Monday, February 23, 2009


this news is certainly a blow to Becks. he desperately wants to cling on to Ancelotti’s shoulders. he doesn’t want to go back to LA but in the other side, AC Milan can’t do anything if Galaxy won’t give in. this is probably the first time he ever experiences such as this. when he had been sent off 11 years ago during WC 08, all Man Utd fans had been there to support him all the way. but, today, not a single fan wants him back. where should he go now? i think he will have to accept the fact that his national ambition needs to go down in history. 108 is good enough Becks. i don’t want to be pessimistic but what can he do now except playing for the American club. it’s better than hanging on without a string. good luck Becks…..

Sunday, February 22, 2009

what a weekend

after disappointment yesterday, it looks like i have to bear another one. previous matches of AC Milan were broadcasted very early in the morning and this week is supposed to be my favorable slot. however, local TV decided to telecast other club matches. what a …. i certainly out of words. how come my weekend turned out to be so bad?. this can’t be happening

strike to the heart

the chief is clearly disappointed with Arsenal achievement this season but praise his coach, Arsene Wenger. is this some kind a sign? he might have given positive remarks on Wenger, but he may also have hidden agenda. by saying, “he is a good coach” he could also be referring to “do your job as you supposed to coz you are a good coach and don’t messed it up all again”. get what i mean? as simple as that. everyone wants to see results and up until this very moment, Wenger has given nothing but promises. players want to see some silverware, as well as the fans. but with the nothing can be given at the moment, silverware is far from becoming a reality. what has gone wrong? the answer might be as simple as the cycle of life. sometimes we are at the top but other times we crash at the bottom level. and i guess you all know where we are now….

but one thing that bothers my mind. one fan, or i suggest he is one, giving words of wisdom. here’s what he said “it seems now Arsenal is a team that settles for a fourth place finish, just like Aston Villa and Everton”. what a strike to the heart for Wenger. it is true that in the past few years, we rarely heard from the club of beating #1 spot and reclaim their trophies after winning the season before. it seems we are good enough by saving 4th spot and qualifying for champs league through play offs. we seldom hearing from the manager that we will go higher and better after a match, it sounds he doesn’t believe in himself. are we champions? do we even deserve in premier league?

he is crazy

okay this is not normal, even for someone like Florentino Perez. he is now talking everybody! he has yet to be elected as president and now he IS TALKING like one. okay those players on the list are very important to Madrid but it doesn’t mean others are just plain additions. Klass J. Huntelaar has evolved into somewhat the next Raul in matter of weeks, and Robben is magnificent winger, there’s no way Perez overlooks these men. talking about Raul, this man has scored 311 goals for his club and you want to get rid of him? well, Florentino Perez is total maniac. Raul form is in sudden rise after enduring long absence in world of football and you just want to wipe him off the table? wait a minute Sir. he may not be as young as his striking partner but he can still produce some technical edge for his teammates, besides who will guide the youngsters if not the great Raul. i am, honestly and not a fan of Raul Gonzalez Blanco but seeing him play in the past weeks, i believe he can still do more for the club. i hope he won’t get elected coz i hate to see my Real Madrid sink just like the had experienced some years ago. and for God sake, let Juande Ramos do his job, he is an excellent coach gentlemen.

whatta night

honestly, i have never thought that the draw against Sunderland would have sent me into bleak mood for the rest of the morning. i got better though, and found myself back on top again. however, reading news that Man Utd won in the late minute through Ronaldo free kick, made me even worse. how could they have pulled such performance? Blackburn would have seemed the likely side that ‘pinch’ right in Fergi’s ears but it was not meant to be. why did i have to endure such as this? why do i have to experience losses over and over again. i remember seeing Real Madrid plummeted to the lowest level in history but regained their position in the last year of Becks season. predictably, i would miss seeing their matches coz i was busy looking elsewhere. Becks departure to LA Galaxy had shifted my attention to Arsenal and became one of their die hard fans ever existed. instead of going up they are sliding down the hill like rollercoaster. the more i became an addict to them, the worse their season turned out to be. AC Milan are likely the candidate for downfall. am i the cause of this horrible nightmare? i don’t know. but i can’t help it, it’s like falling in love for the right guy but we keep fighting over the same thing again and again. we can’t help it but continue to move on with our life although we know there’s something is missing from our life. i don’t know whether my words are credible and accountable at the time being, i better stop cursing Arsenal or i am getting my nerve breakdown back on again.

anyway, the good news is, Real Madrid won against Real Betis at home with 6-1 score line!. can you believe it? i was dying to see that kind of score when David Beckham had been in the squad 2 years ago. i am happy though, i am kind of sad for not being able to watch the match for i thought the game would only have been played on Monday morning instead of Sunday. at least, i know they are closing the gap with current leaders Barcelona. when people have already claimed the title belong to Barca since months ago, personally i believe Madrid have the potential to hold on to the title. who knows? one can only hope for the best. 7 points gap seems pretty tough but consistency can beat the hell out of Barca! it’s good to see Juande Ramos has brought positivity in the team, i hope he can do the same next season if God permits. if he can give Real Madrid something this season, there’s no reason Real Madrid put him in the shadow as the season ends. good luck to you…..

mad mad Wenger;

gloomy as the color of this font. talking about challenging 4th spot inhabitants? getting a win is nearly impossible for the troubled Gunners and now entering champs league play offs may be skipped as well!. what a joke! i have never so pissed before with my Gunners. yes, i was angry when Wenger let Thierry Henry departed from the squad but that was inevitable; Henry was so desperate to get out of the North London club and his exit might be better understood if sit down and drink some beer. but not scoring against Sunderland? now that was the real joke. i did not downplay anyone here, but Sunderland were bottom fillers and scoring against these fellows might cure some of sickness in the dressing room. what on earth is happening? even Portsmouth had splendid night by netting two goals, and the last one was a lucky effort which deflected and resulted to be an own goal. but at least, they put an effort guys!. i saw some dribbling actions in the enemy’s frontline, but where was the goal?. i was hoping to get at least a goal and came out with full points, but instead another draw at home!. how many times did we see scoring chances from Arsenal? well, not many and most of them were charged by the new recruit, Andrei Arshavin. what i could see from this player is the motivation. he has the will to go upfront and challenge the goalkeeper which an act i have not seen in many months.

Arsenal players love to pass the ball around and end up in front of the box with nothing better to do except give it away to the opponent. and like i told you before, Arsenal have been missing the trademark man-to-man passes which make them famous and frightened by their foes. Wenger what have you done to the team?. if they continue to play like this, i bet more players want to be out of North London as soon as the season ends. RVP has stated that he wants trophies not wages. it is a strong signal that he might be leaving Emirates Stadium as soon as his contract expires. admirers such as Juventus, Barcelona would love to see this coming and snatch the player away from us, just like they did to Flamini a season ago when AC Milan brought him to San Siro in free transfer. did it hurt? o yeah it hurt so bad.

Gallas, Almunia and Arshavin were all the stars for tonight by playing with true colors instead of holding back their true talent. where do i see Arsenal at the end of this season? 5th place with possible 6th spot. will i be mad? no, i probably won’t coz i have already given up on Wenger

Saturday, February 21, 2009

what in the world?

well, this is certainly not a good news for Becks. AC Milan are seeking a 8 month loan for the English player up until the month of November which Becks can set himself free from LA Galaxy, therefore they are not going to make things harder when it can be reached in the easy way. it is thought that AC Milan will be making a move to swoop Becks from his club and looking to make him a Milan player before his loan contract expires on March. however, according to the press Galaxy resist Milan’s wishes to extend Becks loan up until November 09. i believe Galaxy are planning to cash in the English midfielder whenever possible. considering his contract is going to expire in the November, Galaxy don’t want to miss every single chance to get some cash from any club’s interest to the their player. Galliani has already expressed his displeasure toward this transfer saga is going and he promises that AC Milan will not improve their price for The English player because they are only intending to loan him for 8 months. Galaxy’s fans have been threatening him since his remarks of playing with Milan and his plan to stay fit during off season. unlike European leagues, MLS runs 7 to 8 months only and for Becks it is too little. his ambition to play for the national team makes it even harder for him to stay in the league. Galaxy fans don’t want him, and Milan won’t backing down from their earlier bid, Becks future could be in limbo. so, where’s he going? wait…..

