Saturday, September 12, 2009

AW stubbornness cost us dearly

i will keep it simple and direct this time. AW knew injuries kept us away from any title last season, and this summer we had the chance to change the course, but AW denied the opportunity. we could have added 2 or 3 more players but insisted on keeping his injury-prone players and forego adding reinforcements. and now what happens? we ARE lagging behind league leaders. yeah you’re right AW, we are well equipped but that if you count everyone is on the sideline. damn!

Ade scored tonight and he clearly pleased with it, thus he made such lengthy run toward Gooners’ section and showed his new shirt, which of course put everyone on fire. his side of story is well doubted, but it had set bleak mood in the Arsenal camp therefore our hatred toward him, would be much understandable now rather than previous days. his manner tonight was questionable considering he was an Arsenal player several months ago. anyone would have done the same? unlikely. he’s a selfish player indeed

stupid loss

i have been waiting this match for a week and i got this?. what happened on the pitch? i don’t know, maybe the whole squad was possessed by some dark magical creature and cursed us to death. the defeat against ManU last weekend had been a blow for all of us, especially to the players and the same city has punished us one more time. some shit we displayed today and no matter how hard i tried to swallow this bitter loss, it will always come back to me like a gaunt. if i said in the previously that we should leave Ade alone in this match, i changed my mind. after scoring against his old club, he ran toward the visiting fans and showed them his new shirt. what a sore loser. i meant it. this weekend was the worst of all my weekends here and i hated the fact everyone would smile and cheer on Ade’s victorious revenge.

Capello full of praise for the former captain

Becks with Capellowe all know they had differences a while back, but Capello had apologized for his error and was willing to make amends, but it was already too late for him coz not long after the end of the season, he was fired by Real Madrid and he could have no more power to take Becks away from his new employer. apparently, their destiny is intertwined yet again and they are once again sharing dressing room. some quarters believe his caps were ‘given out’ by Capello and not once he was able to squeeze past through the other RWing-ers and earned his caps based on competitive matches. well, i don’t want to prolong my blog by discussing the rotten issue, and instead i want to quote Capello’s praise on Beckham and his reason on why Becks will always be there. here they go:

Capello said: “We will have to wait and see what happens in the next few months.

“But David Beckham is always with us because, for me, he is an important player.

“He is good in the group, he is good at every moment in training. Some players are important for the position and morale of the group.”

and here’s another good piece from Telegraph and another one

Becks might be in the squad after all

i will not write the news as if it has already been confirmed by the England manager. but according to TimesOnline, Becks might just be an addition to the team after all. what matters for Capello is the state of DB’s fitness. if Becks can secure a loan move to AC Milan next winter, there’s a fat chance he might be chosen in the final 23 players. last time i have posted about interests from European clubs including 3 premier league clubs and they include AC Milan.


after so many years in denial of possible return to premier league, finally DB is considering this option. he has strong bond with his former club, ManU and he wouldn’t have wanted to spend seasons with the opposing team. however, WC dream changes everything. since Capello has taken over, England have been in quite different shape and this is due to his tough methods of coaching. though it is too early to predict England chance in the WC, we can rest assured that England is in good hands. talking about Capello, he is also the one who’s responsible to make a loan move possible several months ago. DB, who was eager to be in the team, had left LA Galaxy in order to make the cut, and eventually he succeeded.


in order to make into the final squad, each player needs to be 100% fit and carry no injury whatsoever, therefore DB needs to make his move on the field really careful if he doesn’t want to be left behind. i believe there are numerous players who want to see him out of the game. good luck BECKS!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

DB might be benched

i don’t know how reliable Daily Mail is, but i have no choice but to run it in my blog. some expect DB will start from the bench, yet again, and Capello would go with Lennon instead. is this alarming? not to me. though it is yet to be finalized, Lennon seems has caught Capello’s heart and might go with him in the right wing and let him run into defence line like he usually does. as disappointed as i might be, i still have high hopes DB can make a difference on the field.

i read a comment from an article and it did not sound pleasing. he thought that DB’s career has ended and his absence on Saturday tells us all. i hate to say this; indeed DB is facing tough competition from many players including SWP, Lennon and Walcott to name a few, but it doesn’t stop Capello from choosing him among other RW.he still possesses those magnificent crosses as well as free kicks and England can take advantage from it. why on earth people are busy talking about his absence instead of Rooney attempt to con the ref? why, of course because of he’s an England hope to make to finals!.

the person also said that DB has accustomed to his role as benchwarmer and his caps are basically come from cameo appearances and not as starting player. well, what happens to the word of ‘super sub’ ? those newspapers were the ones who made it all so real and have been branding Lennon as super sub since last WC. substitutes have not always made an impact but they are indeed capable of over turning a result, therefore never ever downplay a substitute role.

anyway, Becks is not ruling out a move to premier league club if necessary in order to remain in Capello’s plan for WC 10. however, even after a loan move he’s still not selected, it doesn’t stop him from supporting his country to win WC10. a rare species he is.

