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David Beckham would have remained at Real Madrid and continued playing football in Europe if he had not been discarded, Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger said on Friday.

Left out of the England set-up by new coach Steve McClaren and given only a fringe role at Real by Fabio Capello, Wenger told reporters he believed the former England captain was given little choice for his future.

"I think he was at Manchester United and he was at Real Madrid and (after that) he did not want to go somewhere else, where he felt he was going down," said Wenger.

"I am sure that, 90 percent of his decision is with the national team. I am sure that if he was still with the England team he wouldn't have done it."

He added: "I am not surprised he went for a different challenge, rather than to go down in Europe.

"I don't think he considered a return here to the Premier League. Maybe one year, or two years ago, yes. But now he wants a completely different way of life."

Wenger felt Beckham's stated aim of turning soccer into a far more popular sport in the United States was a tall order.

"America must multiply this by six, seven or 10 if they want to lift their league. One (player like Beckham) is not enough," he said.

Wenger also said there was no comparison in the standard of league football in the United States and Europe, recalling a conversation with France's 1998 World Cup and Euro 2000 winner Youri Djorkaeff.

"I had a chat recently with Youri Djorkaeff one night, when we had dinner," Wenger said.

"He played for the Metrostars in New York. He told me it has nothing (like) the top level in Europe."

However, the French coach believed that, at 31, Beckham's physical fitness would not be a problem in the MLS.

"He has good stamina and he never had great pace," Wenger said. "But he can last a long time.

"Some players take a dip at 30 and then have a resurgence to the top level and play very well for two or three years until they are 34. I have seen that many times."

David Beckham said his blockbuster decision to move to the L.A. Galaxy from Real Madrid for a record £128million deal was not hard and he made the move because he cares about the sport of football.

"It was a difficult decision but not a hard one to make. I have played in top-flight football for 15 years with two of the biggest clubs in the world, so stepping away from that was difficult," the former England captain told a press conference in Los Angeles via satellite from Madrid.

"But the decision to join LA wasn't hard, I think there's a huge opportunity out there for us.

"For me it is all about the football and that is the biggest thing for me."

Beckham's move to the MLS club sent American media outlets salivating about what his arrival could mean for a sport that struggles to compete for audiences with the NBA, NFL, MLB and NHL.

The 31-year-old discounted his immediate impact on US soccer, but said he had long-term ambitions of witnessing an American renaissance for the sport.

"Me coming to the States will not make soccer the biggest sport in America. There are so many other great sports that it is hard sometimes to compete," the former Manchester United midfielder said.

"But soccer has huge, huge potential and I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't think I could make a difference. This is something I believe in.

"Hopefully this could create something that we have all never seen before."

After spending his entire career with Manchester United and now Real Madrid Beckham is also relishing the challenge of playing with team-mates who are less accustomed to the European game.

"I know Cobi Jones and Landon Donovan and there are many other young talents in that team as well," he said

"I have been lucky to get great experience and play with some great team-mates and in two of the best teams in the world, and that is what I hope to pass on.

"I am not coming to be a superstar, I am coming to be part of a team."

Beckham's five-year $250 million is the biggest in the history of football, and was enabled by a rule change allowing MLS clubs to pay one player above the league's normal salary cap.

Though talk has already started about a European exodus to the States in a league where the salary cap had previously prevented such a possibility, Beckham said this was not his goal.

"My move is not to create other opportunities for other players to follow me over here straight away - it's to play football and give my advice to young players."

"There are going to be times when my team-mates might ask me about my experiences in European football - but I think I can give to children.

"One of my biggest passions is working with kids - I love it, that's the reason I started my academies, to see how happy we can make them. It's one of the differences I want to make and there is huge potential for that."

Beckham also said that he hopes the move will lift his celebrity in the USA, saying he even received advice from actor friend Tom Cruise on how to deal with the added attention.

"About four years ago I came to LA and I got a few people coming up to me who recognised me," Beckham said.

"I went back a year ago and looked out of a window and there were 45 paparazzi cars outside - it was slightly different.

"I'm not as recognised in the United States as I am around Europe - but hopefully playing for Galaxy will change that."

Still, Beckham insisted he is focused on the sport and not the celebrity.

"Soccer has grown in the last five to 10 years," Beckham said.

"Soccer has grown a lot but this is one of the reasons I want to take this challenge up - I want to take it to another level."
David Beckham will be worth every cent of his multi-million dollar move to Los Angeles Galaxy, according to club president Alexi Lalas.

The 31-year-old midfielder has agreed a switch from Real Madrid to the MLS side from the end of this season, on a five-year deal worth $250 million including bonuses and endorsements.

"If you want something great, you have to pay for it. Beckham is worth every euro we have paid for him," Lalas insisted.

"It is a deal from which both parties will benefit. Since we announced the deal we have sold thousands of season tickets, shirts and other items associated with the team. He has given the club a lot although he hasn't even played yet."

But the former United States international was keen to emphasise the footballing qualities that Beckham would bring to the Galaxy as well.

"He will help revolutionise the MLS economically and from a football point of view. He was the England captain and shone at Manchester United and Real Madrid, two of the world's biggest clubs," said Lalas.

"He is one of the best players in the world, but he will have to fight for his place here. If he doesn't perform he will have to go on the bench like anyone else."

Real Madrid have decided to drop Beckham from their squad since he turned down a contract extension, and his opportunities in the first team now look remote for his remaining months in the Spanish capital.

But Lalas said Beckham would not be looking to bring forward joining up with the Galaxy in time for the start of the MLS season in April.

"I would love him to come in April but he told us it was very important for him to complete his contract with Real. We will wait for him with open arms in the summer," Lalas added.

"It seems unfair Beckham has been blamed for bad results with England and Real. If these teams play mediocre football it isn't his fault. Football is a game of 11 against 11, not Beckham against 11."

