Thursday, December 28, 2006

/undiscovered notes/
the title is my fav song ever, i think this song was my break up anthem. it defines the situation that had actually taken place with my loudmouth ex. and yes after so many pages flipped through, he still talks about me *gosh such a big fan*. i mean for me, he hurt me so much till the point where i can't even talk about him anymore. people around him believe what he says and he's buying them with lies and deceits. it's hard..i wasn't ready at all for the war. i mean i thought he'd never-ever do that *the talking, the dramas, and the stories* coz i thought i knew him quite well. and then suddenly he made fliers and showing up in events just to declare that he just broke up with an idiot and became themostwanted bachelor *as if*. it's funny coz i've been moving on quite well and i accept the separation quite differently. i keep the secrets only for me, only my sist knows the real pain. after i broke up which had happened 3 days before my *@#* birthday, i only told my sist and my bestest loyal friends, but he has been story telling even to people who hates me, people who used to have respects for me, and people that don't really have to know. it's weird coz once again i have to go through this, yesterday someone told me that my ex'd shared stories about me to some friends. i didn't expect my ex would act that way, it's pathetic to search for ppl attention. if he'd told this person some shits then i bet he'd also told the world about the inside story. if he wants me back *still* then he shouldn't have thrown pie on my face, why can't he be more realistic and a nice gentleman?no gentleman would say shits about their exs. even i didn't make up stories just to search for ppl's attention although i'm the one who dumped him. our relatinship was dysfunctional, he's dillussional, and i feel sick of him, people don't see what i saw of him. i don't have respect for him anymore, i've seen his true colors and i think he should be ashamed after killing half of me, spreading nasty rumors, and deceived me. after what had happened between me and him, i took some time off just to repay my family's and friends kindness. i build myself from ashes, and i had fun doing it. until now noone exactly hear anything from my camp and noone knows my real status. coz i don't want people to dig more, i've had enough of people trying to ruin my life.
i said goodbye to my ex coz i have my own reasons. people might say it's lame, but i believe they have the right to say anything and i have my right to keep it all to myself. i want him to know that i regret what he'd done, it'd have been lovely to be friends after we broke up. well at least God shows me his true qualities, he's a loser. i feel sorry for him, it's been long enough yet he still talks about me *unforgettable ey?*. loneliness made him do that, he realized noone would love and care about him the way i did. well afterall he lost me because of his own mistakes so he shouldn't have talked the way he talk about me coz he's the guilty part. i made the biggest mistake by letting him entering my life *gosh my teenage life vanishes when he entered*. i'm so tired of his explanations and his bullshits. i should've listened to my sist's advices, my mom's advices, and my own inner vioces. we're not meant to be together *hopefully never* and we're leading different lives *we're totally different in many ways*.
just to let him know that i feel sad the way he's been talking about me. it's not about what others might want to think or feel but it was supposed to be about me and you. you took wrong path and i feel disgusted coz you chose to put a fire between us. i wish things would have been different than this coz it's hurting when someone i cared *used to* suddenly became someone full of lies. i knew him more than he knew me even i saw deep inside of him. people misjudged him as *perfect*, he's not flawless i saw his flaws and he's not superior. i believe that someday God will talk for me, it's no use for me to talk coz for me it's O>V>E>R and it's D>O>N>E nothing left for me to defend or to talk about. it's not going to end coz i know he'll still talk no matter what so let God do the judging. it all ended long time a go, it's too late for reasons, i've moved on.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

its the first time angie come clean bout her relationship with brad pitt and my perspectives toward them have changed a little. not that i dislike them before this but her confessions bout her works, family and her future plans have totally amazed me. she and brad are not like what we thought they would be. its the same situation, if, i said if, so sudden i have gained a popularity that i alone would never imagined in years; few years after, met someone fabulous and got engaged. i most certain would get the same treatment like she is receiving at the moment. how shes embracing Gods grace after all shes been through. God opens up many steps and roads for us to choose and without doubt we would blame fate or God for our misfortunes, but have we forgotten what we have gained in our losses? priceless. i always take it as another lesson to learn coz there will be no happiness unless we tasted pain.



