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i found this article quite amusing as capello is known as no-non sense coach and we need not to say more. he has shown his character during his rein in real madrid as coach in which david beckham was one of his player. he dropped becks for few matches before reinstated becks back into the squad and admitting he has made a fatal mistake by leaving becks out in the cold. in the end becks helped his team mates clinching la liga title for real madrid after three years drought. players need time to adjust and please mr robson you had your day and stop saying rubbish as if you could do better coaching england. i have little doubt that england will flourish under your care. give capello and players more time to prove themselves. and if, they couldn't get their act together before WC 2010, FA should decide what is better for the team. in the meantime, let capello do what he is paid for. but before ending my beautiful notes, i have another thing to say. both gerrard and lampard can't play together as center midfield. sven has tried that and ste-c proving to be loser as well by joining lamps and stevi-g in the middle. so, one thing is for sure. gerrard and lampard can't work as a team in midfield mr robson. perhaps you are trying to be a good coach aren't you mr robson? well last time i checked you weren't so successful yourself mr robson.

Drop Beckham, Robson urges Capello
2 days ago
LONDON (AFP) — Bobby Robson says England coach Fabio Capello must make a stand and drop David Beckham from his starting line-up ahead of their upcoming World Cup qualifying campaign.

With England due to face Andorra on September 6 ahead of a tough meeting with Euro 2008 qualifier nemeses Croatia former England boss Robson says Capello must be more decisive.
"Fabio is meant to lead but the only place we've gone so far is round in circles," Robson said in his Mail on Sunday column.

"It is time for the real Capello to stand up and start dictating to the players and the public exactly what he wants. Then he'll find people will get behind him."

Sir Bobby believes there is now little room for Beckham if England, who last week struggled to draw with the Czech Republic in a Wembley friendly, are to unearth a coherent system.

"It means picking vibrant wide players rather than starting with David Beckham when he can't get forward as he used to. It means banging Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard's heads together and getting them to play as a unit. Because they can," Robson insisted.

Only the qualifying group winners automatically qualify for the World Cup finals in South Africa.
That means the Croatians, who did the double over England in the Euro 2008 qualifiers, this time have to be sent packing.

Robson says Capello should have been more decisive in picking his skipper for the Czech encounter.

"The weeks of dithering about who should be England captain summed it up for me. I'm sure the intention was to give everyone a fair chance, but it made him look weak and indecisive.

"Steve McClaren could have told him two years ago that John Terry was the best man for the job."

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Refocused Galaxy win season series against Chivas USA

CARSON, Calif. -- It's a minor trophy, probably one of the most inconsequential, even on Major League Soccer's reduced scale. Yet after a difficult 2007, in which David Beckham suffered through injuries and his Galaxy team not only missed the playoffs but also failed to win any kind of trophy, even the small satisfaction of claiming the SuperClasico title via a 2-2 draw with Chivas USA was savored.

Truth be told, Beckham was even a bit cheeky about the accomplishment, holding the trophy aloft toward the Chivas USA fans, whose team now has come out on the losing end of the local derby for three of the four years it has been played.

It was a sweet moment, partly due to the recent tension and unhappiness the Galaxy have suffered with their winless streak (now at eight games), the resignation of coach Ruud Gullit and the firing of general manager Alexi Lalas.

"It's been a tough couple of weeks," Beckham said. "We're happy to win the SuperClasico. Now we've got to put everything behind us and move on."

At the start of the match, it seemed that was exactly what the Galaxy had done. Under the guidance of interim coach Cobi Jones, a Galaxy icon, the players came out focused and immediately looked dangerous on the attack, creating numerous chances. It wasn't a surprise when the first strike fell to Landon Donovan for his league-leading 14th goal of the season. Nor was it a shock that Beckham had started the play that led to the opening tally with his precision passing.

"We weren't really sure of ourselves, and the Galaxy were sharper out there," Chivas USA coach Preki said in describing the first half.

