Sunday, February 25, 2007

ive been reading this book for a couple of years now and think it is one of the best teenage novel ive read. its titled pendragon which a lil awkward for a teenage novel. anyway, lots have changed since it was published two years ago. once an understated writer, though he has written many critically aclaimed books in the past he hasnt managed to sit comfortably in no 1 spot, however his book 6 scored an amazing selling records. at present time, he has sold millions of pendragon series in many countries incl. here. i used to have the joy reading 3 books every 3 months, now his strategy changed that is to publish only 1 book every year. there are rumours circling around that he will make his debut in directing his own movie. but he already confirmed that there will be no pendragon movies some time soon. so, as a fan i'll have to wait a lil longer than i expected. perhaps he needs to wait till all the hypes for harry potter movies subdued. most probably it only happen in 2010, which of course in 3 more suffering years. its ok though, i still can enjoy watching my all time fav movie, harry potter. im completely overwhelmed to hear the movie will be released at the same year as the final book. 2007 has a lot to offer for movie goers. back to my topic for this time around, book 7. i only finished halfway through but things came up so i'd have to wait, though my hands are struggling to keep away i realize what needs to be done. i can only comment on the surface coz i wasnt deep in the story just yet but soon i can give my thoughts on why i keep reading this book no matter how the cover says age limit is 10-15. im young and soon i'll be 15 once more, it'd be wonderful if that happened. in the mean time i must keep my head down and concentrate harder.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

im back with lots to tell bout yesterdays match between real madrid and bayern munich. enough for me to say that, real played as if it was a final against a much weaker side, bayern munich. anyway, bayern put a late goal to level the score line, literally. real madrid need to win in munich at least by 0-1 in order to get through to next stage. they played really well and showing a different side of the real Real Madrid. im a lil curious though on why exactly failure seems to haunt them in la liga matches. o boy....maybe the answer is actually right in front of their eyes they only need to look harder. hopefully this win would bring luck for their next match against atletico madrid.

here are some interesting articles from few newspapers:

Beckham at his brilliant best for Real
By Sid Lowe in Madrid
Last Updated: 9:14am GMT 21/02/2007

Real Madrid (3) 3 Bayern Munich (1) 2
If this was as much David Beckham versus Owen Hargreaves as it was Real Madrid versus Bayern Munich, the former England captain was the undisputed winner here, providing England manager Steve McClaren with something of a dilemma and Real with a slender, potentially dangerous first-leg lead.

Beckham had a hand in all three first-half goals as Real gained a 3-1 lead at the Santiago Bernabeu. But with Hargreaves a busy, energetic presence as Bayern pushed Real back in the second half, an 88th-minute goal for the former Barcelona midfielder, Mark van Bommel, changed the complexion of this tie entirely. It was Bayern who ended the happier of the two teams.
Beckham's influence had been felt as early as the 10th minute. His pass found Ruud van Nistelrooy, who spun his marker and slipped a perfect ball through the gap for Gonzalez Raul to score at the second attempt.
Bayern equalised with a Lucio header after 23 minutes, but Real were soon back in front, Beckham's deep corner reaching Ivan Helguera, whose header was touched in by Gonzalez Raul. Then another Beckham delivery was flicked on by Helguera and finished by Van Nistelrooy.
Bayern fought back well and with the clock ticking down, Van Bommel thumped in a volley. (the telegraph)

Beckham is still Real class

DAVID BECKHAM staked his case for an England recall with an inspirational display.
Becks, 31, set up three first-half goals but Owen Hargreaves’ Bayern battled back to leave this tie wide open.
Real boss Fabio Capello said: “Beckham was very important.”
And Beckham insisted: “My ambition has never changed. I’ve always wanted to play for my country and will always be available.”
Real thought they had it wrapped up at 3-1 and jubilant fans showed their appreciation with a deafening chorus of “Beckham, Beckham”.
England chief Steve McClaren should watch this performance and note how Becks’ stomach for a fight could keep Fabio Capello off the dole in Madrid.
Beckham’s intelligent pass to Ruud van Nistelrooy let him thread a ball for Raul to chase and round keeper Oliver Kahn with a ricochet before scoring on 10 minutes.
Lucio made it 1-1 on 23 minutes but five minutes later Becks’ corner was met by Ivan Helguera and the ball looped into the far corner with Raul claiming a faint final touch.
Becks’ vicious free-kick into the box was flicked on to Van Nistelrooy who fired No 3 past Kahn.
Bayern’s Mark van Bommel hit another crucial away goal in the 88th minute. (the sun)

Beckham inspires Real
From The Times
February 21, 2007
Peter Jenson in Madrid

David Beckham rolled back the years last night with an inspirational display to drive Real Madrid to a 3-2 win at home to Bayern Munich in the first leg of their Champions League first knockout round tie and put himself back in the reckoning for an England recall.
“I always wanted to play for my country and I will always be available whether I’m in Spain, or whether I’m in LA,” Beckham said. “I will always want to do well for my country.”
There were even chants of “Beckham, Beckham”, not heard since his first season, as his three assists put Real in the driving seat against poor opposition, who scored a late goal to keep themselves in the tie.
Beckham found Ruud van Nistelrooy, whose precise pass set up Raúl to score after 10 minutes.
After Bayern struck back, Beckham was at the heart of both Real goals. After 28 minutes his corner was headed towards goal by Iván Helguera and was helped over the line by Raúl, and then his free kick was converted by Van Nistelrooy.
A trademark Beckham free kick had to be brilliantly saved by Oliver Kahn, the Germany goalkeeper, and was Real’s best chance to add to their lead.

Real Madrid 3 Bayern Munich 2: Real rebuild with Beckham the architect of success
By Jack Rashleigh at the Bernabeu