Arsenal vs Sunderland

in the wake of mountain pressure, there was news that RVP rejected renewal contract from Arsenal which due in 15 months. i can imagine the outcome of this ordeal. if Arsenal were to be left in the 5th spot, i am sure he would not be renewing his time in the Emirates Stadium. much have been done by the gaffer and it seems he has to lose another player he  has nurtured for the past years. well, is this some kind of fate for us? RVP is not the only player who wishes to leave every time something bad has happened to the team. previously, Patrick Vieira, Thierry Henry and so many more before these players had left Arsenal when the going got tough.

there was speculation among the media that Arshavin could be starting wide in the flank replacing Eboue. however, i would like to see Vela playing in that position knowing the fact that he has adapted well with premier league way before the Russian had arrived. he is of course an interesting player, i’ve seen him playing earlier during a league cup and i found him to be a success in the Emirates stadium someday. hopefully, Arsenal will take advantage of their winning mood in the midweek and score some good goals today.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

could he stay?

will he stay? that’s a common question for Beckham right now. and probably he hears the question too many times a day. who wants to go back to no man’s land after brilliant experience with one of the giants in football? well, apparently no one is willing to leave the good side. i don’t blame Becks for his decision to stay with Milan, but i hated his decision to go MLS instead of European club a while back ago. people may send me hate mails after this, but i was telling the truth you guys. in football, going outside Europe means hanging up your booth forever. David Beckham as we all know doesn’t want  to quit international duty just yet. can you imaging going to Europe from USA? that’ll take more than 10 hours of flight. and when he does arrive safely, how would he react to training method?. fatigue, tired and probably half hallucinating from his flight, he could be risking his own health. people have been suggesting many things but i don’t bite at their words just yet. last time when i did, my tongue hurt badly. i am not sure whether IL GIORNALE has indeed interviewed Victoria Beckham or not, however they quoted some of her words and it seems Beckham might be staying in Milan after all. confirmation will be made on Friday and it said that the deal could favor the Italian club. i am not so convince though. LA Galaxy seems pretty adamant to let Becks go so soon. so i guess i’ll have to wait and see, hopefully the decision will favor him in any ways

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

this blog

i’ve had a lot of things said in this blog and sometimes some of them contained high level of anxiety, including the last post i made about football issues. anyway, this entry isn’t about football or about some lunatic celebs going down to the hospital coz he or she has made public about their sexual orientation; neither of them are precious right now. i may have previously posted about this blog and why did we have the courage to create one. in about 4 years ago, a friend of mine showed me her blog and encouraged me to go get one. i was not really into it and said nothing particular about it. until one day i had found out about a David Beckham fan site in the internet and i quickly became an addict to it. unlike some other fan sites available in the internet, this page offers many things and including updated news every day. and if necessary, the owner would add new updates on her blog more than once a day. the first time i’d seen it i’d love to add a comment regarding her great effort and thanking her for making such a good fan site. however, upon entering the page, it automatically redirect my request and asked me to sign up for an account. i was puzzled as how to create an account in a blog page such as this one. i had not backed down so easily and to make it short, i finally sign up for the account and be an owner of blogspot right after i clicked agree button. well, like people say there’s no turning back when you already step on something (dog’s poo for that matter?). anyway, the reason for me to create blogspot was to enable me accessing comment page on that fan site while putting no interest on updating my blog. however, my first entry had caught up on me and luring my hands every time i booted up my laptop. among many things, i mostly posted some news in football wise. while other times, i usually blabbed about my life and the world around me. but, in the end i decided to let this blog dedicated to football and celeb news only and let my emotions be ‘sprayed’ to other blog of mine.  i found another ‘space’ for me to write about almost anything that happens in my life, either they are good or bad i don’t want to hide it. this blogspot is actually a tool for me to represent my emotional state during good and bad time. however, no one can find something juicy in here coz  i have diverted my thoughts to another place that hold much more privacy for both of us. o yeah i forgot to mention that, my sis and i managing this page but she won’t be appearing any longer since her new blog is much more appealing than this one. we both agreed to let our touchy feelings run wild in other places.


when i was first read about it, i was totally stars trucked. i have been a fan of Resident Evil since i was young. the first RE i have ever played was RE. it was good and possibly one of the best game i have ever played in PS. a couple of years later, i had bought PS2 for myself and quickly learned that RE2 had actually hit the store few months earlier. wasting no time, i rushed to the store and picked it up. it turned out to be far better than the previous one, with much improved control of the game and graphics as well. the game was regarded as the best right up until the third installment came into the picture. RE3 was the best in PS2 at that time in terms of graphic and game structure. after many sequels headed off to the stores, RE4 was probably top the list of the best game for PS2. it was completely different from its predecessors and i guess that made it editor’s choice back in 2005. i can’t quite describe right now coz i am too sleepy to be precise. anyway, i had just watched RE: Degeneration with my sister and i must say, CAPCOM had done a really great job materializing it into a movie. i believe this could be the first CG movie of RE. i really hope it won’t be the last. it’s like playing my PS2 all over again, however minus all nerve breakdown throughout the minutes. it’s going to be my favorite movie of the week, or probably month. i don’t know i guess i have to see whether or not good movies available in here. for the sake of my enjoyment, i’d love to put the trailer in here. do take note that the video is taken from youtube with the owner of Machinima

not football


i am in no mood in talking about football especially after the loss of AC Milan to Inter. this could be the signal that title chase is over, who is to blamed? no one but themselves. anyway, i promised to myself that i am not going to talk about football in this post, so i will keep my word on that. i have been watching CSIs episodes from day one. starting from the 1st ever CSI to the latest spin off, CSI: NY. but, ever since my cable tv line has been suspended i no longer can watch every episode just like i did 2 years ago. anyway, CSI Miami has hit its pick since the departure of Marisol, Eric Delko’s little sister. Horatio has always been in the center of every evil exists in this world. somehow, all bad guys have had negative vibe around him. it is probably caused by his bullish comments and attitude, i can’t be sure which one elapse each other. a bad guy hates him so bad and hurt people he loves around him including his late wife, Marisol. someone had shot this lovely and lucky woman right in her stomach and left huge mark in Horatio’s life. the lady, of course had not survived of that point blank shot and died right in front of H. since then, nothing is right for each member of the team including Eric himself. losing his only sister would only make his life even gloomier. looks like the writers are eager to make every single day of the CSI members’ life one of a hell. lost and then got shot; whatta good script everybody, well at least it has made each episode worth waiting for.