Can you blow a bubble?:
* sist can't..poor her
Can you dance?:
*the idiotic kind of dance?
Can you tie a cherry stem with your tongue?:
* huh?
Can you touch your toes?:
*'s easy
Can you whistle?:
Can you wiggle your ears?:
* my sist can..i can't!!
Can you wiggle your nose?:
* no, mebbe it's too big
Did you ever get into a fist fight in school?:
* almost
Did you ever run away from home?:
* of course never-ever..
Did you ever want to be a doctor?:
* yeah and it's stupid
Did you ever want to be a firefighter?:
* gosh no..i wasn't born with the equipments haha
Do you believe in God?:
* i do and will always DO
Do you know how to swim?:
* yeah, i took private lessons during primary school
i'm a better swimmer than my sist haha
Do you like roller coasters?:
* yeah but unfortch noone except my dad is willing to go with me
Do you own a bike?:
* used to..b4 i fell from my sist bike
and broke my arm
Do you think you could handle the stuff they eat on those reality shows?:
* haha no!!
Does hair loss run in your family at all?:
* i guess but mine is fine
Does your car get good gas mileage?:
* i guess..ask my sist
Does your family have family picnics?:
*'s ridiculous my dad has a very hectic schedule
Have you ever been on a plane?
* uh-huh
Have you ever asked someone out?:
* hvn't..dun hv the guts
Have you ever been asked out by someone?
* yeah
Have you ever been to the ocean?:
* yupp
Have you ever gone fishing?:
* hvn't tried..mebbe in the future
Have you ever painted your nails?:
* yeah!!i'm addicted!!luckily i hvn't been able
to paint nowadays i've been extremely busy with loads of stuff
Last person you hung out with?:
* my sist *see, we're inseparable*
Last thing you said out loud?:
* about real madrid
Last thing someone said to you?:
* shut up your voice is too loud
What are you listening to? :
* attitude by alien ant farm
What is the weather outside?:
* it's very2 cloudy not nice at all i think it just stopped raining
for about 1/2 an hour
What radio station do you listen to?:
* fly fm
What was the last restaurant you at eat?:
* my own kitchen
What was the last thing you bought?:
* fried banana yummy!!
What was the last thing you had to drink?:
* water..water..water
what was the last t.v. show you watched?:
* beside soccer, laguna beach
talked to on the phone?:
* mommy
Who is your current crush?:
* hihihi someone on my phone's wallpaper
Who was the last person you took pictures with?:
* gosh it's been a while since i took pictures
Who is in your default picture?:
* my heartthrob
Who was the last person to leave you a comment?:
* dun remember
Who was the last person you said i love you to:
* anyone special

olla..pheew after the extra-long-horrid-weekend, at last i'm turning a new blank page. real madrid was beaten by recreativo huelva by 3-0 *that's why we're in the sad mode*, luckily arsenal managed to get 6-2 with blackburn rovers *yayy!!*. yesterday me and my sist watched 4 soccer games unintentionally, man utd-chelsea vs reading-liverpool vs blackburn-arsenal vs watford. man, i had a great day yesterday. this morning me and my sist had to go to fix our internet modem coz we hdn't been able to use the internet for days and noone informed us that we had to bring our old-lame modem to get the new faster one *it's big and look ridiculous* haha. but i'm happy to be able to surf, blog, and of course i miss my perez+justjared+tms+pitb.

yesterday was the *laguna beach* day, and the episode was a bit sux especially alex *no, kyndra wasn't really on it*. i mean wake up after alex broke up with rocky, he started asking numbers from girls and now rocky's having a gr8 date with nick w suddenly he's calling rocky slut, etc. gosh that guy is such a lame ass. i'm not taking sides but that guy's a total loser. my x is almost that kind of guy too..he can't stop talking about me i guess!! haha lame..lame..lame..

i've been writing poems lately, it's already 100 something and it's very2 realieving when i'm facing something difficult or when i'm all alone in my room trying to figure out myself. it's good to know that i've grown up a bit, basically i'm still the same demanding princess in the house. but people can never see that side of me, i keep it all to my family and myself. i dunno where did i get the blood coz both of my parents aren't into poems or poet.

i'm looking forward to next week, i'm still confused on invitations from my friends. coz i've received three invitations from my friends and i just don't know what to do. maybe in the next few days i'll figure something out. maybe all i need is time and my time is running out.

signing off,


Thursday, December 21, 2006

the great escape

the great escape
i'm going thru another one
i'm taking the blame
for something i regret
i'm taking it to the grave
none of them should know
my hearts is no longer broken
nor whole
coming back would be difficult
although it's honoured
stranded in a place
i not know
these guts inside of me
these pain inside of me
if you wanna know
don't ask
see thru me
the other side of being someone
they were staring at me
suspicion look
throwing me to a deep corner
these walls keeping me
my freedom is far away
they wrapped me up in a blanket
i couldn't bare to peek
a hand kindly took me away
to a world
beside mine
as i'm standing by you
i'd have given up
long time a go
but still i'm confusing myself
they still talk
make me feel
like i'm not someone
i used to be
it's cold
when it's dark and damp
i can't feel
i still feel their hands
when it's too hard to understand
you come down
carry me to the sky
that i'd never thought existed
i feel arms around me
your smile soothes me