The England coach, Steve McClaren, asked for a video of David Beckham's last game. The former national captain will want to hand-deliver a copy of this performance. Beckham, who was sent off in Real's dull draw at the weekend, was the architect of all of his side's goals as Madrid edged ahead of Bayern Munich in this Champions League last-16, first-leg tie.
There were even chants of "Beckham! Beckham!" from the home crowd, the like of which have not been heard since the early days of stint in Spain. With the Champions League thoroughbreds Raul and Ruud van Nistelrooy on form, Real were on course to be comfortable winners until they conceded a potentially damaging late away goal.
"Beckham played very well, he was very important," said his coach, Fabio Capello. "When he has been in the side he has always played at a high level. He created two tonight and [scored] one the other night and I recognise that."
Capello started Beckham on the right after toying with the idea of playing him in the centre, and recalled the young Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain. Van Nistelrooy had the first chance, however, blazing over after running on to Beckham's throw. Beckham then whipped in a cross that just eluded Raul.
On 10 minutes Real were ahead. Beckham found Van Nistelrooy and his pass sent Raul clear. His first shot was saved by Oliver Khan but his second effort crept in.
The first goal was always going to be vital, with the crowd waiting to turn on the unpopular Capello, but on 23 minutes Bayern were level after sloppy goalkeeping. The full-back Willy Sagnol floated a free-kick to the back post, Iker Casillas failed to come and, jumping between two defenders, Lucio looped a header over the Real goalkeeper.
Madrid's response was swift. Higuain won a corner and from Beckham's kick the defender Ivan Helguera headed towards goal with Raul, on the line, touching the ball home. Eleven minutes before half-time it was three Beckham's free-kick was flicked on by Helguera and Van Nistelrooy volleyed in.
Beckham started the second half as he had finished the first, hitting a 35-yard pass to Higuain, whose shot was smothered by Khan. The keeper then saved Beckham's free-kick.
Capello showed unusual bravado throwing on the winger Robinho to keep Bayern stretched. But Real tired, allowing Bayern to score what could be a vital second away goal, with Mark van Bommel beating Casillas in the 88th minute.
As he left the pitch Van Bommel, formerly of Barcelona, made crude gestures towards the home fans only to apologise later. "I have got nothing against the Real fans," he said, "only against some of the players." (the independent)

Real deal Beckham gives Capello a lift

Fabio Capello had David Beckham to thank for supplying the goals which gave the under-fire Real coach a vital win. Capello kept Beckham on the right and recalled Argentine striker Gonzalo Higuain, 19, signed from River Plate last month to partner Ruud van Nistelrooy.
It was the old Manchester United one-two that unlocked Bayern's defence on 10 minutes.
Beckham found Van Nistelrooy and his slide-rule pass sent Raul clear. The club captain's first shot was blocked but he scored from the rebound.
On 24 minutes, Bayern were level when keeper Iker Casillas failed to come for Willy Sagnol's floated free-kick and Brazilian Lucio looped a header back over his head to equalise.
But Madrid responded in style and on both occasions, Beckham's delivery was the key. After 28 minutes his corner was headed towards goal by defender Ivan Helguera with Raul helping the ball across the line and on 34, Van Nistelrooy scored from a Beckham free-kick.
But former Barcelona star Mark van Bommel pulled back a priceless away goal for Bayern in 88 minutes. (the evening standard)
Math anxiety saps working memory needed to do math
By Julie Steenhuysen Mon Feb 19, 9:03 AM ET

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Worrying about how you'll perform on a math test may actually contribute to a lower test score, U.S. researchers said on Saturday.
Math anxiety -- feelings of dread and fear and avoiding math -- can sap the brain's limited amount of working capacity, a resource needed to compute difficult math problems, said Mark Ashcroft, a psychologist at the University of Nevada Los Vegas who studies the problem.
"It turns out that math anxiety occupies a person's working memory," said Ashcroft, who spoke on a panel at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science in San Francisco.
Ashcroft said while easy math tasks such as addition require only a small fraction of a person's working memory, harder computations require much more.
Worrying about math takes up a large chunk of a person's working memory stores as well, spelling disaster for the anxious student who is taking a high-stakes test.
Stress about how one does on tests like college entrance exams can make even good math students choke. "All of a sudden they start looking for the short cuts," said University of Chicago researcher Sian Beilock.
Although test preparation classes can help students overcome this anxiety, they are limited to students whose families can afford them.
Ultimately, she said, "It may not be wise to rely completely on scores to predict who will succeed."
While the causes of math anxiety are unknown, Ashcroft said people who manage to overcome math anxiety have completely normal math proficiency.

i came across this article in yahoo! this morning and found it to be true as this always happen to me when it comes to exams. i know the formula and been doing the exercises far too often until my head hurts; instead giving me a clear pathway, i usually end up daydreaming in the exam hall coz of a simple reason, too anxious. i really should have done better last time but notihn i can do to make things better off. at least i know myself.......

Monday, February 19, 2007

lost one..

it's been tough for me but in a way i could accept this..arsenal goalless draw last week, real madrid goalles draw last week, and dave-b sent off drama last week!! gosh this is really2 hard to digest, and of course i've been receiving bad news about ppl i used to know and it's driving me INSANE! i've been saying that my past is no longer a part of me anymore, i don't know which one of what is part of me. i guess the truth is i'm still finding a way to heal myself *God this is so daamn hard* well at least i'm enjoying myself lately, i've bought Qiu Xialong 3rd book *when red is black* and i think it's going to be great. just when i was going to pay the books that i had in my hand i saw this newest Qiu Xialong's inspector chen latest book and i feel devastated my heart crushed *exagerrating!* i pulled my sister and cried my heart out because the book was the hard cover one and the price was expensive twice than the usual one coz it's bigger and cooler.

i just hope next time they'll have the normal size and the cheaper one he-he. and i just finnaly open the Qiu's book gosh it felt good to unwrap, most of the time i find it amusing just to sit down read a book listening to ipod while my mom sit beside me watching tv. me and my mom are closer than ever she rely on me and i lean on her. we're inseparable, mebbe it's because i'm much wiser and i know what to do/say and what not to do/say. my mom knows me better, i like it when she shares her experience and when she gives me advice. no one knows YOU better than your MOM! that's why i trust her opinion everytime i need someone to talk to *beside my sist*, after what i've learned and achieved i think it's impossible to have finaly reached a better place with a better mind without her love and support. mebbe people who likes to mock me will never believe how much i've changed, for me it's about *do you really want to or this is just another show?* it's useless when you want to change for other ppl coz those shits will never last. i'm not saying i'm better than everyone else but at least i'm not saying bad things behind other ppl and pulling off masquarade around town ha-ha.

i'm happy and in a way better lifestyle not because i said so but mainly because i want to. Thank God for bumps in the road i've been in five years, without God's tireless guidance and my family's love and support i'd definitely have chosen the wrong path to end the drama. i can't wait till 2moro, someone i really2 care is coming to town *can't wait..miss you dearly!*it's good to know that i'm breathing the same air with all the people who love and care for who iam not how i look. i hope i can stay with this healthy lifestyle i'm currently living in. i don't have to think about doubts anymore all i have to think is the balance in my life. without losing something/someone i'd never feel the desire to want something/someone. shout out to my sist who knows how to make me smile and she def knows how to make me pull my face! *duh* thank you for sticking with me even after the aftermath. and saying good things even when i'm not myself and esp when doubts inside my head banging the door to my veins.God has given me such a beautiful sist with amazingly stoneheaded on the other side.
signing off,
i chose to let this go and end this now, i have to stop thinking about trying to explain and pretending nothing ever happened. i wanted to start all over coz i thought it'd be better when lights had finally come our way unfortch not a single word could make it work. i fear that you'd go and leave me all alone thus you've gone so far away long a go before i realize and you've gone further with this trigger in my hand i need to pull. it's painful as if i had just been stabbed, therefore i better go and heal myself before i realize that i'm only making fool of myself. the desire had slipped away and the hatred seem far away mebbe emptiness is all i have inside. it's way too late for redemption coz the door had finally shut itself the moment i shut myself from hipocracy. it's never meant to be...emotionless, brainless, too much in our way it's difficult when one has too many branches without me in any of them.