i wonder what is happening to H son and his former wife. not hearing any news from her would seem even dangerous than bang bang boom she had pulled few episodes ago. i hope they’re safe and sound. fans all around the world can’t keep their feet firm on the ground since the relationship between Eric and Calleigh heats up and it looks like going to a direction. but don’t be happy just yet. CSI producers and writers love it when something goes wrong with one’s love affair. take Grissom for example. Sarah and Grissom were happy couple, but look what the producers and writers had done to their love interest? vanished into thin air. Horatio is no different. having had a brief feeling for former colleague, officer Yelina, his fling did not have the blessings from these people and had to be brushed aside. not long after that, Marisol suffered from the setback as well. even worse, she had been shot by Horatio’s haters out there. prior to Marisol, (i guess it had happened right after Yelina) H had something going on with a woman working in justice department. however, she had had to meet a horrible end before even get closer to Horatio. why does Horatio has to suffer in this kind of way? don’t you think he deserves some kind of happiness. give him a break will ya?. Mac Taylor from CSI: NY had been in the same situation as the other two casts i have mentioned above. his love of life perished in 911 incident, since then he had never let anyone entered his life ever again until he had met a colleague, i foolishly forgot her name, and began a new journey in his life. unfortunately, she had decided to leave him and stay at her homeland, England, leaving Mac swallowed his sadness alone. whatta torture indeed. it must have been bad for these characters to have seen their loved ones disappear one by one. well, what are you going to say this time?.

i’m sure fans all over the world are sitting over the edge as the new episode of CSI Miami hitting on Delko’s private life which means the fans will get the chance to see something interesting happen between Calleigh and Delko in the next episode. however, there’s a catch; Delko might be facing a bigger task, which is to avoid penalty from the department. the department specifically warned their employees not to engage romantically relationship between themselves that will jeopardize the interest of all parties. i am not sure how the relationship will end, but my guts is telling me that it won’t go far just like previous ones. so sad, coz i do think a CSI member does deserve to be happy and probably get married. i believe this horrific rule is only applied in Miami and not other place. Danny and Lindsay seem pretty solid right now and waiting to have a baby in the next a couple of months and we’ll see what’s going to happen with them. i hope they can get by with all the pressure mounting on their shoulders. being parents has never been easy especially with such working hours like they do.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


this is probably the biggest derby in football. i mean, which derby that actually consists of two biggest clubs in a country?. take premier league for example. Man Utd are the biggest club in the world and who are they city rivals? Man City. are they big enough to make threat? not necessarily. they may have rich owner, however their assets are nowhere near Man Utd. in  terms of popularity, Man City are 2 levels down from the premier league champions. their fans are scattered from Asia to Europe and cross atlantic in USA; every football fans around the world know who they are and how good the squad is.

let’s talk about Spanish league now. Real Madrid are the current leaders in the capital city and they are not alone in this town. Atletico Madrid are making much more noises in the recent years, however Real are too great to be be crossed over right now. sitting at second place in the league, Real Madrid have had tremendous seasons starting from their first establishment in the 19th century. derby is not abnormal in football and usually, each game will draw a lot more attention than any other matches. tension build up right before the match and will continue to heat up even after the match ends. but the biggest derby in the world of football is of course between Inter and AC. honestly, prior to Becks arrival i had not put particular attention to it and make no effort to watch the derby match each season. today’s match will be the final for AC Milan. if they lost this one, there wouldn’t be any title talk for the season. do or die Mr. Ancelotti. ever since Juventus had been thrown away to serie B 3 seasons ago, Inter have been having great seasons. winning the match would be a huge lift for Rossoneri and they can start dream on holding serie A title after many years of waiting.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

whatta news

i have always fancied this man to be sacked and Real Madrid board may grant my wish after all. Predrag Mijatovic is the man to blame for the whole chaos in David Beckham’s contract extension 2 years ago, and not to mention Fabio Capello’s sacking in the same year. how could you sack someone who had lead your side to a glory after 3 tormenting years? well, you can speak to this man if you are puzzled as i am. i had written a post few weeks ago saying that this burly man might be shooed away after the resignation of Ramon Calderon. i disliked the way he handled transfers. he had bought too many players and they are now running out of space in the dressing room, not to mention paying those sky high salaries. well, one more pain in the stomach is out from the picture. and now, i can breathe normally like everyone else….

while the fans are drooling over the fact that Zizou would be the favorite choice to replace Predrag, i am still wondering whether he has the enigma as other sporting directors. it is true that he IS still the best player in the world. to me there’s no one who can replace this man, just yet. Messi is an excellent player, but his style is nothing compare to magical Zizou. look at the way he ‘danced’ passing defenders, magic!. anyway, how magical he was his talent in picking up potential footballers is yet to be tested. can he be better than previous directors? maybe. let’s wait and see….

player rating from GOAL.COM

i was surprised actually to have read an article bearing David Beckham’s name and put him second best the night he collected his 108 caps. well, i was just playing around. of course his caps will always get the spotlight from the media and they won’t stop picking at him whenever they can afford to. however, Greg Ptolomey, the writer, did give him 7.5 point and only second below the star of the night, SWP. it was indeed a bright performance by the former England captain and if continue to do so, he will beat Peter Shilton’s record of 125 appearances. it is true that England were not the champions of the night and i agree with some of the people out there that it is time to take each match seriously. i was wondering why did Capello let Becks play only in the second half knowing that they were facing European’s best team? pondering the question time and time again. probably he was afraid Beckham would go senile and scored an own goal? come on Capello, you need someone who can bring on something magical on the field not firing blank bullets. England had already lost their key players and Capello made it worse by leaving their most experienced players on the bench. Lampard needed a minute or two to get used to the game but when he did, it was too little too late. any reminder to the coach?. probably hordes of people would complain on how useless Beckham was, but i believe the key was not him. the main problem was no confidence at all from the England camp. they were also saying that if Rooney, Gerrard, Walcott, Owen, Bentley, Young, Brown, G. Neville and Milner were all fit and available England would be full throttle once again. hello! where have you been? Rooney, Walcott and Gerrard were all greatly missed but the others? you were talking about Milner? o yeah we are it again. everyone was so hyped about Agbonlahor, but where was he 2 nights ago?. sometimes, a player could be a success in a club, however playing for national team is a different matter. Agbonlahor looked promising, but he faded away along the match and completely evaporated up til he was replaced. Capello needs to work on something really fast or else….

is it real?

amazing! according to this article as well as this one David Beckham might not be joining AC Milan after all. LA Galaxy confirmed today that Milan had made no further deal regarding their on loan player. however, Adriano Galliani was confident to be able to retain Beckham’s ‘assistance’ after his loan period expires upcoming March. i don’t know what to say obviously. i have mixed feelings over his future. at one side, i love to see him playing in the highest level possible, but on the other hand i would feel cheated if he were to backed down from his own words and promises. he had disappointed many of his Galaxy fans and a lot of them want him to stay away from the club. however, Galaxy’s chief Tim Leiweke decides otherwise. he thinks Becks can still give a lot to the team especially when they are down and desperately need goals to win a match. i wonder if he had to go back, how the fans are going to react? would he endure some sort of hell breaks loose again like what he had when England lost to Argentina in WC 98? but this time he won’t be receiving any support from anyone. unlike, his old days in Man Utd, LA Galaxy fans are not keen to see him playing for their side again and would like to see him leave. he won’t be welcomed that’s for sure. poor Becks, why did he have to leave Europe in the first place anyway? and now he has to pay for his foolishness.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


i thought this song is really suits her right now. well, believe it or not, some songs that either written or sung by a singer could actually reflect their live. i am not talking about post mortem here, but anti mortem which also means before the tragic incident happens. one singer i know is actually experiencing a true life story after her husband had cheated on her for a model. month before, she had released a single telling a story about a woman who had been cheated by her lover. and that’s not the only case everyone. i couldn’t quite place another incident but i am sure this has been happening for some time. well, sometimes these things do happen in our life and we can’t do anything about it. i guess the worse part was, we wrote the whole thing and knew how painful it must have been, however we couldn’t have done anything to stop it from happening. we were the least person on earth who wanted some sort of thing to happen in our life but it happened anyway. so sad, if only we were able to reverse it



i thought we were the only one

i never actually thought that there were other countries that experiencing such cases like these just like right here. i can’t believe it is happening in some other part of the world. well, it is true that no one is perfect, including these people. i am wondering whether they are going to ‘change’ since new president has just started his days in Washington DC. probably, these cheaters are still in the mood to gear up just like the president’s motto “change” during his campaign. if you are clueless what i have been talking about, you better click on the highlighted words 7 lines up and you’ll know what i am talking about. i hope the news would still be there

