Tuesday, November 28, 2006

i know love can be found in every aspect of my life. since, i was little, love has never left my side and in fact, my family gives me the best of it all. i learned many things from the elders, they scolded me, warned me and sometimes kicked me with their words of sense. however, never ever cross in my mind to abandon this circle of blood for the sake of my own desires and wants. i remember the moment i ran toward this woman after she had awaken from her sleep, and i can obviously remember how she cherishly embraced my excitement. she always had. when i fell from my happiness, she would be there to hold me up and walk me through those amazing craziness. she looked at me, her eyes would never tell anything except her gracious love for me. i told her many unpleasant things that one could never wipe off her memories. truth to be told, it was ruthless. what did she think? none. she had never taken my excessive words seriously coz she always had her own view bout me in her brain and those views were magnificent. i had never felt secure in my life unless i was with her. she was the one i trust and look up to. she told me how to fly without wings and be gracious with my life even without a penny in my pocket. priceless lessons she had taught me but none i had given back to her. like many other ppl in the world, i always wish she would be my side for a minute or two just to say how i love her and felt sorry for i had said and done to her in the past. and wouldnt mind asking her if she had forgiven my wrongdoings toward her throughtout my precious time i had spent with her. and id tell her how much i missed her after her shocking departure that caught me off guard for weeks. if i had known her sickness id never spend my prepaid airtime calling lunatics, i would have called her every minute i had and be by her side like she always did when i was little. so much thing i have missed this year and it also means visiting her home is another scrapped plan. no matter how far she is to me, i will always cherish our moment of life without a doubt. her enduring care and kindness will always be remembered and no one can ever erase them from my memories. she has passed away for more than 5 years but i can still feel her by my side. you, are the most precious person in my life and id never trade those memories with anything human can give. God please give me strength to carry on and live my life as she would like me to. i wish you could read my notes for you grandma.......

with love,



I Don't really understand why ppl keep talking shits about canna winning ballon d'or. whoever wins get the knock, even if eto'o or henry won the award press will keep saying shit about those players. honestly, i wasn't a big fan of canna untill wc 06. just look at the video, he was outstanding the best i've ever seen in my whole life. he helped gigi kept cleen sheet during wc 06 , he captained italy to the finals and lifted the fifa world cup. Gosh, i still can't believe those ppl making hype about canna and ballon d'or, if he wasn't that talented why did most journalists around the world voted for him??i still believe he deserves it, just look at his performance this year

Although he's still not his best at real madrid but he's still FABIO CANNAVARO the man who brought ITALY to success. can you ppl shut your mouth and let him perform at his best without y'all mocking him??i still believe he deserves to be the world best centre-back. i hope he's happy with all his achievements and it means for those of u out there,
signing off, *i'mnotatmybestmood!!*