Friday, February 16, 2007

gunners get moral boost from the Queen

Arsène Wenger and his Arsenal squad finally got to meet The Queen on Thursday, February 15 when they visited Buckingham Palace for afternoon tea with Her Majesty.

The 80-year-old monarch was due to attend the official opening of Emirates Stadium in October but she was forced to pull out after suffering a back injury.

The Duke of Edinburgh performed the opened ceremony in her absence.

The Queen was disappointed to miss her appointment at Arsenal's new home and extended an invite to the Club to visit the Palace.

Arsenal are the first football club to be invited to a reception at the royal residence.

Wenger said: "It is a big honour. It was a frustration that she could not come and see us that day. I always like to go to the end of things and to see that happening is great.

It is a fantastic mark of respect for Arsenal.
It is a good experience for the group and for the Club."

Thierry Henry added: "I had the chance to meet Nelson Mandela in South Africa, the French President in Paris and it is very special to meet The Queen as well.

"I am going to talk about this to my daughter and everybody.
I asked my wife if she had ever been inside and she said ‘No’.

So to go in as the captain of Arsenal Football Club is more than an honour."

courtesy of
it's really2 good to see my gunners get the once in a lifetime chance to meet Queen Elizabeth II in Buckingham Palace. especially after she couldn't open emirates stadium back in october. hopefully gunners can reward her kindness by playing above par and winning trophies *uefa champions league, fa cup, and carling cup* for her majesty.
*blisfully happy*

it's been a great day, i'm lovin this for me money isn't necessary when i'm feeling happy with myself, my loved ones, and my life. i feel blessed *thank you dear God*. i know i still have to face loads of setbacks in the near future but as long i have my loved ones support and of course my almighty God guidance i know i can face those setbacks one by one. for a lot of people money is the essential but for me nothing can buy me a happiness including wealth. of course money is a basic necessity *to pay bills and buy groceries* but without love and support from my loved ones how can i be happy?

watching football *soccer* also one of my ways on making myself happy. my sister was the one who introduced me to soccer *and the gorgeous soccerstars*. she's in love with david beckham since she was a kid i think it's been 10 years. my grandma was a big fan of local soccer too so sad she had to leave so soon. we hadn't been able to share tips yet hehe. my dad is also a big fan of soccer, and he likes to watch gilmore girls with me just to accompany me *love u dadda* when we're waiting for the game to start. me and my sist have 6 jersies *3 of them are gunners*, and we're planning on multiplying them hehe. because we have found the best store to check out some jersies.

reading books can also boost my mood. currently i'm reading james patterson's violets are blue, it's my sist's book. she has loads of great books, she has encouraged me many times to read one but i thought the books were hard to understand. honestly, it's the best advice my sist has given me all this time. my fav books are by patricia cornwell's kay scarpetta, james patterson's lidnsay boxer, qie xiaolong's inspector chen *i hope i spelled correctly*. and of course i alwasy love everything by mary higgins clark. my sist dislike danielle steel because it's a romance but i have six of danielle steel's novel because my friend encouraged me to read danielle steel's novel. my favourite danielle steel's novel is granny dan, i think it's the most entertaning yet classy. i wish i had been reading since i was a kid coz i've been missing out quite a lot. i'm planning to continue collect more good books so i can recommend those books to others. insya allah i will have my own bookstores or open my own crime-stories library *amiien*.

listening music while i'm writing is a very2 good therapist especially during my poem time. i've always loved music and movies all my life, i have two ipods and one jbl speaker that makes me feel complete everytime i need some entertainment. i think music really2 helps me getting through the rough patches. for me music will never die in my heart it will always and forever be my top priority!

last but far from bottom least, being around my family and loved ones really2 give me strength to move on and living my live. they give me peace and of course the warmth i feel everytime i hug my mom. i hope other people can also feel grateful for what they have although it's far from perfect. be proud of what you have and don't forget to be grateful because the more you bow yourself the more you'll get.

signing off,



The FA could be faced with the embarrassing prospect of empty seats in England's away section for games against Israel and Andorra. Only three-quarters of the ticket allocation for the games has been taken up, and the FA have made a direct appeal to the supporters' group englandfans.

England are famed for taking a mammoth contingent of fans to away games and tournaments, but the news comes on the back of a dismal run.

Steve McClaren's side are without a win in four games, and were booed off after a pedestrian 1-0 friendly defeat at home to Spain this month.

One member of englandfans told the Daily Telegraph: "Maybe fans are voting with their feet or their wallets.

"It's surprising, really, because England fans have usually bankrupted themselves following England all over the world."

Security concerns have been cited as a reason why fans are staying away from the crucial Israel fixture on March 24, with 1,000 tickets unsold.

Meanwhile the trip to face Andorra in Barcelona's Olympic Stadium has even more places available, with 3,000 of the 12,000 allocation still up for grabs.
perhaps by sacking ste-c *current england manager* would boost up the ticket sales. BRING BACK BECKS!! we as fans want to see the greatest set piece by the only one set-piece master DAVID BECKHAM!!none of the midfielder in england could be like him!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

who should i blame? *hmm*

1. Who would you want to be tied to for 24 hours?
*someone who can make me laugh and feeling lucky all the time

2. Who do you blame for your mood today?
*i'm on a happy mode -happiest- thanks to yesterday's arsenal vs bolton 3-1 away win.