Monday, January 29, 2007

David Beckham makes the perfect hero ... especially when you consider the incredibly kind gesture he made for a very sick girl in Canada:
The caller spoke in a soft voice, thick with an English accent. Brenda Johnstone of Hamilton thought it sounded familiar, though she couldn't quite place it. "Can I speak to Rebecca Johnstone, please?" he asked. Brenda didn't think it was a good idea. These are rough days for her daughter. The kind you pray you – and especially your children – will never see. Her beautiful 19-year-old has cancer. Three years ago, a mole on her collarbone that doctors kept telling her was nothing turned out to be melanoma. By the time the truth was discovered, it had spread. Heartbreak doesn't begin to describe the resulting anguish to those who love her. Particularly since doctors have told the family that, without some kind of miracle, time is now being measured in days rather than weeks or months. So when the call came last Wednesday morning, Brenda wasn't about to disturb her sleeping child – especially since it was the day after surgery to remove a cancerous tonsil that had made her girl even more uncomfortable. No problem.
The caller politely said he understood. He even offered to call back later at a better time. Then he dropped the bombshell. "It's David Beckham," he said. Long pause. "I just kind of went quiet for a second," Mom said. "Then I said, 'You've got to be kidding me."' It was no joke. As it happened, Rebecca's aunt knew her niece is a huge Beckham fan. Has posters on her walls. Reads everything she can about him. Follows the English star's career. Loves the way he plays. Even shares a moniker. When she plays, her teammates strap an M onto the end of her nickname – Becca – and make her sound just like her soccer idol. So, searching for something she could do to lift some spirits, Aunt Jenny had done a little digging on the Internet and found one of the star's representatives.
Then made arrangements for a call, though she was never convinced it would actually happen. Yet here he was on the phone. The same voice Mom had just heard on TV as news of him signing with the Los Angeles Galaxy leaked out. By now she was excitedly almost running through the family's Hamilton home. Her husband, Tom, nearly fell off the couch as he caught wind of what was happening. A former semi-pro player himself, he couldn't believe the call wasn't a hoax and started grilling her with questions even as they walked into Rebecca's silent room. Their daughter was asleep. Gently rousing her, she said she didn't want to talk to anyone. Her surgery-ravaged throat was raspy and sore and she was in no mood for socializing. "'How about David Beckham?"' Mom asked. "Her eyes kind of popped." And so she did. After three years of hell during which everything had seemed to go wrong and every attempt to make things better had only made things worse, the moment she put the phone to her ear, the dark clouds parted and a beacon of light flooded into her life. In the most strained of voices, Becca and Becks talked about soccer. He asked how she was doing.
Told her he'd heard she was a big fan. Even mentioned that he liked her nickname. He asked if there was anything he could do for her. When she said no, he asked if he could send her something. She didn't say no to that. Then he told her to get in touch if she needed anything. Four minutes after saying hello, she wished him good luck this season and hung up. It's amazing what a small gesture like a 4-minute phone call can do for a person. I think Disney was very wise to make David Beckham their Prince Phillip because he is most definitely a true life Knight in Shining Armor. [Source, thanks Martina]
courtesy of pinkisthenewblog.com

angelina jolie has been our fav celebs throughout the year and her loss will be ours too. hopefully, everything will be just fine for ange and her family. her mother has passed away earlier today at cedars sinai hospital and its understood that ange alongside family members were at marcheline bertrands bedside at the time of her passing. best wishes to ange and family.....

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how this partnership will end soon...news has spread all around the world that ronnie has taken medical test and predicted to join AC Milan much sooner than most ppl had expected. he was left out by unseated coach fabio capello and only played minor part for real madrid this season. AC milan losing their prolific striker andriy shevchenko to chelsea last season, although rumour speculating sheva will leave chelsea hasnt subdued it doesnt stop ronnie to jump ship and ready to help AC milan go through rough season after losing points as a result of their misconduct before WC 06. ronnie, as some expected, isnt goin to find italian league tough as he has shown pretty good seasons at inter milan few years back. however, goin to inter bitter rival, AC milan, seems harden his welcome party in italy. known for his 'tricky' deal with real madrid few years back left inter fans agitated and labeled him traitor. in 2007, he decides to be with AC milan rather than other clubs in europe will, at least givin inter fans a very hard time to digest. ppl have given him lousy names and still, helps real with important goals while playing in champs league. personally, i will give him some time to play in order to gain some fitness and make sure he trains as hard as other players. im sure if hes given a chance he will maximize his ability and be ronaldo that we know in WC 02. ive read capello statements earlier this season to try partnering ronnie and ruudtje, he will work hard to make this partnership work and succeed. even though ronnie starting to gain his form, so sudden capello changed his mind and continue using his fragile 4-2-1-2-1 formation. perhaps, with him moving elsewhere capello will find his squad get goin again and ready to challenge la liga title. absolutely non sense to sideline ronnie as one of the best strikers in the world where he can make somethin useful on the pitch. sevilla, barca and real madrid share points (a week ago) and it seems capellos team might stand a chance to be a champion again after 3 yrs of disaster. but a question remains here, whether real madrid is that good as they publicly announced?. the question seems absurd for madridistas as their team cruised through with two wins in recent matches. however, weaken sevilla and tiring barca squad seem to be the reason behind their slip ups in their last matches. could it be the year for madridista to celebrate somethin after crisis over 3 yrs? nobody knows as i always say, theres nothin certain in football. im curious to wait the outcome of ace striker samuel eto'o who has been declared fit to play for barcelona. hes the reason barca came to be reigning champion for 2 yrs in a row and be one of the most 'able' team in europe, possibly in the world. well, i guess its always be my pleasure to watch great players play their part in a game and see suprising results that i might have thought as impossible outcome. for example, beckham case. 2 yrs ago, real would rather lose their coach than beckham. but in recent weeks, he has been all over but in coaches mind, fabio capello. hes been magnificent though in controlling his temper during tough time when he was sidelined from first team. and most recently, his pending move to LA galaxy this summer has constantly been headlines in all over the world. could this be his final salute to european football? absolutely true. hopefully he'll come good in US and wipe off smirks from their faces


By Chris Harris *cortesy of arsenal.com*

Manuel Almunia has enjoyed a front-row view of Julio Baptista's Carling Cup highs - and his lows.

