Sunday, March 29, 2009

Jose talking….

it is nothing wrong for what he said today coz it involved something real, like a team. i know he’s not a man with the famous motto of ‘silence is golden’ but his expertise in football is somewhat golden by itself. led Chelsea to success with less than a year has made this man ‘the special one’. this one comes from his fans themselves and i kind of agree with them. prior to his arrival Chelsea barely made the big 4 teams. but look at them now, currently sitting in the 3rd spot and trailing only by 1 point from 2nd spot, i think that’s genius. it is true that he is not the manager of Chelsea but at least he made Abramovich’s dream to become reality. just look at Man C, wealthy in cash but no trophies in sight, at lest not just yet. once you have invested your money in a football club, hire the RIGHT manager coz if you don’t, everything would be lost including your money. the only thing that is missing from Chelsea’s trophy list is champs league. i can’t remember the last time they ever won the title, it must have been a long time ago. it was very premature to let Jose go from Stamford Bridge after so many things he’s done to the team. currently, Chelsea are struggling to make 2nd spot theirs. and i am not sure they can win champs league either. with Jose by their side, i believe Chelsea would do better.

and today, he said that England should be feared by European teams. is he out of his mind? i guess not. if England could be playing just like they did against Slovakia, they can become world champions, but if they couldn’t thus nothing glorious is to be made next year. it is up to the team and manager to make their dream a reality. and i like they way he praised David Beckham right at the bottom of the article. not many would say that, not in papers of course. this is exactly what i meant with consistency and professionalism. Becks earned his status by playing good footballer  both on and off the pitch. his popularity and wealth does not make him a big head jerk, on the other hand he proves to be the good boy in football. unlike some of his peers, he does not prowling in pubs or bars during odd hours without his wife in presence, in fact i have never read him hanging out in those places by himself either. true, he may be having fun with his team mates but he never made any chaos inside those places, at least nothing i could heard of. this kind of attitude looks rare and could become extinct if nobody teaches young footballers manner anymore. good job Becks!

England won by 4-0

even though i have skipped watching this match, it seems England did not need anymore encouragement from me. fortunately, it was only a friendly, if it had been a competitive match, i would certainly have had massive heart attack. no! i was only kidding, of course i would not want any seizure or anything but i guess it was a virus transferred from my over excited lil sis. she seems to know how to put things in a extreme way, anyway, England cruised through with convincing display after defeating their pint-size opponent Slovakia at home. you have seen it right. yes indeed England won by 4-0, but it was mainly caused by so many defensive errors from the opponent. nevertheless, it could provide some kind of moral boost to England squad to face the real opponent this Wednesday. Ukraine will never be easy to beat but Capello’s men have their home crowd to cheer them on. the last time i saw Ukraine, they were mighty and persistent all the way. but no one can say for sure considering their best man is now facing a real nightmare form. Sheva has not been himself for a long time and now he is a doubt for England match. could he still be a threat to England defensive line? we never know but i hope he is far away from okay.

his name is now recorded as the most capped outfield player in England history and it won’t be forgotten for many years to come. he may not be the most skillful player, but he certainly can deliver what he is expected to. if he plays on Wednesday, he can become the first England outfield player to ever reached 110 caps. his achievement is now a lesson-to-learn for any young players in England. their dad would probably say “look son, if you have a dream joining England team and reach a milestone, come and get it coz y’know what? you can. just look at David Beckham. he is 33 years old and had been dumped and joked around for so many times, but he still standing and now he is in history. don’t bend to anyone’s pressure, bring your best and professionalism, if God permits you can be just like David Beckham, or even better”.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Arsenal won and Liverpool got their sight on Man Utd once more. is this a coincidence? i guess not. perhaps, after joy and happiness, there’s always sadness lurking in every corner and this time, Ferguson’s men are the victims. looking unbeatable since the beginning of season has drawn a lot of praises from every great footballers in the world, including Peter Schemeicel (sorry if typed it wrong) former Man Utd goalkeeper. however, he did state something, like, impossible for winning every cup which currently on Man Utd sight, including champs league and FA Cup. cruising through on every matches with ease did not make their champions though. 2 weeks ago, Old Trafford witnessed the most embarrassing defeat Man Utd ever encountered in their history. beaten 5-0 by their closest rivals could not have come in much more perfect time than it was 2 weeks ago. and now, the gap is much more closer than i could expect it to. 1 point away from Man Utd and Liverpool could just snatch it away from their clutch. indeed, Man Utd have advantage in premier league by having 1 more game compare to others who have played all their matches up to last week. i am talking about possibility of ransacking here. defending champions of both premier league and champs league, Man Utd are clearly favorites to retain those trophies after clinical performances on the first and second half of the season. however after the defeat against Liverpool, they do not look like Man Utd to me. but don’t write them off just yet because anything can still happen. any team could beat them and take away those titles. i really do hope so. come on Fergie why don’t we share. you’ve had 2 trophies already, let others take champs league and FA Cup slot.