3. Have you ever seen a dead body?
* on tv, yes

4. What should we do w/ stupid people?
* teach them!

5. How long do you think you will live?
* dunno only God knows the answer.

6. What was the first thing you did this morning?
*looking for my mom.

7. The color of carpet in your bedroom?
*usually it's pink now it's a black

8. Last person you went out to dinner with?
*my mom and my sist

9. Are you spoiled?
*maybe it's a yes

10. Do you drink lot of water?
*i have to part of my healthy diet

11. How do you express your anger?
*by cursing to my sist or making poems while listening to itunes

12. The last compliment you received?
*dun realy remember

13. Do you look more like your mother or father?
*i wish i had the looks of my mother but we do have the same personalities, yes i was born looking like my father

14. When was the last time you threw up?
*dun remember..i almost throw up most of the times -yikes!!-

15. Who are your best friends?
*almighty God, my family and my loved ones

17. What theme does your room have?
*dun hv any themes it's a normal room with a very2 big david beckham's picture hanging on an expensive frame -blah-

18. Are you a momma's child or adaddy's child?
*kind of both..i'm extremely close to them

19. Would you ever join the military?
*my mom would never let me even when i was in girls scout my mom freaked out

20. The last websites you visited?
*perez of course the best goss-blog ever

21. Who was the last person you took a picture with?
*my sist, yesterday when we were trying to pose different in taking pictures

22. Last person you went to the movies with?
*my sist i guess it was few months a go

23. The last person you stared at?
*my mom b4 i went back to my room

24. Number of pillows on your bed?

25. Is anything alive in your room?
*mebbe dave-b is alive

26. Today, would you rather go back aweek or go forward a week?

27. What is your current goal toachieve?
*'s boring to have certain goals to achieve i like surprises i live my life the best that i could, mebbe because i went through so much till the point where i let God lead me in this life.

28.Define love:
*L.O.V.E is complicated i can never explain it as time goes by the meaning is getting weirder and stranger to me love is not only by words abut also by what you're doing it's something i always have even when i was single or taken, it's deep inside of me, how i respect someone, being totally honest, and taking a good care of myself and people that i care.

29. How is your hair?
*inexplainable -is that correct?-

30. What are your current worries?
*my stomachache

31. Do you have plans for holidays?
*i do have plans for holidays but the prob is -when?-

32. which is the best place to get an inspiration, bathroom or your room?
*in my room all alone in front of my comp with itunes on

33. do you prefer "white lies" or"painful truth"?
*always truth i'm a realistic person i don't care if it's painful or whatever i only have heart for truth

34. let say you meet a new friend that(in your point of view) perfect, will you leave your old friend?
*why shud i leave my old buds? i will befriend with this new bud and stay connected with my old buds

35. how if one of your friend cheat on you?
*it had happened a while a go and i've gotten over it it was hard and part of me was totally damaged but at least i've learned so many beautiful things since then

36. why do you think people always fight about religion?
*it's a damn politic!

37. will you dare to tell that you are in love w him/her in front of them to have a free concert tickets(from any of your fav band)?
*gosh i'm a shy person i'm not gonna tell-all about my feelings if i happen to like him but it will be a great chance to get to know him plus i get to se my fav band. but the truth is i'm not gonna go to a concert even if i have to -traumatic incident-

38. do you ever think about the future?how you'll gonna die?
*i think about my future but how am i gonna die pheww that's awful

39. miss school times?
*nope hopefully never.i've reached a better place with a better me i'm not thinking about my past anymore.

40. how would you like to describe your best friends?
*reliable, honest, silly, lovely.

how could i forget the way you treated me the other day. how could i brush off these dirts you put on me. how am i goin to live with all the blame you pointing at me. now youre gone, how am i supposed to continue my disjointed life. years after years made me believe your agonizing lies could put me through peacefully. terrorozing blue eyes kept me out in the cold of freezing night. what should have i done to make them better to even please you beyond believe. much have been done and i was totally over it, but you made me remember clearly at each one of the scene you gave to me. said they would help me think better and move faster than any other living creatures. they helped indeed. took no time for me to bolt as soon as i was dicovered. i dont feel the blame though coz i knew what it would become for faint heart like him. he had been even gone before i came about his shadow. running like headless chicken, believing whatever things he have in mind. his belief didnt help him any better than we could. no turning back and no backs turned against us, the rule says out loud.

since your departure, these patches didnt lose their grip on me and becoming stronger day by day. could i care less? or probably you would come over and help me put them off my shirt. pity to say you cant help me any longer though i knew i wouldnt miss seeing your cynical smile toward me everytime your off the bed. i did try but perhaps certain things didnt work out fine for me since you took hold on me in your filthy arms. confused to what took you so long to come across the room. its pity to see you helpless and lifeless, though i admit i kinda enjoying my time looking at you looked back at me without your cynical smile. i may not be able to walk out here alive, but i was already dead by the time you lay your eyes on me.

LB.....thx for the inspiration

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


starting my day today without much events wasnt a bad idea. ive been having these particular days without much hassle coz im a practical person. if someone makes my day, i just look up and say " God pls give me your guidance". if things dont happen in my way, its probably one of those days in life. all my life, up till now, still wondering why there are differences between us, human. some ppl dont take these differences lightly. banning ppl from other color is one of the actions taken by ppl who stamped freedom are restricted to those who can claim it. those ppl who are qualified to redeem the freedom will be, of course, sitting on high ranking above 'the others' who can only crawl to a certain level of hierarchy. but how exactly, different means literally. according to oxford dictionary, different means unusual, unlike, seperate. does this apply to our life? yes inedeed, how it cannot. we describe unusual event as different, although not in distinctive way. however, the word seperate from how we perceive the word different attracts me the most. some ppl tend to use the word 'different' to elaborate impossible way to reach the other end, or in another word unlikely. theres one person standing in the doorway waiting for an explanation from his/her partner regarding their ongoing relationship. this person could choose either to stay or to leave. when one chooses to stand firm, theres a 90% chance a song from jim brickman titled my valentine banging in our ears pathetically. i can imagine a hindustan movie with a couple rolling on the ground after the confession, but i dont want to visualize it now. then again, this person could also bolt, leaving his/her partner mouth gaped widely open.

how many ppl leave his/her partner breathlessly at the door and giving nothin but a lame reason as there are too many differences to cope with?. i dont know about you but from what i read in newspapers, magazines etc out of 10 celebs 8 would choose the above reason to file or seek permanent solution to their marriage hiccups. anyway, are those differences dispensable? not in million yrs. differences could be made out of nothin. used to like his bushy hair and after some tense moments, that bushy hair seems ugly and disgusting. what will be said in the document? bushy hair made the difference.

