Tuesday, December 30, 2008

excitement over becks time of play

Ronaldinho: Beckham must stay with AC Milan


Ronaldinho is excited about playing with David Beckham at AC Milan.

The Brazilian said of the on-loan LA Galaxy star: "I am very happy with the arrival of Beckham. He can help us win. If he does well, he must remain more than four months.

"In Italy, I'm still in the process of adjustment. But things are going very well in this time. The objective is doing everything possible to help Milan and also the Selecao. I hope to be among the best for many years."


news from becks

i have decided that this blog will go for becks, cesc, and other football news. it might also contain some other stuff too, considering i have other blog to accommodate my thoughts. i love this blog, that is the reason i keep it instead of abandoning completely. i guess, both of us have refrained from writing on this because we have found a page that really belong to us. we will write something of course, but won't be that often. we are passionate about football and wouldn't go by a weekend without watching a game. and by giving this page a special  'duty', i will have peace in my mind knowing that i will find a place to blab about my favorite clubs and other news surrounding football.

i came across an article in goal.com claiming that becks can still play football until he's 40 years old. rather than pondering without a single clue, let me guide you to the article.

Milan: Beckham Can Play Until 40

The Rossoneri's fitness guru has declared that old Goldenballs has another six years left in him...

When David Beckham left Real Madrid for the Los Angeles Galaxy in 2007, it was assumed he was waving goodbye to Europe and top-tier club football.

Less than two years later, however, the England midfielder is back on the continent after completing a loan switch to AC Milan, where he will spend the Major League Soccer off-season.

The Italian giants are eager to make the deal permanent, and club medic Jean-Pierre Meerseeman believes Becks, who turned 34 in May, can play on until 2015.

The Sun quoted Meerseeman as saying: “Beckham could go on for another five or six years.

“His cardiovascular readings are very good. His basic fitness is excellent. All he needs to do now is to alter his training programme slightly.”

Milan's track record in fielding veritable OAPs is impressive. Alessandro Costacurta played until the age of 41, while Paolo Maldini is still going at 40. All three of their first-team goalkeepers - Christian Abbiati, Zeljko Kalac and Dida - are in their mid 30s.

And although Beckham has not played since the MLS season ended, Meerseeman reckons he will be fit and firing within three weeks.

He continued: “We test and re-test our players in every aspect of body and mind.

“David is behind the others right now in terms of match fitness. It will take 15-20 days to reach the required level.”

Mike Maguire, Goal.com

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

half asleep

i nearly fell asleep few minutes ago. i had no idea how this could have happened? one could simply say, "you need your break, give it a rest will ya". i can't sleep right now although i really want to. a lot of things have been burning inside of my head and i am hopeless to get them out of mind. if i decided to have a sleep right at this moment, i would probably be waking up for the next hours unable to close my eyelids. still, i can't barely holding the urge to close my eyes. i need to work on my sleep hours though. sleeping past 12am doesn't help refresh my look. i have to look great on that day, so no one would ridicul me in the party. i have to start make my line of reasons to avoid messed up events in the future. people like to hear someone else's bad luck, but turn their back when it's time to offer their helping hands. it is what you call life my dear and whether you like it or not you have to accept the way it is. nothing can turn it upside down unless God wants it that way. my eyes sore because of looking-non-stop-at-the-monitor activity in the past 2 hours. i am irritated for not able to open my spaceslive, and i don't know what happened to my email as i am 100% sure there will be more than 200 new messages waiting to be opened. laziness leads to destruction. i understand that i need to start check those messages but i can't bring myself to open every message and reply to its sender. most of them are just plain newsletter informing about something new has just hit the store nearby and they are going to give out 1/2 price if i buy in certain amount. irritating and confusing. those are probably lies anyway, so why bother to open them. hoaaeehhmmm....dusk is approaching. old people said, a girl shouldn't sleep when the dusk approaching; bad luck is due to tap in our life. i don't know how far those words are accountable, but sleeping at this hour may lead to soreness all over body. plus, there's something good need to be done.