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

blinded bulbs/torn/waiting for you
dunno why ive been feeling a bit purple and reddish when it comes to blogging..haha mebbe its because of my fav soccer teams arsenal and real madrid. yesterday i had a bad and awful day coz i've waited for arsenal games and i stayed up just because of that, and the game was cancelled due to bad weather *that damn FOG*. well at least they can get some rest and be prepped for the next game. and i'm staying up again coz i'm waiting for newcastle utd vs chelski, and real madrid vs recreativo huelva. my sist is asleep *poor pumpkin* and here iam blogging my heart out while listening to my fav playslit on itunes. i just got a very2 meaningful song *karma by diffuser* my bestest friend ever introduced me to this song coz her bf loved it. *babe where the hell are you??!!*
sometimes you get what tou want
sometimes you get what you need
but you're always gonna get what you deserve
it's all about what you want
if you can get what you need
but you're always gonna get what you deserve
i believe in those words *i'm a believer* haha just like my sist i'm also a realists, i only believe in something if i see it with my eyes. and i'm no fairytale kind of girl. mebbe it's because i've gone through a lot and i decided not to believe in anything that's not real. and lately i've been hooked to laguna beach..gosh i can't wait for the next episode *nick w going 2 hv a date with rocky..* everytime i see tessa and rocky i always feel reminded for what had happened when i was in hs *the dramas and those drama queens..* it's hard to get over, personally i' hv no beef right from the beginning but they messed up my life and it's difficult for me to digest even now. luckily those days are over and i hv my own life, i'm not planning to see them or even hv words with them. i don't want to ruin what i've build these past years they can say i'm holding a grudge or whatever but 4 me no 2nd chance or whatever it's lame actually for me to keep saying that. i just want to stress that i was badly hurt, i'm heavily broken and i'm not ashame to admit it. that's why mebbe i'm a different person when it comes to my view about ppl, life, and love. after my fallout with a really2 fake person*this person still trying to buy me*, i broke up with a loser*he's still trying to buy his back into my life with being such a loser*, and then i went thru rough patches in 2 years. i believe that loads of ppl went thru much more worst situations than me..that what keeps me going besides love from God, support from family, and kisses from my lovely crowd. at least because of their endless mockings and lies, i'm a better human being with a very2 big heart *that's what my sist said* it's good to blend with new ppl, ppl with different perspectives, and of course ppl that won't judge me if they don't know me. i'm not anti-social or i hate my past, my past and memories made me who i am and i thank God for that but i'm not going to blend with ppl who likes to judge others *as if they're the good ones, hey man leave the judging to God* and ppl who talk bad about others. i've been the top-most-talkabout and i didn't like that, it's harsh and it hurts when ppl look at you as if you made their life like hell. besides talking about others is full of sins!
what i've learned,
ppl can say what they want
and nothing i could do to shut them
so i'll just wait and let God do the talking.
update: real madrid's game is postponed due to accidents that happened to fans of recreativo huelva that were travelling to madrid. oh my God, that's just soo sad, after two young juventus players were involved in accident during training, yesterday arsenal's game also postponed til january because of fog and now this, OMG.. i think it's damn right for real madrid to agree to recreativo's proposal. although i feel bummed coz i'm unable to watch my babes update: the game is still on but real madrid are doing their best to welcome recreativo's fans and make them feel homey.
In view of this decision, Real Madrid has decided to make this game a homage to the victims and their families and has adopted the following measures
- Cancel any social act linked with the match.
- Cancel the tribute to Fabio Cannavaro, whose celebration was scheduled minutes prior to the beginning of the encounter.
- Hold a minute of silence in honour of the victims.
- Wear black mourning armbands.
- Donate the total amount of match gate takings to the families of the deceased and injured men and women in this unfortunate accident.
good to hear that the game is still on but i feel sorry for the fans that were injured and died in this tragic accident. i wish they were going to cancel the game but unfortch this is in the middle of season and the schedules are very2 hectic. i'm happy that canna is able to play after spanish fa has lifted the red-card ban. and it's so unfortunate for diarra and cassano that have to received punishments from capello for talking haha..
have a good day!! signing off