However, as has happened so often this season, the Galaxy wasted other opportunities to extend their lead, going to halftime with only that goal. Another characteristic that has marked this team all season has been its inconsistency. True to form, the Galaxy wilted in the second half as Chivas fought back.

Atiba Harris and Paulo Nagamura scored the next two goals, putting the win and full points within Chivas' reach.

"Strongest point was us as a team in the first half," Beckham said. "Weakest was us in the second half."

It's possible the team was distracted during the second half, as word spread quickly that the team ownership of AEG, headed by Tim Leiweke, had invited Bruce Arena, the former U.S. national team coach, to the game. It was a significant signal Arena might be asked to take the Galaxy coaching job.

Beckham seemed less interested in who was taking over the leadership spot than he was in raising team morale.

To that end, nothing did more to give the Galaxy a boost than substitute Alan Gordon's injury-time header, which he powered into goal to salvage the draw, split the points and claim the derby title.

"It's huge, because we ended up drawing the game instead of losing it," Beckham said. "It's important that we showed that fight."

There's something special about goals scored in stoppage. It's a bit like living on borrowed time, and the Galaxy players probably felt a bit like they had cheated death. For a team that has been under the gun all season, it was a chance to smile just a bit and remember what makes the beautiful game so exciting.

"The biggest thing is to enjoy playing," Beckham said, recalling the difficult strain of the team turmoil. "It's been stressful for the players."

Thing is, whether the Galaxy bring in Arena or not, they still are not out of the woods. Currently, they are out of the playoffs, and splitting points with Chivas USA made up almost no ground on the squads ahead of them.

Yet Jones, for one, wasn't complaining, not when the squad still is reeling from the double departure from the club's administration.

"With everything that has happened with the team, I don't think it's bittersweet," Jones said.

Changes most certainly will follow the appointment of a new coach, which will give the Galaxy more adjustments to make. And part of the team's problem has been a revolving door of players that makes it difficult for the squad to establish a rhythm.

"I definitely think that we've got the quality on the team," said Beckham, even as he acknowledged the major problem. "It's about coming together. It's not happened in this team."

Team solidarity might be on the rise, though. Even when the match got physical, the Galaxy remained focused on the main prize. Harris took Beckham off his feet near the end of the match. It seemed like a card should have followed such a play, but Beckham bounced back up to take the free kick with little fuss, trying to set up a scoring chance.

The Galaxy captain also showed off his versatility, moving into the middle to set up more chances for the squad. Although he wasn't directly involved in the play that led to the draw, it was Beckham's probing crosses that had the Chivas defense backpedaling numerous times.

In the main, what the team regained under his leadership was its thirst for competition. Putting the off-field drama behind them, the Galaxy fought for local pride and discovered anew that even small triumphs matter and hopefully will lead to bigger ones.

"Everyone was pumped up for this game," Beckham said. "As much as we have not won the game tonight, we have to take heart from the way we went into the game and the way prepared for the game, and what it meant for the team."

this article is definitely a good one. it states about becks role as a captain. hopefully capello will take his captaincy in LA Galaxy into consideration. a role of england captain is up for grab and he will be facing fierce competition from the likes of gerrard, jt and rio. it won't be easy for him but he still has his chances and i'm sure he won't disappoint many of england fans if he indeed appointed as captain once again. i think there will be many people out there who disagree with me but who cares. capello has his own view about things and i am sure he won't get easily intimidated by critics. go becks

courtesy of espnsoccernet

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Argentine Teams Head To Indonesia

Argentinean giants River Plate and Racing FC will be part of the celebration as the Indonesia FA (PSSI) organise the Independence Cup after an absence of five years.

Slated for 22-29 August 2008, the Independence Cup will feature two club teams and four national teams.

The national teams taking part are Libya, Cambodia, Myanmar and Indonesia with the host expected to field their first team under head coach Benny Dollo.

River Plate are the Argentine League champions for 2008 while Racing FC plays in the top flight of the game as well.

Both clubs from South America came in as replacements for AS Roma and Lazio of Italy, who have had to withdraw due to their early preparation for the Italian Serie A.