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

a crime!

i can safely say that this news had made my day from good to worse. well, as some people might have known, Rihanna would make a stop in Jakarta this February to hold her first appearance in South East Asia. she has been huge success since her last album good girl gone bad had topped most charts all over the world including in Indonesia. her first attempt had been postponed due to security warning from her government, however the second one was good to go before this incident happened 2 days ago. apparently, her boyfriend Chris Brown had decided she could be her ‘target practice’ for his improving martial art skill and oh boy, how good he had been. according to reports, she might have sustained more than it had been reported earlier. this man, Chris Brown is a seriously ill, mentally i mean. how could he have done something horrible like that? what could have triggered the fight? love affair?. there has been no development so far, and i am sure we can hear more after official announcement will be made this week, i suppose. damn! i didn’t see it coming.

let me refresh my memory back when Rihanna had started dating this guy. well, i was not a fan of him and not now either. however, i could understand Rihanna was ready to take in a guy to her house and it seemed Chris Brown had fit the criteria to be a good boyfriend. it’s been a year and a half i think and the couple had grown intimate day by day and not a single break up sign appeared for this couple. i have never ever tolerated Rihanna for dating this guy although i could fully accept her need to be with somebody she thought to be a good company. the last time i heard about her supposed engagement, i was kinda angry. i don’t know why, i just did. hey everybody! i am a completely normal person and jealousy was not the correct answer. i had such bad feeling for this guy but i could not quite pin point as to what have had caused it. could it have been caused by his ‘muppet’ voice? no i don’t think so. but somehow, i just did not feel right. months later i have finally found the ultimate answer. he actually a beater and sore loser that’s for sure. this is no way of getting 5 minutes of fame. and now, his damaged had already done but certainly not gone. i can’t wait to hear from the news.

i hope you can be strong Rihanna! you are a great singer and certainly deserves someone better than Chris. be strong and get better soon….

say no to racism

not much from the world of David Beckham, in football wise that is. anyway, Rio Ferdinand has made himself clear that Becks deserves the call especially after his stunning performance in recent weeks with AC Milan. well, he at least has made into the squad and now, it is up to Capello whether or not he will give Becks a nod to play part in the friendly. having used to play with Real Madrid a couple of years ago, i believe it will be a memorable return for him playing in Sevilla’s stadium as he had endured different kind of emotions during his 4 seasons. i don’t know how the crowd will react when he enters the field, but i hope it will be a good one. if i am not mistaken, the match should have been played in Santiago Bernabeu, but England FA have had criticism on how the racism remarks from the Bernabeu crowd being handled by the officials. last time they had encountered each other, racism chants were thrown at colored players of England. it was not nice match either, so i hope this time around they can keep their ego in-check during the match, if not Spanish  FA must investigate with seriousness level way up to the sky.

racism is  backward everybody! God has given us the chance to learn something from each other, therefore we must take it with pride. do you actually think, only “white” people who has had great success around the world while others were simply nonexistent?. looks at some biggest names in sports. how many of them are colored? many that’s for sure. they can make such huge impact on society and open everyone’s eyes that intelligence is somewhat we all have been graced upon by God. and He does not pick at random. everyone deserves a success, no one is excluded.

on other matter, Milan’s chief Berlusconi is willing to step in Becks deal with LA Galaxy. they have made themselves known that if Milan want Becks badly, they have to come up with improved offer before it is too late. Galaxy are not keen on waiting and have urged AC Milan to speed up their negotiation talks before the start of MLS season this upcoming March. well, that could only mean one thing: LA Galaxy are ready to lose their biggest star, but with a price of course. last time AC Milan had tabled about 6 million Euros and possibly would need to dig a littler deeper in the second round as their first bid had been rejected by the Californian side because they believe the offer had been too “little”. when Kaka saga had made headlines in January transfer window, Berlusconi was the key to unlock the broken padlock. both AC Milan and Man C were involved in tug of war with nothing of solution could be reached, Berlusconi willing to intervene and reject Man C offer out cold. probably this time, he’ll do the same and make Becks a Milan player. who knows? let’s be ready for the news next week as the league is resting due to some of friendly games.

Monday, February 09, 2009


i really should have gone to bed, but this news held me back. it seems we are running out of luck this season. after losing points, key players and now another injury?. well, Aston Villa have better luck than we are. Ade injured himself in the second half of the game and forced out of the field sooner than we expected it; he was replaced by Bendtner. what has gone wrong? and why is this keep happening on US and not other top four teams? i wonder.

Arsenal news

i have compiled few news relating to my beloved Arsenal. one thing that has put my attention to full speed was a news regarding 3 key players in the club. Cesc, RVP and Ade are tipped to receive transfer move if Arsenal were not able to regain their form and climb to #4 spot this season. in recent years, Arsenal have been losing key players instead of breeding magnificent players. Pires, Ljunberg, Ashley Cole had long gone and the most famous exit had been Thierry Henry’s departure to Barcelona. since then, Arsenal have been struggling to get themselves considered as one of the best in Europe. they used to send enemies back to their own backyard, sprinting like madmen. but today, they are nobody. not even minnows are afraid of the Gunners anymore. i am not belittle my own favorite club, however the truth bites me back really hard. Wenger needs to do something fast or else, they will lose everything and everyone on that matter.

on other matter, new arrival Andrei Arshavin has made clear that he will need time to settle down in premier league. he had never set foot outside Russian league and will require patience to get himself used to in difficult league such as this one.

it is unfortunate to see Theo Walcott missing big friendly game against Spain next week. he has injury on his shoulder and will not be back until next month. however, England coach has wasted no time in giving him positive remarks on his previous performances with England and claiming him as the England’s best. looks like he is very much impressed by the young striker and will missing his presence on the right. but don’t worry they got plenty of stocks, David Beckham for example.

another terrible result

as if one draw is not enough, and now i have to swallow another bitter draw that came from Arsenal’s last match against city rival, Totenham Hotspur. it certainly makes my weekend even worse. well, my weekend was not totally at lost here, but i was expecting good results from both clubs as they are now battling for life and death in their respective league standings. AC Milan have not won Scudetto for a while now and need 3 points to enable them get closer to Inter Milan. instead of doing so, they were crumbled at home by gaining only 1 point, whereas their rivals, Inter cruised through.

Arsenal were not doing well since the start of the game and looked pretty rusty throughout. i couldn’t help chimed in every now and then considering their weak passes resulting to losing possession time and time again. they had not reflected the Arsenal i knew few years ago. the Arsenal i knew were tougher and bolder than they had displayed today. they were famous of the classic counterattack and dangerous passing. i barely saw their man-to-man-passing which made them respected in the premier league like they showed some years ago. it seems these essential trademark has drown in the deep of the ocean. and as time passes by, players are no longer accustomed to the traditional counterattacking style, and instead they are using different kind approach. i could see that their level of confidence has shrink into the size of hobbit and will only get smaller. from what i saw in the game, each player has no understanding to each other and massively relying on their individual abilities instead of working together. it’s not going to help them to win a title this year. i am not dreaming but winning a title is still possible. however, with this kind of attitude they are nowhere near champions as they wanted to be. there was no driving force in the squad and it seems both RVP and Ade evaporated into mist in this match. looks like they are missing their captain Cesc more than ever. i had stated before in my post that Arsenal need someone who can inspire them and burn their spirit like fire break in the mid day. in Man Utd, they have Wayne Rooney to do the job and he has done greatly for the club. in Liverpool, Ste-G is the one who handles the game on the field. while Chelsea have the outspoken captain, John Terry to motivate his men. who do we have? stand-in captain Kolo Toure is one of a kind, however he is somewhat different from his old self and look terrible mid air. i prefer to have someone who is ‘loud’ but make himself known in the team. but it doesn’t make me a fan of Gallas; he is too much to handle i think. say, where can they get the inspiration they have been looking for? certainly not in the store.

