Monday, October 27, 2008

more grave news

another day reading so much controversy regarding becks pending move to AC Milan. as much as i would cherish the idea, i have doubts too lingering my thoughts. i knew his teammates wouldn't agree with his decision especially when they need to finish off their horrid season with a win. he will be stamped as selfish hollywood star. acting like an A list star to get his wishes in a single clap of hands whenever he pleases. that is, i believe the exact thoughts of his LA Galaxy teammates. they can't help but moaning becks decision to announce his temporary move to AC Milan in the midst of urgency. well, i agree with the bad timing. he could have annonced it after galaxy's final match and not before it. but i guess he wants to seal the deal as swiftly as possible in order to make things easier during winter transfer. the galaxy officials have claimed that their tour to New Zealand will still be underway, although becks may have signed a loan deal with the italian giant before the tour itself. but i am not sure whether his teammates will still have some respect left to his captain considering his shocking loan move to italy. although he will be back for the new season with LA Galaxy, some people have begun questioning his attitude toward his club and teammates.

i can't entirely blame him for wanting to keep fit during off season, but he should have picked the right moment instead of breaking people's trust. i don't know how the fans are going to react after his unofficial announcement in his website. i have yet to hear from them sounding their disappoinment. becks only sin was to announce his intention while the season still underway. there are ways to keep him on the frame of capello's plan and joining AC Milan is one of them. if he wants to stay fit by joining a european club, let him be. i hope he gets something out of this and once again, prove them wrong. he may be 33 years old but he isn't dying yet. the determination and fire still buring inside his tatooed body. in fact, he may triumph this test ahead of everybody. let's wait and see, although i can't barely wait anymore.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

good old former teammate, cannavaro

my sister is fascinated with fabio cannavaro since he had joined real madrid some time ago. i don't know why she fancies him so much. and now i know the reason. he's a good teammate and a person. i know from the way he mingles with his teammates everyday in training, including those times when becks spent his four years with real madrid. here it is, an article summing up his comment on becks temporary move to AC Milan. i hope you enjoy the article as much as i do.

Canna Sanctions Becks' Move

England ace David Beckham looks set to join Milan on a loan deal in January and Italy captain Fabio Cannavaro believes Adriano Galliani has pulled off a major coup.

Even though it is not official yet, the Spice Boy is expected to land in Italy's fashion capital once the Calciomercato doors reopen in the New Year.

And while the Rossoneri camp has reacted positively to the move, most pundits in the peninsula are puzzled and muse that marketing reasons inevitably influenced the decision.

"I do not agree," Cannavaro told the Gazzetta dello Sport. "Regardless of the sarcasm of Spanish newspapers, I am sure Milan will greatly benefit from it.

"I am not talking about just economic advantages, he will also be able to give his contribution on the field of play. He is certainly a big star, but the city of Milan is accustomed to having such important figures.

"However, David is incredible. I remember a trip to Sevilla, we travelled by train and when we got to the station, hordes of teenage girls rushed towards him. I had never witnessed such enthusiasm for a footballer, not even around Diego Armando Maradona in Naples."

Cannavaro joined Becks at Real Madrid after the Calciopoli scandal, and the Merengues won the title in the 2006-07 season under the guidance of Fabio Capello.

"When Capello opted to take him back into the squad in February, he contributed a great deal and I would say that at least 80 per cent of our triumph was down to him.

"And I also grew to appreciate him off the pitch, as he was a devoted father who tried to spend as much time as possible with his kids. He seemed Italian!"

Vince Masiello

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Friday, October 24, 2008


not much for today. i don't know about tomorrow since no one can predict the future. i am thinking about the stuff that i had left out in the old apartment few months ago. but it's not there now. they are currently being held in the apartment of my old landlord. i can't have my PS2 in my room and i hate it. i feel completely sad and outraged but i can't do anything presently. i was thinking of buying new console but i know it would only be a waste of money since i already have one. it's an old generation of PS2 but still, it's my own and i bought it with my pocket money. rather than buying new PS2 it'd be good idea if i spend my dime purchasing wii. it doesn't cost as much as PS3 but it does have cool video games, including my favorite game rayman and raving rabbits which is hot on sale. unfortunately, it will cost more than new PS2 and it's not a good news. anyway, i have my mind roaming freely to korea and reaches domiyo easily. it stops in front of a booth that sells an old camera, SLR to be exact. my mind refuses to hold back and come dashing forward trying to grab it from the man who sells it. pity me, he realizes my coming and as quickly as he could stumble forward protecting his possesion. it's too late i guess to make another attempt as he now clutches the camera tightly against his chest. well, i guess  i have to buy it from  him. if i let my thoughts walk freely on the pavement, i will certainly come accross a good view. but if i choose to chain it, only holes and stinging smell dominating my world.  