The Spanish goalkeeper watched in horror as 'The Beast' doubled Tottenham's lead on Wednesday night with an own goal and then led the plaudits for Baptista after the Brazilian's second-half double earned Arsenal a draw in the first leg of their Semi Final.

"It was an unbelievable performance," said Almunia. "Julio showed that he is a good player and a good scorer and I'm sure he will show that soon in the Premier League too. He is very strong and mentally strong as well.

"When he started off at Arsenal it wasn't very easy for him. But now he is happy here, starting to train well and is playing better. The only thing is he needs more chances in the league but with the players we have up front it is difficult to take a place in the team."

Baptista, like most foreign imports, needed time to adapt to his new surroundings following a summer loan switch from Real Madrid. Almunia can empathise with the Brazilian after making the same transition from Spanish football to English life when he left Celta Vigo two-and-a-half years ago.

The 29-year-old's nationality made him a natural companion for the Spanish-speaking Baptista when he arrived at Arsenal. But the Brazilian is not only finding his form on the field, he's finding his feet off it too.

"Julio is trying to speak English as soon as possible and he even tries to speak English with me," explained Almunia.

"I'm surprised. In the morning sometimes he comes to me and speaks in English. I say, 'Julio, you can speak Spanish to me'. I understand he wants to learn. He likes the city, the country. He likes to learn languages and is a nice guy."

"I know that Julio wants to stay here because at Madrid he was not very happy. The situation is difficult because Jose [Antonio Reyes] is involved as well but I think Jose is happy in Spain and Julio is happy here so that is it."
i wasn't surpsised the first time i read this article, i always believe that he's a very good football player even when he was still in real madrid. it was very2 unfortunate for him to be a bench-warmer when he was in real madrid, he's so damn talented but he had to fight the first team with other talented footballers as well. but at least in arsenal he's happy and he'd face new challenges with friendly team mates. i love you julio!!please stay at arsenal help arsenal win something!!
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its good to know that this couple is still goin strong despite recent backlash from a woman i despize. anyway, brad is currently filming his new role in the curious case benjamin button.....ha ha i cant to watch this movie, hopefully it'll be played in this country. i heard babel is on top of the list to win best picture, well who knows what might happen in the oscar, some actresses goin to flip if their movie not even made to nominations. well, i guess some ppl just cant get enough of themselves.
arsenal have finally come up with senses and got their redemption by scoring two goals to get a better side, totenham somethin to worry about. 1st half was somethin else except glory. its understandable that wenger made a promise earlier that he would give a chance for his young squad to play not in the league but in other competition matches such as FA and carling cup. he did keep his promise but he almost lost an important match against totenham hotspur late last night. however, his 'bravery' paid off when his side clinched two mesmerizing goals by julio baptista, not long after his terrible goal to his own goal actually, in the second half got the fans goin crazy. with a draw arsenal have the chance to play at their own homeground possibly next week, to have another go against totenham. good news always come with a bad news, its a rule of play in this world. wenger might have his side 'won' momentarily, however, its sad to say that he might lose his important players who had apparently injured themselves on last nights game. hleb was seen walking gingerly and substituted with flamini in dire minutes. aliadiere was taken off earlier in the game with possibly hamstring injury. im not sure in to what extend their respective injuries will cost arsene wenger in the league, but its goin to be massive. with van persie already injured, wenger needs suitable replacement for him and it seemed aliadiere fit the category till he found his hips wouldnt go as far as he wanted to be in the first place. hopefully they can recover soon so arsenal wont be troubled to go to 3rd place. liverpool seem to be in cloud 9 recently and its hard to beat this kind of team when they can do whatever it takes to go beyond 3rd best. arsenal not only need their luck but the best effort to win their remaining matches this season. champs league starts next month and wenger can only hope his team will concentrate a lot harder not to allow a single conceaded goal in the first half like they always did in most recently. it was a great game though and hopefully arsenal will gain 3 more points this weekend, i keep my fingers crossed.......

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there are ups and downs in everyones life, incl. this persons (his pics is N/A) personal life. no matter what ppl have done toward his career and his family, hes always able to pick himself up and deliver to his best. i believe, theres no such word as dead end. like my mother always say, there are plenty ways to get there but it all depends on how we manage to go through rough paths. if i stumble upon somethin, it'd be hard for me to pick myself up without others help. ive always been that sort of person, at least in some occassions. however, i kinda realized it isnt such a bad thing to rely upon my family coz they are the ones who would go anywhere just to make sure im safe and sound. theres no such word as final. we can make things much better than we did before. i havent even live my life to half of it, maybe even less. there are many things i have left behind and i regretted bitterly not to do what i could have done or perhaps shouldve done. my life isnt ended when i say it is, but He who will decide. ppl can judge, justify or maybe punish ones life but who are we to decide?, not a single word of one of us can make a difference. the more defensive we are the more we need to defend ourselves from whatever things overhaul us. i should have done that thing better than i have done, but nevertheless, im just human being and need to learn many things for the rest of my life.


i know i shouldnt let this out for numerous reasons. first of all, its britney, so we should behave nicely whenever discussing bout her, NOT!. she used to be our fav female singer till her single im a slave for you came out and we were totally disgusted over her claims bout her virginity but at the same time behaving like another teenagers in the neighborhood. well well ms spears im afraid youre losing ground of yourself. if you ever released a single im not really certain it even hit to top 40 in billboard countdown. heres a story, she was in a restaurant with her bff (god knows who) and a girl (now shes a former fan) came up to her trying to get britneys autograph but how ugly it'd turned out. she pretended the 15 yr old girl never existed and much worse for her, britney bff shoeed her to be far away from them. huh! this is how you treat few leaves of fans brit? perhaps you'll get the title of hollywood bad girl pretty soon. probably you should go back to your comfortable home and babysit your sons, like a mother should.

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ive read few interesting articles regarding becks arrival in US. i am amazed with the americans reception over his pending move this year. no doubt there will be no future for him in real madrid having been lashed out by reals coach and the president fabio capello and ramon calderon respectively. oprah and jay leno have lost out to cbs in terms of having him interviewed for the first time in US. its gonna be excited to see him play in no mans land (for football fans all around the world US doesnt exist till a player reaches age 35 or so) for 5 yrs! man thats quite a contract. anyway, i hope i will be seeing him again playing his last matches for real madrid and bring home some trophies. hes out injured so im not really convince he'll play this weekend, as if capello would let him play. i miss seeing him running about on the field and make those stunning crosses. i'll keep my fingers crossed......