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

"As If"
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh
Yo, yo (ooh yeah)
Let me explain this to you
See I'm not gonna let you run me
How we're gonna do it is...
I'm gonna run you
You, you've got a lot of nerve
I guess you haven't heard
I'm doin' fine out here on my own
You, you think that you can come
Around here for some fun
But boy you've got a lot to learn
Don't shake your head from side to side
Saying that you've changed enough
That you see the light
Cuz you just say what you say
And want your way
And it's that game that you play
It's a little late
As if
I'm ever gonna take you back
As if
It's ever gonna come to that
So see you 'round, wave goodbye
Be a bird pass me by
As if
I'm gonna let you break my heart again
As if
I'm gonna let your love back in my life
Not tonight, get a grip
Baby as if
Come on (oh, oh)
come on(Oh, oh, oh, oh)
Uh-huh, uh-huh, yeah(Oh, oh)
You seem to think that
I (I)Ain't got no sense of pride (Pride)
Well boy you got a weird perception now (Yo)
Of what it is to love (Love)
And I am sure because (Because)
You got the look of desperation
Don't shake your head from left to right
Saying that you will when you won't ever see the light
And you just say what you say and want your way
And it's that game that you play
It's a little late
As if
I'm ever gonna take you back
As ifIt's ever gonna come to that
So see you 'round, wave goodbye
Be a bird pass me by
As if
I'm gonna let you break my heart again
As if
I'm gonna let your love back in my life
Not tonight, catch my drift
Baby as if{Oh, oh, oh, oh...}
You gotta go, you gotta go
bye-bye{Oh, oh, oh, oh...}
As if(Never gonna take you back, whoo!)I,
I got places to go (Go)
With people you don't know (You don't know 'em)
We're gonna dance all nice and slow (Ha, ha, ha)
Don't shake your head from left to right
Saying that you've changed and now you're on my side
Cause you know you just want some lucky charm
And it's that game that you playSo I'm moving on
As if
I'm ever gonna take you back
As if
It's ever gonna come to that
So be a dear, disappear
Maybe I'm not being clear
As ifI'm gonna let you break my heart again
As if I'm gonna let your love back in my life
Not tonight, get a grip
Baby as if(Oh, oh, oh, oh...)
No, no, no
As If
I'm gonna let you break my heart again
As if
I'm ever gonna take you back
As if
It's ever gonna come to that
So see you 'round, wave goodbye
Be a bird pass me by
As if
I'm gonna let you break my heart again
As if
I'm gonna let your love back in my life
Not tonight, get a grip
Baby as if
I'm gonna let you break my heart again
As if
I'm gonna let you try and be my friend
It's the end, take the hint
Baby as if(He, he, he)
courtesy of
read the hint and stop bugging me!
i dun gv a shit about you
and we're so damn thru long time a go
dumping you was the most amazing decision
i had when i was with you *and it was the right one*
you had your chance when you hurt me
what made you think
that i'd accept you and your lies back?
ppl can believe your make-believe stories
but not me and what you did was disgusting
to ask for ppl attention
i know the truth that u're nothing inside
u made ppl believe that u were great
but u're just indespicable creature
so no reason for me to let u back in my life
we're over and not even as friends!

01. What time is it now?
- almost SEVEN pm

02. What are you doing?
- surfing net, and listening to itunes

03. Thinking of Anyone?
- yeah

04. Are you Happy/Blur/Sad etc?
- happiest!!

05. Why?
- mebbe coz i'm feelin' marvellous for canna, a bit sad for the red card he received, and realizing that past is real to remind me to keep my head down even after so many things.

06. What is the last thing you ate?
- bananas!!

07. Last thing that you've heard that made you cry?
- i hvn't cried for ages..i dun really2 remember..i know i've received bad treatments from ppl and i feel sad deep down but nothing really made me cry. loads of things that made me feel like crying but i didn't cry.

10. Whats the last movie that made you cry?
- i'm not watching movies to make me cry but to make me feel happy

12. Who do you wish to be by your side?
- ppl who hv respect toward me *viceversa*, kindhearted, humble, who love and care about me the way iam, and none from my past.

13. Regretted anything in this month?
- why shud i hv any regrets?life is only happen a life, make awful mistakes but try to fix 'em, don't do the same mistakes twice and learn every lesson in life

14. Did you fall in love/out of love inthis month?
- in love but not falling or even out of love..

15. Who was the last person you talked to?
- my sist b4 she has her siesta

16. Who was the last person you hugged?
- my sist hugged me

17. Who was the last person you sms?
- my mom..

18. What did you dream of today?
- i hvn't had any dreams lately..i'm too tired to think i guess

19. Who can make you laugh?
- my sist *she can make my mad too*, my mom, my dad, and my lovely crowd..they make me laugh all the times..i always blend with ppl who are funny and good kind.

20. Who always takes care of you?
- myself.

21. Anyone you know is in pain?
- myself?haha

24. What happen?
- just trying to pass the same old road

25. What do you wanna do before you die?
- only God knows when..but i'm trying to be a better person with so much aspirations in life.

26. What song is stuck in your head?
- as if by blaque!!

27. What song are you listening now?
- dancing in the toploader such a happy song!!makes me happy too

28. Worried about anyone?
- mebbe

29. What age do you wanna get married?
- doesn't matter as long as i'm ready and i'm with the right person..not forgetting with God and my parents blessings..but not now commitments are complicated*been there done that* marriage isn't on top of my list and it's not on the last one either.