i realized, differences are there for us to notice and its up to each one of us to deal with it. i noticed one of my friends toes dont go along with her tiny feet but does that bother me in the first place? it could have. but i wasnt in the middle of civil war with her, so her toes looked fine to me. i cant imagine if somehow i managed to pick a fight with her over a banana or hair clips? i might have broken all of her toes and toss them into a dumpster. differences do matter when we are at the state of confrontation. when we are at ease, they vanish from our sight but never stop picking up a precious moment to catch our time of sickness. once this happened, a lot of ppl could suffer and probably lose their life. for example, a case that occured a long time ago. what happened in US when KKK handled laws into their own hands?. all blacks were at fault whenever a fight broke off between black men and white men and sent to prison for quite some time before being released, unless they die in prison even before the trial started then the soul could only be freed fairly. segregation made to benefit some ppl who think their freedom and joy have been revoked since the growing population of immigrants. these immigrants were being held to as many crimes as ones could think of and sometimes were 'boxed' in without a trial. cruel? unfair? improper? well it was the way things done some yrs ago. although i find it funny these 'differences' or i rather call it segregation still running wild in our life at present time.

a movie called for one night broadcasted in hallmark channel seemed a bit hideous title for a movie. it reminds me of a novel i am currently reading about sex crimes that haunt young teenagers or perhaps older women into their glittering traps. sex crime for another post, today is especially focused on this movie. saw the ad by chance almost caught me off guard. quickly grabbed my phone to jot down the premiere. it turned out to be a good movie to watch during weekdays. it could have been better if the producers were brave ebough to dig down a lil deeper about how this community in lousiana deal with the segregation each day, esp the african american. honestly, i havent heard bout two proms in my life. my first thought would be, day one being held at school and day two, doing it somewhere out the state. was it right? WRONG. two proms are for blacks and whites. two completely different venue but the same rank, seniors. these seniors, blacks and whites hang out everyday at school. it doesnt matter whether its homeworks time or just kick about in cafetaria for the sake of good time, they'd be doin it. but when it comes to prom theres only one answer, no unified proms. funny? i think its puzzling. according to the movie, they have been doin it for number of yrs and goin to keep it for yrs to come. its tradition and it will never be ended no matter what we say. im curious about when and who was behind the decision to have two seperate proms in the same year?. it might have been made several yrs back when john kennedy had been alive and hadnt thought of becoming president. it'd be best if they could alter the 'tradition' into more civic ways that fits our present customs. but who am i pressuring those ppl? nothin can be done because it will break their rights to usher tradition in their own ways. oh my, it was considered unlawful and now a tradition?. perhaps that explanation serves me better for now. who am i to judge?. i am no one but an outsider who happened to live outside lousiana and US. probably someday i'll get answers on my questions, or will they remain open until i closed my eyes?.

Beckham Rising

You just can't keep the man down. After a long absence from the Real Madrid squad David Beckham is rising once again. Don Fabio Capello has finally given in and included Becks in the list of players making the trip to Real Sociedad this Saturday. The Madrid coach is hoping that his presence will help spur the floundering team on to a much needed victory. Beckham has gone through some very difficult times in his career and has always managed to overcome. Love him or hate him, he has a resilience that always earns the respect of his teammates and always sees him rise above difficult challenges. Ever since Becks signed for LA, there have been a number of articles written about the man: some hailing him as the savior of US soccer, some saying he is not worth the money, and others saying that he is just flat out not a good player. I fall on the side of the fence that believes he is an excellent teammate, a damn hard worker and deserves to be respected as such.
Here is why: For starters, Fabio Capello is the General George Patton of coaches. He is extremely difficult to please and for Beckham to work hard enough to get back into the team, after all Capello has said about the MLS contract and going behind Madrid's back, is amazing. Don Fabio has taken the hard line stance against some players at Madrid in a mafia-like fashion. If you disrespect the family, you sleep with the fishes. Poor Antonio Cassano learned that the hard way after his petulance relegated him to the fringe, as did a certain Ronaldo who, as we all know, ended up in Milan. But Beckham, by being himself, which means showing up day after day to work and train and never back down, has thrown off the dunce cap and returned to the front of the class. Capello has recognized his mistake and apologized. And when Capello is forced to apologize, that, in and of itself, is a miracle.
Secondly, David Beckham's teammates have had his back from the start of this mess. At every press conference since the news about Beckham broke, Madrid's players, down to the man, have stood up for ol' Becks. Iker Casillas was very candid about his sadness saying he would lose a good friend and teammate. Salgado mentioned that Beckham should be in the team.
Finally, when one of the sacred cows of Madrid, Guti, said that Beckham should be free to help the squad, Capello had to listen. All the evidence points to Becks being not only a world class professional, but a world class teammate as well.
Thirdly, Real Madrid need his help. Capello likes wingers who are fast, take players on and press forward into the opponent's box. Beckham has none of these qualities. What he does have, however, is a level of experience about how to win important games, an uncanny ability to posses the ball and supply strikers with gilt-edged opportunities to score. Madrid has lost their last two (without scoring a goal) and their last four out of six and are in desperate need of a win. Reyes and Robinho look like shadows of their former selves and Ruud needs some service. In tactical terms, Don Fabio doesn't have many other options than Goldenballs himself.After being sent off in the 1998 World Cup, Beckham faced a nasty reception from fans back in England, but he persevered and ended up winning a treble with Man U in 1999. After falling out with Sir Alex Ferguson in 2003 he made the move to become the most marketable footballer on the planet at Real Madrid. After being dropped from the English National Team and losing his starting spot at Madrid he signed with L.A. to bring an unprecedented level of notoriety to the league. Now he has won his place back at Real Madrid. Whether you love him or hate him, you have to admit, there is just no keeping the man down.

Published Friday, February 09, 2007 2:27 PM by ElDane
i came across an article from by chance and hadnt thought that it would be THAT good. i know there are some reporters out there who would like to be rocognized as anti-beckham, but this is somethin. i dont know if this person is one of the reporters but he does have a point. beckham is not a regular player who any managers can put aside easily and be forgotten for ages. he stood up once in WC 06 and he has done it once more last week in sociedads match. at least, capello understands becks capability and hopefully, he will be played in important matches coz right now capello realizes who he can count on till the end of season.

Cannavaro trusts his team's chances for the upcoming month's crucial encountersThe Italian central defender hides behind nothing and no one, both inside and outside the pitch. He confesses that he's not at his best “on an individual level” and that the team is not playing well, but he puts all his chips behind the team's show of character for the tough matches they will play in the next four weeks. “We have to try to do well. If not, we're outtie,” underlined Cannavaro.
Fabio, you've got a complicated month lying ahead. Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona, etc.
We will face top teams and we will get to see by the end of this month what form Real Madrid are in and if they're in the short list for the titles.