doing what i can

i am desperately holding back the urge to dash to korea. i am so in love with the country and its life. many thanks to God whom had been given me a chance to  know a little bit better about the country. when the time comes i will surely welcome any invitation to visit the country once again.

packed with....

today was the busiest day regarding david beckham potential move to AC Milan. although it has yet to be official, everyone has already made it a reality. it was first announced by AC Milan officials a couple of days ago about becks interest to join them to be part of their team to enable him keep his fitness sharp during off season in the US. however, winter training has become winter transfer for him. i believe, he had no intention to go anywhere this winter but to train with the italian team just like he did last year with arsenal. however, things started to change when fabio capello was weighing to opt him off the squad. this is because of his play time. MLS will only resume in the month of april or may and capello insists to have his squad ready for friendly against spain in february 2009. the fact that MLS is off season during the friendly games doesn't help poor becks to get his bid successfully. i guess this is the main reason he wants to be part of AC Milan team during the off season so he can get match time he wants. unfortunately, AC Milan have already stuffed some star players into their squad including ronaldinho, shevchenko and pato. they don't include some old players who possibly would be irritated to be replaced by some player from the west. i can't imagine which position he will be held on the field considering massive midfield surplus in the squad. clerence seedorf and kaka are definitely out of touch. i am not sure about ambrossini and pirlo. both of them are looking out of shape these days and could be bound to sit on the bench. well, i hope he can have ample time to catch with other young england players. i really hope...

becks reaching for another history

Beckham set to equal Moore caps

Fabio Capello has hinted David Beckham will equal World Cup-winning captain Bobby Moore's 108-cap tally by starting next month's friendly against Germany.

Beckham, 33, has failed to start any of England's last four competitive games.

And the LA Galaxy midfielder has been criticised by some for picking up 'cheap' caps for his country.

But the England manager said: "Beckham might have played five minutes against Belarus but, for the next game, it is possible he might play all the game."

Beckham overtook Sir Bobby Charlton's tally of 106 caps when he came on as a substitute in the closing stages against Belarus on Wednesday.

Capello maintains the former England captain still has a role to play in the England set-up for the foreseeable future, although he may not pick the midfielder for February's friendly with Spain as it would be the close season in the MLS.

"For the game against Spain, if he is not playing, he will not be in the squad," Capello explained.

"He is good for the group. This is important. In fact, this is very important - his influence.

"He knows everything. He transmits confidence in the other players. This is very important for the group.

"I have to choose the first XI and at the moment I choose Theo Walcott and Shaun Wright-Phillips who are playing well."

The former Real Madrid boss added that he did not know how many caps Beckham had accumulated, saying: "For me, it is not interesting to record everything.

"It is not in my mind. My mind is the victory, the game, the best 11. I don't think about it.

"Does Beckham deserve to be in the company of Charlton and Moore? I don't know. I don't know how many games they played."

courtesy of BBC

it's good to hear positive comments from the manager as it will bring up becks confidence. anyway, i think i know becks reason for applying as new recruit in AC Milan. he's after a position in england squad even if he had to sit down on the bench. well, let's wait and see ho well he copes with the controversy circulating his move.

caps for becks

he already passed bobby charlton's record and going after peter shilton's. one more game he will equal bobby moore's achivement. with current 107 caps under his belt, many suggested that they are not worth looking at. they claimed that all those caps mean nothing to english football history as few of them were "given not by merit" but by luck. they also suggested that becks is lucky to know fabio cepello, current england manager, well before other players do, so that he can "plant" some sort of relationship with the manager. o how awful it sounds to me and espcially to david beckham who is currently battling his luck in MLS. 2 seasons with no titles is well reminded him of his first period in real madrid. despite so much hype with his arrival, LA Galaxy have yet to qualify for play off not even close to grab any title these two seasons. but it wasn't becks fault, not even a speck. one player cannot change a destiny of a club. one man saving the world only happens in hollywood movies, ladies and gents. look at real madrid few years ago and we clearly understand the big picture. back to topic. it seems shilton is reluctant to give away his long-held title to anyone else, especially david beckham. some say capello gave becks "easy" caps and waste his talent altogether. well, i am quite disagree with them as becks is working really hard to get his fitness up to higher level. if capello decided to play walcott instead becks, i am sure it was all down to technical decisions. theo has more speed and agility compared to becks and he's young too. on the other hand, becks is well equipped with his experience and dead ball ability. so, the two players are actually ahead of one another and it obviously complicates capello's situation a little bit more. but i guess he'll prefer someone who can take up 2 or 3 defenders at once and the answer would be theo walcott. it is very unfortunate for becks to have sit on the bench watching other player take his usual place and can't do anything about it. there are 3 young players fully prepared to take his place once and for all. they are david bentley, shaun wright phillips and theo walcott. all of them acquired to what the manager desired which is agility. but becks isn't someone who easily gives up on anythng. he is ready to prove to the manager and fans all around the world that he can still do it. 107 caps or not, he is only just begun. pages after pages of his life have been flipped over and as his involvement in england remains to be seen, he's already made us surprised once more by announcing potential move to AC Milan, but that's a different story. i'm anxiously waiting for his next move. probably donning AC Milan jersey next year? who knows