red dots

well, i have never had this kind of rash before. it started when i ate delicious but poisonous prawns a couple of years ago. both of us went shopping  for groceries and found these delicious looking prawns with slightly lower price. in my understanding, eat seafood won't turn me into a swamp thing. i have had rashes before but nothing like this. when i was little i would sometime experience small rashes in some part of my body after eating seafood. but no need for me to take any medicine coz it would simply fade away. however, 2 years ago those prawns poisoned my blood and spreading it all over my body. i thought i was only having a mosquito bite and wasn't really putting much of attention as i had to pack my things to move them to our new home. but the itch got evilish on me and i couldn't stop scratching my face. i went to look in the mirror and shocked to see my face covered with red marks. without wasting any time i rushed upstairs to mom's room and quickly apply some ointment to relief the pain. it somehow got worse rather than better. it quickly spread to my other parts of my body and the pain was everwhelming. i felt like i was bitten by a dozen of bees and they wouldn't stop chasing me by taking turn to sting me. my sister went to help me applying ointment to all part of my body. i was puzzled and shocked at the same time. i know i have always had distant allergic to seafood but never got it worse than itches. i thought it was over and nothing could have ever happened to me again. i was wrong, of course as those rashes came back and haunt me for years to come. i had my dinner with my parents and decided to have it in my dad's favorite restaurant which offers seafood as their main dish. not thinking any bad thing could have happened to me, i had wonderful time that night. though an hour later, rashes had started to show their existence. but i didn't think anythng else that night as those rashes were gone the next morning. it went like that for weeks, until one night i was suspicious to what had befallen me in the past few weeks. to make it short, i went to my mom and said those rashes could have caused by prawns i had few weeks earlier. it was confirmed even further when i had soy sauce chicken the next day, i had ridiculous rashes on my back. the dish was of course, mixed with oyster sauce to live up the sensation. since then, i had to avoid any kind of seafood in many different occassions. to my annoyance, seafood is one of my favorite dish and prawn holds the number one spot. although i have visited doctors to cure this irritating allergy, nothing has come close to stop it except for only 2 days. as soon as my medicine runs out, i will suffer with rashes once more and it hurts me a lot. this rash is unlike any kind of itches i have had before. they burn my skin and continuously disturb my peace by scratching every now and then. no medicine can stop the pain of scratching. i wonder when i will be able to eat like i used to. i don't have to worry about what's inside in the dish. and i can be free from taking medicine once and for all. when and how?

do bee doo

i am not in the mood in talking rubbish today. my previous posts weren't exactly written today and i am sorry if they somehow telling you outdated stories. i am, no doubt, happy about new arrival of old dslr in our household. other people might perceive it as lack of tech savvy. but who cares about what others think? it is time for us to learn something from the beginning. it is indeed will be a waste of money to buy film everytime it 'dings' and roll it back for us to extract it and replace with a new one. a huge different between an old and a new dslr camera is the effectiveness. with new and complicated updates for each series, has helped new dslr gained popularity. we no longer need bunch of film rolls in order to take photos in our everyday life. by using the same camera we can take any kind of photos in any given situation. not satisfied with picture taken? simply push the delete button and voila! it's gone, no more waste of space. however, i will be more than happy to take in an old camera since i can learn taking photos with any kind of camera, both new and old. besides, what's new without an old ones?.

she won't be happy

i talked about dad's shawl earlier and won't discuss it again. i can still feel the joy crawling down my skin but it slowly subdue due to unforseen circumstances last night.  but i won't be talking about that either. i want to say about how happy i am after many weeks of waiting. i saw this battered old camera in flea market i had visited 2 months ago and quickly fell in love with it. the condition of the camera itself had prevented me from buying it in the first place. it didn't work the way it supposed to but the lens proved otherwise. no one in the booth could guarantee it would work as it supposed to, so i can't take any risks. me and my dad were pretty confused whether or not to have a go with it and throw it away as soon as we found it to be useless. we walk ahead knowing only that could refresh our thoughts. along the streets, there were many sellers who were willing to take bargain price from their customer and go home quickly when they had managed to sell all of their things. on the way back, my mom found cute bag from MCM dated in the 90s. my sis loved it and mom was willing to take it home no matter what. out of my hesitation whether or not to purchase the old camera, my mom had used up all of her money to purchase the cutie bag. hence, i have no budget to get the camera home with me. since i had no immediate cash in my pocket, i had to rely on my mom to buy things in the market .while at first i had no interest at all to buy anything in the market, i found the camera stood waiting for me to take it home. now she had bought the bag for my sister i was left empty handed. i wasn't pissed off and all that coz i had no reason to. the camera is old and battered and probably ruined already, therefore the MCM bag seemed a great deal. with some polishing, it will shine again like in the old days.