Saturday, January 20, 2007

Raul Gonzalez, Captain of Real Madrid, offered a press conference to explain the ins and outs of the meeting he and the rest of the squad had with President Ramón Calderón and what the current feelings are. "We cleared everything up during the meeting and the President has our utmost respect. Any problems will be dealt from within," explained the number '7' of Real Madrid.

What do you think of the President's statements?

The President spoke on Tuesday and we decided to meet with him to clear everything up, both these statements and other things that had also occured the days before and that bothered the squad. We spoke face to face and very clearly of what each party thought. He said he was sorry and we talked about our concerns with him. The meeting was very useful and allowed us to lay down the foundations to avoid this sort of situation in the future for the well-being of the Club, its fans and members.

Does anything that actually happened in the meeting resemble what we've heard in any way?

I have been here many years and I have never been through a situation like this one... maybe a similar one, but with different nuances. Everything that goes on in this Club has the deepest significance. The best thing about the meeting is that everyone spoke frankly about the different concerns... and some are quite complicated. Talking and discussing things, like every family does, is positive. It allows us to conform one message for the public, avoiding confusion. There's much to improve between the Club and the squad. We laid down the foundation to avoid these situations in the future. Our commitment is to keep working and fighting. This Club's prestige is at stake in the next six months

Did you ask the President to stop talking about the players?

The President can speak whenever he pleases. The members voted for him. But we need to speak in unison and deliver the same message. His statements were quite inopportune and they had a very negative reception. He said he was sorry and that his words had been taken out of context, but his statements are there. We all heard them. The image we have to portray is very different. It has to be one of unity.

Did he convince you?

We cleared many things up and we think this will not happen again. We were satisfied with the meeting. The players who were named are far more hurt, although it is a shared feeling. But what really worries us is being united. Problems have to be solved from within. We have all heard the comments about intoxicated players and the Club has said nothing publicly to deny and condemn such words. The Club was not categorical when addressing this situation and left much up to rumours and doubts. No one can doubt how professional this squad is.

Is the Club hurting you with all this ?

We spoke of that. Everyone stated what they thought. We will try to change things. Also, the way things are expressed and the forms in general could be different to avoid hurting the group.
Do you think that the President should be punished?

He has our utmost respect. The members voted for him and that's why he's the President. He came to excuse himself and present his apologies.

Did you literally tell him to "stop saying all that crap about you," as it has been reported?

We disagreed in a number of situations, but that's the reason we asked for this meeting. We have felt unprotected many times and we wanted to know what the Club's and the Sporting Director's opinion was. What we spoke of is a totally private matter. But that phrase was never used

Why didn't Ramón Calderón decide to attend Wednesday's luncheon in order to explain himself?

It was a team luncheon, which gathered doctors and equipment managers and therefore not the appropriate place for this meeting. In any event, we have Real Madrid City and the Bernabéu to speak clearly. I told him what I thought was best. I didn't hold the press conference on Wednesday because we had a very important game the next day.

It seems like something happens every day at the Club.

This worries us. We need to change this image. It is not the most appropriate portrayal of a Club with the history of Real Madrid. There has to be mutual respect, plus a respect for the members and fans. We are the first interested parties in winning. Yesterday's elimination has made us all sad. We fought hard and we can do better. But the message is one of unity and hard work. We're in a privileged situation, with intact chances both in the League and in the Champions League. It is not a dramatic situation. We were going nowhere with everything that was going on. Therefore, we discussed the path we should follow

Why didn't Capello attend Wednesday's luncheon?

The coach doesn't normally attend these luncheons. He doesn't like to. Everyone was invited, but certain people could not make it due to prior personal engagements. I couldn't go to a previous dinner the team had held and there was no problem with that. It's not a question of paying too much attention to the fact that one or two people are missing.

Did you comment on Beckham's situation during the meeting?

We spoke about everything in general and this was one of the issues. Beckham is a top professional. We cleared a number of things up. There are some players who have problems. The best thing for the squad would be for these things to be solved privately, internally. We want to go about our work in peace, without constant comments surrounsing us.

Do you think Capello helps with his decisions? Is he ready to reconsider certain things?

I sense ceratin things might change, but it is not up to me. We need to focus on our work. In life, you can't categorically dig your heels in because these players are great professionals. This situation helps no one. But who plays is a decision left entirely up to the coach.

Are you paying for Ramón Calderón's verbal incontinence?

He explained the true sense of his statements. Evidently, we had heard them before. He has our utmost respect because he is the President

Does Capello's decision break squad unity?

He takes his decisions. When he took them, he certainly did so for the good of the team, but things could have been done differently. Now that the market is wide open, if we can solve these things, better.

What did you think of the statement about Guti?

Everyone was bothered by that. Guti was "born" in Real Madrid's youth system, from a sporting perspective. He has proved himself time and again. He's a great player. If the President thinks that, he has to tell Guti in private. But he's a crucial footballer. I hope he makes a full recovery soon.

There was some confusion as to what Calderón hoped to achieve with this meeting. What was he really after?

As soon as news came of his comments, we decided to meet in Valdebebas the following day. I received a telephone call on Tuesday night to let me know that the President preferred it if all three captains went to the Bernabéu. We talked it over with the squad and we made the decision that it was better if he came here, so he did.

What did you think of Emerson being called up when he was injured?

It was strange.

Is it true that a player said during the meeting that he did not respect the President any more?

I don't think I heard anything like that. I didn't say that. In this situation, we are all to blame. We could have all done much more. We try to do our best, but we need more unity. We need to understand why things come about and happen the way they do.

Thank you all. We will see our commitment through and attempt to make all the Club members and team fans proud and happy.