milan goin ga ga

a very interesting article and worth publishing (thanks to enjoy....

Beckham-Mania Grips Milan
Beckham-mania has hit Milan after the club's ticket line, switchboard and website went down on Thursday morning following the news of David Beckham's January arrival...

There were also requests for when club jerseys with the players name and number will be released and fans are already in the Italian city having 'Beckham' printed on their shirts.

Reports around the peninsula also suggest that the demand in tickets at the club has increased ahead of the midfielder's arrival.

The Englishman is expected to join the club in the new year on a four month loan deal.

Meanwhile, Milan are in Holland as they prepare for the clash against Heerenveen later tonight.

Andriy Shevchenko and Filippo Inzaghi should start up front and Clarence Seedorf will take Mathieu Flamini's place in midfield.

Salvatore Landolina

rumours surrounding becks potential move to AC Milan

i have been wondering whether becks move to Milan is actually a reality or fantasy. today some newspapers have already printed news regarding his shocking move, but with a little more details. the proposal is to loan becks from LA Galaxy to AC Milan for four months while his teammates in galaxy enjoying their off season holiday. anyway, milan fans have been strucked with excitement and already flock in to the capital asking whether becks is really arriving. some of them are also inquiring if his shirts are already on sale. this is, of course, a very good news for AC Milan as they are currently battling for financial issue. with becks arriving it could pump lump sum cash into the club and gaining as a "galactico" in europe. i am not sure with becks intention though. he's still struggling to help galaxy win any title for 2 years and i don't see how he can lift up soccer status in US amid his presence off the field. becks is not a saviour, that's for sure. if galaxy want to succeed, the club should hire the right coach and effective players to make LA Galaxy a winning team. brought in becks would not instantly make a club flying high and certainly not a champion of every titles. will it help becks to shy away critics lashing his aging performance? i am not sure. i heard from a news last night that it was capello who had made the suggestion to enable him be more competitive ahead of other boys in the squad. i don't think this was the case though. becks has his mind made up because he has reasons of his own. when he decided to move to LA Galaxy, i was a bit down and frustrated. he should have gone to other european clubs instead of losing his way to MLS. somehow, i knew this would happen. most of coaches in europe have so much doubt about MLS standard which they claim as lower than any european countries well, they could be right but not always. ruud gullit seems to share same sentiment as i do as he says that some of the clubs deserve a little bit more respect because of their achivement. while other MLS clubs enjoying flourish seasons, LA Galxy suffered a lot and lost their place to grab play off as they did last season. and becks is down with them as well. to add salt on his wound, capello only made him as substitute in all world cup qualifying matches. failure after failure shakes him hard. but it doesn't make him softer as people would expect it. he'll only be edgier and stronger in the future. he's been through the worse and i am sure he'll take no notice of silly jokes people throw him over his move to Milan and he will eventually come on top. the more people knock him the harder he pushes them. that's the kind of person he is. good luck becks, the fans will always be with you.

back on track

hey the almost forgotten blog, it's me again. since i have my own spaces account, i neclected this and handed it over to my sist who's better at blogging x) but i'm renovating this blog coz it's lame and needed more changes so i will definitely lingering around here somewhere hohoho

definitely more to share in th next few days.

love u bloggers..

internet addict!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

closing in

i will be soon departed from this country and join my longing to hold pain in the ass problems back home. isn't that a wonderful reunion? well, not in million times. so be it. i don't know what's going to happen and i'm tired of guessing. let God decides what is best for my own sake. answer my prays....

david beckham received the loudest cheers

Match-VS-Kazakhstan- Wembley- Stadium5

i think it was the most loudest crowd in history of wembley, well almost. when becks coming on to replace theo walcott, the crowd cheered hearing becks name was announced. it was nice though as i have not heard his news for days. the crowd loved him and i did too. he paid back the enourmous greeting by giving them something to cheer about. he set wayne rooney's second goal of the night. he may have played for less than 20 mins but he had proven that he could still play part in the national team. as a fan, i am proud to what he'd done to his country. he is a true patriot by not letting criticism brings him down. go becks!!!