Do you feel capable of pulling through such a succession of tough matches?
It is true that we haven't played well in the last month, but we were also missing many players who were either injured or suspended. Slowly, they're coming back. Today, for example, Roberto Carlos trained with us. We are well aware that this month is decisive... the moment of truth. There are tough teams like Bayern who are beatable under a two-match tie format.
Would you like Capello to do with Cassano what he did with Beckham?
Let's hope, but it's the Club who decides these things. We would like Antonio to come back with the group. He trains all week and then goes home. You have to respect Club decisions in any event.
We have yet to see the best version of Cannavaro in Spain.
We shouldn't be alarmists. The season is not lost: we're five points behind the leader in the League. We know that there has to be a lot of improvement in relation to the last six months, both on an individual and on a collective level. This is where we're at and we have to try to do our best. If not, we're outtie!

What do you think about Samuel Etoo’o's reaction just yesterday, when he refused to play?
Those are Barcelona's problems.

Some newspapers have published that you could be part of the deal to sign Kaká for Real Madrid. Would you like to go back to Italy?
Not now. I'm doing fine here. These are Club decisions that we will talk through at the end of the season.

Is it proving hard to adapt to La Liga It's been a tough last six months.
After the World Cup, I have travelled a lot. A footballer does not only have to be physically fit, but he has to be mentally focused. Spanish football is different to all the rest.

Did you think so much was going to happen at Real Madrid in these six months?
That's football for you. Things can't always turn out right. I knew that Madrid had not won anything in three years and that the going was going to be tough. We're here to try new ways, but you can't win all the time. That's the way football works.
Were you happy when you learned that Beckham was on the teamsheet on Saturday?
Of course. We were all happy. We work together all week long. I don't like it when a teammate is excluded from the call-up. We're all here to do right by Real Madrid.

Do you think Capello is suffering with all the rumours about being fired?
I don't know. Normal people don't like that. But he's not your average man. He likes things to be different. Maybe he likes the heat surrounding the team right now. Someone with his experience knows that football is tied to the results. If you win, everything's better.

Do you think Ronaldo will succeed in Italy?
I hope he does. He's a footballer I really like. Let's hope he picks up his best form.
With Beckham back, it seems like Capello is not as serious and tough as he was ten years ago.
The Club sees a player who's doing everything right. He trains and works hard. We can all make mistakes. It's normal. It's good and normal to make amends.

What do you think of the problems in Italy with the tifosi
It's not good for Italian football after all the problems we had before the World Cup. There's social alarm after the dead policeman in Catania.

Your adversaries find it easy to create scoring opportunities.
It's hard when you're coming from behind on the scoreboard ten minutes into the game. The team has to work twice as much and orchestrate more chances while the rivals have one opportunity and they score.
courtesy of

the door shall not be closed..
(it's beckham in the best form ever)
DAVID BECKHAM has proved Real Madrid coach Fabio Capello wrong — but can he do the same at international level to Steve McClaren?

Having been dropped from McClaren's first England squad at the start of the season — and excluded ever since — Beckham's career appeared to hit an all-time low last month when he was told he would never play for Madrid again.

Capello had been angered by the ex-England skipper's decision to quit Spain in the summer to move to America with LA Galaxy.

But Real's form in La Liga dipped dramatically and, facing a third straight defeat, Capello handed Beckham a recall for the weekend game at Real Sociedad.

The iconic midfielder responded in the best way possible.

With his side a goal down, Beckham curled in a 37th-minute free-kick to equalise and inspire a comeback that saw Madrid run out eventual 2-1 winners.

According to the local media, it also saved Capello his job.

Now it is England boss McClaren who is feeling the heat.

Wednesday's 1-0 defeat by Spain left the Three Lions without a win in four international matches and for the first time the under-fire coach appears to be contemplating a U-turn.

Asked whether he would consider using Beckham, McClaren said that he had never "closed the door" on the possibility of us seeing him in an England shirt again.
England face two crunch Euro 2008 qualifying ties in March, away against Israel and Andorra, and two victories are needed to boost our hopes — and keep McClaren in his job.

During a run of two draws and two defeats, England's midfield have struggled to find the right balance with Frank Lampard out of form on the international stage and Shaun Wright-Phillips and Scott Parker failing to impress on their outings.

There has also been a distinct lack of success or indeed imagination from free-kicks and corners in the absence of former dead-ball specialist Becks.

Beckham believes he still has a lot to offer his country and McClaren may now be forced to agree with him.
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Monday, February 12, 2007


DAVID BECKHAM rammed Fabio Capello’s insults back down his throat — while saving Real Madrid’s Italian boss from the sack.

Former England skipper Becks, 31, scored a stunning free-kick after Capello had branded him a dead-ball flop and questioned his commitment during six games as a Bernabeu outcast.

But the midfield star’s wonder-strike inspired a 2-1 comeback at Real Sociedad on Saturday night to earn under-fire Capello a stay of execution.

And Capello accepted that he had to eat his words after Beckham’s brilliant performance and Ruud Van Nistelrooy’s winner kept him in a job — for the time being.

Capello said: “It’s true I said publicly that he hadn’t scored many goals from free-kicks.

“The goals he scores have to be important
and the one he scored was very important.

“I’ve already said that correcting mistakes is what someone intelligent does.

“Beckham deserved it and I don’t have to ask him for forgiveness.

“I’ve given thanks to all the players. I’ve never been afraid for my job during a match. I’ve always had confidence.”

Beckham’s third goal in seven La Liga starts means he has won his battle to be part of Real’s title and Champions League fight before joining LA Galaxy in the summer.

And Van Nistelrooy is delighted Becks is back.

The ex-Manchester United hitman beamed: “Beckham has been fantastic. His attitude is unquestionable and I’m happy for him.

“When you go a month without playing it’s not easy to come back at your maximum level but he always trains well and his attitude is positive. His goal was crucial.”

After the victory at Anoeta, the coach of Real Madrid appeared before the press in his customary post-match presser. He was proud of the football displayed by his squad. "I never lost faith in my players," said the Italian manager, who also congratulated David Beckham on his free kick, stating, "His goal was essential for us. He's played a great game."

“I spoke with Beckham twice last week and only we know what we said to each other. Regarding my comment about his free kick efficiency, I said that he had not scored many set piece goals up to this point. However, today he scored an essential goal for us.”

“I have always said the same thing in my press conferences. I will repeat it again. Beckham is an intelligent person and he has always displayed a commendable attitude.” “Over the last few weeks, he has trained well and today he played a great match. I like to look ahead to the future instead of back to the past.”