30. How many children do you want?
- not many mebbe 2 or three

31. Where do you wanna go for Honeymoon?
- as long as i'm with Y.O.U!! yes you..

32. Any plans in this 2 month?
- prep for a new fence *huh?*

33. Describe a perfect wedding?
- gosh..i'm not sure coz i'm not planning any but i think my kind of perfect wedding is the small kind of wedding but nice and lovely, lovely ppl*by invitations only*, good cake, good food, and air-conditioned room, of course i'm only going to get hitched with God and our parents blessings, my mommadaddasistabrotha are there with me, his parents lovin me, i'm with the right person who'll love me *one and and only till the end of the world haha* taking care of me when i'm sick knows his responsibilities as my hubby n father, i think for me as long as i hv the blessings, and i'm with the right person God has sent me nothing else matters.

34. Describe a perfect Date?
- i just asked my sist yesterday haha i gues he needs to meet my family first coz i'm not going out without their permission, mebbe going to a movie, have a non-formal dinner/lunch, definitely he has to impress me with his personality *be real* and he has to make me laugh and have fun. coz for me having fun is the essential of perfect date. i don't mind going out to his fav spot *as long as it isn't a club i hv asthma* and have a nice talk.

35. Where would you like to go for Holiday?
- anywhere will do..

36. Do you play instrument?
- nope i enjoy watching other ppl play but i just don't hv it in my blood

38. Do you have a band?
- nope..

39. What song do you want to listen to?
- as if by blaque

40. Wish you could die??
- no..i'm enjoying my life although everyday is a tough day..

41. Do you give up easily?
- not all the time i dun really give up coz i keep hope inside of me when things go nasty.

42. Do you know anyone that acts like a kid?
- besides me?my bro..he's very2 childish sometimes

44. Do you know anyone that is rude?
- loads of em

45. What's the sweetest thing anyone ever done?
- when my dad bought me chocolates+candies+furrystuff everytime he went to australia or japan..when my mom bought me a very rare hairclip, when my sist hold my hands during rough moments, and when my bro hug me cos he hadn'e seen me in weeks. i think many ppl hv done sweet things for me but all i can remember is when my family did sweet stuff for me. i'm very2 close to my family, theyre the reason i'm who iam, i love you all.

47. Any sweet unforgetful memories with your Ex?
- Xs are jerks and belong in hell wait, i guess when i finally dumped them and they all asking for -onlyGodknowshowmanychancesigavethem- me to take them back or shud i say REDEMPTION?take my the one who dump your bf believe me theyll run back to you like losers..especially if you're a good gf like me haha!!

48. Honestly.. Which Ex did you love the most?
- none..especially my X who likes to talk shits about me to ppl who actually hate me..gosh why did i accept you in the first place anyway?loser!!looking for a sympathy?let me put my fist where it belong..your face!

49. Who do you want to be hugged by?
- can i say someone who's on my phone's wallpaper?

50. Are you enjoying life?
- yeah why shudn't i?life is enjoyable when you want to..i'm not smoking, i don't drink, and i don't do drugs i can still hv fun!! even without clubs i can still dance to the music i love. i believe God has created doors for us and God never pushes us to pick which one but we do pick which doors we want to..if you're life sux don't blame God blame yourself, wake up and realize that there are others who might going thru much more rough path than you're now. do not gracious, be grateful for your life and give more to humanity.


Francesc Fabregas has lifted the lid on his spat with former Arsenal left-back Ashley Cole, saying that the player is now forgotten and that Cole didn't show any respect to his former team mates.

Fabregas refused to shake Cole's hand after Arsenal's draw with Chelsea and there were reports for a tunnel bust-up between the two players.

The Spanish midfielder said: "For me, Ashley Cole is a closed subject. He is not a friend because after leaving Arsenal he said many unjust things about us.

"In the world of football, respect between companions is the key - and he broke this rule.

"This player is forgotten - and also the person. I do not want to speak to him again.

"I believe that Cole was very well treated by Arsenal and that his response was not correct.

"I still don't think I am a star, but a player who desires to progress each day.

"On the pitch I appear to be fragile but week by week I am ripening and will never be intimidated by anyone. Never."

courtesy of

ouch..that kinda hurts haha i'm lovin' this..i used to be a fan of tr-ash cole until arsenal-mania *where i got this info* revealed how cruel tr-ash cole was.. he kept saying nasty stuff about gooners and he doesn't deserve l.o.v.e at all. i also heard that the un-glamorous reality show that he did with his fake wife was cancelled. that's what you get if you're being such a jerk! he's a bloody money-maniac *that's why he moved to chelski* and jot this, gael clichy will be much more better lb than tr-ash cole, just look at his talent and unlike tr-ash cole he doesn't lose the ball easily, he doesn't shoot for his own purposes, he doesn't fall down theatretically *tr-ash cole is soo damn good at this*, *clichy* runs much faster, and of course he doesn't talk the way tr-ash cole does.hell is where liars belong.