coincide with the title above, i want to roll out a great purchase by my dad yesterday afternoon. my sister doesn't like to be the second but i had to do this coz i can't wait any longer. finally, after many tormenting weeks my dad bought a better old camera. i am so happy i can barely breathe. here's a pic of it sitting nicely on top of my dad's shawl. o my God....this is simply too good to be true

Keren gak

show time

it is funny how often i put titles ahead of my writing. some people would leave it blank until he/she reaches end of  the paragraph and decides what title would suit his/her essay. it is comes out of my head just like that as if my head is synced into the computer. i rarely find any difficulty to fit a title for my essay, but of course no one is pefect. i did mention yeaterday that dad came talking to me over the internet that he had something to show us. well, he mentioned he bought chanel shawl after much of walking in his program of 'getting to know what's around me' kinda stuff. i am impressed by his determination to grab what is foreign to him and suprisingly, he remembers those maze like streets from anywhere in the world. he hasn't been living in the same country as we are but he still remembers exactly where to take turns and stop at the same time. he's a professional pilot and has been a pilot since bob marley sang his songs. my sister always says "dad's brain is nothing like human being. his brain is a world map with gps taking control". unlike some of us, he knows places and rarely get lost even though he has only been in the place once. when dad has gone and brought his stuff and attention to somewhere else, i usually will be the person who takes charge of getting my family home safely without going around aimlessly. when my brother forgets his parking spot, i will be showing him directions how to get there. and when both of my sister and mom trying to find a boutique, i will gladly be a tour guide. it doesn't happen everytime but mostly i will be the one who answer the call. growing up in a household that consists no  'real' elder brother, can really sting me in the ass. big gap between us dosn't mean he can be reliable and countable when things get tough. since 4 years ago i had to take that responsibility and carry it around my shoulder, so that i can keep my family intact. honestly, i want all that 'priveleges' out of my way and let me be myself once more. however, no one can turn back the clock and what's done is done. this habit of taking everything on my own hands creeps me sometime. for example, helping out. every morning my mom will do house chores, starting from brewing coffee, wash dishes, do laundry and so on and so forth. blessed with morning alarm i inherrited from my father, i usually will be the first to hear her steps bustling about in the kitchen. knowing that my sister is probably still holding her pillow tightly on her arms, i make my way to the kitchen. once i have ignored this and guilt was all over my head. i will always be the negotiator and decision maker at the same time although we usually do collective ideas before coming up to a certain solution.  this makes my life a bit of roller coster ride people...

lifting up curtains

i have shed a light on how happy i was yesterday and quickly averted to frustration in minutes. it happened again. there are those moments when i receive such happiness and soon, bad virus comes on me and pushes me over the edge. yesterday was another example of good comes with bad ones. a week ago i had the same deal and wondered whether this would be a habit. i don't have the answer coz only the Almighty posses the genuine answer for me, but i am not sure when will get the answer. sooner or later i have to deal with this matter and no matter how hard it is for me and my family, we will have to stay firm and strong coz weakness can never take us far. of course, he won't just be sitting around and wait for me to handover it this chrismas. he will push and push until nothing can be done. i have waited and this is my time to pay him back, in bad way. i sense urgency on his words and to me, he is in dire situation. i hate him with all i might but is it appropriate? i don't care and never will. i only pray this will soon be over and let me live my own life like it used to be.


it has been like this since early in the morning. clouds seem reluctant to get out of the way and let the sun shining down on us. it was the most gloomy morning i have ever encountered since moving into this apartment and i can't explain why. like some people would say 'as gloomy as my heart'. it does portray my mood, though, at the time being and i am not sure when will all the things change. when i woke up at 9 this morning, i had found out that today wouldn't have been the same day as before. pressure came mounting on my shoulders and it was ready to snap the hell out of my arms from their hinges. come to think, i already blabbed something that is far from sane earlier on. i can still see huge mist covering on top of the hill even though it is already in the afternoon. in other words, rain is yet to say good bye. it may offend other people but i like it this way. i have always find peace when it rains. there were times when i was little i would silently pray to God that He would hear my wish for rain in the middle of my prayer time. it may not be sensible to others but it did to me. there was nothing like little downpour in the afternoon accompanied by good shows on tv. i hope it will stay like this, at least for another hours or so, therefore peace may be blessed upon me, amin.