Monday, November 27, 2006

On Monday evening France Football's Ballon d'Or award for European Footballer of the Year will be presented to Real Madrid's Fabio Cannavaro, while Juventus goalkeeper Gianluigi Buffon and Arsenal's Thierry Henry are second and third respectively.
Last year Ronaldinho won the award for leading Barcelona to the Liga title.
The prize effectively lists the best players playing their trade on the continent, narrowed down from 50 by a pool of European journalists.
Reports in Germany claim that Cannavaro will win with 173 votes, while Buffon trails with 124 followed closely by Henry.
Ronaldinho comes fourth with 73, joined by Barca team-mate Samuel Eto'o in sixth with 67.
In between them is retired Zinedine Zidane, who amassed 71 votes.
The rest of the top ten reads Werder Bremen's Miroslav Klose, Didier Drogba of Chelsea, Milan's Andrea Pirlo and Arsenal goalkeeper Jens Lehmann.
There had been much speculation about the recipient in 2006, with Italy captain Cannavaro favourite for a while alongside Buffon and Henry and the maverick Brazilian Ronaldinho.
Some of the world's most influential ambassadors have had their say on where the award should end up.
The most prominent among these was Michel Platini, winner on three consecutive occasions in the eighties.
He claimed that the award would be given to an Italian solely because of that nation's World Cup triumph, and that Ronaldinho and Henry were more deserving
i knew it!!he's the one and only..the best centre-back in the world *sorry jt you're definitely out!!*and also the cutest hehe congrats babe love you!!
peace out,
olla..gosh i hate worms!!especially worms that have been bugging my computer!!those hackers must hv nothing to do than ruining other ppl computers. i'm currently listening to christina aguilera *FIGHTER* my sist said this song is my ANTM!! hohoho guess she's soo damn right. after the drama, and the pain guess i kinda feel that i'm so over those things. i'm trying to live my life the best that i can. sometimes i feel like i don't really remember the suffer i had in the pas. maybe part of me want to erase it and move on. although i still can feel the tears i had back then. i'm not playing the victim or anything i'm just sick of being everybody's scapegoat when something bad happened and i'm soo damn tired for "them" to talk shitty things about me. i rarely talk to other ppl about my past even about the bruises inside me, i do talk to my sist so i can have someone to talk to and someone who can give me good advices.
they're all drama queens
who can't stop looking for attention
and blaming ppl around them for the mess they have created in their life
i feel a bit sleepy and this computer makes me want 2 kill myself!!those worms are unberable oh Dear God, what have happened why is this keep happening and why is it so hard for that person to understand and learn all the lessons?? this is soo complicated sometimes i feel like i can't take it anymore. i just wish..ooh wishes..i wish for so many things. last week was one of the worst weeks, arsenal lost to bolton, da villa and canna got injured, real madrid played like 2nd division team *that's what my sist said*, man utd draw with chelski, the episode of gilmore girls was even worst. can i just have a marvellous week or a day flawless??
this is deff not my fav colour..looks ugly but i hvn't tried this one, so *scratching my head* i don't know what to write coz i really2 hv no idea. mebbe i just can't wait to hv a great weekend *it's monday moron* blah still long way to go. my sist is having her period so she eats much more worst than a horse hohoho. she just ask me to accompany her to the kitchen, as usual i'm busy with nonsense so she continue playing with her ps.
signing off, see ya in the next post
well well the score sheet shows 0-1, an advantage for Real madrid. but i am certain most ppl who watched the match last night agreed that Real were lucky to win the match. it was clear there was only one team playing last night, that was valencia. combined with lethal attacking midfielders, they dominated the game completely after 1st min. i didint see why capello proud with this team. if i were to be their coach, id say 'no rest till you give me good performance and results'. last night game was unacceptable coz they practically didnt care on winning the game, instead putting every harsh tackle they can produce to give them a better chance. it wasnt Real Madrid i saw last night, it was a segundo league team searching their best form to beat title contenders. i know its totally mean to say those words, esp when im talking about my fav club. but that was an honest review that came from my heart and they cant deny the fact, getting a result doesnt guarantee a title this season. playing such as that, wont give a slight advantage over sevilla or mighty barca. both team are strong this season and judging by their last matches, i do not doubt they can win something this season. back to my fierce judging for the match, i completely embarassed with the performance. ppl will tell much more about the winning in mestalla, but they certainly overlook Real poor management in the middle. upfront they have ruudtje with 110,000 ways to score goals but there are serious problems in midfield that capello need to look into. reyes didnt perform the way he supposed to and robinho seemed distracted over something that night not even exist. they got lucky when carlos made an intelligent run to the left wing and giving a brilliant pass to raul who cleverly put Real ahead. but after that, everything went chaotic. valencia put their available men upfront. and nothing can be done for Real to settle the game peacefully and beautifully. before Real can say 'yes, we win the game' valencia pressurized in every angle possible that almost brought a goal which missed badly by silva. valencia might lose their best strikers but certainly their midfielders gave possible options for the next match. while Real struggling with their best team, valencia did most of the damage last night and almost got away with 3 points. capello needs to work on his midfield, there was a huge gap in the middle and it showed quite clearly both emerson and diarra cannot work together as partners and they are as bad as lampard and stew-g in the WC 06. whatever it is, capello reluctant to replace one of these men, instead he plays them as if they are 'the wall' for los blancos. this is why ruudtje failed to shine last night or even score a goal coz his 'sleepyhead' friends fell asleep throughout the match and gave cheap possesion to opponents. why why Real? you might not win anything this season as your style of play hasnt improved from year to year. havent you learned your priceless lesson so far?. well mr capello you better make smart decision fast coz if not, fans will be much angrier than they are now.


Friday, November 24, 2006

olla..i'm doing a bit ok today yeah after the worst storm. i'm trying to ignore the pain inside of me. luckily i still hv my sist. she's the one who's been supporting me about this situation. incidentally she's gone the same route b4 and i was the one who's encouraging her now it's my turn to fall down *sux*. whatever, ok i'm not going to let my heart out again. it's kind of lame actually, i'm moving on and trying to get pass this.

i hv no clue what to say. i'm hoping to meet my hs friend next week, that's the only thing that keeps me motivated *secara mood gw emg ancur bgt!!*. i just can't wait coz it's been forever since i met her. i mean we've grown so much since our last meeting and it's really good when we can put our past behind us. i think both of us have gone through rough path and we both kinda share the same advices. i've known her for such a long time but unfortch we weren't close when we were in hs but when she went abroad to pursue her studies she contacted me and blablabla we became closer than ever. *secara emg gw g byk tmn dan dy itu kenal gw bgt* jd yh begitulah gw g sabar mo ketemu *lmyn bwt refreshing*. pheeeww..

i hv no plans for this weekend, maybe i'm going to chill or just spend my time watching soccer. o yeah my sist got her psp at las with this bundle of games and free gifts *christmas comes early my dear?* haha she got her psp and i got my baby noir ipod haha i'm still happy although i hv my pinky-ipod still i want to get the brand new noir-ipod. i actually wanted to buy a camera but i still couldn't find the right one so i pick my noir. gosh..THANK GOD FOR EVERYTHING!! THANK YOU GOD FOR LISTENING TO EVERY PRAYER, BEING THERE FOR ME, AND GIVING ME THE BEST IN LIFE *FAMILY AND LOVED ONES*..there's always good reasons behind the drama, lies, deceit, and hatred.

take my note, everything happens for good reasons. i've been there done that and mebbe i'm much more mature beyond my years because of what i've gone through and i thank God for that. i will always have my faith in God, my family, and my loved ones.i'd never want to trade everything for the experiences i went thru although i know those bummers were frustrating at first, thank God i could handle it properly. i can say this coz i've been there seriously mebbe ppl would say owh ure just too young to understand but believe me i've had much worst storm than anyone my age ever has. i hope i can be a better person everyday i open my eyes i don't want to overstated everything but it's just so hard to be a better person *innerly and outterly*.