Report by Luis Navarro
Photos by Daniel Sastre
Translation by Luis Orueta

this article was taken from real madrid official website. this occurs to me that a real crisis is happening at real madrid camp. with beck issue on highlight, what ramon calderon should really be doin is keep silent. and by talking to media so often, shooting his non sense speech, he set himself to more trouble. his off the record comments, was eventually aired nationally and caught ppls attention esp real madrid fans. as a president of a club, he needs to safeguard real madirids interests at whatever costs. well, i did mention before that this news would certainly get ppls attention off becks issue and it did. raul was right, ive been a fan of real madrid for 4 yrs (since beck arrival of course) and i have never heard such situation storming in real madrid camp so it must have been quite alarming. hopefully, this will teach calderon to pay a respect to ppl esp his team coz whatever said and done off the field could potentially hurt the players and as a result, three yrs without a trophy. and last match against real betis is a solid proof that the fans are growing restless by the team performance. havinng beaten by real betis in copa del rey, that means real have only 2 titles left in their sight. champions league proving to be a tough competitive championship and as for premier liga, real need more than just talent but also luck. so far, luck hasnt been their ultimate fan. im not hoping capello would soften his cold heart and let beckham play remaining matches and help his team to achieve somethin (anything), however, theres a slight chance he might let bernabeu see becks last enigma toward the end of the season. its pity i might not be able to see his action live on tv, and its the 1st time for over 10 yrs! but never mind as long as he and his family happy, we, as his fans, will not let anything stand by between his joy and dreams. anyway, beckham will not play in tomorrows game against real mallorca, its obvious isnt it? ronnie is sidelined as well, as capello put it "...hes recovering..." but i dont see him in the injury list. well i guess we know where he'll be goin, i just wish him a very best of luck and im sure he'll find success in other team, considering rumours were true bout his verbal agreement with AC Milan.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

bags og candies
holla..gosh it's been forever since my las post..yeah i've been busy, and i've been paying *loads of* attention to dave-b saga. dunno what to say, i feel bummed coz i'm a fan of dave-b and vic *i just bought her book that extra half an inch* i was hoping he'd stay at real madrid. but it was his call *a very tough one* and i think he made a very2 smart move. last night i had a very2 strange dream, maybe i miss most of the characters in my dream hehe. i feel so bad for my sist, she'd and is currently going through hell in her life. i know everything happens for a reason and i hope the reasons behind this will make her smile for life. i'm a bit bummed with laguna beach is ending their 3rd season next week, csi:miami has ended their latest season last wed, and no csi:ny, csi, supernatural, the hills..hixhixhix at least i'm still breathing and having a blast evry single minute with my loved ones. and i'm so hooked with my sist's psp and my baby-pod *everything looks good in black*. this week's clashes are btwn chelsea vs liverpool, arsenal vs man utd. i'm hoping gunners will ahow their qualities and play an outstanding football against man utd. as for chelski vs liverpool, it's hard to predict i think it depends on the squad list. i bet mourinho won't let chelski's fans upset this time. i'm a fan of riise, aurelio, and alonso but i'm no liverpool fans it's fun to see gerrard sweating off his pants when they're losing their grip. haha! *peace!!* i think watching football is amazing. i have all mixed up feelings about football, especially during last world cup. i think it was my most wonderful gift ever. i love the atmosphere when people from different bcakground, race, color, language, etc unite for their teams.
see you at my next post..i have to sign off coz i got nothing else to say!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon has apologised for his outspoken criticisms of the club's players and fans made in a speech to university students on Tuesday. "I want to apologise a thousand times to anyone that might have been offended," Calderon told Real Madrid television. "But I want people to know that everything I've done since I got here has been for the good of the club."

His comments to a student conference at the Villanueva University Centre were recorded without the knowledge of Real Madrid and later aired on national radio. "There is vanity, egoism and they all think they are superstars," Calderon told the students when describing the Real Madrid dressing room. "Real Madrid players never pay for anything. You have education and culture and that's something that they in general don't possess." Calderon also took a swipe at David Beckham's decision to leave Real and sign a five-year deal worth $250 million for MLS side Los Angeles Galaxy. "He's going to Hollywood to be half a film star," he said. "Our technical staff were right not to extend his contract and that has been proved by the fact that no other technical staff in the world wanted him except Los Angeles." Calderon also went on to accuse former club president Florentino Perez of deliberately sabotaging his attempt to sign AC Milan's Brazilian midfielder Kaka in the close season. "Perez hasn't exactly given me any support," he said. "He spoke with (AC Milan president) Silvio Berlusconi so that he would renew Kaka's contract and Berlusconi pressured him to sign." Calderon added: "If I am still president in June it is very likely that Kaka will be joining us." Perez issued a denial of the accusations, saying he had been forced to break his recent silence because of the "magnitude of Calderon's lie". "It is totally false that I spoke to Silvio Berlusconi about Kaka or any other player," the construction magnate said in a statement. "The whole suggestion is rather infantile." The club's fans did not escape Calderon's ire with the Real chief saying that the Bernabeu faithful were too hard to please. "It's a stadium where people go as if they were going to the theatre. The people don't support the team, not like in Italy and England." Real issued a statement on their Web site saying they were surprised and disappointed that Calderon's comments had been recorded and played on national radio. "The president was only trying to help students understand the importance of management in a business as big as that of Real Madrid," the club said.

ive taken this article from realmadrid.dk and laughing till my head comes off my neck. he made comments on players and fans. how cool is that seeing a president of one of the most remarkable clubs on earth losing his temper like that? seriously this is much funnier than i ever thought. well, dont ever blame your players capello if their losing their cool as well, probably they have taken a lesson from their dear president hohoho. if beck transfer saga isnt occupying half of newspapers pages, this could be a fine choice to write about. i remember calderons comment on beck few months ago, long before this issue arised, he has said more than once that beck is a fantastic player despite his little involvement in real matches, he hasnt complained verbally to capello and the club regarding his situation. today, calderon has a different view of his valuable player because he refuses to pen down a deal with real madrid. that hurts calderon! whatever you say, mean nothin to beckham but only dampen your career as soon as real madrid sink again. whatever......

owen hargreaves tells what he thinks surrounding beckham move to US

David Beckham's decision to leave Real Madrid for America caused a bit of shock in some quarters.
However, it was not a surprise to me at all. If you look at Becks and what he has achieved at Manchester United and Real Madrid I think this is a good step for him.
I have played with him for a number of years and one thing about him is he loves a challenge.
He showed that when he left Manchester United for Real Madrid. He went to Spain to experience how football is abroad.
I think it is commendable that people take on these new challenges rather than sticking with a comfortable situation.
Becks still wants to achieve a lot in his career and has set himself goals - this is probably one of them.