Monday, December 08, 2008

big surprise

i wasn't even realized until i finally able to see the picture clearly in laptop. took only few minutes to download when it usually absorb entire joy time i have. the title was confusing yet clarifying that something was up, but still i was far away from catching the big picture. when it had finished downloading, it was the time for me to open it up. and voila! here it was, lying on the floor and ready to be taken away. it is, of course a brand new camera, well not exactly new as it is a used digital camera, my dad has bought for my sister. i don't know how to express my thoughts as i am extremely over joy by the sight of it. can't wait to try it....

it is amazng how joy and happiness could immediately be altered into something else far more ugly. the excitement has gone down the drain and i feel completely pissed off and outraged to an extent of crashing his head.

Sunday, December 07, 2008

good comments

i found some of good comments on becks involvement in the team. not many would appreciate these people's view about becks capability both as player and leader. but who cares anyway. here are some of the words...

"He's a great leader," Klein told Sunday News.

"He's not a guy that's very vocal on the pitch but he leads by example.

"It's fantastic to be able to play with him, truly an inspiration."


"He lends his experience to the young guys in the team," Lewis said.

"He's great from a market stand-point but he's also a super player and a fantastic guy."

self note, this can be found in www.stuff.co.nz/4784837a1559.html


LA Galaxy vs Oceania all stars

espnsoccer net

Galaxy's Beckham shines against Oceania All Stars

LA Galaxy put together a strong performance to beat the Oceania All Stars 3-0 at Mt Smart Stadium in Auckland, with David Beckham looking in good form.

Beckham played a key part in all three of the first-half goals as the All Stars had little to offer against the Major League side.

The England midfielder played 80 minutes, pleasing the thousands of fans who had turned out.

Beckham had the first shot of the match with a volley which was tipped over the bar by former Manchester United team-mate Mark Bosnich.

The Galaxy were not to be denied a second time a few seconds later when Jovan Kirovski expertly controlled a long ball before blasting a fine effort into the bottom corner of the net.

Things soon turned worse for the Oceanic team when a great cross from Eddie Lewis was headed in by Alan Gordon in the 14th minute.

Play was called to a halt on the half hour mark when Beckham took a heavy fall after a tackle right on the edge of the area, but the 33-year-old picked himself up to attempt one of his trademark free-kicks.

The shot was deflected for a corner which Beckham took, finding midfielder Brandon McDonald on the far side of the box to head Galaxy into a 3-0 lead with only 32 minutes gone.

The opening 10 minutes of the second half appeared to be a practice match for the Galaxy with none of their previous urgency.

The only sour note came when midfielder Josh Tudela was sent off following a bad tackle.

Former Holland international Edgar David had a rare shot in the 79th minute, but his free-kick sailed high over the crossbar.



well, it's not a sad day as everyone had presumed as they had a glimpse on very depressing state of word, not in a physical way actually. we had planned to go to the shopping mall today to take my lil sis 'sick' mp3 player back to its 'home' coz the one she bought was obviously useless. usually mp3 player comes with a player, so a person who uses it has no difficulties in regard of uploading songs from laptop or PC. this little rascal is actually a usb and has the capacity to hold approximately 500 songs in its drive. in spite of its limited capacity, my sis was determined to bring it home. i had a this little doubt that it'd do good to her. my immature assumption earlier proved to be true. it didn't work the way it supposed to be and now to add our frustration we had to walk back to the store and find a replacement to it. this thing could happen regardless, how much we pay for something, just like my lil sister mp3 player for instance. indeed, the more we pay the higher quality we get from it but it doesn't mean no faulty experienced. after much of planning, we decided to go to the place today and have it replaced. what i am about to tell is something so fictious that one could fall off from his/her seat. i have this weird assumption, not the only one of course, explaining a very odd ocassion that is actually happening in my life. i don't know how to put on words since i have difficulties to comprehend this event in sanity perspective. here it goes: i think rain is choosing the right moment to confine me in certain places. in other words, it tries to prevent me from going to places i wanted to. there they go, people. i really mean it and i am not even laughing at the moment. no one should. whenever i decide to go somewhere, it suddenly gathers around and surrounds me like i'm a prisoner. somehow, those grumpy clouds know i am about to leave the house and decides to go along with me. well, the fun part is, i won't get sun burn. i probably going to talk about this some time later since the sun is already shining and i am about to leave. ciao everybody...(051208)