ok, i've watched 007 casino royale and it's a must watch movie for bond fans and also everyone who likes to watch action movies. this movie is superb, i love the main characters, the storyline, the action scenes, and of course the casino part. before this, i wasn't really into bond movies except the old ones and of course i wasn't planning on spending my money to watch pierce brosnan as bond. but daniel craig as bond? i raised my eyebrow *i was trying to..i couldn't do it* i mean i've watched him b4 in tomb raider he's a man made of steel not suitable for bond who's really2 intelligent, supposed to be sexy, and has charisma *daniel craig looks like a bloody assassin*. but well as time went passed away i read from several websites stating how good he was as bond and to be honest i was very surprised myself. i told my sist "haha what is this..maybe we shud try to catch this one". and so we hop into our car, in the middle of the heavy rain *it's rainy out here* we sacrificed our time hoping the movie would turn out damn good, or i'd be the james bond myself *haha*. and it was!! the movie succesfully entertained both of us we're crazy about the action scene. i think maybe we misjudged a lil bit about daniel craig but at least he did a great job and he prove that the critics were wrong. wellwellwell this movie was based on the first novel and will be the last one based on a novel. so let's see if the next installment is as good as this one. well just keep the hope alive*duh*
signing off,

i chose to write bout her for my last post coz ppl have said a lot bout her divorce case. and frankly, i quite disgusted. well, k-fed wont be like what he is today without her silly help. she 'made' him....sorry to say shes just the same as k-fed. and now shes trying to get her famous back by making public appearances everywhere. most ppl love the idea of letting her wedding band off her lousy finger, but to me she'll always be britney who likes the attention. and her smile seems funny to me, whats wrong with her mouth? most prob some lose joints....anyway with all the controversies around her marriage she definitely gain a point here. she'll prob release her alb soon and all the dilemmas and controversies will help her make it to the top. just like what nick lachey did, and now he has fame in his pocket. well well she just the same and lame. shes showing her new image as 'it' girl by goin out with paris hilton. why dont you mind your boys brit? they need you at home rather than spending your time partying prob its better for you to feed your baby, girl....i used to like her but after shes acting strange i totally change my view toward the former teen queen. man....she cant sing, prob she can dance (a bit) but that doesnt guarantee her success in the future. whatever....


this is our fave couple and they know how to keep us waiting for something more exciting. after cambodia, its time for vietnam. i dont know where are they goin next. but no matter where they goin, im sure its goin to be lovely. i hope they can stop by to our country....yum yum. they look completely normal and enjoying their precious time wisely. its just funny they rode a bike just like we do in our country, prob the same moto cycle hehe. we'll wait and see....


im back again....sure i'll always be. it seems ridiculous reading news bout this gentleman above. its not that i do not care bout his desire but it seems Real put salt on his wound over and over again. im not certain whether the news is a credible one coz it seems absurd with a lot of non sense as an add on ingredient. it says someone from inside Real Madrid or he put it in as somebody from board of directors insists theres no further contract negotiation with beck and he assures media that a lot of board directors want to overboard this man as soon as they can. well, hearing a lot of rubbish recently from both newspaper and electronic medias makes me sick of them. why cant they leave him and his family alone. there are plenty of players who have yet to renew their contract but no one is busy talking bout them. well, its bcoz hes david beckham and everybody around the world knows him. i think hes more valuable as a player more than as 'a show business'. sadly, not many ppl would think the same way as i do. it might be a coincidence but after Real signed him in 2003, Real rocketing to no 1 in 3 yrs time to be the wealthiest club on earth. and now Real signed a deal with spanish media mediapro worth estimated 1.1 billion euros and it has been declared the biggest tv deal ever made in history. this is of course, a huge boost for calderon as a president. he barely stand for the position more than a few months, he has brought some guarantee that they will remain comfortly in top position for 2nd consecutive year as no 1 club on earth. well, its time for the sporting side to make something for the fans as they have yet to impress ppl with their worse records ever. beck might or might not extend his contract but surely the club got what their wanted, fame and glory.


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

i hv no idea where to begin..i'm definitely not in a good mood. gosh i dunno what i hv done this time you know it really sux so baad. and i've been listening re-arranged by limp bizkit, coz i kinda think the song perfectly suit me. i'm re-arranging myself. what i want, what i need, and OMG this is really painful. i've gone thru so many bad relationships and being double crossed by foes. but this!! this is HELL. guess God is being good with me, the story btwn my bff-me is still going on and it becomes much more worst than i thought. i tried to be nice but my bff showed no respect so i decided to pull the trigger. my bff has loads of friends and my bff got that fuckin bastard. prove me that i'm totally wrong or whatever but still noone could do his/her best like me. i tried so hard even i forgot about my happiness just for my bff but guess what my bff left me behind when my bff got her crowd. but what about when the crowd gets bitter and they left? my bff would definitely search for me i mean my bff is just sooo damn weak..my bff could not last even a minute without anyone's sympathizing for everything. i know i'm still sad about what had happened but all i need right now is some time and space to move on i hope my bff will find peace *which i doubt* and i'll get thru it.
signing off,
lilnote: stop dreaming, it's over and done don't you dare to text me saying how much you missed me and those kind of bullshit.fix yourself coz i can't fix you these scars is all i hv left i hope truth will prevail.