I am close to Becks but it is not something we have discussed before - he had a contract with Real after all.
But what he brings to a league that is not that popular at the moment is a big name and he is going to be hugely influential.
It also opens the door for others to go over there and play and I am sure you will see some other star players commit their future to MLS.
There are a lot of players who have gone to play in Qatar or Dubai but personally I think it would be more interesting to be a part of something potentially big being built.
There is a lot of potential there, it just needs people like Becks to promote it.
He is going to be a massive figure, not only in football circles over there but the sporting world. I think he will create a lot of excitement that will be good for the league.
He already has that profile in the rest of the world.
A lot of people in North America - such as my parents who went to Canada from England - have moved there from around the world, like the Italians, Spanish or South Americans.
They are football fans because they grew up with it, so there is an audience there for football.
Everyone knows Becks, whether they are a football fan or not.
So he is going to bring a lot more people to the games and a bigger fan base, not just the football enthusiasts or the kids but being global he will appeal for a lot of people.
The league has a lot to offer but at the moment it cannot compete with the European leagues financially, but when that changes it will be very interesting to other players.
Towards the end of my career I could definitely see myself playing over there. It would be interesting especially as I grew up in North America and certainly something to think about.
Becks has had his share of ups and downs over the years but in sports there has never been a player that has constantly gone up and up.
What is so commendable is how he has come back from difficult times - there are a lot of people who have not.
People will be saying that this is the end of his England career but in football anything is possible.
It was only a few months ago that he was at the World Cup. But it comes down to what the team needs or what the manager picks.
Everyone knows when they watch Becks he still has a lot to offer, but it is difficult because there is such a great group of young talents coming through like Aaron Lennon - competition for places is so tough.
It has been different not having Becks around the England squad since the World Cup because he was part of the set-up for so long. He was such an influential figure, but now he is not there and the team needs to move on.
In football you do not always play with the same team. Injuries and suspensions happen so you get used to not having the same team and a good side needs to adapt.

John Terry has stepped up to be the captain and has done a good job so far.
I was a bit surprised by Real's announcement that Becks will not play for them again.
A contract is a contract - it is their decision what they want to do but it is possibly the first time I have heard of such a move.
Players coming to the end of their contract are allowed to sign a contract with any club in January - that is the rule.
At Bayern, Hasan Salihamidzic has just signed a deal with Juventus and I am sure he will play some games for us for the rest of the season
So only Real know the reasons for that but it seems a bit spiteful.
For Becks this is a new challenge and a new chapter. For anybody that doubts him, I predict Becks will probably have the last laugh.
I admire him for everything he has achieved and the way he has handled it - not many people could have withstood what he has gone through.
It takes a unique person and that is why he is a good example for people to look up to. I have had nothing but great experiences with him.

ive taken his quotes from BBC sport websites (thx to anna from beckham blogspot) and thinking again how he managed to stand up despite being knocked down here and there. i remember in 1998 WC when the whole england hated him for being sent off and made england packed early despite ppls prediction they were goin a smooth cruise. well, incidents happened and clearly he couldnt make things any different at that time. lets take a look on how unjustified wayne rooney was sent off during WC 06? no one ever treated rooney badly although his case was a bit similiar to becks case back in 98. as a captain, david beckham made it clear to public that 'crucifying' rooney wouldnt make things better in any way. i rarely heard such things came out from a national captain esp these days. he has done more than enough for real madrid and now, hes treated like hes nobody. real have taken half of his fortune and now they accusing him a failure? wait a minute. if beck had not agreed to share his fortune by 50%, real wouldnt be the richest club in europe, most probably, on earth. and gained a tv deal worth more than $ 1 billion less than 6 years! hello...welcome to the real world. im pretty sure if he hadnt signed the deal he would have been the most richest footballer in history considering his rising popularity in asia. not only taking his 'share' but real madrid also booting him off to vip box for the rest of the season. that also means, he will not play a single minute wearing real madrids jersey. ive read a couple of cases and clearly what capello has done to beck was horrible and inappropriate. henrik larsson signed a deal with a club in sweden (plus having press conference and wearing their jersey) but still played an important part in barcelonas remaining matches of last season. and now owen hargreaves saying the same case happened in his club bayern munich. a question remains here, on what ground real madrid chose not to let david beckham play till the remainder of his contract, which is june 30th 2007?. what capello has said in press conference didnt elaborate the whole meaning of what he said as losing passion to play as one has decided to sign with other team. as far as im concerned, beck is free to discuss his terms with other teams in january and he can choose either letting his club aware of another teams interest or keep it to himself. and if he did chose option no 2, the club hes currently in, should not be bother by his actions, except if he has done somethin illegally beforehand. ludicrous as it is, beck cant do nothin more except if he wants to leave early and let real loan him for less than 5 months to LA Galaxy but he will not receive his wages and other benefits in terms of euro, which means dime. whatever he chooses, we will not let him down and continue to support him all the way. perhaps by leaving real madrid he can gain somethin he never had before. if i am so disgusted and hurt by real madrid actions, i cant imagine how he and his family feels these days esp after reading comments from spain journalists. be strong beck we are still your no 1 fans!
Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon is resigned to axing coach Fabio Capello at the end of this season. DiarioSport says despite public denials from the Real supremo, Calderon knows he needs to change coaches in the summer.

