Tuesday, September 25, 2007

greeting from all grown up kid

1.Your name plus "o"?
// something with 'O'

2. Two feelings at the moment ?
// blessed and grateful
3. What are you listening to rightnow ?
// the beat of my heart singing kiss me
4. A part of a song lyric that's inyour mind right now ?
// i'll get over you i know i will..from the king of wishful thinking covered by NFG
5. Describe where you are right now ?
// my comfy bedroom, it's a bit crowded rite now
6. What is your highlight of the week ?
// the gadget week!! yaayy!!, full of soccer week, and of course NFG's week!!
7. What are you craving to have rightnow ?
// watching NFG in concert..
8. Any unforgettable childhood memory ?
// everything about my childhood is memorable and unforgettable!!
9. A not-so-good childhood memory ?
// prefer not to disclose that
10. What are your nickname?
// so many

11. Any plans fortomorrow ?

// nothing..trying to be more patient!!

12. Your two plans for today ?
// be good and happy
13. Are you thinking of someone right now ?
// hehehe
14. Do you like party ?
// nope..don't do drugs, don't smoke, and of course i don't drink. hopefully i can live my life to the fullest in a healthy way.
15. Do you like twins ?
// uh-huh..soo adorable
16. Fill in the blank "I am ..
// what i am
17. Anything black in front of u?
// ps, pda, my sist cell
18. Say anything you like to say
// i want my NFG!!
19. Anyword you see in your pc ?
// hp pavilion
20. Who do you miss ryt now ?
// my dearest
21. Last friend you saw online?
// as usual -golly-
22. Are you in love?
// what more can i say

23. What do you like about night ?
// relaxing
24.If you were in a farm, what do youwant to see ?
// cute farmers haha
25. Last person who gave a comment to you ?
// -thegollykid-
26. Did you like it ?
// it was a plain one

27. Do you play an instrument ? Whatinstrument ?
// used to..i wish i could play tho
28. What song describes you now ?
// taking control by eisley..i'm a fan of eisley..theyre such a wonderful musician
29. What is your current annoyance?
// my ankle..it hurts!
30. Say it out loud!
// heellp..my ankle hurts badly

Monday, September 24, 2007

it is a very bad result for real madrid after only managed a draw away from home. valladolid is proving time and time again to be a tough opponent. last week valencia were lucky enough to win in mestalla. im bound to agree that last night wasnt the best of real madrid. i was seeing a reflection of last years performance which sent me off my limits. soon after valladolid scored, i was having mental breakdown, well i may exaggerate a bit. however, it doesnt help me to see how they are goin to overcome their lack of spirits performance. sneijder helps them a lot with strong possesion and good nature of playing in the center. losing him is like playing without a striker. bernd schuster seems dont mind standing on the sideline watching his side went down under. he made good substitutions by replacing rusty robinho and uncomfortable drenthe 20 minutes into the second half. however, with only 25 mins to play, those subs werent goin to help anyone. finally, saviola made it 1-1 only few mins before final whistle. would a point mean anything to real? of course it would. but how far real madrid can go by drawing? not far. broken passes are the main reason they have lost last night. as if i may have been put to watch a 2nd divison team play against champions of la liga. isnt the other way around? it wasnt the team i saw several months back that won la liga title. they are certainly losing sneijder so much and it shows. i would love to see david beckham playing on the right instead of inexperienced higuain who lets a couple golden chance slipped through his fingers. becks may lack technical skill but he certainly has somethin that other players dont, spirit. he can push defence into their own half and make superb cross right in front of opponents goal. anyway, i will always support both of them and hope for the best of luck in number of years.

the sun made a headline story that suggests becks may train in arsenal ground to keep his fitness up after MLS season closed this november. i consider this report is baseless considering becks top notch loyalty to red devils and i believe the sun is trying to make their newspaper outsell daily mirror (or they already have? not sure) in terms of rubbish. however, if this news proved to be reliable, i am deeply touched by wengers move to let becks uses their training camp for temporary basis. i remember when becks was having a difficult period in 2004, he came to rescue by saying becks and real madrid cant be written off from champs league competition although they were struggling to win matches both local and regional. i myself, is a huge admirer of arsene wenger. he doesnt speak nonsense about his team and clearly a gentleman. newcastle will be their next opponent in league cup and hopefully we'll get to see young players play their part.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

cant believe they outshone their performance in champs league few days earlier. i know they had perfect start of the season but didnt know it would be like this. 5-0 against derby county and who knows gonna be that huge result. we realize its not even half of the season and nothin is for certain in football; however, its goin to help the youngsters to boost up their moral after being left behind by their former captain thierry henry. hopefully, they can win the league and shuts their blabbering mouth.
chelsea and man utd will come head to head tonight. and im guessing man utd will come as the winner despite their moderate performance recently. honestly, im hoping it would be a draw so none of the teams will sit on the 2nd spot. real madrid comes next....*phew* it will be a long night....