Monday, November 20, 2006


I'm on fire..haha guess what?in such short few days i have receieved different treatments from two people who are very dear to me. i think i have fulfilled my responsibilities towards them but the fact that they're playing fire against me makes me sic! yeah sic! i have *allmixedup* feelings inside of me and it's not cool at all. angry-dissapointed-hurt-tired. although i'm taking a rest from these two ppl. but i still receive texts and it kinda makes me feel lot more dissapointed than before.and i have finally saw the whole truth so i feel the pressure is on me now.

i just want you both to realize your mistakes and fix it. i just want you to realize and learn something while you still have me and while you still can.

i dunno if iever forgive 'em for what they hv done or said. not only their words hv affected me but it's also what they've done without my knowledge. maybe they'll say i'm over-sensitive but it's who iam. and i can't change the fact that that i'm hyper-sesnitive or whatever. just as the way i accept them as one of my loved ones. oh God i still can't figure out what the hell i shud do with them. i dun want to mess things up and i dun want to write more mistakes by giving them one more chance *i dun believe in 3rd chance*

mebbe i'm not expecting you to treat me like i do but can u pls just try to understand that i hv feelings too and i bruise easily..

*reysha fabrista-thelilone-*

1.ngomong ke co/ce yg kamu sukain?
- huh?
2. nyadar hal baru?
- yupp..betapa begonya org kl mereka g pnh mo belajar hal2 penting dr pengalaman terlalu buta utk ngeliat realita
dan kadang2 gw terlalu perduli sama org smp
perasan gw keinjek2 gw ttp adja g nyadar.
3. kangen seseorang?
- iyaaah bgt2
5. tidur di tempat tidur lo?
huh?yg jelas selalu gw ama kk gw
6. ngeliat kamu nangis?
- kapan y terakhir gw nangis?? oia ddpn kk gw kok *terharu*
7. pergi ke bioskop bareng?
- kk gw..abisnya cm dy yg dkt bgt ma gw
*thank god we hv each other*
*fcuk ppl who dislike us haha*
8. pergi ke mall bareng?
- baru adja td brg kk gw *duh..again*
9. terakhir lo bilang ''i luv u'' dan bener2 serius kesapa?
- hehe ama mi-bello
*kangen dh gw..mohawk-ku*
10. terakhir bikin lo tawa?
- negliat si bandel!!
11. bilang mereka sayang kamu?
- ga perlu kata2 jg gw ud tau bgt kalo mereka sayang ma gw
words are just words
but how you treat someone is far more important
12. nelpon kamu tengah malem?
- hehe ada dh
13. suka ma seseorang?
- bgddttdd
14. buku apa yg lgi lo baca?
- lg g bc apa2 ud selesay
15. perasaan paling indah?
- bareng ama keluarga dan org2 yg gw sayang
Being with all the people i love makes me feel loved
and i can share all my love with them
16. tempat fav?
- drumah nonton bola
ato jalan2 kemana adja yg penting seneng
17. tatto/lubang anting?
- no tattoos allowed
and gw cm punya anting di telinga kok
*bukan anak bandel*
gw g mau bikin nyokap sakit jantung dgn nambah anting2
18. apa yang paling menakutkan lo saat ini?
- apa y??kynya Tuhan tau dh..
19. dmn lo mau menikah?
- dmn adja yg penting direstui ama Tuhan, keluarga gw, keluarga dy
dan yg jelas nikah ama org yg ngebwt gw blg HE'S THE RIGHT GUY!!
kalo bisa yh sederhana tp membuat gw terkesan sepanjang hidup gw
i think as long as i'm with the right person my world will be ok
20. apa yg bener2 kamu benci?
- apa y? mungkin sikap org2 yg ud nyakitin gw
*masih jaman ngmgn org dblkg??hidup djaman jahilliah kl y lo pada*
kalo internet lg bapux, kk co gw nyari masalah,
org2 yg g pnh bljr dr pengalaman,
org byk ngmg tp g ada bukti,
dan org yg g pnh bs mandiri tp byk bacot
21. adakah seseorang yg benci kamu?
- pastilah i can't please everybody especially when
most ppl loved to mess my life up
22. suka berada di tengah2 org?
- g jg biasa adja
gw sk nerveous kl brg org g gw knl
23. pernah nangis?
- iyalah tp g sering2 kok malah ud lama bgt g nangis
gw lbh suka nyelesain masalah
pake otak, dan logika dibandingin pk mulut, airmata, ato otot
24. kamu kesepian saat ini?
- ndak lah biasa adja
25. lagu yg nyangkut dipala lo?
- my friends over you *NFG*
spin *lifehouse*
26. pernah berada di TV/radio?
- hohoho pas pesantren *liat g*
27. pernah menyukai seseorang tp lo tau dia gk pernah menyadari lo?
- hehe pernah *dulu gw itu pemalu bgt*
28. pernah suka seseorang yg memperlakukan lo keras?
- keras ato tegas? gw suka org yg pikirannya tajam
dan punya pendirian * g ky pr mantan gw*
29. berapa tempat tidur yg lo tiduran kmaren?
- cm tmpt tdr gw kok
30. apa warna kaos yg lu pake?!
- abu2 *listen and enjoy*
31. yg lo lakukan tiap hari?
- maen ps, surf net, masak, nonton bola,
32. berapa cash yg lo punya?
- ada dh
34. kapan terakhir lo liat bokap?
- haha ud keabisan ide?
35. siapa yg nyuruh lo masuk fs?
- temen gw *pake ngancem2*
36. apa yg lo makan kmaren malem?
- nasi pake daging black pepper *hmm enak bgt*
39. web apa yg sering lo buka?
- pz, pitb, jj, tmz, yahoo, fs, blogger, realmadrid sites, arsenal sites
40. punya tumbuhan di kamar?
- y g lah ngapain jg
g ada yg perlu dikasih makan kok
41. sesuatu nyakitin kamu skrg?
- adalah 2 hal yg ngeganggu gw bgt
42. kpn terakhir naek taksi/angkot/bus?
- ud lamaaaaaaa!!ada angkot br!!yaaayy!!