last week, Liverpool once again helped make my day to even better. as you all know, Man Utd were down at Old Trafford in agonizing way, and just a couple of days ago the Reds beat Aston Villa in much of the same fashion. i guess i owed them this time. if Aston Villa were beaten again in the next match and Arsenal won, we can have good advantage over the 4th spot, although we can never relax on this situation. Aston Villa are currently enjoying a good season and although they were the losers last week, they played well and if Arsene Wenger loses sight, we could be in the 5th once more. i don’t want that to happen simply because i hate to see Arsenal in UEFA Cup which hold much more games than champs league.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

quick update

we won’t be having premier league, la liga and serie A matches for 2 weeks and i am quite disappointed on that. but, i get the chance to see David Beckham play for England, if he were to be played that is. anyway, earlier Capello has mentioned on the interview that he is not going to pick out his squad based on his age. he likes a player who is match fit and reliable and Becks falls into that category. thank God, Becks is included for both matches, so i can see him play in the international stage once more. Theo Walcott is out injured and David Bentley has yet to prove his worth, so his remaining threat would only be coming from SWP. noticing that these matches are only friendly, there is a chance he might be coming out from the bench during the second half. hopefully right after the second period resumes. go Becks!

good news

it is surely a good news for every Arsenal fans around the world. new recruit, Andrei Arshavin has declared himself a Gunner for a lifetime. well, at least up until he is 30 that is. at the age of 27, he has yet to reach his peak in his football career and by playing with Arsenal, he can give many things to young players in the squad. he was shining during the EURO 08 and was dubbed as the best player in Russian team. however, his fine display did not earn him a trophy after being defeated in the quarter. during his interview, he managed to let people know how welcoming his team mates are and how good it was to be able to sign a deal with the Gunners. he has yet to reach anything with Gunners, however it is premature to rule out Arsenal for any trophy just yet. there are 2 possibilities for Arsenal. either they have to win FA or champs league. i prefer both actually, but i am realist so i’ll go with FA. chances are quite slim but we do have plenty of options on the bench plus, Arshavin is available for FA, therefore we can still have high hope for this one. 

Sunday, March 22, 2009

champs league everyone?

quarter finals are on everyone!. the draw took place last Friday according to European time and matches are ready to take place next month. here’s the list:

Bayern Munich vs. Barcelona

Man Utd vs. FC Porto

Arsenal vs. Villareal

Liverpool vs. Chelsea

a lot to say for these matches and i can guarantee you that these games must not be missed. Bayern had a lot to say in Lisbon few weeks ago, however they have yet to face the real champions. Barcelona would be their first test in champs league and i am sure these two teams would kill each other in admirable fashion.

defending champions facing their previously encountered rivals, FC Porto. many would probably predict that Man Utd are the clear winners, on the other hand i would rather wait until the final whistle to have say on this match. Porto could trigger a surprise here and Man Utd could be their next target. we all know that Man Utd are currently developing ‘mental illness’ after home defeat against Liverpool 2 weeks ago. should Porto take advantage of this situation? i think they should.