“There was still a lot of time left in the game when they scored. I never lost faith in the players. They reacted perfectly. I thanked them all after the game for their performance tonight.”
“Yesterday, they asked me how I felt and I said that I was calm because I know the work I am doing here.

That is why we're still there. Our chances are intact and now we're looking ahead to the upcoming Champions League game. We want to do well in both competitions. I don't really mind what other people think.”

“It was a good game. I really liked the spirit. We started giving away a goal to Real Sociedad, but I liked the team. Our rival was physically strong and they are also fighting to avoid relegation, so that complicated things during the match."

“I saw the play where the fans demanded the second yellow card for Cannavaro and it would have been unfair. Cannavaro stopped in front of the player and he did not foul him. He stayed put and never stuck his foot in, as they claimed.”

Report by Luis NavarroPhotos by Ángel MartínezSpecial correspondents to Saint SebastianTranslation by Luis Orueta from real madrid official website

David Beckham earned the plaudits of his team mates, Fabio Capello and the Spanish media after he marked his return with a goal that helped Real Madrid to a 2-1 comeback victory at Real Sociedad on Saturday. Beckham, sidelined for a month by Capello following his announcement that he would join MLS side LA Galaxy at the end of the season, cancelled out Sociedad's early lead with a trademark free kick eight minutes before halftime.

Ruud van Nistelrooy secured the victory with a brave header, three minutes into the second half to give Real their first points in three games. "Beckham spares the life of his executioner," was Marca's verdict on the midfielder's goal, saying that Capello was in debt to the former England captain after his performance. "A gift from Beckham to Capello," was El Pais's description of the goal, while most papers were agreed that the victory had saved the former Juventus coach from dismissal. Capello, who said Beckham's professional attitude in training had persuaded him to reverse his decision to exclude him for the rest of the season, was delighted with his performance.

Ruud van Nistelrooy secured the victory with a brave header, three minutes into the second half to give Real their first points in three games. "Beckham spares the life of his executioner," was Marca's verdict on the midfielder's goal, saying that Capello was in debt to the former England captain after his performance. "A gift from Beckham to Capello," was El Pais's description of the goal, while most papers were agreed that the victory had saved the former Juventus coach from dismissal. Capello, who said Beckham's professional attitude in training had persuaded him to reverse his decision to exclude him for the rest of the season, was delighted with his performance.
"You have to be happy when players score important goals and David's goal was very important," the Italian told a news conference after the game. "He played a great game and deserves the credit.""As I said before, the mark of an intelligent person is one who knows how to rectify his mistakes." Van Nistelrooy also heaped praise on his former Manchester United colleague. "Beckham has been fantastic, his attitude has been brilliant," said the Dutchman. "When you go for a month without playing it isn't easy to be at your best but he always trains hard and has a very positive attitude. That's why you can always bet on him. It was a great day for him."

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Following on from comments with regards to England's struggles as an international side, Arsène Wenger has branded international football boring.

The comments came after Middlesbrough chairman Steve Gibson blamed Arsenal for England's failure to beat Spain and not having a successful World Cup campaign.

Wenger said: "National football is boring. Club football has moved forward and national football has gone backwards.

"I'm not the fault for England's frustrations.

"It's a vicious circle because your expectation level is very high and when England go to the World Cup, you expect England to win it.

"You cannot go overboard in February about a friendly against Spain who have a good team.
"England have good players — Dyer, Carrick, Rooney. You have to accept you can lose sometimes."
its totally ridiculous blaming other ppl just bcoz they dont have a good enough manager to handle national side. why this so called chairman of m'boro steve gibson (wondering why chairman of the club goes by the name steve gibson in rhyme with former manager m'boro ste-c) chirping about england failure in a wrong direction. probably its time for england to look at their own weaknesses rather than pointing at someone elses nose. what do you expect from a manager who only managed guiding his former club to UEFA cup final. its too much for a man such as ste-c. if youre not good enough, why would arsene wenger bother to look. i believe hes a manager with the ability to differenciate between personal judements and his work. he picked theo walcott, out of only God knows how many young talents out there, and hes english. so steve....mind your own club and perhaps it would be better if you could start a massive search around england to get another bobby robson, bobby charlton etc etc.

Capello, you owe him one" - Much gloating as Fabio Capello's nemesis David Beckham bails him out, scoring in the 2-1 win against Real Sociedad - a result that may have saved the Italian's job. (Marca)

this is a good headline from sports daily marca, claiming capello would have lost his job right before beck score and brought home a victory over real sociedad. ruudtje helped his team by scoring a winning goal and secured 3 points for real madrid.

Fabio Capello has prasied David Beckham after the midfielder scored on his return to Real Madrid’s starting line-up on Saturday night.

Beckham, 31, had been told he would never play for Capello’s side again after agreeing a summer move to MLS side Los Angeles Galaxy four weeks ago.

But the former England captain re-paid the faith shown in him by netting from a trade-mark free-kick in the 2-1 win over struggling Real Sociedad.

“I have always trusted my players”, all of them,” said Capello. "Beckham has not played for a long time, but he was very good [against Sociedad] and his goal was excellent.
“I have spoken with Beckham twice the last week about his lack of success [on the pitch] in the past.

“I said that he does not score enough goals, but today he scored a very important one."
Capello also hinted that although Beckham's inclusion in the side was largely down to the current midfield injury worries at the side, his performance could see him keep his spot in the future.
He added: “I like to think about the future and not about the past. Beckham is an intelligent person and one who has much merit and talent.

“These last weeks he has trained very well, and today he has did a great performance. That is very good for him and the team.”

a good response from the manager after his nasty decision to exclude beck from the squad for few matches. this is a challenge for david beckham to gain a steady position in the team, which im 100% sure he will be able to make the cut.
David Beckham marked his return to the Real Madrid starting line-up by scoring a trademark free kIck in a 2-1 away win against struggling Real Sociedad.

Beckham levelled for Madrid after Sociedad had taken an early lead, before Ruud Van Nistelrooy eased the pressure on coach Fabio Capello by securing the win with a second half header .
In the lead up to the game it had been reported in the Spanish Press that a defeat at the hands of Sociedad would cost Fabio Capello his job as Madrid coach. With this in mind, Capello could not have been impressed with the way his team started the game.
In only the seventh minute Madrid keeper Iker Casillas was caught in two minds when attempting to deal with a deep cross and could only manage to palm the ball straight into the path of Aranburu, who dispatched a simple header from inside the six yard box to give Sociedad an early lead.