becks gold performance and arsenal's slim win

becks performance was above par during a match between LA Galaxy and oceania all star. although it was only a friendly match, becks had put everything right in its place since the beginning of match. he had numerous efforts to send the ball into the penalty area and successfully assisted his team mate to get the third goal by sending a good cross from a corner. this will be a strong signal to capello and other england team mates that david beckham is not giving up easily and ready to fight for his place no matter what. he may not be playing all matches, but at least he can still give something to the squad. i remember clearly when everything was fall apart, becks was recalled from the bench to replace shaun w.p in the beginning of the second half and helped his team to get an equaliser for england. england may have lost but one thing is lingering in everyone's head, becks can still do it. no matter how hard everyone hit him, he never backs down, instead he put up a fight and finally, win the battle. it's not easy for becks to get to be in the starting line up every now and then considering his age. but an experience player is always nedeed especially in dire situation. later on, i will post a good comment on his performance based on a report by espn soccer net. before i forgot, i need to mention one of article i came across yesterday. it was from a local newspaper and i have no idea where did it get the news from. was it reuters, afp or simpy their own report. it mentioned about becks incapability to be 'crowd puller' in his recent visit to NZ. while he attracted more than 30,000 people last year, this year statistic stood about 20,000 supporters in the stadium. i do not mean to be over defensive, but current economic crisis could have been the cause. there might have been other issues that newspaper failed to pick up before his arrival, we can never know that. i am not sure though about the ticket price, there must have been some logical reasons for lower turn up in NZ. at least, he performed well in that match so guys, shut up already.

moving on to arsenal. they won their match against mid table wigan yesterday and helped the team to get their worthy 3 points. arsenal need to start win again or they will not be able to put pressure on league leaders, liverpool. although the win didn't help arsenal to be in much closer range with their top two rivals, it could be an important stand point for everyone else to see that arsenal are starting to pick up pace. i hope the other three slip up, therefore we can gain some points and eclipse them to win premier league title. i don't remember when was the last time we held the cup up high? it must have been right before former captain patrick vieira departure to inter milan. it is by far, the worst league result for arsenal in 4 years. i don't remember seeing arsenal crumbled to man c by 3 goals to none. anyway, it's already behind us and i do hope for better results up ahead. 2 weeks from now, arsenal will be facing top leaders, liverpool. i don't know what to say or write because i actually don't. the last time i thought about humiliation, pride was all i get. beating chelsea at their home was big. but i didn't see it coming honestly. liverpool are totally different from chelsea on the other hand. not only for quality of their players but also their mental strength. many times i had seen liverpool were nearly defeated but they bounched back to win the match and not just loking for a draw. this sort of thing wenger needs to look into. i don't mean arsenal are mild or anything but so far, we haven't got the attitude to win despite conceading. playing at home has always been an advantage but failing to turn it into a result can only cast arsenal away from the league title.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008


this time i changed the color but not the font. anyway, i haven't checked my email for weeks now and it stood to 272 new messages! creepy that is. when the last time i checked lingered about 70 something, finding out to be 200 plus is somewhat frustrating. where do i have to start? i may end up shoving them to trash bin anyway. and with the internet speed as slow as traffic in NY, i may have to delay inbox checkings at this time. so, pals if i don't get your emails i am trully sorry but you can always reach me through fs and fb. my sis will check them from time to time, yay!