hurray!!! DB is in the defense for E9!

when DB was a captain few years back, he had done more than average captains do. Hargreaves, Seaman were the two most hated players several years back and DB had done enough to defend these two from everyone’s crucifying glance. Seaman was famously known for his error during WC 2002 by letting Ronaldinho free kick went into the back of the net far too easily. and what had the captain done to smooth things up? he defended his goal keeper and urged public not to blame him for the loss. 4 years later, it was Hargreaves’ turn. i still don’t understand why would England fans have been really mean to the English player since he had done nothing to offend them in any way and had always been grateful to be part of the team. well, at times i really don’t understand them more than you do. my sister has a theory though; she said sentiment against an English player who plays abroad is a lot higher than those who choose to play in the premier league. she was right and now i believe her. for some reasons, they booed Hargreaves instead of supporting him. at least, one of them stood out and refused to back down; he was David Beckham. he bravely said to those meaners that every English should support English players and that including Hargreaves. he played for England and everyone should stand behind his back no matter what. i guess captain’s words are much more capable than a PM himself talking to his people. no more ugly words, only little that is, came out from them and Hargreaves felt really gracious to have been defended in such a way that no one else wouldn’t. i bet JT will never dare to say such things; he’s no example to younger players.

today is the same thing like the other day. DB offered his opinion on E9 incident and gladly spat it out. he thinks that the incident has been too much in the discussion forum and need to be put to bed. no one likes to see a dive but it happens in football and certainly E9 isn’t the first one to do it. he has been through a horrific injury and there might have been a possibility that he might have tried to escape from the goal keeper arms instead of making a dive. he’s the man!. i’ve been trying to tell this over and over again but instead of laying it off it seems more people are getting into. that’s the reason i adore and respect this man so much. some people may ridicule me for admiring him, but the facts stand out by themselves. no matter how agonizing Real Madrid treated him in the past, he still hold his head up high and refused commenting on his former club.  i guess that’s why AW admires him; top professional they say and not many these days. GO BECKHAM!

look it’s words of wisdom from Defoe

right then, DB had no part in the friendly against Slovenia, but it doesn’t stop him from being praised by his team mate. last time it was Walcott, now it’s Defoe’s turn. Defoe’s experienced from being overlooked in WC 06 has made him even stronger player and probably as determined as DB to stamp out his critics by working hard and help his team mate to achieve best results. it widely known that DB was badly treated after England defeat to Argentina back in 1998, but his comeback had probably the most talking topic the years after. his achievement is probably the best example for young players and Defoe knows it well.

Friday, September 04, 2009

what is this?

about 2 days ago, i was saying to myself that should any attempt of ‘trick’ to get a penalty from any player from other clubs have been granted by the referee by mistake, we would make it public of our displeasure and bring it to UEFA’s attention of our intention. however, my hope certainly smashed after reading a blog by Arsenal mania which saying that UEFA is not keen to implement a video evidence as their ‘tool’ to punish a player for ‘tricking’ a referee and get a penalty as his reward. what a PATHETIC losers!. pardon my language, apart from this entry i have not stated a strong word before, and this is due to my understanding that some of you might find them offensive and ridiculous. but today was a such a different time from yesterday. UEFA has crossed the line and proving time and time again that it has failed to clear any doubts among doubters that it is credible enough to rule European football under its wing. its inconsistencies have brought us at the exact same spot where AW has made a clear statement that Ryan Babbel was diving and his penalty should have been annulled; and this was happened under their nose. we should have made it harder for Liverpool to win the match, but that’s not the point. did UEFA intervene the referee’s decision and punish Babble for a dive? no it did not.

Arsenal have been robbed and it is only right for us to go against this decision. thank God, Arsenal boards are backing up AW to a very great distant. UEFA seems failed to see the fact that Arsenal had 2 away goals advantage and there was no way Celtic could have been better in position to challenge Arsenal’s result. when this issue has been brought up by UEFA itself, i was thinking why on earth did they act in such haste and pace?. there is a fact that Scotland have an influence somehow to the football governing body and the recent decision is thought to have been passed after considering Arsenal’s opposition at that time was Celtic, a Scottish club. i will possibly comment this later on. till next post

David Beckham

he is such an inspiring figure indeed and this time, i have a written proof to back up my words and they are real y’know. anyway, i’m looking forward to see him playing at Wembley during 2 international matches for England. they will face Croatia next week and everyone is anxious to see whether or not England can make it through this time. back in 2007, England lost to Croatia had closed down any hope to for them to play in the biggest tournament in Europe which was, EURO 2008. and now, different coach same squad facing the same enemy, Croatia. will they make a difference? we’ll see.

that kick

i am half certain that David Beckham will only be playing in the dying minutes and not starting as some people have suggested. this is due to fiery rivalry between him and a much younger player, Lennon. Lennon is currently favorite to replace Walcott in the right wing; with his demon pace, he will attract Capello’s attention for sure; nevertheless, David B need not to worry because his experience is still much needed to the team itself.