Villareal are one of Spanish representatives in champs league, so they won’t let down their fans around the world. about 3 years ago, Pires had left Arsenal for Villareal and he enjoyed good seasons with the team, and soon he could be facing his old boss and team mates in quarter finals. while some Gooners out there believed it would be an easy task for Arsenal, i don’t think this is the case. playing away from home in champs league has proven time and time again the weakest point for the Gunners. i don’t want to elaborate but i am sure you know the real statistics. Olympico stadium has proven to be their most recent hiccups for this season. although they finally won the penalty battle, i would say the game was wholly disappointment for the team.  Arsenal have to play without their ‘explosive’ midfielder Arshavin who is cup tied with his former club, Zenith St. Petersburg and this could be fatal. he is currently enjoying good and is proving to be a key player to the team since joining Arsenal last winter.

this could be the most watched match all over the world. Chelsea are facing Liverpool in champs league. who could ask for more?. i was hoping though to have  seen Chelsea drawn against Barcelona for quarter finals but my wish had been flown out the window. i’d love to see Liverpool in the final facing Man Utd once more but it seems reality and fate spoke otherwise but perhaps it is for the better. anyway, Chelsea performance in premier league faced tough battle as they were beaten by 1 goal against them. and guess what? Totenham Hotspur had been the team who sent them away from 2nd spot. talking about unlucky eh? Liverpool were the team they need to beat in order to put them through to final next May. why did it have to be Liverpool? again, my human mind ponders upon life. only God knows the best, so i will silent now.

well mannered

although i would prefer to watch the game, knowing that it had been won, i was deeply pleased. i subscribed a new line for TV cable and supposedly they would call me 3 days after the application. unfortunately, it would need a full of 3 working days to process it which fell rightly on Saturday. what could have been more worse than sitting while everyone seemed enjoying their best moments in front of TV. anyway, Arsenal went through another good form after beating Newcastle away from home with convincing 3 goals against 1. the hero of the day would have to be Almunia. he saved a penalty from Martins and saved other attempted goals afterward which denying win for Newcastle. i did not watch the game but was ecstatic to hear Man Utd lost against Fulham with 2-0. well, looks like Ferguson’s men have yet to go by their last league lost against  Liverpool which is a good thing. and now, it is on the hands of Liverpool themselves, if they are desperately want to win the League, they have to put everything they have on today’s game. Aston Villa are not easily brushed off, and they are as determined as Liverpool to snatch 4th place from Arsenal’s clutch. both teams have one thing in common and they won’t let it slip by without a strong fight. if Liverpool won today, the gap would be reduced to 1 point only, therefore clinching the title is not a dream for them. and the win, of course would compensate what Arsenal had done earlier in the season; they could reach 4th spot and placed themselves for play offs next season. i would no doubt be in Rafa’s men tonight and hoping only for the best to Gerrad and co to beat Aston Villa all the way. Liverpool have confidence and home crowd to cheer them up, so i really hope the result would go their way. unfortunately, i may not be able to watch the match. God bless Liverpool!

Thursday, March 12, 2009


after more than an hour, we finally made it. sloppy passes, wasteful crosses and plenty more of uncertainties, Arsenal were through to quarter finals. i can’t imagine to be in the quarter finals. we received persistent opponents which made 120 minutes a whole lot of hell. some may say we don’t deserve the win and some may criticize referee decision to ignore Roma possible win by waving away penalty chance for Roma. but i can’t say more than i am greatly please we are finally made it. i am sorry if my language is far from human understanding; it is mainly caused by lack of sleep. i have yet to sleep since 12 hours ago and i could barely lift my lids. however, it is matter of urgency. i need to write them down for i will forget them in matter of minutes.

i have to say, Arsenal were a lot worse than few weeks ago and clearly losing their confidence throughout causing AS Roma wreaked havoc in our own half. like i said, some may say we don’t deserve the win but they are simply forgetting the fact that this is what they call football. dominating the match do not necessarily make them champions. luck is also take part and believe me, it helps a lot. Inter lost because of their inability to convert chances into goals and also, lacking of luck played a part. twice Ibra hit the post and plenty more chances were wasted away after that. i do not want to start argument with anyone coz i am too sleep to do that.

