Bendtner almost doubled Arsenal's lead soon afterwards, sprinting into space inside the Blackburn area and producing a sweet shot that curled onto the crossbar.

But the Gunners did get a second when the big Rovers centre-back Christopher Samba missed Denilson's astute through-ball and Eduardo da Silva pounced to beat Friedel.

David Bentley was looking dangerous against his former team, particularly with free-kicks, but Lukasz Fabianski was effective if unorthodox in the Arsenal goal.

With Lassana Diarra imperious in midfield, supported by good performances from the young heads around him, notaby Armand Traore, Denilson and Alexandre Song, Arsenal had been outstanding, but two-nil is often a dangerous lead to defend - and so it proved.

There was more than a hint of controversy about the goal that Blackburn scored just before the break. Matt Derbyshire was offside but he whipped in a low cross which Roque Santa Cruz turned in with his outstretched leg.

After the break Fabianski saved at the feet of Santa Cruz and the ball looped up into the air giving Cruz what looked like a simple tap-in until Song tracked back to clear for Arsenal.

Blackburn were a side transformed from the first half and putting Arsenal under sustained pressure and an equaliser looked just a matter of time. It duly arrived through a Bentley-Cruz combination, Bentley curling in a free-kick from the right that Santa Cruz rose highest to head home.

Howevee, Arsenal showe resilience after losing their lead, and gradiually steadied the ship,
Denilson whipped in a low free-kick to the near post and Philippe Senderos just failed to get the vital touch to put it in the net as Friedel gathered the ball.

Santa Cruz mis-timed his shot when a free-kick was nodded back to him and it looked as if he might grab a second consecutive hat-trick.

Then tempers boiled over with a late two-footed tackle from Denilson on David Dunn sparked a melee. Denilson, already booked, was shown a straight red to reduce the Gunners to ten men. Savage was booked for raising his hand to the young Brazilian.

So the game entered extra time with Rovers holding the advantage. And their advantage increased 17-year-old Arsenal substitute Nacer Barazite fell awkwardly and had to be stretchered off with a dislocated shoulder.

But Arsenal showed their tenacity and class by taking the lead again when Song played Eduardo through on goal and the Croatia striker was ice cool as he took one touch before sidefooting home for 3-2.

Samba hit the post in the closing minutes but the young Gunners hung on to achieve a truly remarkable - and character-building - victory

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