Calderon had high hopes for Capello and his iron-fist approach to player management. The plan was for the Italian to unite the dressing room, but his behaviour in recent weeks has backfired and led to increasing rifts amongst the squad and management.First freezing out and then grudgingly recalling Francisco Pavon and Raul Bravo has not gone down well amongst the players, along with the treatment of Ronaldo and Mahmadou Diarra. Capello's blast at David Beckham has been the last straw for some Real powerbrokers, who can't believe the Italian's stand after the way he quit the club in his first spell in charge for AC Milan - while still having two years left on his deal.Capello has also infuriated the supportive Madrid press after banning journalists from training earlier this month. And his middle-finger salute to fans after Sunday's victory over Zaragoza did not go down well in the director's box.English sources, meanwhile, insist Real have been sounding out unsettled Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho about moving to Madrid next season.

i surely think this is goin to be an interesting story, watching capello being treated differently from other coaches seems to me a bit of an extraordinary of excitement. well, i am very curious of what those fans had to say bout this near-retirement manager. somethin delicious perhaps?
From Galáctico to Galaxy
by phil ball
Phew, what a weekend! Where do we start? Well, ok, let's get Becks out of the way. Since everybody and his dog has had their two pennorth, I guess I'd better have mine.
I wrote a book about Beckham a couple of years back, to cover his first year in Madrid, but the closest I got to the man himself was when a scheduled interview with him one afternoon was called off so that he could go and have that lovely tattoo etched onto his neck. He had flown out his personal tattooist from Manchester, as you do, so who was I to occupy his time? I even said I was prepared to sit there and chew the fat with him whilst he was being 'done', but it seems he wasn't too keen. Oh well, your loss Becks.
Anyway, almost three years further down the line, just as it appeared that he was about to go out with a whimper, he's come back with quite a bang. There's no point debating the issue of whether he should have gone to LA Galaxy or not, since it's now all done and dusted. But it's interesting that up to last Wednesday, for example, not one of the players at the Galaxy club was in the slightest bit aware of what was going on.
I have this from my deep-throat, who lives just down the road from the ground and who was chatting to one of the players only last week after a work-out in the gym. Maximum discretion (a Beckham hallmark) or more a case of the fact that Simon Fuller, the grand architect of all this, was still mulling over the offer from Milan?
Well maybe Posh was, because if other rumours are to be believed, some of Beckham's representatives even met a couple of Barcelona officials for a chat, when matters were still up in the air. A spent force? It would appear that several managers (or their bankrollers) didn't think so.
But the smokescreens of disinformation and conspiracy theories are also a part of the whole meaty issue, guaranteeing oodles of column inches and maximum tittle-tattle. And that's what it's all about really. It's not about the football, and it's not really about the money. The eternally interesting thing about Beckham is the way in which his moves impact on a cultural level - if that doesn't sound too pretentious.
I agreed to do the book about him on the condition that I could explore that particular avenue, because it was fascinating to see how Spain would react to him. His arrival and subsequent stay never disappointed, but it's run its course now, and he's off to the States, the perfect place for him really, at this juncture.
Beckham claimed that he was happy in Madrid and Spain, and he was telling the truth. But unlike his predecessor McManaman, he was never going to do his morning shopping at the butcher's, the baker's and the candlestick maker's, stopping off on the way home to banter with the neighbours.
Whatever happiness he's found, it's been behind the walls of his finca, with his kids, with the occasional visit from some of his team-mates, and the occasional glance at his Spanish Grammar book, lovingly presented to him by the British Council. Hollywood promises to be more of a social whirl, and the USA will suck him in, build him up even further, and probably not knock him down again, as they're prone to do in Europe. That's what's so nice about the Americans.
Or perhaps it's all just a Scientologist plot, engineered by his new friend and the cult's high-profile evangelist, Tom Cruise, whose wedding Capello did not allow Beckham to attend quite recently? Now that would be a coup. Becks and Posh join up. Don't bet against it. Whatever, the American league starts in April, at the moment without its most expensive recruit, but since Capello has now excluded the Englishman from his squad, he could probably turn out for them on loan, until his Spanish contract finally expires.
The really wicked whispers are that Beckham and his entourage engineered the whole thing anyway (his exclusion from the squad) since the risk of picking up a serious injury in the next few months would make his insurance company wince - the pay-out against a $250million contract being rather substantial, one would imagine. It would also put the spanner in the works of an awful lot of investors.
But that seems a bit far-fetched. It's a lot of money that both Beckhams stand to make, but they're rich anyway. They weren't about to hit Skid Row. The multi-national incarnate that Beckham has become means that an awful lot of people have a stake in him, and that stake has to be constantly renewed. That was unlikely to have happened at Bolton, with all due respect to that fine club.
In terms of how all this impacts on Real Madrid, the truth is that the issue of his exclusion (not the transfer) has split the country down the middle. I was in Santiago at the weekend, and everyone was talking about it. Back here in San Sebastian, and I've just come back from the bar after watching Madrid beat Zaragoza, people were still talking about it.
One chap with a scary moustache, who'd spent the game muttering darkly about Van Nistelrooy's inability to either control or pass the ball - Es un buitre, joder! Que se dedique a esto, y nada más! (He's a poacher, for God's sake. He should just stick to doing that!) then began to chat with the barman about Beckham (who'd just appeared on camera, sitting in the stands watching his mates play). 'I can't understand it!' he shouted. 'So Madrid need to clean out the old ones, and start from new. I can understand that. But to punish the guy like that is just nasty. It shows a lack of class. Beckham's alright. He's always worked his nuts off. The club's gone to the dogs. You can't treat people like that'.
Radomir Antic, writing in the tabloid 'AS' said something similar, qualifying the action as symbolic of a dying institution, one that no longer has the dignity to even know who its most loyal servants have been. And he has a point. Ronaldo's sullen and unpredictable behaviour over the past two seasons should have guaranteed his exit long before now, but now Beckham has been lumped in with the 'clean-up', which includes the troublesome Cassano - a most unholy trinity, since the Englishman's behaviour has been exemplary.
He even praised Capello as a manager last week and pledged that he would continue to fight for the cause, words that have been rewarded with a kick in the nether regions, further down than Ferguson's flying boot. It's true, of course, that Beckham has occasionally been required to ask permission to go and film some ad somewhere, or endorse a product, or whatever chaps like Beckham are required to do, but Real Madrid signed him precisely for that purpose, even grabbing 50% of his image rights - based on deals that Beckham had cut before he ever trod the Bernabéu.
Of course, his time at Madrid has coincided with a slump in form (not really his fault), six managers and plenty of crises, but it has also coincided with the club becoming the richest on Earth, in terms of marketing turnover. So now they've banked the money, it seems that they feel no loyalty to the man who played a large part in bringing it to them. Thanks David, now p*** off.
To imply, as Capello has, that Beckham's mind will solely be on his pending move, is to question the professionalism of a player who has always gone out and tried to do his best, despite the circus that surrounds him. Even Raúl, the most reluctant of his colleagues and the real Rasputin behind the throne - has admitted that much.
The Bernabéu rate Beckham, however much the tabloid Marca desperately publish daily (unsubstantiated) vox-pops which claim to support Capello's actions. The Bernabéu have always rated Beckham. They recognise his limitations, but they still know that he's the best passer in their squad, a player capable of bringing out the best in the rest. But like any other player he needs continuity. He can't perform in a bit-part role. When he's had continuity he's played just fine and he's a better player than he was at Manchester United.
I stick with the words of Jorge Valdano, who knows a thing or two about football. His mis-translated phrase, that Beckham 'strikes' the ball better than anyone since Maradona, was in fact 'Desde Maradona, nadie trata el balon como Beckham' (Since Maradona, no-one has had the touch that Beckham has) seems a good enough testament to me.
Anyway, Madrid won without him at the weekend, and there were hardly any mass demonstrations in his favour. Despite all the hullabaloo, the meringues are now level on points with Barcelona, for the first time in a blue moon. If Madrid start winning again on a regular basis - and they looked much better against Zaragoza, then all will be forgiven and forgotten. A couple of weeks is a long time in football.
Barcelona lost surprisingly at Espanyol, for whom ex-Culé Ivan de la Peña had an excellent game, as did Tamudo, the little striker who just keeps on banging them in. Barça still have key players out, but their defence looked as wobbly as a granny on her bike, and Espanyol always looked like scoring.
Even more surprisingly, leaders Sevilla slipped up 1-2 at home to Mallorca, a team who have been looking like relegation meat for some weeks now. The defeat was Sevilla's first at home since last February, and it'll be interesting to see how they react to it. Valencia continue to climb, and their 4-0 stuffing of neighbours Levante was their fifth win on the trot.
It's getting hot at the top, and next week marks the half-way stage of the season. One of three sides could be top next week, depending on how results go. Whoever it is, they'll be feeling that they can do more than just dream.
this an article taken from ESPN website and i surely agree with phil that a player needs continuity to perform at his best and not some minutes of action on the pitch. hopefully, things turn out just fine for becks despite the hurricane goin past him.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Real Madrid coach Fabio Capello has blasted David Beckham for committing to La Galaxy last week.After victory over Zaragoza last night, Capello said: "Beckham agreed another contract without talking to us first."
"That doesn't seem right - that shows us we can't count on him. I still haven't spoken to him - I don't want to talk more about
David Beckham."Madrid chiefs refuse to accept Becks' £128million, five-year deal to join LA Galaxy was put together in less than two weeks.And Bernabeu supremo Ramon Calderon rapped: "Beckham has reached the end of his football career.""The elite of football play in Europe. When a player goes to America that is a step down."Becks - who has been told by Capello he will never play another Real game - watched from his private box as they beat Zaragoza 1-0.He celebrated Ruud Van Nistelrooy's 40th minute tap-in but left before the final whistle.