The six teams will be divided into two groups with only the group winner playing in the grand final on 29 August 2008.  


prominent argentianian clubs are coming to few asian countries. it's a good news for all of us, hope they will give us brilliant performance

today is a very busy day as i have to run errands and of course, posting a lot of good articles about david beckham. here's another good one. no doubt that becks reign as england captain had always been surrounded by controversies, either they were good or bad. anyway, he's always been a good influence around his teammates and most of people tipped he was the one who created good vibe in locker room that resulting la liga title in his final year with real madrid. some other people doubted his lack of leadership on the field, i like to think otherwise. and it seems FA chief is agree with me on one thing, becks deserves armband. 

FA Chief Tips Becks Or Rio For Captaincy

Football Association chairman Lord Triesman has given the nod to David Beckham and Rio Ferdinand as outstanding candidates for the England captaincy... 

Manager Fabio Capello has rotated the armband since taking charge at the beginning of this year, poised to name who he believes to be the best candidate for the job before the competitive games begin for the Three Lions, ahead of the friendly against the Czech Republic on August 20.

The Italian is thought to have whittled down potential candidates to just two unnamed players, widely expected to be one of John Terry, who captained the side prior to Don Fabio's appointment, and Rio Ferdinand, who captained Manchester United to Champions League glory over Terry in Moscow.

However, Triesman, in naming his favourite past skippers of England, has revealed that he believes David Beckham, who resigned following the 2006 World Cup, is a good candidate along with Rio Ferdinand, not naming John Terry.

"Whoever captains England has to be capable of understanding the sense of proportion that is needed, that it is not about winning at all costs," explained the chairman, in light of the FA's respect campaign aimed at improving behaviour towards match officials, placing further responsibility on team captains.

"Bobby Moore was my favourite captain and another was [Tottenham Hotspur's] Danny Blanchflower. At the moment, there are two or three people close to being like them.

"Capello will pick the captain in terms of his values, but I have expressed admiration for people who have captained the side in the last few months. Beckham has an extraordinary influence - it is still there. 

"And I thought Rio Ferdinand showed huge maturity. In the game against France in March he had a word with anybody who looked even remotely like having a go at the referee."

FA chief executive Brian Barwick insists that though the decision will lie with Capello, he has been briefed on what the big-wigs expect from the captain appointed. "Fabio understands far more lucidly now the sporting and social role of the England captain," he said. "It is an iconic part of English sport. That message has been delivered to Fabio."

Chet Winter, Goal.com

another interesting article by goal and i must say kudos to the writer for recognizing becks popularity on and off the field. he is indeed player with limits, and as human he is not at the fault of making mistakes. he is no zidane or figo but he has what others might not have, that is huge commitment. he is truly a professional and no one should doubt about it. while ramon calderon speaking against him and went on public to claim that david beckham is a hollywood actor, he said nothing but showing a lot of people what kind of player he was. turning up in all matches he shouldn't have and made all those crosses when he couldn't have to. in short, he is a player with limited abilities, nevertheless he has shown to the world that technical skills aren't the only requirements to become world's greatest footballer or soccer player if you want to put it that way. here's the article....

Debate: Is David Beckham Truly Great?

David Beckham is known all over the world for his exceptional free-kicks and crosses. But is he truly a great player or is he just another pampered overrated footballer who makes a hell lot of money? Goal.com explores…..

“There are three things everyone has heard of: Jesus Christ, Coca Cola and Pele.” That was the cliché in the 1990s. Although the trio still remains top of the charts, it would be naïve and even downright criminal not to add the name David Beckham to the list. 

Golden Balls might have shipped himself so unwittingly to the footballing tundra(read the MLS); his England days might be numbered; he might not even be appearing in those apparently meaningless friendly matches in the Far East for Real Madrid. But he still sustains that legendary charm and is certainly the most recognizable footballing face in the world(although Cristiano Ronaldo might raise an objection to that). 