poor him, he goes under pressure again and the suspects are without a doubt pressmen. weeks after weeks he has been rumoured to exit Real Madrid this january. no matter how hard he tries to convince ppl that hes comfortable at Real, newspapers always find a way to upset him. this time around about his attendance in tomkats wedding. ok, he attended their pre-wedding party but that doesnt mean he was there at the wedding. it seems pressmen are too excited seeing dave b suffer, only God knows the real reason is. all the headlines stating the same lame news, 'estrange relationshiops between beck and his coach, capello'. although the club and capello himself already stating their stand, ppl dont bother and keep assuming becks future career. capello stated in the Reals official website after the match that beck was allowed to leave for rome coz the doctor said he could and he also said beck didnt miss a training not even a minute. is that a sound statement form the coach? well i pressume it isnt enough for public. they keep lambasting him as if he isnt human after all. however, the becks are used to this scenario and keep goin with their usual life, that is to become the target of paparazzi. i even laughed at news saying that beck went to tomkats WEDDING! how hilarious is this?. they must have overlooked the man in the VIP box wacthing his teammates take on racing santander last saturday. luckily, he decided to watch the game, i cant imagine not seeing him throughout the game. most probably they would create another scene and saying beck flew without capellos consent. yet, another rubbish to send beck packing. anyhow, champs league is bout to begin this midweek and look like he will miss this game as well due to his injury in his knee. well, i just hope Real could win this game since they lost to lyon weeks before. i pressume, capello would most likely use the same lineup as he has done it before. i am very frustrated coz im unable to watch the game. hopefully, it will be aired in local tv stations.


its just beautiful to see them spending time together in public with ease. contrary to what ppl say in magazines or newspapers, i believe they are not doing it for themselves or pretending to be one of the most gorgeous celebs couple in the planet. like any other families on earth, they do need to enjoy their time together and BE a family. its not their fault to be on a headline everyday with different make up stories to get ppl excited. unlike most women celebs, angie doesnt bother to those news and continue with her spectacular life. she has this natural beauty that we, believe isnt a fake one. botox, face lift, breast implants, what can we ask more from our nasty celebs? tsk tsk


Thursday, November 16, 2006

PS3 launch is around the corner. pardon me, i meant around the corner in the US. ppl are willing to stand the weather for hours probably days to get ahead of 'touching' the brilliant gadget. it'll be only 17 of nov but ppl are already anxious to get their hands on the new next-gen console PS3, which i doubt Wii fans can overtake this moment. it seems wars between game producers are getting heavier and they wont stop there. microsoft is trying to divert ppls attention from its rivals by preparing sales of its the most waited games of the year. and not only that nintendo is now ready to launch its successor of gamecube which is Wii. im so excited hearing such news, that means theres an obvious competition between these producers and we, users, would like to see more exciting games coming up this year. unfortunately, a few of PS3 games will not be made available this year as EA has announced to push back its sale to early 2007 and i believe many others follow its suit to make fans wait a lil more. cant wait to here more news bout the console itself coz lots of ppl have been excited to see how PS3 counterattack XBOX360