Fabio Cannavaro

Winner of the 2006 FIFA World Player of the Year Award

It's what everyone expected and there were no surprises as Joseph Blatter announced the name of Fabio Cannavaro as the winner of the 2006 FIFA World Player of the Year. The moved Italian centre back thanked the national team coaches and captains by saying, "I would like to express my gratitude to FIFA, the coaches, the captains, and all my teammates that I have ever had."

On Monday at 8 pm CET, the Zurich Opera House hosted the 2006 FIFA World Player of the Year gala, which culminated with the announcement of the World Player of the Year selected by national team coaches and captains. The magical evening dubbed "Football meets Mozart" was hosted by Dutch football legend Ruud Gullit and television presenter Amanda McLane-Attali, and was punctuated with snippets from Mozart's operas and video clips of the exploits of each nominee.

The first trophies and awards presented were those won during the
2006 German World Cup.
To kick things off, the Fair Play Trophy was presented to the Spanish and Brazilian national teams, who shared the same number of points. It was followed by the Golden (Klose), Silver (Hernán Crespo) and Bronze (Ronaldo) Boot awards, and then the Golden Ball (Zidane), Silver Ball (Cannavaro), and Bronze Ball (Pirlo). Italy's Buffon was honoured as the Best Goalkeeper but was unable to attend the event.

The icing on the cake
After delighting those in attendence with a new Mozart piece, the two most magical moments of the night arrived. First came the announcement of the 2006 FIFA Woman World Player, bestowed upon the Brazilian, Marta, who received a warm round of applause from fellow countryman Ronaldo. Minutes later it was Fabio Cannavaro, Ronaldinho and Zidane's turn to find out who would be named FIFA World Player 2006. Edgar Davids, Frank Beckenbauer, and Lothar Mattaüs assisted Joseph Blatter with the announcement. What everyone had predicted since Sunday was true, as the FIFA President read the Italian player's name as the big winner of the night.

“It's a huge honour to be here among so many renown players. This has been a very important year for me and I am very happy and touched. It was an incredible year. I won the championship with Juve, the World Cup, the Golden Ball, and this great distinction brings a golden year to a close. I would like to express my gratitude to FIFA, the coaches, the captains, and all my teammates that I have ever had. I dedicate this award to Italian football, as everyone knows about the problems it has gone through. This should be a symbol of rebirth for an important system of international football,” stated Cannavaro.

Club supportPresident Ramón Calderón and Real Madrid's Sporting Director Pedja Mijatovic accompanied Cannavaro, Raúl and Ronaldo on their travels to Zurich to attend the gala celebrated at the Opera House. As was the case during the presentation of the Golden Ball last month, the Madridista President wanted Cannavaro to feel support from Real Madrid during such an important moment of his football career.

The President shared the evening with his Barcelona counterpart, Joan Laporta, who saw his hopes for Ronaldinho winning the trophy for the third straight year dashed. FIFA WORLD

1. Fabio Cannavaro, (Juventus / Real Madrid), 480 points.
2. Zinedine Zidane (Real Madrid), 454 points.
3. Ronaldinho (FC Barcelona), 380 points.

European U-21 Champion in 1994 (Italy).
European U-21 Champion in 1995 (Italy).
1 UEFA Cup (Parma, 1999).
2 Italian Cups (Parma, 1999 and 2002).
1 Italian Scudetto (Juventus, 2005).
1 FIFA World Cup (Italy, 2006).
1 Golden Ball (2006).

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i'm soo happy for canna, i watched the award last night actually i was a bit sleepy *my sist nagged coz she had to watch it with me haha the award show was ridiculous*but i decided to watch the award coz i wanted to know if zizou would win *i voted vor zizou, i'd love to see canna winning it* coz i thought canna wouldn't win..he already won ballon d'or and it was a controversial one. i bet this one is also going to be a nasty one. of course i'm not hoping press would say bad things about canna but what more can i say that's the reality. he deserved ballon d'or and fifa world player 2006, he's the best defender, and captain. real madrid surely having a blast coz their players dominated the award show *ronnie, raul, and zizou were there*i hope this award will boost not only canna's confidence but also real madrid players confidence. they badly need it.

Backing Cannavaro

"No one can question how fine a player

and person he is"

Following Monday's training session, Raúl admitted to having voted for Cannavaro as the 2006 FIFA World Player of the Year. "He's a teammate and you can't question his talent," stated the Madridista captain, who also mentioned the important win against Espanyol. "We weren't in the running for the League at this point of the season in previous years."

Who did you vote for FIFA World Player of the Year?

Cannavaro, Eto'o, and Henry. I don't know where it came out that I had voted for Zidane. I voted for the three I just named. How can it not be fair if it is based on a vote? The national team coaches and captains got to vote. It can't be any fairer than that.