Like the Beatles who became synonymous with rock music in the 1960s or likeLeonardo da Vinci with the Renaissance in Italy, David Beckham has become the byword for football mania in the world. True, the game was the number one sport in major parts of the world even before the advent on Becksie onto the stage but he has certainly transformed its image, shaped it into a 20th/21st century money-spinning machine and draped it with a glamour surpassed only by the late great George Best. 

The Case For Greatness 

6 Premiership titles, 2 FA Cups, 1 UEFA Champions League with Manchester United. 1 La Liga title with Real Madrid. A free-kick specialist whom you could trust with your life. A marvelous right-sided midfielder who could cross the ball more accurately than others. A connoisseur of the long ball surpassed in stature only by a certain Francesco Totti. A glamorous medio whose work ethic rivals Gordon Brown’s 18 hour a day work rate. 

David Beckham has always been there when he was needed. Be it for Manchester United, England or Real Madrid, DB has never fallen short of commitment. Announcing himself as a cheeky handsome young lad at the start of the 1996-1997 when he scored against Wimbledon from the half way line, he became a public villain in the 1998 summer when he so idiotically ‘kicked’ at Diego Simone but redeemed himself in the 1998-1999 season when he led Man United to the now clichéd historic treble. 

Against Greece on October 6, 2001 at Old Trafford when England needed to draw to automatically directly for the 2002 World Cup, Beckham was the key that unlocked the door. People remember him scoring the last gasp free-kick but what they tend to overlook is his die-attitude during the match, his consistent galloping all over the pitch, his persistent eagerness to get the ball and set England rolling, his annoyingly pleasant urgency to drag his team and nation out of the hole. 

At Real Madrid he was arguably the best player after Iker Casillas in those four difficult years. His consistency and commitment were laudable and although to suggest that Becks was the best for Real in their title winning 2006-2007 season would be to undermine the contribution of the entire team, there’s little doubt that it was Beckham who inspired and motivated the squad with his performance and attitude. 

The Case Against Greatness 

Beckham a great player then, eh? Well, not quite. The detractors of the 33-year old do have some very strong points against Beckham’s right to be christened as ‘great’. 

For one, David Beckham didn’t have the finesse or that extra-terrestrial magical touch that defines a truly great footballer. Even an ageing Zinedine Zidane and a disgruntled Luis Figo were more entertaining to watch while at Man United Paul Scholes overshadow Beckham in the technical department. 

And then of course he could never dribble, never. There was no Messi-esque gliding past six players or Zidane-esque la roulette or Ronaldo-esque stepovers. Instead, there was the show-the-defender-your-back-hide-the-ball-and-then-pass-it-to-your-nearest-teammate strategy. 

The case against him is that Beckham was always, always overrated. His detractors argue that Beckham has limited skills, never had pace, cannot function outside the dead ball situation, gets stuck against alert world class defenders, cannot tackle, cannot defend and is popular only because he has marketed and promoted himself so well, what with his (apparently) dashing looks and a high dose of glamour. 

Which of course you cannot deny. David Beckham is certainly a footballer who has altered the concept of football and all things attached to the sport outside the pitch but on the pitch he was never in the same bracket as the Zidanes, Figos, Rivaldos, Ronaldinhos, Ronaldos(Brazilian) or Scholes. 

”The Great Paradox” 

But then again the ‘greatness’ of a player is not restrained within the insular boundary of the football pitch. What he does off the pitch should be considered as well. And this is where Beckham topscores. 

Becksie has always been the perfect English gentleman, so perfect that the Spanish wanted to keep him for good. He has rarely let himself loose, although cynics might observe that as an act carefully designed to preserve his chocolate image. 

He refused to smother the England fans(that middle-finger gesture in Euro 2000 apart) when they shouted “May your son die of cancer” in the aftermath of the 1998 World Cup disaster. He was (mis)hit with a boot at his eyebrow by Sir Alex Ferguson inside the Man United dressing room in February 2003 but he declined to blame Sir Alex. 