The home side were dominating possession and looked threatening when going forward. In contrast Madrid looked disjointed and bereft of confidence.
It looked as though it would take something special from one of the Madrid stars to galvanise their fortunes, and in the 36th minute David Beckham did just that, scoring a trademark free-kick to justify his recall to the Madrid team. It had looked like Bravo might have managed to keep Beckham's effort out, but he was seemingly deceived as the ball travelled through a crowded box and into the corner of the net.

The second half began in similar fashion to the first, with another goalkeeping error leading to a goal. This time it was Sociedad's Bravo who failed to deal with a Guti cross, allowing Ruud Van Nistelrooy to steal in and nod into an unguarded net.

Sociedad picked up the tempo in an attempt to find an equaliser, and the game benefited from this change in approach, with both teams showing desire in abundance.
Although they had the momentum for much of the second half, Sociedad could not breach the Madrid defence, and Capello's men held on to earn three hard fought points from a game that will be remembered for Beckham's stunning return to the Madrid team.

it was a bad start from real madrid came in from behind, i think it has always been a great feeling to score after conceading; that could only mean one thing, passion and determination. it was the 'show' david beckham showed last night and what he earned was no less than respect from his teammates. being treated terribly didnt mean he could walk out from his team and tried nothin. hes always been different from any other players. WC 98 is the best example among all. half of his countrymen despised him and considered him as a joke, but it didnt stop him from claiming title with Man Utd. gladly, MU boss alex ferguson backed him up all the way as well as his teammates. nevertheless, it was a painful experience for him as a footballer and graced him a precious lesson from that moment on. since that date, beck turned into a different kind player fueled with passion for football in a greater level. it seemed his awful experience booted out from MU never stop haunting him as bad luck kept his eyes on becks. for 3 consecutive yrs real have failed to win major trophies both domestically and regionally. having 5 coaches in only 2 1/2 yrs made things even harder and heavier.

only starting for few matches this season doesnt stop becks to earn every minutes hes been given to make somethin special. his comebacks have always been phenomenal and regarded as the right moment for him to answer critics. frozen out by capello about a month ago meant everything to him. at the age 31 he wants to give his best for the fans and the team esp, when he'll be leaving bernabeu soon. however, capello thought otherwise and given him a 'punishment' not to be allowed to wear white shirt till his contract runs out which is this summer. however, mounting pressure on capello following worse defeat last week in santiago bernabeu pushed capello over the edge and made him back down on his own words. he let becks to start last night and it proved to be a good decision. becks took the free kick and leveled the game in 37 mins. and in the second half, ruudtje took the lead for real madrid and brought home a precious 3 points. it was an important win for real madrid as there were reports that fabio capello would have been a former real madrid manager if real had lost again. no one can verify the report but it wasnt necessary right now to discuss the managers future as real madrid need to concentrate even harder in the next matches. hopefully, they can gain more points in upcoming matches to get closer to la liga winter champions barcelona.

ps: i love his new boots....charming

From The Sunday Times
February 11, 2007

It’s pure Hollywood

The estranged superstar made a surprise return for Real Madrid - and inevitably stole the show
Ian Hawkey in Spain

So who does write his scripts? And where does this rank in the never-ending saga of David Beckham comebacks? Not quite like the 90th-minute howitzer against Greece, perhaps, but it was pretty sweet judging by his beatific smile after Real Madrid had reversed a 1-0 deficit against Real Sociedad last night with one man squarely, rightly and dramatically attracting a heavy proportion of the credit. You know who.

Act One: a month after being told by Madrid coach Fabio Capello he would never play for him again, Capello picks Beckham.

Act Two: a fortnight after Capello told everyone who cared to listen that the former free-kick genius was worth a mere “two or three” goals from dead balls across his entire Madrid career, Beckham scores with a set piece.

Acts Three and Four follow naturally: Beckham turns the match around. Capello owes him one. And this story has legs.

Next episode, Act Five: Saturday night at the Bernabeu, followed by Bayern Munich there three days later.

If the first surprise had been the Beckham recall, after his exile and punishment for having committed his future, as of June, to the USA, the second surprise had been a place in Madrid’s starting XI. Beckham effectively leapt not just from exile but from about 23rd in Capello’s hierarchy to rather near the top. Six days earlier, even a footballer who had not kicked a ball in competition for two and half years, one Oscar Minambres, had been preferred as cover for Beckham’s flank. Suddenly, Beckham moved from outsider straight in at outside right.
It could not have been because Capello took Beckham for a lucky omen. Beckham had started five league games this season, only one of which Madrid won. But Capello needed to review something. Following an aggressive display of frustration from fans at the Bernabeu the previous weekend, it was once again ultimatum time for a Madrid head coach, and Capello’s points of principle seem less fixed with each passing day. He is the martinet who vetoed the sale of Ronaldo in one transfer window and endorsed it in the next. He is the iron-willed governor who told his president to stake his mortgage on the solidity his favoured signing, midfielder Mahamadou Diarra, would give the team. Diarra began on the bench last night.
And Capello is the coach who argued that Beckham’s commitment to a future in LA meant that he could no longer give his best for Madrid. Well, the former England captain gave his all last night, even if Madrid started badly, conceding a sloppy early goal when keeper Iker Casillas palmed out a cross for Aranburu to head home from inside the six-yard box. Capello was staring crisis full in the face.

No trip to the Basque country by the club from the Spanish capital is ever serene and comfy, and there are members of this Madrid side who have capitulated here before. Beckham responded to the setback with urgency. Not all his passes were perfect, but he exuded gumption: here an encouragement for Sergio Ramos, there a quickly taken free kick from halfway, designed to shake off Madrid’s languor, surprise the opposition, but alas too urgent for some colleagues. Beckham had verve and looked like a man who had spent too long in the “cooler” at Camp Capello. The rest of Real played like Capello’s Madrid, ponderous, insecure.
Beckham’s goal, though, perked them all up. A clever piece of work it was, too, not an orthodox Beckham dipper over a leaping wall of defenders, but one that, from 30 yards, traced a lowish, flat trajectory and hummed to the ground in an awkward no man’s land just far enough in front of goalkeeper Bravo to keep him from advancing, just near enough to put him in two minds. The poor keeper got his hands nowhere near it. It was Beckham’s 11th direct free-kick goal for Madrid.

Not long into the second half, Ruud van Nistelrooy scored the winner, and if any man is almost as pleased as Beckham to have Beckham back it will be the Dutchman, who misses the crosses and telepathy they enjoyed at Manchester United. Van Nistelrooy celebrated vividly after Beckham´s goal. “You can’t write him off,” beamed Van Nistelrooy. “He’s done this a couple of times before and now he’s proved himself again. Of course we are all pleased for him and we’re happy to have him back.”