well well im anxious to hear what americans will say bout this comments from Real Madrid. most of football players, in europe specifically, consider american soccer as their last step nearing end of their career. im sure this some kind of policy that has been passed along from generations to another. anyway, im not convinced hes goin to stop at all. many ppl believe hes playing football for the money and fame, question is was he that famous when he walked on the pitch several years ago? no. and then he became romantically involved with one of the member of the most famous girl band on earth, spice girls. he married to victoria and david beckham became a superstar and started his side job as a product ambassador. i'll say hes fortunate to have the looks so its easy for him to be on the headlines almost every week, esp after the wedding. i dont bother to like him not only coz of his looks but also his passion toward football that i barely see in other players, not all players i mean. british press agree that beck is the most experience and dedicated english player in national squad. no matter what ppl say bout him, he never bothers to listen and continue playing at his best. well, suits you guys if you think hes too good to play in national side. the most important thing here is the way he turns football world into a different side of the game. back before his involvement in footballbiz, not all players or a singular brand paid a lot of interest bridging between media and football. since his arrival, so sudden we know adidas paying a heck a lot of money to many players, not only david beckham, to pose for their new pair of shoes. voila! now i see many football players faces in media as well as billboard playing a model of 'somethin somethin' brand. admit it ppl, he changes your world. hopefully he gets somethin better out of it and continue play at his best. sadly, i may not be able to see him playing for real madrid for the rest of the season since capello put down any possible withdrawal from his decision to get beck out from the vip box. they claimed, beck has signed a contract to another team and someone who already on the way out has always been distracted, so he chose not to pick beck till his contract runs out in june 07. well, mr capello, you have said so many times since the beginning of the season that you can count on him but the real fact is, you left him out cold on the bench although he proved to be one of the best players on the team. and now, he has signed a contract with another team you playin busy? tut tut. he has all the right to discuss with other teams as he has reached 6 months period of his due contract, no one should ever complain. hopefully, he'll get his way out of real madrid this january so he wont need to playin pretend.


What's your take on Beckham leaving the team?
It's a sad loss for me because I've shared many years with him. We all support him, especially if he's happy and thinks he's taking the right decision.
What do you think about Capello's decision of not playing Beckham again?
That's a coaching decision, but I don't see how David's announcement of joining a different Club at the end of the season could offend the Club in any way. Nevertheless, we must respect and abide by the Club's decisions.
Nevertheless, Beckham will remain here until 30 June?
It's sad to train knowing you're not going to play, but he must remain calm. It may not be a permanent coaching decision. Things are changing so much lately...

this is what raul bravo has said during the press conference after a match against zaragoza, its a good thing though he said somethin like that even though i have not seen him (in pictures) hang out with dave b when hes still a regular player in the squad.