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

1.Sebutkan satu hal yang paling kamu suka dari hidupmu!
- everything!!i love my my life, my family, and my loved ones. i love the fact that i'm a grown up person *ageless* and i love the facts about my life
2. sekarang kamu lagi mengoleksi sesuatu?
- koleksi apa y?kynya g ada yg penting
3. temen yang baru2 ini kasi testi ke kamu
- ade..temen smp gw yg ttp imut2
4. kartun yang bakal kamu nonton sampe tua?
- apa y??shinchan mungkin
5. sekarang lagi diet?
- yupp
6. alasan kamu gak ganti hape sampe sekarang?
- alhamdulillah hp gw ud cukup keren kok
7. hal yang bisa bikin kamu ketawa sampe puas?
- biasanya kk gw ato film2 yg super lucu
8. selain makan dan minum, hal yang menjadi kebiasaanmu tiap hari?
- maen ps, ketawa, tidur, nonton, chatting *bisnya byk temen yg br ketemu*, minum vitamin *bagi2 ke kk gw*, minum yakult, minum susu, minum green tea
9. salah satu sahabat terbaik dalam hidupmu?
- kk gw *she's such a darl!!*
10. yang bisa bikin kamu kangen terus?
- apa adja ttg nyokap gw omelan bokap rambut seseorang yg lg keren2nya
*wah mas tambah ganteng adja*
11. sebutin satu barang yang ada di deket kamu!
- hp, sisir, earphone, cover hp kk gw
12. menurut kamu bulletin board penting gak?
- biasa adja kl lg pengen y ngisi
13. siapa 1st love kamu?
- leonardo dicaprio*itu yg lg senyum diatas*, ronan keating, fred durst!!
14. kata orang2 karakter kamu itu?
- menurut kk gw sabar*bgt*, manja *braaddt*, g mo ngalah, ngerasa bener sndiri, loyal, pengertian, jujur
15. kata jorok yang sering kamu ucapin hampir tiap hari?
- shoot!!itu kn g joroookk
16. kalo ketemu orang yang kamu gak suka?
- pura2 g knl hehe g lah kynya sh alhamdulillah blm dipertemukan ama org yg gw g suka jd nyantai adja kl pun ketemu y cuek adja
17. satu barang yang pengen kamu beli tapi ragu2?
- apa y??blm ada tuh
18. menurut kamu anak SMP uda pacaran, pantes gak?
- y trsrh tp nsht gw jgn dulu lh waste of time *baru nyadar!!* mendingan hv fun ma temen2 donk
19. hal terbaru yang kamu ketahui baru2 ini?
- kl gosip itu gila!!
20. kalo kamu ngobrol ama orang lemot?
- gampar adja hehe g lah gw sabar kok jd y ngmgnya pelan2 kl g ngerti jg jitak adja
21. yang trakhir nelfon lo siapa?
- bokap gw *love you*
22. yang trakhir dinyanyiin?
- autobiography by ashlee simpson gosh this song is sooo personal
23. orang trakhir yang lo ajak ngomong :
- kk gw *sapa lg*
24. tempat trakhir yang dikunjungi :
- dapur
25. terakhir jalan dengan siapa aja:
- kk *cw* gw, kk *co* gw, temen kk gw, temennya temen kk gw
26. barang trakhir yang dibeli dan dmn :
- sims bustin' out ama sims 2 bwt ps 2
27. makanan trakhir yg dimakan :
- garlic bread
28. trakhir kali keramas :
- besok
29. sms hr ini trakhir yang ditrima:
- bokap ttg kue moci
30. trakhir kali potong rambut :
- baru adja bulan lalu
31. trakhir kali jatuh cinta :
- gw jatuh cinta tiap hari ama org2 dsekeliling gw
32. kapan terakhir bilang " aku sayang kamu"?
- baru adja
33. sodara yg trakhir ktemu :
- kk gw *kapan terakhir gw g ketemu dy haha*
34. orang yang menurut loe paling keren :
- banyak bgt bello, gilldy, polldy, fabby, chris, jensen, logan,
35. trakhir ngapain?
- nemenin kk gw *again!!*
36. trakhir ngeliat orang yg lo taksir :
- hehe kapan y sabtu kemaren
37. nangis trakhir kapan:
- wah kapan y basi ah gw plg males nangis melulu..bukannya nyelesain masalah malah tambah bikin asma!!plis donk jd manusia itu hrs kuat
38. trakhir mabok:
- alhamdulillah msh sober
39. terakhir susah bangun?
- kemaren2
40. terakhir susah tidur?
- alhamdulillah enak adja nh tidurnya
41. terakhir ngerasa sedih bgt:
- sedih ngeliat banyak org tolol yg bikin gw bt hanya dengan ngeliat mereka jatuh ke lubang yg sama katanya sh nyesel tp g pnh belajar!!basi!!
42. terakhir suka lagu apa?
- banyaaaakkkk..lg tergila2 ama nfg *my friends over you* adema *the way you like it* orgy *blue monday* lisa loeb *someone you should know*
43. terakhir mau ngapain malam ini?
- ngisi ini terus ngapain y??
44. besok mau ngapain?
- ngapain y??belom ada rencana apa2
45. Abis ini mo ngapain?
- hmm ngobrol ah ama kk gw

i had a great time spending my free time watching dvd with my sist. i mean to be exact at first, i wasn't really into it *the idea*. of course i love watching movies but my mood was absolutely out of place!!and there was angelina's movie on tv so i kinda felt unhappy with my sist insisting me to accompany her. nonetheless, the movies *we watched 2 movies* were so and so but at least we watched sumthin! haha what am i talking about such a nonsense.
well as i've said b4 i'm taking a big break from my fullofmess-bff..i think it's the right key coz i've been very2 exhausted u know just to be there and giving all of my best but my bff still making fool decisions. actually i'm wondering what's the use of bstbuds anyway if u never listen to 'em?i really2 regret what has happened i mean i didn't mean to shut the door but the door shut itself after the explanations and i'm so tired of being lef out. i feel bad when i realized that my bff made the wrong decision, my bff fell for the same mistakes over and over again!!maybe my bff hasn't learned anything from the pain my bff went thru
gosh, i really2 need some time off..to make things much more worst my bff text me this morning and i didn't reply. really2 need my time off so bad. coz i think part of me hv been damaged by so many ppl so many times. if i take time to think back it's still hurting me in many ways. and i dun want to go down that way again, i'm not saying my bff double-crossed me coz i know my bff so damn well. maybe my bff shud hv been wiser ...honesty is everything!!
how do u talk to an angel??