maddening week

i usually change the font and its color but this time, i won't be bothered. i have been checking some celeb news in the internet and found good pics of suri cruise and eva mendes. both of them are my favorite people in hollywood. well, actually suri cruise is an exception coz she's not an actress and all. she happens to be a daughter of one of the famous actor in hollywood, tom cruise. contrary to what other people say, she's adorable and has style of her own. i don't agree with some of the critics claiming that cruise's career has far from rejuvenating. don't worry tom, you can learn everything from becks who had similiarly been dubbed 'failure' after his transfer to LA Galaxy. i found cute pics of david beckham and his sons too. mummy is away to home soil england and it seems the boys can take time off watching basketball with their dad. although they don't seem to care about the game but the pics clearly tell that the beckhams are loving each other no matter what other people say. i can't wait to see him off to AC Milan this winter and play some football there with stars like ronaldinho, kaka and sheva. he won't be treated as superstar that's for sure but he has never asked to be treated like one. he can get a glimpse of italian football and i hope he can use this as an opportunity to improve his deadly ball skill, although he may be down in the pecking order since Milan have already 2 other players who can swirl the ball to the corner. i found as well that LA Galaxy forward landon donovan is due to join bayern munich this close season to get his match fitness checked. now now, gentlemen is it not an inspiring figure of david beckham? while many criticized his loan move to Milan, his teammate has taken it as an advice. MLS isn't running as long as other leagues in europe, so it will be impossible for becks to join england team without actually playing any regular match. tot spur boss harry redknapp has put a light over injury list in england camp. it seems there will be an absence in the next game as theo walcott is nursing a shoulder injury and won't be back in the nick of time. he said that aaron lennon is ready to take the winger's place. since becks is considered by many as, marginalized, lennon will definitely answer the call. my call is, let's just wait and see.article-1090668-02A6ECEE000005DC-496_468x798

camera, wedding and all the hectic schedule

dad had a mild idea of asking us to go to the 'fine' country while accompanying him taking exams and we unsuprisingly agreed with him. having the idea of going to spore and shop till we drop is fun, thinking the trip won't be as much thrilling make us down  bit. we intended to stay for not more than four days and go back on the fifth of the day of our stay. but this is the catch, we have to pack up again as soon as we reached home to get ready for our next trip to hometown. and this trip will take place right on the 2nd day of our arrival from spore. good eh? record breaking in our own way. thank goodness, our plan to spore has been canceled, so we will be able to rest before the D day. a friend of mine will get married this december and guess what? i have to wear kebaya in her wedding day. surprise to everybody, i can't question her decison and make her to accept that I HAVE NOT EVEN ONCE wear kebaya in my whole life. looks like i have to learn from now on, i won't know what will be coming in the future. learning is never fun but it is worth all the pain. anyway, my dad is planning  to buy me a dslr camera as a birthday gift, hopefully this december. and i can't wait to see it materialized in front of my eyes. i have been wanting to own a dslr camera for some time and been going to several places asking and touching them just to make sure i'll make the right choice. i still have lingering doubts over the performance of the two contenders. one thing is for sure, what is life without even taking a risk. so, i will brace to the end and whatever the result might tell me, flaw is evidently real.


becks in arsenal 4

some people might have doubts over my affection toward francesc fabregas. it has started 3 to 4 years ago when he was around 17 or 18. it wasn't much appearance for him as he came in only to replace legendary midlfielder patrick vieira. but there was something of his performance made me realize that he would become a great player someday. his ,then, immature passing but quite accurately to forwards only to get better after vieira's departure. i had to admit his cute face did help me to him notice, but cuteness seems out of my judgement since a long time ago since i am favoring footballer not a model. and now, few years from that match he became captain for arsenal. did i see it coming? well, yes absolutely. but i didn't know it would come so quick. it's about time to lead arsenal to glory. go captain cesc!...

almost a happy day

cesc goal

i am left frustrated with my bb. it doesn't actually let me down in any way, but the fact i cannot post all of my recent thoughts made me distraught even further. i wrote many things that shrouded my mind these past days, including world issues, such as riots in thailand and terrorists attack  in mumbai, india. unfortunately for me, those notes can only be sent via email and messaging services. with me out of coverage, it seems the more realistic way to post them is having my sister read the notes and i am the one who type it to laptop.  *sigh* how could this happen to me?. anyway, arsenal won their recent encounter with league leaders, chelsea and closing the gap to 7 points. sadly, liverpool had won their match as well so it won't make any difference since the crown is temporarily held by the merseyside. manu utd had also clinced a win facing their derby rival, man c. i knew man utd would have beaten man c although robinho was on the line up. they are currently too strong to beat by struggling man c. back to my beloved arsenal. when the odds are against them, arsenal have always managed to prove them wrong. for example, the man utd match few weeks ago. arsenal were badly bruised back then but had managed to steal 3 points out of their rivals, the red devils. while some bad comments were thrown into their side, wenger's young guns undeterred by all those sentiment and held their heads up high. coming to stamford bridge have always been difficult espceially when chelsea are riding up high at the moment. but it seems nothing is impossible for everyone. i have always  had faith for arsenal even though they tend to disappoint me number of times. hopefully, they can go futher...