Beckham was dubbed ”half an actor, off to Hollywood” by the Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon midway through the 2006-2007 season but the ever great professional David Beckham kept his lips tightly sealed, only sneering,"The same people who want me to stay now thought I was not good enough six months ago" when Real Madrid desperately tried to trap his LA Galaxy venture. 

The lament of virtually entire Europe at the departure of Beckham to a world people call football ‘soccer’ summed up the esteem and affection with which Beckham is regarded as a professional and as a person. 

David Beckham might never have been a truly great player but he shall always be a great professional. And a great man. 

And a paradox, which is what the Spanish paper El Pais described him in its farewell to Becks: 

"Beckham is the great paradox of world football. He is the greatest icon on the planet and the cause of such delirium in the media and on the streets, the greatest catwalk model there is. And yet he has been an anti-diva. He was the most galactic of the galacticos off the pitch, but the greatest of earthlings when he walked on to the field. 

Subhankar Mondal


Beckham is secret weapon for London 2012

LONDON OLYMPIC chiefs will unveil their star attraction at the Bird’s Nest Stadium — David Beckham.

Games organisers in Britain are already under pressure after Beijing’s spectacular opening ceremony on Friday night.

But they will start the four-year countdown to London 2012 by parading the world’s most famous sportsman at the closing ceremony — Fabio Capello permitting.

Sport of the World can confirm that Becks WILL definitely jet to the Chinese capital — if he is selected for England’s friendly against the Czech Republic on August 20.

And even by the LA Galaxy star’s globetrotting standards, it will be part of an incredible round-the-world itinerary for Beckham.

Assuming Capello includes the former skipper in his squad, Beckham will:

* Travel to London from Los Angeles on August 17 to meet up with his England team-mates.

* Play against the Czechs at Wembley on the 20th.

* Fly out to Beijing the following day to become part of the London 2012 deputation in Beijing.

* Appear at the closing ceremony on August 24.

* Jet straight back to LA to resume training with the Galaxy.

* Head across the States to New England for a game on August 30.

* Board another plane for London after the match and rejoin the England set-up.

* Journey to Barcelona for the opening World Cup qualifier against Andorra on September 6.

* Go on to Zagreb for the clash with Croatia on September 10.

* Dash back across the Atlantic for a MLS fixture just 72 hours after the Croatian clash.

That is an astonishing 28,000 air miles in less than four weeks.

His spokesman said: “Nothing is confirmed but if David is selected for England then he will be flying out to Beijing. He certainly hopes to be there.”

Beckham was part of the successful bidding process that ended with the British delegation celebrating in Singapore three years ago.

His presence then captivated the Far East and London 2012 officials will be hoping it has the same effect in China.

Following the spellbinding opening to the 29th Games here, London know they cannot compete with the Chinese in terms of funding.

The 2008 hosts are said to have spent an astonishing £20billion on organisation.

But in terms of star-power, few can compete with Beckham, who is probably the most recognised athlete in Asia.

He actually made his Real Madrid debut here back in 2003, playing in a friendly at the Beijing Workers Stadium.


Even then, delirious fans camped outside Beckham’s hotel, hoping for a glimpse.

And after an opening night that featured world leaders and sporting icons such as Roger Federer and Kobe Bryant, Beckham would be a show-stealer when China officially hands over the Olympic responsibility to London, who will be given an eight-minute slot in the closing ceremony.

The 2012 organising committee are keeping their plans close to their chest but Beckham will play a key role — probably alongside great British Olympians such as Steve Redgrave and Kelly Holmes.

It could mean an unlikely pairing in the Bird’s Nest of Becks and Boris Johnson.

Ironically, Great Britain still seem unlikely to field a football team in their own Games. But Beckham’s involvement may help solve that problem.

The only hitch in Becks’ plans could be if Capello decides to call time on the 33-year-old’s international career.

Beckham might then be required to remain in LA for a MLS game on August 21.

But as he has been outstanding since being recalled by Capello and was voted the most valuable player in the MLS, there seems little chance of that.