in football anything can happen. who would have thought that Porto had been crowned as European champions 5 years ago beating Man Utd in the final. everything is possible and possibility for an underdog team to win is as high as mountain of Jayawijaya. sounds unfair to some of you? well, nothing is fair. if you look at Real Madrid’s match yesterday, you would have noticed Heinze unluckiness by conceding penalty over his ‘supposed hand ball’ case. however, if we look closely in the replay we would notice that it was not his arm that touched the ball but it was his right shoulder. pity isn’t it? but fate has sealed his future. referee gave Liverpool a penalty.Roma may suffered today, but Arsenal are not guaranteed as champions as well. there is still long way through and completing this task is just the beginning. from what i see, Arsenal cannot possibly be the winner of champs league this season. why did i say that? it is because of their lack of finishing. a team like that does not deserve to be taken into consideration as title contenders. alas, football is unpredictable and so is life. i can only say, thank you God for giving us such a bless before leaving.

in another development, Italian football is dead. obviously the best teams win and it seems they don’t include Italian teams. Inter were pushed aside by defending champions ManU while Juve and Roma were sent home by Chelsea and Arsenal respectively. are you ashamed? well,  you better be. it is funny though to see these Italian clubs fading away in recent years. what has happened in Italy? no one knows. but what i do know is,  Thierry could face his former club, Arsenal. that’s for now….

during half time

i am not sure what AW is trying to do. coming to Roma just to have his side beaten? well, that is truly pathetic. starting from the 1st minute, AS Roma have putting their attacking mode into full throttle and found the net in 9th minute. that was poor defending from Arsenal’s defensive line and i can’t blame them to have scored against us. déjà vu all over again. Real Madrid had similar style of play the other day and look what Liverpool had done to their game? completely brushed off the table. Arsenal look more uncomfortable as minutes gone by. i have mentioned before that Arsenal are pretty weak playing away from home and looks like i was right again. how AW would change this somber mood into positive environment, it remains to be seen. the half time concluded….

2 matches, go crazy….

in less than an hour, matches of 2 premier league giants will take place. therefore, i am writing this preview of the match. my version is of course can not be compared and contrast with other reliable sports websites. however, it provides a soulful comment of the most celebrated football critic in the whole world, which of course my self. well, the last part was a lie so i won’t count on it. anyway, Man Utd will take on Inter Milan in their home ground, Old Trafford. my bet is, Man Utd win by 2-1 score line. Inter could prove to be tricky opponent, however Man U have more edge in so many ways. their defense is one of the best in the world right now, with Ferdinand partnering Vidic at the back, it is hard to see Ibra and Adriano roaming freely without being heavily guarded. upfront they have massively talented Rooney and Ronaldo. so, i put my money on them.

whilst Man Utd are the favorite, Arsenal come as underdog here. having troubled season does make them the clowns on the field. however, getting 1 goal advantage doesn’t meant they can lay back and have a cup of coffee considering hostile atmosphere in Olympic could provide some moral boost to Spaletti’s men especially in the dying minutes. Chelsea have earlier avoided penalty shootout, and Arsenal should do the same. whatever the outcome is, i will still need to go back to my 2nd home.


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

updates on Becks

i know putting the ‘update’ word is pretty unnecessary since some of this news has been published days ago. but i thought i’d like to give a shot. i might want to view them for future reference.

unfortunate for Milan and Becks himself, the weekend match might not include the Englishman due to injury he has sustained during training. his contribution to team is immensely needed since Seedorf might not be able to make it too. therefore, Carlitos has to make his decision really fast if he wants to sustain his winning mood and regain the 2nd spot.

on other matter, Alexi Lalas has seemed more interested in attacking Becks rather than taking another job for the sake of his life. He said that Becks might not be accepted well if he goes back to Depot Center this June. his decision to stay with Milan has upset many Galaxy fans, therefore coming back to LA would be tough experience for the midfielder. hey man! we are talking about David Beckham here. he had endured much worse in the past and i am sure he can make it through. if the fans want him leave, it’s better to let him go. what’s the point of having a player who is not a favorite of the crowd. besides, MLS is too little for an ambitious player like Becks.