I’d read an article some time ago saying that Clichy had been ‘enjoying’ his time off pretty badly. no, he had not been involved in a club brawl, or at least not just yet. he had been seen partying hard and drinking liquor more than he supposed to. he is 23 and i don’t blame him to have good time during his young age, he leaves in London after all. and looks like he has admitted what could have possibly gone wrong in the famous London club. he takes the blame pretty cleanly but it doesn’t make a saint as well. he needs to take lessons from his seniors for his own sake. look at England stars Gazza and George Best. both of them made a terrible decision and suffered from it. both of these men, had not gone well in the football. their dirty habit of heavy drinking had pushed them far from their best and had faded away earlier than they should have to. what he should do, is to calm down and take each step really carefully. once he is broken, it is possible it could not be meant back together.

i don’t usually rate players after a match, but today is an exception. i will only give 3 best players and worse players.

1.Nasri 7.5

2.Almunia 7.0

3.Sagna 6.5

1.Eboue 5.0

2.Denilson 5.5

3.Ade 5.5

deal is stalled

i had made a post the other day regarding AC Milan bid for David Beckham which of course had been turned down by Galaxy. the club claimed that Milan need to re-enter another deal if they are really want to take Becks away from Galaxy on permanent basis. reports have been saying that Milan are very serious to bring Beckham to the capital after his recent good form and might double their earlier bid for the Englishman. it also said that Milan initial offer was around 6 million Euros. but Galaxy won’t backing down from their price of $20 million. this is certainly a very high price for an aging player such David Beckham. but i believe they can reach consensus before the deadline approaches. Milan would unlikely to raise the price to match the amount requested by the American side, however they will find other way to catch Beckham from flying away to other club. this deal would be tricky and i can’t wait to see whether or not the deal is going to get through. as usual presented a player review after each highlighted matches and once again, Becks received good ‘grade’ among his teammates.

Beckham: 7.0- Put his heart and soul into the match and sent a countless number of his signature crosses into the box tonight.


terrible result

by now, every Milan fans in the whole world had known the result of their last match. instead of climbing up to the top, they are now sitting duck in the 2nd place. trailing with 8 points, will make Milan’s journey to be champions as far as travelling from US to China. i am not in the mood of writing full review of the match because something bad had happened right before i wrote this post, anyway that would be another matter to discuss. if last week, Milan were superior and looked dangerous all the time, this weekend they had not been a dominating side as everyone would have expected them to. the match against Reggina was as important as final, therefore Milan should have kept their feet on the ground and terrorizing Reggina’s defense with their talented ammunitions. as i have said before, facing a probable-relegated team could be tricky and it turned out that i was right. no offense but Milan had not played their best last night and were lucky to be given a penalty by the referee. i did say Milan were lucky to have been awarded a penalty, however they were not blessed with so much luck either. if i am not mistaken, they had 2 or 3 direct shots in the goal but none of them was fruitful and this was due to the brilliance of Reggina’s goalkeeper. and when the second half rolled on, they were unable to convert Beckham remarkable crosses into goals. well, i am not talking about 1 or 2 crosses here. meanwhile, Inter had cruised through by beating Lecce with convincing result. many people tipped they will be crowned as champions once again this year and proving time and time again they are relentless beasts. next week AC Milan will face the current league leaders, Inter Milan and will be without Brazilian playmaker, Kaka. i assumed he will be rushed to be able to join his teammates facing city rival Inter even though he might not be ready after all. Ronaldinho is expected to replace his fellow countryman’s position if let’s say Kaka won’t be able to play due to his ankle injury.

                  BRITAIN SOCCER

Ronaldinho was doing fine overall, but he still lack of play time. i don’t know what has happened to this former football player of the year. he has been out of form since his last season in Barcelona and had forced Barcelona to sell off their star earlier than expected. perhaps, Barcelona poor forms had contributed to his match fitness as well as his technical abilities. arriving in Milan after had been ‘shooed’ away by Barca had brought a lot of hope for their fans around the world. his nearly-perfect technical abilities made a lot of people believed that this man would bring something for the club. however, his 2 seasons have not been working out as expected. Milan still lagging from their city rival in terms of many things and this has made Ronaldinho looked even worse than ever. however, last night he looked rejuvenated for a while and nearly helped his side take advantage in the first half. too bad, he did not last long and replaced in the second term. here’s the link to the full review made by

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Spaletti is angry!!!

it seems Christian Panucci has slim chances to play again for AS Roma after his embarrassing comments on his coach, Luciano Spaletti a couple of weeks ago. he refused to sit on the bench and rather walk away from a match. his reason is simply because of lack of play time. it is known that Spaletti is keen to play Casetti as a right back at the time being and leaving Panucci on the bench has set this man on fire. after his remarks of going to other club last month, he quickly made a U turn right before the window closed. no apologies Mr. Panucci? that’s bad. if you are man enough, go ahead and say those words. it’s football everyone! only 11 best players will be on the field and the rest should sit down and praying will be picked by the coach, or hoping one of his teammates injured himself while running. show your willingness to play for the club and you’ll be repaid. hard work and discipline are the key to success. so, Mr. Panucci have you learned your lesson?

Rachel Bilson wears Batik


football aside now, just for a minute or two i think. it so nice to see one of Hollywood celebs is wearing Batik, our national heritage. although some other country claiming that Batik is actually theirs, i am not convince with their acknowledgement since no official body has come and given them the rights to claim Batik as their national asset and sue everyone if they fail to comply with rules and regulations, we are not going to give up promoting its beautiful pattern to the whole world. unfortunately for us, we have not had the willingness to promote Batik as part of our national history. if we can prove Batik is ours, UN will certainly give us the backing. however, our government seem content with their personal issues rather than stepping up to new challenges faced by our country. and we are now facing great danger from all sides who want to steal our identity. what is a country without cultures? nothing.

comments on becks




it’s so funny reading a whole lot of circus in the media. the most recent joke i found was a feud between Luis Figo and David Beckham during their spell in Real Madrid had caused Figo to enter the exit door pretty soon after Becks had joined Los Galacticos. what? don’t they have something better to do rather than writing such rubbish like this one?. i still remember Becks said that Figo was the central figure to bridge the gap between him and his Real Madrid teammates.  Figo was the only one who could speak English fluently and it helped Becks to settle pretty quickly since his Spanish command was limited. i have tons of pictures to prove Becks ‘innocence’ on this matter. i am not trying to be a lawyer here, but they were not foes both on and off the field. this rumor was actually brought up so they could have something to report on ahead of derby match next week. Figo has come clear and playing down any rumors of having feud with the Englishman while they were teammates a while back ago. newsmen are clearly out of ideas, you better come up with something decent next time  around guys!