The ambassadorial role is clearly one that appeals to Beckham — he is already being lined up to spearhead the English FA’s attempts to host the World Cup in 2018.

But, before then, it seems Becks will be leading London’s bid to live up to the spectacular start of these Olympic Games.

this is nothing but a good news for david beckham. he is indeed and global iconic figure in sports world, at the time being no one is bigger than his name, probably this is the reason he is included in closing ceremony. he had a hand on winning the bid for the next olympics in london 4 years from now.  good job

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david beckham became men's health magazine cover for august edition and it doesn't disappoint many of his fans. gracious words from the magazine and i really liked it although i am not going to buy the magazine myself. here's an excerpt from telegraph online

"Beckham is, without a doubt, planetary," the magazine says. "As far as universally recognisable names in sports today, you have David Beckham. After him, who? Tiger Woods. That's about it. Even the big names in US sports - Tom Brady, LeBron James, Alex Rodriguez - are unknowns in international waters. But just about everyone, everywhere, knows who David Beckham is."

An interview with the ex-Manchester United star, now playing for LA Galaxy, describes him as "the most popular player in the most popular sport in the world".

Becks, 33, graces the cover, a rare accolade for a British athlete. In an accompanying photoshoot, he demonstrates his sporting prowess indulges in a spot of weightlifting and boxing.


i've got plenty of news regarding mr beckham. although the article doesn't entirely support becks from football point of view, but i don't mind anyway as long as the statistics showing a different side of soccer in US. 



Since arriving in America Beckham's aim has been to enhance football - or soccer as the Americans call it - in the country.

And, judging by the latest statistics, he has started to do just that.

Beckham was recently named by American sports network ESPN as the Major League Soccer Player of the Year.

Also, the average attendance at Galaxy games of 28,000 is more than at Reading, FA Cup winners Portsmouth, Fulham, Blackburn and Wigan last season.

Overall, Major League shirt sales have rocketed 780% and internet traffic on the Major League site has increased by about 80%.

Simon Sylvester, European planning director for global advertising firm Young and Rubicam said: "Celebrity brands behave much the same as other brands so for them to have come so far so quickly in America is very impressive."

courtesy of sky sport

a nice piece of article came from sourcewire talking about becks future in england squad. the england manager assures becks that he can still play for england if he keeps up with much younger players. thank God he said something nice to mr beckham considering his attitude toward his country. go beckham....

Beckham still have international future for England: Capello

  • Submitted by: Brite Media
  • Tuesday, 05 August 2008

Fabio Capello has told David Beckham his international career can extend into his mid-thirties if he maintains his form for England during the World Cup qualifiers. 

The former England skipper looked to have brought the curtain down on his international career following his lucrative move to America to play Major League Soccer with LA Galaxy.

But Beckham has showed he still has the appetite to compete at the highest level and has impressed Capello with his attitude both on and off the pitch.

Sir Trevor Brooking has forged a close relationship with the England coach over the past few months and has no doubts that Capello still sees Beckham as a crucial part of his plans to qualify for the World Cup in South Africa in 2010.

Brooking also played for England well into his thirties and believes Capello will keep picking Beckham if he maintains his current form.

Brooking, speaking at an event organised by 
England Team Sponsors Nationwide Building Society said: "I have played in my thirties and you don't get any slower as a player. If you have a bad game people say it's your age. You are not allowed to be off form and that is one of the things you have to live with.

"But I think Fabio has made it pretty clear to him [Beckham] and everyone else that if you are in the squad and you deliver, you will stay in.

"He will not be looking at your birth certificate or where you are playing - he will look at what you are delivering for him. That is all any manager can do.