2 days ago, LA Galaxy coach has asked to omit Becks from friendly games in order to keep him with the squad. however, tough response from Capello has once again, shown to the world that he is not a man who can be pushed around. if Capello thinks Becks is fit to join England team, then there’s nothing can stop him from naming Beckham on his list. however, Capello has also mentioned before he can only put him on the list if he can play at the highest level and i believe being with LA Galaxy means he won’t be called up. so, relax Bruce! Becks might not make it anyway.  the good side is, Becks can help Galaxy to win something and put yoke on people’s faces. he can still do good for Galaxy amid his critics claiming otherwise. make them to believe Becks!

here’s a snippet of his interview. to be honest, i always love the way he handles pressure especially from the media. i would comment on this topic after Arsenal’s match. Good luck Gunners! make me proud will ya….

real football

as though i have already been banished from mankind; updating football news has been really tough lately considering my imminent departure from this country. however, 2 more football matches before i am leaving await me in midweek. i should have posted news on Becks successful attempt to lengthen his stay with AC Milan until the end of the season, but i was busy on something else. what should i have said? it was all stated all over the newspapers from days ago. i knew he would have stayed a little bit longer and try to win 2nd spot for the Rossoneri. securing the spot will eventually benefit Milan in every way. they don’t have to go through play offs and could possibly be flying to Asia during summer holiday. anyway, his loan was secured and he could finally focus on football matter.

Becks aside, football matches on the loop. early this morning, both Chelsea and Liverpool have booked their tickets to quarter final after beating their opponents with convincing display. Chelsea taught their former coach Claudio Ranieri how to play football by beating his team with slim aggregate. it was a good one from Chelsea and it seems things have taken a U turn for their side since Gus Hiddink was put in charged. minutes away from full time, Drogba fired low to give Chelsea advantage of the situation. before the goal, Juve were punished by the referee and reduced the squad into 10 man. obviously, Chiellini made a foolish tackle on Drogba which in fact made him booked for the 2nd time. unfortunately, it happened less than 10 minutes to go. had he behaved well, Juve would have been through to penalty shoot out moment. however, fate told them otherwise.

i have made myself clear that winning in Merseyside would have been a huge task for Los Blancos and apparently, my words were true. beaten at home and now humiliated away from Bernabeu had obviously made Juande Ramos day from bad to worse. would he be sacked at the end of the season? unfortunately, he probably would. i am not sure who will take charge after his contract expires this season, however there were unconfirmed reports that Arsene Wenger might be tapped to take control of the team. but i am not convinced Wenger will leave before he is due. i am deeply disappointed to see Real Madrid fell again and failed to secure their only hope of title this season. and now, they have to work a lot harder in order to catch up with arch rivals Barcelona. nobody knows the exact thing in football. they might make it or they might fail. only God knows it

Sunday, March 08, 2009

love the song

i wonder whether Eric Delko would have thought about this song as his theme during the end of 5th season, if it had been available back then. a note to self, the finale showed Calleigh share passionate moment with Jack Berkeley while Delko could not have done anything except looked on. pity Eric! don’t worry there will come time when Jack suffered the same thing.

get real???

as if not hurting reading news about possibility reunion of Rihanna and Chris, there are rumors circulating that these two have somehow tied the knot in Diddy’s house. Chris apparently was in good mood and begging for mercy so as to avoid being sentenced in the court. whattt??? this is sick. i know i was not the first person on the scene, but i can safely say that i would not tolerate anyone who hurt me and come back saying i love you all over again. this is lame! the only reason he did it bcoz he needs to save his ass from being dumped by people. hey! you can scream your heart out but don’t lay your hands on ladies Chris!. i hope he can be sentenced to maximum term.

note: he looks odd in that pic

a draw and tonight match

possibly a win, or a draw. i hope it will be the former since FA Cup is our only hope to win title this season. we have drifted apart from 2nd spot since months ago and hoping to win premier league is totally delusional act, therefore FA Cup could be our cure this season. tough matches are ahead of us and winning this match will certainly give boost to the team in order to finish AS Roma off. leading only by a goal could be tricky mission for Wenger’s squad as Arsenal prove to be weak travelling abroad. in the first leg, Arsenal could have led by massive goal difference had not Eboue and few from Bedtner shots wide from the target. hopefully, Arsenal could get through their ‘goal drought’ moments and move on. last week Arsenal ended their draw jinx by beating West Ham. so, good luck boys!