Arsene Wenger is one of David Beckham’s fan. well, he is not actually a fan like i am but he is impressed by Becks attitude both on and off the field. and his comment is clearly favoring Becks to play for Milan instead of going back to LA Galaxy. he is a fair judge though.

his current teammate, Gennaro Gattuso has lent his hands to fuel up even further a rumor claiming Beckham’s desire to play for AC Milan longer than the loan deal. i am not blaming him though, he’s more a straightforward guy and if he was asked “would Beckham stay in Milan?”, he would have never said lies unless necessary of course.

no more tricky games, just win those matches and grab the Scudetto

this weekend, Milan will play Reggina at San Siro and are expected to take full points out of this match. it sounds so easy to beat a soon-to-be-relegated team, however the game against these teams are sometimes pretty tricky especially if they are in desperate need for points. what Milan should do is to focus on winning instead of playing down at any team in Serie A. Reggina are battling hard for not to be relegated next season and want nothing but to win in Milan’s backyard. Ancelotti has demanded full concentration and commitment from his squad and accept nothing but full 3 points this morning. they need to press Inter even harder by winning the match whom is facing Lecce away from home. should Inter fall, AC Milan will rise. i hope they are going to win, amin.

                         training 2

no money, no problem

Becks was doing a post interview with one of leading newspapers in Italy and stating his desire to stay longer than the loan period stated. everyone knows that he is due in LA Galaxy training camp on March 9 and by saying this, it is unlikely he wants to return to Home Depot pretty soon. Capello has said earlier that playing at the highest level will help his chances of playing with England in 2010. Milan have high notes over their capability to lengthen a player’s time of play. take Maldini for example, he’s 40 but still playing an important part in the heart’s of defense. Becks has also been acknowledged by AC Milan’s team of doctors to be able to play for many years to come. it’s a good news for him of course, but i am much more interested on how he is doing today. so far, he has made a positive impact to the team and continues to help them pressure league leaders Inter Milan to make mistakes. if he continues to play like this, he might be given a chance to play in WC 2010. on his previous interview, Becks claimed that money is no longer an issue here because he is searching more than the value of $ can buy. he is even willing to take massive salary cut once he joins AC Milan. this is something new of course. i have never heard a football player willing to be paid nearly half of his salary in order to play for his country. well, he might not be receiving so little, if not Kaka and Ronaldinho would have never be landed in San Siro.

he is enjoying his time in Italy and continue to impress many people including Milan legend Jose Altafini whose comment surprises me the most. one thing that impresses everyone is the fact that he will prove his critics wrong in positive ways. that one thing is so rare today even if we want to compare with finding a single good looking straight guy walk in the Hollywood; the latter will still win by narrow percentage.


Milan have bid for David Beckham

it appears that Milan have had their representative engaged to LA Galaxy for quite some time. since the beginning of his arrival, not many would predict Becks would have regained his best form in less than a month. from the interview i  have watched, Becks too was puzzled over his recent development. so far, he has scored 2 goals and pocketing 2 assists. will he do he the same this morning? i don’t know, i hope he will. anyway, Milan have projected their desire to retain the Englishman for a permanent basis rather than a loan deal which of course will expire next month. somehow, Becks forms a good partnership with Pirlo in the center midfield and provides balance Milan have been waiting so long. and i believe this is one of the main reasons Milan are desperately holding Becks from going back to his club LA Galaxy. unfortunately, the bid has been rejected considering the amount offered by Milan was less ‘attractive’ from Galaxy’s point of view. i guess they are willing to let him go with $60 million deal plus add ons. i am not too sure whether Milan would give in to their demand since the recent economic slowdown has dampen everyone’s financial status including big football clubs. will they or won’t they? only God knows. last time i checked, he is still a Galaxy player. here’s the link for an article in which tells me why Galaxy had Milan bid rejected

David Beckham wants to stay


well, that was the man said. by now, Galaxy’s coach Bruce Arena had probably bitten off one of his fingers after hearing one of his ‘golden’ boys still has a desire to play in Europe. i don’t blame him though. if i were in his shoes i should have probably pinched his nose and drag him back to to the training camp. they had signed him for $250 million worth of contract and it binds him for 5 years!. i say! that’s a lot of money and courage as well to buy a 31 years old player . he has not won any trophy since his arrival and leaving the club would make him a joke all over the world. i know his single desire is to be included in every England match, however backing off from his words seems a coward to me. i can’t blame him either. in Galaxy, he barely feels like playing football. winning matches seems more difficult with inadequate players currently signed for Galaxy let alone winning trophies. i remember him complaining once, about poor condition of the field. i guess Kettering Town have much better equipment than US clubs. their passion has never been about football and has never said anything about investing their time and money on it. how many people had actually attended football match every week? not many. i heard LA Galaxy have garnered profit from the attendance since Becks arrival and i have a doubt they are going to let him go that easy.

i have always had something against David Beckham plan to join LA Galaxy. i always knew he would have never let a chance to go by if he had been offered a permanent place in the England line up. the catch is, he might just miss it if he plays outside European clubs. unfortunately for him, the coach job happened to be landed in Capello’s hands. everyone knows him to be a tough guy and he will not let his players go beyond their responsibilities. for example, he has banned his squad from partying hard before a match and it is clearly helping the team to have better shape during the game. he also applying strict eating policy which enable each player to perform better than before. those are just two examples among many no non-sense policies he has had applied soon after his arrival. if Becks were to join Milan, i am sure it will benefit the two parties but i am not too sure whether he will be able to do so.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009



well, this is interesting. last time, i posted an article suggesting that Victoria did not like the idea of moving to a non-Engish country for the sake of her three sons. they are doing well in the States and moving to a completely different country is somewhat challenging for most children. they have settled well in school and most probably in other places too. if the newspaper was correct, it could only mean one thing: Becks is ready to join AC Milan. however, LA Galaxy seem reluctant to release a player who has caused them a lot of cash 2 years ago and releasing him without getting any trophy is clearly an insane idea. if Arshavin deal had been tiring everyone's mind, then it will not be in the same degree with this one. LA Galaxy will fight until the last minute in order to keep Becks in the squad. nevertheless, i should probably wait until the news is confirmed before jumping into a conclusion

meanwhile, his 5 star performance was given thumbs up by many people and that is why he's been inserted in Serie A team of the week in


finally Arshavin made into the squad!. i don't know what to say actually as i had my excitement long gone. the deal took about 32 days, the longest in history. well, it's late so i'm gonna put the link to the article instead of writing my idea about his arrival

another interesting update

after having read a promising arrival of Arshavin to Arsenal, i was actually surprised to read another shocking article. this however, does not involve Arsenal whatsoever. this post is talking about David Beckham current adventure in AC Milan. it is no secret that the club want him to stay longer than he s supposed to. his loan contract expires on March 9 and he will soon be expected to fly back to US and join his teammates before the season starts. however, a supposed temporary stay has turned to be an exciting joyride for the Englishman. he enjoys good performances as well as partnership with Pirlo and it will be a sad story if he leaves the club after they had figured out the missing puzzle. as beautiful as it sounds, i still hold my ground. last time i checked, press could sometime be pain in the stomach. but i prefer to wait and see...