"It was nice to see Becks reach 100 caps because he has given great service to England over the last few years. Over half of them were as captain and he had inspirational moments where he lifted the side."


courtesy of sourcewire



i am not a fan of him and definitely unwilling to see him playing for my favorite club, real madrid. well, i was a little bit nervous hearing that real's president ramon calderon was persistent to include ronaldo as part of real madrid future. when someone else thought it'd be amazing to have a player like him in  the squad, i thought otherwise. he's a talented player and it is indeed posses a great amount of technical skill. however, his manner doesn't suit me. his ego will elevate real madrid to an obnoxious team ever played in the universe. besides he's trying to be the next david beckham and conquer the world. thanks to becks, now a lot of football players can enjoy greater piece of publicity in the US. i guess ronaldo is trying his luck over there and stole glances from people on the street. it was definitely not because of his attire but more on his eccentric appearance. it's time to learn from the maestro mr ronaldo. as soon as i posted this, i can get rid off his picture from my document. i hope he stays in man utd as it will provide more edges to team's performance, besides it won't be fun to fight against man utd without their best player. go arsenal....

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after what it seems like a lifetime....

Are you younger than 29?

> yup

Who was the last person to kiss you?

> no one

Have you ever fallen into a mud puddle?

> i guess i have, but i don't remember when exactly that was

Do you like winter?

> i dunno. unlike those people who live in two seasons countries, i would not mind walking over snowy roads. but i know those people would love to die for living in my country coz we have beautiful beaches and nice warm weather for whole six months

Have you ever given a random person your number?

> nope, i don't easily trust strangers and certainly won't give my numbers to them

Who is number two on your top friends list? Why?

> i don't drop them in pecking order, why should i? each one of them shows a lot of different characters and i love them all and i hope they love me back (poor me)

Would you be a good parent?

> i guess i can learn from my mom and dad coz they are good parents

How many pillows do you sleep with?

> from the past few months i've only been using one but when i do come back, it'll be more than 1 :)

What was the last thing you had to drink?

> green tea

Who was the last person to make you smile?

> my family i guess

What are you doing tomorrow?

> i dunno, accompanying my mom to places like shopping mall etc

Do you have a best friend/s?

> of course i do

what do u really want for now?why?

> i want a lot of things starting from yogurt, sushi and the list goes on and on

Who was the last person you hugged?

> my chubby lil sister who apparently, has said something fishy about me but in a funny way

What are you doing tonight?

> browsing internet, uploading photos mmm let's see what else can i put here....chatting with people yada yada

How tall are you?

> rough estimation 160cm

What do you want to be when you grow up?

> i am already a grown woman and most of the things i have dreamed and planned since i was a little girl have yet been fulfilled. and i do hope they can be reality soon, amen

Do you like peanut butter?

> o yes. i love it i love it i love it

if you could live in any other country, which one would you pick?

> japan or korea, they would be the best of the best. but i don't mind living on my country coz it's beautiful and eventful (no doubt about it)

Whats your favorite piece of jewelry?

> ring, earrings, etc. perhaps it would be better if i ask my sister about all jewelleries coz she's good at it

What time is it?

> way past midnight

Are you missing anyone?

> aaahhh i don't know

Are you outgoing?

> not really. i'm a bit shy and old fashion. i don't talk to strangers on first sight unlike some people

Where do you wish you were right now?

> i wish i could go to my dad's place and roam around town. yihaaa....

How is life going for you right now?

> doing okay and hopefully will be great in the next few months and until the end of time

What color shirt are you wearing?

> i'm not wearing any shirt, so i pass this question

What are you looking forward to?

> going home and finish all my unfinished businesses

Can you play guitar?

> nope but i'd love to. i hope someone who's serious enough to teach me how to play guitar can finally meet me

Who has messaged you in last 24hrs?

> aaaa i don't really text messaging at the time being, since emailing is a lot faster and cheaper :P i adore email since a month ago. just grab my phone  and there you go...

Do you like someone?

> i can't tell if i like him or not coz it's too premature talking about relationship right now

Do you prefer warm or cold weather?

> i like both

What is the last movie you watched in theater?

> national treasure which is like a long time ago. i am missing going to theater

Who did you last share a bed with?

>  my sister

do u miss somebody's hug?

> nope i am not used to being hugged but that's fine by me.