Many questioned the Golden Ball going to Cannavaro and now he is up for FIFA World Player of the Year.

No one can question how fine a footballer Cannavaro is. He had a great World Cup and has played his heart out for Juventus and Real Madrid. He's the right choice and I am happy for him. He's a great teammate. It looks like Zidane will come in second.

You're traveling to Zurich as captain of the Spanish national team. Do you hope to make your way back onto the team soon?

I want to finish Wednesday off with a win and I have set a lot of goals for next year. I'll go if the coach calls on me. If not, I'll still support them.

Real Madrid took three important points in Barcelona.

Yesterday was a very important win. It's a shame [Cannavaro] was sent off. The team was playing well and we wouldn't have suffered so much. We stood our ground in defence and even had some scoring opportunities.

Are there really only three teams in the hunt for the League title?

It looks like these three teams are the strongest, but there are still five months of competition left. We weren't in the running for the title at this point of the season in previous years, but now we are.

Who do you think is stronger, Barcelona or Sevilla?

They are both having solid seasons. But I have to point out teams moving up like Atletico Madrid and Valencia. We are pleased with where we sit right now.

Do you think losing the Club World Cup will affect Barcelona?

Traveling is a once in a lifetime chance. They knew how to take advantage of the experience and lost the match.

You'll be alongside Luis Aragonés in Zurich.

I am sure we will both take the stage. We will speak like civilized people. These things happen. I want to return to the national team and have been working hard. I haven't seen him since Ireland. We are both normal people. We will speak about football and congratulate each other.

Are you in favour of using replay to avoid send offs like Cannavaro's?

Football is best left untouched.

What are your thoughts on the Club going after young players?

I've seen what's available in the market and signing players with promising futures is always good. Everyone has said they are in top form. The youth system players will also get their chance. The coach is counting on them and they train with us almost every day.

Is Gago needed?

That's a technical question for the Sporting Directors. We can win titles with what we have now, but we will welcome any new players.

What does Cannavaro have that won him the Golden Ball and FIFA World Player of the Year?

Cannavaro has personality and character. He is a great team player and his vibes reverberate throughout the whole dressing room. He already proved it with Italy. He is a strong defender who knows how to anticipate what's coming. He's got great defending skills and is always willing to make a tackle whether he is niggled or not. Ronaldinho's scissor kick was spectacular. Football is based on teammwork, and sometimes there are players whose work is more obscure and unseen by the common spectator.

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we're thrilled that raul is actually rooting for his teammates and we love what he's said in this interview. he's a living legend yet he's so humble.

Monday, December 18, 2006

if i could fly, i would. be with you everyday is something i want to do. just sit down in a corner of the street would be enough; anywhere will do as long as you are here holding my hands. i know words are not enough but these are all i have for you. lets get out from our routine, bring me to your castle and pleased me with the story you told me for thousands times but it doesnt matter, i dont feel bored with the story. maybe we could see something that others dont. lets walk those streets once more just to feel soft solid feature of asphalt and not be lectured bout how breezing cold will affect us. coz this will be the last day of my adventure life with you for i have to perform another journey outside your sense. hold my hands to steady the balance for my weak legs will give way at any time. thank you for stay by my side coz you have been great to me, i will see you again for that im sure. i love you my dear....and this isnt goodbye


i had a wonderful weekend though mostly i spent it indoor. dont care where i spend my time as long as i live it with ppl i love and my sis knows how makes my time more than fun. we had arranged to get somethin different last week, but didnt get a chance. anyway, lots of surprises happened in both premiere league and la liga. i dejected over arsenals result and i know they could do better than that, more than just a draw. they were left dumbfounded when pompey struck 2 goals both in an early timing of the game. gross, but i will leave it to my sis to comment on their lame game. chasing title not only happening in la liga but also in premiere league. Man Utd loss to west ham last night proved to me that mourinho is a clever psychic. he said earlier that they will reduce the deficit for sure and signalling the chase isnt over just yet. Man Utd started the game pretty bad and let the home side dominated all the time, they barely threathen greens post. anyway, the result certainly will be most welcomed by mourinho. looks like this season we will get to see entertaining football from these clubs.