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

quick update

well, last night was pretty long for me personally. having written long posts, i think i deserve a rest today; however, as i browsed a website good news popping up the screen claiming that Arshavin will be revealed as Arsenal player this week. the catch is, FA need time to process his papers and everything. unfortunately, he is not the only player joins premier league at the edge of closing seconds last night. according to the article, right before the time ticked closer to midnight, both clubs have agreed on terms and conditions as well as personal requests from the player himself. i am not sure myself whether or not this news is reliable as the sun goes down, but i believe the player will not take this easy if the deal should break down again. another article also pointed out that Arshavin could actually join the Gunners this tuesday which is today according to my timezone. if let's say he were to join Arsenal this week, it'd would be an awesome addition to a battered Wenger's squad which is yet to find best form this season. he will not be automatically chosen though as he has yet to accustomed with premier league style of play. i don't know what's running on Wenger's mind as he once again ignored people's call for snatching a center midfield player before the winter transfer closes. since the departure of captain Cesc, Arsenal have looked more vulnerable than ever, therefore adding one experienced center midfield player will not hurt the club. instead of looking for credible center midfielders, he chose to 'goose chase' Arshavin, a forward by natural. he is more like a striker to me although he can also be easily slotted into the center of the squad. if he joins, it is good for us but if we fails to land him i don't mind at all. we do have ample players to finish this season, however none of them as aspiring as former captain Patrick Vieira. we are now more desperate to get injured players back on the field again. Rosicky, Dudu and Cesc are recovering pretty nicely. Dudu is the most certain among the three players to come back this February and i do hope he will add muscles up front. last week we had a disastrous play against Everton and came up with nothing except 1 point which is not enough to threaten #4 inhabitants Aston Villa. we need to start looking for inspiration that we lack in recent weeks. it seems such thing is looking elsewhere instead of coming here....


i should have gone to bed hours ago, but i am still here stuck posting important news from football world. it is as if i am working with newspaper agency of some kind. anyway, right before the winter transfer window closed, Arsenal and Zenit have agreed on terms and personal demands from their player Arshavin. at the bottom of the article there’s an update saying that the deal has gone through and the player himself has passed his medical tests. how reliable this news is far from my acknowledgment, however it is like a breeze of fresh air in the drought zone. coz i am too lazy and sleepy to write the whole article, i am more willing to post a link to the website. hopefully, tomorrow will be a much better day.

as hours have dragged my on, more interesting news are flashing on the website. the one that has left me perplexed for few minutes was the deal between Liverpool and Totenham Hotspur. both parties have agreed to terms and conditions of which let the ex-Totenham player to become a Totenham player once again. what is this? i don’t know what was Benitez’s reasons to spend over 18 million over a player who later he discarded for possibly a lower fees he had paid to Totenham. haste decision or simply an act to piss off owners? mmmm….i would prefer the latter. anyway, as silly as it sounds, Tot can rest assured that their former-player-once-again-player will rise and help them as hard as he can. will he be able to do that? no one can give answers. so, let’s walk in the park and see what’s their next story will be


after i posted the news regarding Arshavin transfer saga few moments ago, it came out nowhere. reliable source claimed that the deal is finally off. now i can see why some politicians do hate pressmen.  papers claimed that the deal is still working on, while some others published otherwise. what on earth is happening? i thought we are only getting this kind of thing in Hollywood. i didn’t know that Hollywood saga is also a part of football world. perhaps, i was right Zenit were playing us all along. they have never agreed on this move and planned all along that this deal must be terminated with any reasons possible. you are sick, y’know that?  let’s move on. who cares about Arshavin anymore? if he’s ours he will, but at the time being we better prepare for next match. i noticed that since this saga came splashing all over the headlines, Arsenal performance has been nothing but a failure. we ought to focus in our games and make Arsenal a better team, come on y’all

review GOAL.COM

how could i forget to post this review anyway? *sigh* i am certainly growing older in maximum speed than i supposed to. usually, right after a match will provide readers with complete review of the match to help those of people who might have missed watching the game, therefore they are not missing a single minute of the match. in addition to the review, they usually give each player from both teams a balanced comment and criticism in order to bring readers a lot closer to the match. they call this ‘player rating’. as good as it sounds, there were times i had totally object the writer idea of rating a player. nevertheless, it provides us with in depth view of each game…enjoy


once again, have proven to be the most reliable source in football world. anyway, i found this good comment on Becks recent progress in AC Milan and can’t agree more with the writer. yesterday i had read an article which underestimate Beckham more than ever. i was going to post it, but forgot to attach the link address. i don’t want to trouble myself finding the link as it rubbish anyway, on the contrary i will give myself total control in posting stories, since it is MY BLOG. i can do whatever i want with it, including post some positive and constructive critics on Becks performance. here’s the link and some excerpts from the article which written by Carlo Garganese

A brilliant David Beckham dragged Milan back into Scudetto contention during the 3-0 win at Lazio

These are not necessarily my thoughts, but when Fabio Caressa, the famous Italian football commentating expert, describes David Beckham as “one of the best midfielders in world football currently”, you sit up and take notice.There can be few who predicted Beckham to have such a stunning impact on Serie A. Even Adriano Galliani, who loves to grinningly boast about how he “told everyone so, and they didn’t want to listen”, surely did not dream up a better beginning.

Beckham’s performance against Lazio last night was nothing short of sensational. It was world class. ‘Golden Balls’ provided the assists for the first two goals of Pato and Massimo Ambrosini, he created another disallowed Pato effort, while he also put Kaka clean through on goal when the Brazilian hit the post.

Beckham has never been a classical playmaker during his career, but last night he was exactly that. The 33-year-old did not relinquish the ball all evening long, and his short, long and, in particular, his mid-range passing was out of this world. Everything he touched turned to ‘gold’. His confidence shone through when he attempted the old Beckham-Scholes corner routine with Andrea Pirlo, a player he is forging a fine understanding with in midfield.

I must confess that I was initially puzzled as to just how Beckham could fit into this Milan line-up, but the balance he has helped bring, not only to the midfield but the team as a whole, has seen the Rossoneri flourish. Pirlo is now back to his best again, there is width down the right, and Beckham has also, somewhat surprisingly, established tactical and defensive stability. Milan should be doing everything in their power to ensure the ex-Real Madrid man makes his loan move permanent, while England and Fabio Capello should be exerting their influence too because this is a re-born Beckham.
Milan are undoubtedly the form team in Italy at the moment, and if they continue as they are, they will surely challenge for the Scudetto, even if they do still trail leaders Inter by six points.


hopeful of extension

And now, AC Milan find more solid reason to extend Becks extension to a permanent move. earlier in the deal, he is supposed to end his ‘adventure’ in Milan before MLS season starts this March. however, after convincing performances, AC Milan are seemed more determined to snatch Becks from LA Galaxy. it’s a pity they could only do it on October 09 instead of this winter. it is also depend on Becks himself; is he willing to buy out his remaining contracts and land on another club in less than a decade? well, he’s the one who has all the answers.

i would like to elaborate a little bit in here. his first and foremost obstacle would be his own family. Victoria has reaffirmed her objection to move their children to a non-English country once again. she has so many things to do in Hollywood including her own clothing line, i doubt she will ever agree to his view. if let’s say Becks were able to iron out his loan deal, what would he plan to do with his children? they are settled really well in US and doing good in school which of course offering English rather than Spanish or Italian. this helps them to do better in their education and learning process. second challenger would be his own club, LA Galaxy. he had signed 5 years contract with them and promised to help MLS get noticed among Americans themselves. so far, his effort is growing but i doubt it’ll get bigger anytime soon. i think i am quite agree with a person who had left a comment on a website claiming that only WC title can earn respect from other countries. meanwhile, Galaxy’s coach Bruce Arena had fired a warning to AC Milan for not interfering with Becks contract in Galaxy. i am positive, he will be reluctant to lose his best midfielder to a European club. i heard Bayern Munich are also interested with Landon Donovan and seeking a possibility to land the American striker anytime soon. he is doing well in German and determine to make his time there as useful as possible. i am sure Arena won’t be joyful reading the news. if Becks can make a move out from the club, i bet Donovan is considering to leave as well. let’s wait and see about that.

what has motivated David Beckham to seek a loan deal and work his fitness  up in a European club in merely three months? the answer is of course to enable him to be called up by England coach Fabio Capello for a friendly match against Spain this February. please take note that he is hoping to get selected in the team not only for the friendly match only but also in the future as well. he is dreaming to play in WC 2010 which would make him the longest player ever served for England in history. and of course in order to be picked, he had to perform in highest level possible which something MLS cannot offer to Beckham. he had played for Man Utd and Real Madrid in the past and he wants to sign off from football by playing in MLS? a really foolish reason so far made by David Beckham. while he could have gone to a bigger club, he had chosen to go to no man’s land. they don’t even have a proper football field let alone dressing room. in Milan he could go far by playing against top flight clubs around Europe and increase his chances of becoming the most capped player in England. please take note once again that go back to MLS will demolish his obsession forever. Capello is unconvinced over MLS standard and has sent messages to Becks that he might get omitted if he decides to exit San Siro. harsh as it sounds, he is right though. he only wants the best for his team and by doing so, he can achieve great things for England. allowing only the best into his squad could take England far and win a title or two.

want to know my opinion? my opinion is that Beckham will certainly be back before MLS season starts. it simply because he cannot back down from his words. plus, he will be able to see his family more often than he is today. besides, he can always work hard in US. i am sure Capello wouldn’t mind flying to LA see Becks play. however, i doubt it will happen in the near future. sadly, there are many candidates to replace Beckham, so if he’s gone a lot of people won’t miss him.