*sigh* why did it have to happen in the middle of winning mood?. Atletico managed to hold Real Madrid in a draw version earlier this morning. while they were held, arc rivals Barca won, again. i thought the title race was on again after Real claimed precious 6 points in their previous matches while Barca were held back. and now, we are off again. o God….what is this happening. champs league seems to be far away from Los Blancos clutch after a defeat at home 2 weeks ago from Liverpool. Liverpool seem to be tough team to defeat at home, but i cannot stop to hope. i really do hope one of my favorite clubs could win something this season after so many disappointing results. good luck everybody and i think i need it myself….

Thursday, March 05, 2009

what the…?

i am not sure this is for Arsenal’s own good. i had mentioned before that if Wenger were to leave, many players would follow suit and that including the skipper, Cesc Fabregas. i am not implying that Wenger might leave this summer, however his words are loud and clear. nobody can stop him to go, if Wenger were chose to leave Emirates stadium. are we going to miss out anything? probably yes. but not necessarily we’ll lose everything. it might just the beginning for the North London club. revolution is about to land in London. however, the question remains; when does the moment ever to arrive?. if he goes, we will find someone who can replace him and i hope it’ll be Frank Rijkard. but if he stays, let’s hope we can achieve something next season. i am positive about anything that about to happen in Arsenal. just win something will ya…..

Arena isn’t impressed

while AC Milan have great confidence that Becks could be staying until the end of the season, Bruce Arena has another view. it is tough for Becks to make permanent his loan deal, however one must be positive. LA Galaxy are not allowing any club going away with their precious player unless they are paying a LOT. Milan have never had any intention to buy Becks remaining contract only to utilize the player halfway his career. if Becks had been 28, AC Milan would never have waited this long to bring Becks from Galaxy. but he is now 33 and soon he’ll turn 34. a player at that age is certainly not in a hot buy market. their plan was to extend his loan until October and seal a permanent deal after November 09 which guarantee Becks arrival is for real. there’s a clause which states Becks can free himself out of the clutch of Galaxy after his 3 years term in the club. i don’t know what he is going to do but if he wants to go, he better do it fast coz time is nearly up….


this is quite serious. i am not sure how accurate this report can be, but it’ll take down some of referees. in Italy, errors are easy to find especially when it involves big clubs matches. i am not going to say anymore coz it will create controversies more than anyone could expect it. so, it’s in your hands to decide…..

Wednesday, March 04, 2009


Carlo Ancelotti has been praising Becks since his arrival from LA Galaxy. he may be unlucky with some results that did not go his way, but he does not lose his vision on good players. arriving from Galaxy, a lot of people had downplayed Becks contribution to the team, however after scoring 2 goals and another 2 assists, he is now a favorite player under Carlito. he might not be technically gifted  as Christina Ronaldo, but he is top professional and i know you know. his attitude has somehow affected players around him, including Pirlo. i don’t know why you all people snubbed him because of petty reasons. grow up people! you cannot have a player who’s a scoring predator on the field however, his life off the pitch has crowded his performance.


apparently, when i was too lazy and bored watching football, the result was getting a little better for Gunners. they finally won a football match after so many draws in the previous matches. Bendtner was the hero after scoring 2 goals for the club and 1 more grabbed by the captain. talking about facts, i have been ignoring football matches in a week after seeing my beloved clubs falling into pieces. Arsenal were as clumsy as clown and David Beckham has been the major headlines because of his transfer saga which of course, dampen the mood in the capital. Milan lost again for many times this season alone. i am afraid the season is over for them and what can they do now is to keep winning the remaining matches in order to snatch the 2nd place from Juventus. sitting in the 2nd place could mean avoiding play offs next season. had been ousted by Werder Bremen in their last encounter, no way they could be hoping to win champs league spot. poor Becks, it may signal his sign off from the club in a very low mood