in la liga, sevilla close the gap to champions barca to only 1 point, however barca have 1 game in hand and mostly they will win it again like they always do. Real Madrid visit espanyol with the absence of david beckham and ivan helguera. well i cannot comment much on this game coz honestly, i dont remember much of it. all i know is that Real Madrid played beautifully only when espanyol turned their head upon somethin else, which did not happen at all. missing passes and awful ball forward proving that Real still struggle to find their good form which helped them won a trophy 4 seasons ago. guti and raul didnt play at their best last night and if i were to be the coach id definitely bench them altogether. if capello did say none of his player are untouchables then he should rotate them and let other players on the bench prove their mettle. i have to note that the referee is total rubbish. he made unjust decisions that completely ruin flow of the game, we screaming out loud of his foolishness when he sent cannavaro off the field coz of his temporary blindness. it was clearly shown in the replay cannavaro did touch the ball but only with his head and not with his hand like the referee claimed to see. im sure Real Madrid will appeal to this awful decision. i wasnt sure whether cannavaro crying coz of his unlucky decision or sending off is the only he regrets. its funny though seeing him crying like that coz i seldom see a footballer cry after their sis will smack me coz saying this. my sis is now crying......but not coz of cannavaro acrobat head-touched-the-ball save but shes suffering from temporary braindead. anyway, ruudtje goal assure Real in third place 2 points behind sevilla and quite-a-lot-points to barca. this mid week will be their last game of this year and they will resume playing next jan. too bad i will not able to see hotties *sigh*...hopefully beck will get his chance before end of year so it will clear out any suspicions bout his future. he has yet to sign a contract extension with Real and it already makes the president restless coz there are plenty other teams willing to get his signature. be patient beck im sure capello will see your talents in time but if he refuses to look, well all i can say is perhaps you might want to consider your future at Real Madrid.


Friday, December 15, 2006


holla..i just saw the draw for next round of champions league..and it really amused me i'm excited but also feel a bit scared on what's going to happen to my fav teams *real madrid, arsenal, valencia, ac milan, and man utd.* of course my only concern is only for gunners and los blancos but i do enjoy watching other good teams.









it's tough isn't?those teams need to fight as if it's their last game, and the draw is going to spice things up *coincidence?*. i bet the games on february are going to be nasty.. i just hope my fav teams *especially gunners and the whites* are going to the next round, in order to go all the way they have to knock down their rivals. gosh the games are only going to be played on february *the same mth i'm going to start my...*. i'm sooo happy for the draw therefore i'm collecting all of my courage to support my fav teams.. let's hope theyre not going to spoil my mood.

btw, i watched a great kids movie called Samantha: an american girl holiday. the movie was absolutely a must for those who are celebrating christmas, coz it's totally cute and unlike other kids movies this movie one was realy2 pure kids movie. i even enjoyed myself watching this movie, i love the girls who were playing on this movie theyre adorable and cute. but b4 i watched this one i watched *what ever happened to baby jane* i l.o.v.e was an old movie but no doubt the actreses were beautiful. unlike nowadays typical hollywood babes. anyways i had a great day..hopefully tomorrow's going to be better than today and i'm really2 looking forward to gilmore girls n of course soccer. mebbe i'm going to write again late night or mebbe i'm going to continue downloading some songs.

signing off i'm going to watch jurassic park part 1 *yeah it's a cool one*


this was an old movies, Morgan freeman was on it that's why we watched
we know his movies are absolutely mind-boggling and worth
watching. so while we waited for can't hardly wait we
watched this one. it turned out to be a fun movie
with good messages on it. youngsters
should've watched this one
and take the lesson.
the first teenage movie
i've ever watched when i was
12-13. this movie is very2 close to my heart
i love the leading actors ** i love the scripts
and i'm hooked with the soundtracks. it's unlike nowadays teenage
movies that telling you how to look or how to fall in love but the story is
very2 romantic without words but by action. all characters are related and they all fall into place. i love this movie!! a must watch it's a cool one
how to say..this movie is a good one and when you're mature you'll understand the message. it's not a dark movie but it's more about humanity, forgiving, sacrifice for the one you love, and power of God.
i believe this movie is a good reflection on what
has happened in most african countries. Civil war can only lead
to poverty, economy crisis, and other negativites.
this movie really touched my heart, it's better
to start care about others than busy proving
how mind-branded you're. it' lame when
ppl are still busy with themselves.
life is full of surprises
you may be the next target of poverty
poverty doesn't choose ppl
poverty may strike each one of us.
be grateful
be gracious
God is always here to watch and hear us
every Denzel Washington's movies are
Must watch..we never knew this one could turn
to be a good one. we love the storyline, actors, and the ending.
this movie taught the audience to have faith in God and never give up.
If you're innocent justice will prevail. hurricane is a strong figure, i can't
believe there's someone like him in this real matter if you're a fan of denzel or not just try this one this is a superb movie and a very touching one. it's not like the fabricated nowadays movies it's damn real!!
sometimes, we learn things not only thru our own experiences but also thru music or movies we can't stop learning unless we stop breathing.
take this opportunity 2 thank God
for living, seeing, speaking, hearing, and taking. it's not hard to reach out
to others while you can they might be the one who help you when
things are nasty and you can't reach out.try not to regret..
Time isn't stopping time flies away without us noticing
i love God, i love my life, i love my family and loved ones..!!
signing off,