Monday, February 02, 2009

good match

wow! there have been many updates in and i was unaware of any of them. no need to worry coz i am back in business. looks like a win in Roma had made a lot people who doubted Becks effect in Serie A realized their errors and finally concede their defeat. when he was first signed with the Rossoneri, many people had casted doubt over his capability to put together nearly-cracked the Italian giants in less than 6 months. on the contrary, he shows to the world that his commitment is nonetheless far more worth it than all the gossips and false news that has been splashing all over the front page. one of AC Milan player, i think it was Kaladze, made a unusual comment on Becks imminent arrival in the Italian  capital. he said something like “who’s our next signing? Brad Pitt?”. well, he now knows who is the real David Beckham. he might be a football star off the field, but he is still a player who had joined Man Utd many years ago. his passion for football is exemplary to younger generation. he might not posses a huge deal of technical skill, but he never fails to accept challenges from his haters. he is now 33 years old and will soon turn 34, but he could be the missing puzzle AC Milan have been searching for. from the article i have read, Ancelotti made public of his satisfaction to his new signing claiming that Becks provides balance a team needs and has lifted huge burden off Pirlo’s shoulders. it is interesting indeed how Becks could have done this in less than 6 months of his arrival in the club. this is of course down to his work rate in both training and playing. he gives width and balance AC Milan have been longing for and quickly became a favorite in the city. Kaka whose goal also helped Milan got their 3 points has his say . Pato who was also contributed to the team last night has his own view of the match. it seems this young player cannot help to get in the game every now and then. his goal tally is now reaching 10 goals. the most scored to his record. will he add another goal next week? we’ll see. Zambrotta did okay throughout the match before replaced by teenager Darmian in the 86th minute. he is also satisfied with how things are going for his team and suggesting that Milan are improving slightly from their weakest performance few days ago. whilst Beckham enjoyed great night, Pirlo was nowhere near his best in the match and constantly losing his pass. however, he was clearly impressed by how his team performed and declaring to Inter that they are ready to poach the title from their grasp.

the star of the night was awarded with inclusion into the team to face Werder Bremen in UEFA Cup later this month. i believe the decision to include Becks had been made before the match against Lazio. Bremen had proven to be a tricky team and Milan need their best players to take part in the match. if i am not mistaken, Bremen had faced Chelsea some time ago and were able to make the English team look embarrassing in their home ground. although Chelsea made the cut in the second leg, Bremen had proven to be hard to crack. hopefully Becks would be able to help his team to reach final. what i was trying to say was, if he were able to help Milan through this legs, there would be a chance Rossoneri flying to the final although he most probably isn’t going to be available because his loan runs out in Mrch 8th. i am not sure whether this Cup would be his first UEFA match in his entire career. during his stay in Man Utd, he had always been involved in the Champs League. even though his seasons with Real Madrid had proved to be rather gloomy, except for his final season, they had never failed to secure a spot in the big four. his time in Milan could bring him to a new cup level, although this is far from top flight Champs League. at least, his credentials cover the whole thing. Champs League, UEFA Cup you name it. gave a review after AC Milan’s last match and ‘bestowed’ Becks the most effective player on the field. it seems he has formed a good partnership with Andrea Pirlo and providing balance in the midfield. here’s how the review goes:

Pirlo – 6.5: The World Champion was involved in the play more often than not tonight; however his accuracy was off at times throughout. He still managed to make his presence felt though, as he continues to acclimatize himself to life alongside Beckham.

Beckham – 7.5: A brilliant display by the Englishman, as it undoubtedly was his most impressive performance in Milan colours to date. Two wonderful assists to set up the first two goals, and an all round dominant performance that led his side to victory on the night.


oo i can imagine how long this blog is going to be, but i like reading unbearable blog of my own, who could guess why am i a #1 reader of my blog? i guess you all know. i have not been able to update my blog due to some cliché reasons. the match was broadcasted in the eve of Monday morning, therefore writing anything was certainly impossible. today, is probably the best moment to write my whole ideas of AC Milan’s match this morning.

looking at the first half, they did quite okay although i would have to say they could have done better and bolder in the penalty box. there were times, they were unsure what to do in the opponent’s area. i think the worst player this morning was Pirlo. he was doing alright last week, however it seemed he could not find his best form during the match and trailing from his other teammates such as Ambrossini and Beckham. what had happened with Pirlo? no one could give a straight answer. anyway, AC Milan were much a better side after teen sensation Alexandre Pato scored an opening goal for the Rossoneri right before half time. it seemed the tiger had finally been awoken and quickly became predator once more. in the second half, both sides were eager to give their sides an advantage over the other. to my pleasure, AC Milan doubled their lead with a well aimed header from stand-in captain Ambrossini. the cross was made by an improving-on-loan-player David Beckham in the 48th minute after a bookable tackle made by Radu that forced referee to punish Lazio with favorable spot for Becks. the cross was terrific and so did the finish. 2 goals leading from Lazio did not make Milan sit back on their half like they had done few days ago. Kaka posed constant threat with one shot that almost belonged to him. however, woodwork had prevented him from celebrating his goal that night. however, less than 10 minutes from end of the second half, Kaka made clever one two with Seedorf that resulted another goal for Milan and thanks to Kaka, AC Milan were able to pull a comfort zone between the two sides. a little before the final whistle, Ancelotti made 2 subs which replaced Kaka and Zambrotta with Sheva and Darmian respectively. during final minutes, Milan hold their ground pretty nicely and prevented from conceding any goal for the home side. 


to be honest,  i was more satisfied with the forward rather than the defense. it is of course due to their commitment up front to make Milan a better team that night. although, the writer in hails Senderos performance, i would have to say he’s far from his much older and better teammate Paolo Maldini in terms of many things. it was true indeed that AC Milan did not concede a goal that night, however i could see that Senderos need time to adjust with Serie A type of play. at times he was unsure what to do with those strikers and made questionable decisions. his glory was made when he was a youngster in Arsenal and grabbed the headlines when Sol Campbell was out injured. i am not sure which year was that, but i can clearly remember his day by day performance and i had to say he was making a history of his own. unfortunately for him, he had sustained an injury during his golden moment in Highbury and unable to secure a regular place in the squad. that was for me, a downhill journey for the Swiss national. much to my displeasure, Senderos is probably going to need more time and surely will find his form once again. i have a doubt though, he might not be the first choice to fill in the gap in the center back position. next season, Maldini will leave for good and i can only be sure that he will be down in the pecking order. there are other more experienced center backs in the team and lapping them would be a huge task. however, nothing is impossible. he can still do much better than he already had last Sunday.