Raul was awarded as legend


i may not be his biggest fan but i do believe he still has a lot of things to offer for Real Madrid. with a win last week they are now closer then ever with their biggest rivals Barca. Guti and Raul scored for Los Merengues that guaranteed second place to be theirs. with still less than 3 months to go, Real can hold on to their title if they are able to get a win away to Atletico Madrid, their city rivals. 2 losses have succumbed Barca’s leading points to only 4 points. everything is possible now, and Madrid need to focus on their games in order to retain La Liga title. anyway, Raul has accepted an award by Marca as legend in football. i have no argument about it as seeing him play both for his club and country. at the moment, he sits in #1 spot for the most scoring player for his club and country. with stunning 310 plus goals for Real Madrid i could understand why Marca has picked this man among other players in Spain. his dedication and professionalism have been hailed by both team mates and rivals in the world of football. unlike the ‘great’ John Terry, it is seldom to see he loses his cool during a match that could compromise the entire result. referees, rivals and his team mates have utmost respect for this man, therefore congrats Il Capitano for your great dedication for our beloved Real Madrid.

hell yeah!

y’know what? a coach has every right to say about his players, if let’s say they were not as good as everyone had expected them to be. well, winger Arjen Robben is among the best midfielders in the world. however, his ego is far too high to be in a team. i watched Real Madrid last match against Liverpool and guess what? he took everything for himself not to mention corner kicks. share Robben! take a lesson from the great Raul, pal!

Monday, March 02, 2009



well, this is not the first Mac book i have ever seen but it still holds something inside of me. it just not getting better but also bolder. probably this is what they mean by thinking outside of the box. while others competing on the size of disk inside a computer, they are now adding some of magnificent features, such as new user interface. the beauty of this laptop makes me drooling over a possibility owning one. however, the price tag doesn’t budge me in anyway. $1299 is something i should think VERY carefully, it is not that i can get $1000 plus at once. but i still believe its worth all the dime

you must be joking!

look like it just turned out to be Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston kinda stuff. apparently, Rihanna and Chris Brown have been trying to 'reconcile' in Diddy's house while people out there rambling about their recent blow out. three weeks after, she decided to give Chris Brown another try and willing to let him stay with her UNDER  ONE ROOF. is this real? well, People magazine has declared it was genuine effort from both parties, so i guess we've come to a decision that they are indeed together, again. as a source to be believed, Rihanna has had the same thing over the past a year and reportedly, she has kept it under wrap for so long, until a friend brought it into the spotlight. actually this news brought me into 2 conclusions, either they have stolen this ugly fight script from Spencer Pratt and Heid Montag, or they wanted to be as famous as Whitney and Bobby. well, only them can decide. i mean, how on earth would she make such a big decision to go by without making an effort to bring this man down. i guess the only person knows the real deal is Rihanna herself.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

not interested in watching football the other day

after the win against AS Roma  i had no intention to watch another games by Arsenal and ACMilan as i knew they would only disappoint me even further. last night, Arsenal failed to snatch a worthy 3 points and widen the gap from 6th spot inhabitants. a daw sounds familiar right now and i don't think i should be hopeful of anything positive. who's to blame? most people would point their fingers to the coach, but i could not quite do the same. i managed to get a glimpse of the match and found our most 'beloved' striker RVP made his shot wide away from the goal post although he seemed few feet away from the victory. Arsenal lacked of shoot power seems disturbing the existance of beautiful football in its history. everyone is fustrated over the outcome of every week's matches and it doesn't stop there. there's growing concern that Wenger is no longer the gaffer they adored few years ago. if this continue to happen, he is bound to leave at the end of the season and guess what? some key players might say good bye too. i am not afraid to see that happens coz we need changes and probably it is for the best. besides we need revolution and solution immediately if we want to be one of the biggest club in Europe. if he has to go, so be it. i want to see silverware not a huge sneer. talking about silverware, RVP did mention it after he had rejected an extension with Arsenal. hey boy! if you want to grab something, you better start get a grip on yourself. couldn't even shoot at that distance? you better not talking kid....