Monday, November 13, 2006

he most probably wondering right now what went wrong with his performance last thurs day against ecija. coz as far as he concerned, he did 110% throughout the game and with his flawless (during that game) performance, the least capello could do was to incl. him in the game against osasuna last night. but it was false alarm, he wasnt included in the first team. ste-c has already announced his team to face holland this thurs and it obviously beck isnt in the teamsheet. and how is he goin to face reality that he isnt considered as a best player as he is now carrying his status. capello might like robinho and reyes pace and ability to dribble perfectly, but they lack of team spirit. i barely saw, reyes took the ball on his own and created a goal without giving a chance to a possible threat teammate on opponents goal when hes still with arsenal, most probably arsene wenger emphasizing solid team work. i know he needs to impress capello in order to stay at Real but he can consider giving a teammate as a better options to score goals. robinho is a different thing. he has beautiful control of the ball but sometimes an experienced opponent might overrule his actions and instead get the control of the ball and another loss to Real. passing ability is something they do not posses and capello needs to emphasize this to both of them. its ok, to show some classic moves or magic abilities but they have to remember that team is above them all. whatever they might have in mind, nothing should come between success and team work. i really respect thierry henry for his low profile remarks regarding european award he might miss. he doesnt come to football to win awards for himself but if he does have one he'll be glad but nothin in the world will please him so much but to help his team achieve what they desire. this is just one of criterias that i respect him more than any players, he never thinks about his interest above team. i dont know whats in capellos mind but i must assure myself that whatever he has in mind will not affect beck future. he has said earlier that he loves this club and would like to stay for a long time regardless his lack of team performance under capello. well, he doesnt have to be concerned with his situation at this moment, it should be Real Madrid who need to be careful. if they are unable to make dave b signed a new contract extension, they will certainly lose him to another club without a penny left for them. they must admit it, whether they like it or not, beck is the most profitable player they currently have. and by losing him to other clubs, they will lose millions of pounds. not only that, they must face the fact that Real might not be the wealthiest club in the world coz their gold mine has flown to a deserved club. every week a club offer an interest of signing him as their player for a long term contract. im not sure whether those news are true coz the more i read them the more absurd the story goes. well, looks like your not the only one who has interest on him, mr. calderon. beck can say he will stay but he wants to know if hes still considered as one of the asset if not, he will certainly look elsewhere. he can wait forever and decides to leave end of this season. it doesnt hurt him, but certainly will for Real Madrid. lots have been said in the newspapers bout his absence in the first team, but no one talks about his performance in the last copa del rey which impresses me a lot. perhaps, ppl should stop snooping becks backyard and find other things to do. its rare for me to see and/or hear ppl talking bout his success in carrying tasks and bring a win for Real instead, ppl still consider him as a model who does catwalk without look at his talents. he might have posed for a few magazines and sponsored several products this past years but it doesnt make him an idiot in football. he still have those crosses that stupify defenders and hes involvement on the pitch is someting we shouldnt overlook. well, no one understands him better than his fans, i think we as his fans will not stop to support him througout his career. whatever he does, we will be there for him just like i always be there for my family and my future husband......

just cant wait to see who will be in the teamsheet for next Reals match, i hope capello considers changing his lineup and formation coz other teams have already thought how to counterattack with that formation. its too easy to predict and the team need some refreshment. dropping a couple of players who dont perform doesnt hurt the team. i saw guti walking toward tunnel after he has been substituted, leaving fans wondering what have happened to him. beck came running toward tunnel too after the match, left me puzzled coz this is the first time seeing him does that. probably the crowd gave him uneasy feeling and leaving ASAP was the only option. by the way, osasunas crowd should be banned from entering stadium coz what they did to casillas in the first half was silly and disgusting. they dont have a sense of respect toward visitors. and this isnt the first time it happens, beck used to be thrown things while he took corner kicks. spain football federation should look into this matter seriously and take actions against enemy of fair football, like italian FA had done with AS Romas crowd few years back. anyway, im proud of ruudtje who scored 4 goals in the match and that earns him 8 goals so far. probably he should do more in the champs league....thatll be great



Helloww, ok i hv few comments about football and everything. let's start with my beloved arsenal!

ARSENAL, oowww the game was tight! with unlikely goalscorers: Mathieu Flamini, Kolo Toure, and William Galas. Liverpool have this history of losing when they're away but i didn't buy it i mean in football anything can happen. I almost decide not to watch the game luckily my sist insisted so we watched the whole game. of course the game wasn't flawless but it was ok nerve-wracking! i feel pity for liverpoodilan i dunno really what was going on with them. they hv the same manager, personnels, so what the hell is wrong? maybe they need to do some rotation or maybe they need to be more discipline with their role. now arsenal are back on top3 i hope things are going to get better so they can challenge the title.

REAL MADRID, i feel pity for mr.becks he's playing barely 10 minutes. and my sist is officially devastated. she talks non-stop how things shud get better for beck after his last game against ecija. well we never know what's inside capello's mind. i just hope he'll continue to play at real madrid. i think he belongs there you know and things aren't suppose to get ugly for him. he's been dropped from england squad, being sidelined with capello, and his kid is awfully sick. oowwhh GOD please give him the best. ok back to my review, i was so excited that after my arsenal's game, real madrid would play against osasuna. my sist kept telling me how bad the crowd was and she hoped real madrid would be ok playing in osasuna's stadium. well look at casillas poor him he was being bullied by the crowd. somebody threw him a cigarette lighter. i think most of the crowd are smoking and feeling anxious. if i was one of real madrid players i'd feel frightened myself. just look at the crowd man!btw real madrid played a good match 4-1 *all of the goals by van the man* he played 15 matches and scored 13 goals. wow that's what u called a striker. the match was awesome except the fact that once again capello sidelined my sist beloved first love. hixhixhix

I've been emotionally unstable *blame PMS* but right now i'm trying to do better things you know. and i'm trying to be a better person for my loved ones. i hope God will answer my prayers and show me the right path.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

i'm a bit bleeww today..where do i hv to start..my bff messed up yesterday and still trying to mess up wit me again *duh*. i dunno maybe it's just that i hvn't seen my bff lately and although we had disagreements, i still love my bff. i was left in the dark when my bff told me something was up but never told me what's that something. my bff made me pissed *fo real* and i just can't take it anymore .
there are three main things that made me pissed.
*my bff lied about -relationship-*
*my bff gave personal info -really2 get on my nerves-*
*my bff clowning around the town with *
i was pissed when i text my bff this evening, THE CELL IS FUCKIN' OFF. i still hvn't received any news, WTF??!!??
this isn't the first time you know..my bff hurts me in so many ways. i was expecting my bff could changed for the better. yeah my bff pick the love interest above all so i guess there's no place for me there. although my bff knows i'm always there and give the best for my bff. aww..how sux!!it's unfair!!!
But God is still the one holding the key to decide not me. and maybe my bff hasn't learned the lesson in life sfter all the journey.
oww yeah someone also hurt me..i've sent her a message maybe it all has to end that way. no need explanations, i just need some time off from this misery.
at least i still hv God, my full of blessings life, and my loved ones. i'm getting emotional lately and maybe i shud just take some rest + have a great weekend.
i just met with one of my bffs three days ago and it felt damn good.
*a great marshmallow on top of my stories..although the stories are not happy*

Saturday, November 11, 2006

finally i had time to write bout thursdays game against ecija. it was an entertaining match and i really do hope Real will play the same way as the did on thurs. 1st half was too dull to watch and if it hadnt been Real id probably switch to other channel. fortunately, 2nd half offered a different side of Real Madrid and i didnt have the heart to leave my couch. anyway, Real gave the visitors some classical counterattacks with different attitude and nearly gave them a lead but the goalkeeper saved the day. but ecija didint stop to impress santiago bernabeus crowd and clearly became strongest contender for the kings cup title. Real were sloppy in terms of controlling the ball and let the opponents took the opportunity given but diego lopez cleverly avoid any lead mins after 2nd half started. in the 50 min Real bravely grab the opportunity by scoring their first goal which had been made possible by beck intelligent low, but accurate, shot with his left foot. and the rest as ppl say is history. goal feast continued and wrapped up by an amazing shot from youngster ruben de la red. the game was way much better than their last game against lowly celta vigo. ecija may not be one of the strongest clubs in la liga but they certainly post threats to Real Madrid throughout the match and even took a goal as a 'gift' from Real. but still, improvement needs to be done in every possible way to get Real Madrid goin for the next round and their opponents most probably not goin to be another minnows. they were lucky ecija missed few chances and unable to get an equaliser, if not, it would be another nightmare for Real Madrid as they already suffered a bitter defeat against celta vigo. capello decided to rest his 1st team squad and let others show their ability and it wasnt so bad. ruben de la red impresses me so much i thought he was 25. why Real have to bother chasing fabregas when they have intelligent centermidfield player such as de la red? dont make same mistakes twice as they did with eto'o. overall im satisfied with the result and how they play, except the defenders who gave away cheap possesion to opponents, esp dave b who had mesmerizing game. not only, he put his team in the lead, he also showing his masterpiece throughout the match and im sure capello is glad his 'golden balls' player returned to fitness in time. he defends, he goes upfront, he tackles and other things he had done in the past showing a sign he already regained his confidence and composure. at least, public know the reason why capello put him on the bench after his interview with skysport. beck was suffering from, what i love to call, lack of support illness from his own countrymen. it seems ppl have forgotten his exellent duty over the past 6 yrs in charge as captain. have i heard ppl complaining about JTs awkward error during croatias game? a big NO. if beck had been the captain, it would have been a major headline all over newspapers around england. everytime something goes wrong beck has always been the scapegoat, including england defeat in WC 06. i need to highlight this, if ENGLAND PLAYERS DO NOT WANT TO HELP THEMSELVES, DO NOT COMPLAIN AND BLAME OTHER PLAYERS. why dont they play like other national players play, perhaps with some mentality adjustments they can win something in the upcoming years. i think it hurts beck a lot when he wasnt called up for a friendly game against holland but i definitely think he can cope with storms right now. i dont understand why ste-c still stubbornly leave beck in the dark. im not sure if indeed beck gained his 1st team options for Real, he would be chosen for any england games. im starting to think ste-c has something against david beckham that he wont tell to public as he brilliantly avoiding those questions. i hope england will learn something after the match and id love to see ste-c being booed around the stadium coz his lack of judgements and weak strategy. why dont you continue your coach studies in the USA? it probably helps you to be a 'clever' manager.


Friday, November 10, 2006

"Blue Monday"
How does it feel to treat me like you do
When you've laid your hands upon me
And told me who you are
I thought I was mistaken
I thought I heard your words
Tell me How do I feel tell me now
How do I feel
How does it feel?
How should I feel?
Tell me how does it feel?
To treat me like you do
Those who came before me
Lived through their vocations
From the past until completion
They'll turn away no more
And I still find it so hard
To say what I need to say
But I'm quite sure that you'll tell me
Just how I should feel today
I see ship in the harbor
I can and shall obey
But if it wasn't for your misfortunes
I'd be a heavenly person today
And I thought I was mistaken
And I thought I heard you speak
Tell me now
How should I feel
Now I stand here waiting...
I thought I told you to leave me
While I walked down to the beach
Tell me how does it feel when your heart grows cold
How does it feel?
How should I feel?
Tell me how does it feel?
To treat me like you do
courtesy of www.azlyrics.com
though you swear that you're true, i still pick my friends over you