In the 77th minute of the game striker Wayne Rooney scored, giving England fans something to cheer about again. However, the biggest cheer of the night came in the two minutes later when David Beckham took the field, replacing Theo Walcott. Beckham’s mere presence seemed to breathe confidence into the rest of the team. The LA Galaxy star’s quality and accuracy of crossing that created numerous opportunities for the England forwards. Rooney scored again in the 86th minute and was given a well-deserved rest made way for Jermain Defoe who became the third and final substitute. Defoe netted probably the best goal of the night within his first 4 minutes of play, rounding off a 5-1 score line which flattered the overall 90 minute performance of the England team.

courtesy of harvard crimson


Saturday, October 11, 2008

do the best

what's human? if we ask ourself what's the meaning of human we may not know the real reason we are living on earth at first place. only God knows everything there needs to know. will we be able to comprehend the meaningful life God has enriched us beyond our intelligence. well, not even the great scientist, albert einstein understood His mercy upon us during his eventful life. i guess we have to wait until what they call judgement day.

open up options

weighing up options that neither would take me anywhere but here. each of them would likely to banish me from human existence. i am not kidding, my credibilty is at stake here and i have no choice apart to blend in with rambo soul and combat.

Friday, October 10, 2008

beginning of an end or otherwise?

soon i will depart from this newly acquinted country and fly out to my accustomed neighbourhood. whatever i lay down to sleep i only find one thing to think of. and it all began with one silly decision to let it happened. whatever i did in the past has everything to do with i am experiencing at present. i will have to take the huge responsibility out of his shoulders and carry it whenever i am alive. one single thought perched on me last night and refused to leave me alone. will i be able to walk along the line? someday and i do hope it'll happen this very minute. i am forgetting my nature and stray outside the law. will i be forgiven when i had been given a chance i decided to look other way. God please forgive your humble servant. help me with this pilling up troubles to go away soon. pray for the best. one will only triumph after long winding terrifying road. take me there to the point of which human is free, so help me God.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

ay ya ay ya

i finally found the title! it's called resident evil degeneration. after months of digging up information from yahoo to gamespot, finally i got the name of the movie. however, i still do not know when it will be released. some say it won't be in the theaters but only be available in DVDs or blu ray. well, i am not sure about it but i hope they will have it on DVD or in cinemas. if not, i just die...well that's too much. anyway,  i get to watch trailers of it, here it goes...

resident evil degeneration

Sunday, October 05, 2008

one drop of water in the middle of the desert

reading so many negative news makes me sick and decided to put them away. anyway, i came across this good article concerning becks national career. to be honest i rarely read positive news about becks both on and off the field. when he fails people are eager to write on the wall of sins, but if he champions little effort is made to recognise his triumph. i guess this article is one of a kind. enjoy then....

Time they called him Sir David Beckham

On Sunday Fabio Capello will announce England’s squad for their World Cup qualifiers against Kazakhstan and Belarus. David Beckham is likely to make the list.

But I don’t want to wake up the day when there will be no Beckham in any such lists. When he’ll have packed the jersey and the boots in the trunk. When he’ll have played his farewell game in front of thousands of cheering fans.

I only hope his farewell game is at Old Trafford or Wembley and not at the Home Depot Centre in California. Beckham deserves that honour. To turn out for his last game at either of these great English stadiums and lauded for his contribution to football.
And not to end his career in front of a crowd of Hollywood A-listers, who’ll pay more attention to the colour he’s dyed his hair.

His iconic powers, good looks aside, I proudly admit to being a huge fan of him, the footballer.

This admission has often raised eyebrows, and resulted in an expulsion from the club of serious football enthusiasts.

For Becks can’t float like Zinedine Zidane, wasn’t blessed with the abilities of Maradona. He is too weak to win a tackle, too clumsy to dance down the pitch and score a goal. He just isn’t a great footballer.

But he is the greatest ‘hit-me’ doll ever made. The harder he was punched, the stronger he came back. In the 1998 World Cup, England’s ouster by Argentina was largely blamed on Beckham, who got himself sent off after kicking Diego Simeone. There was a nationwide hate campaign against him, effigies burnt and even death threats. He took it all and came back to win the treble with Manchester United in the very next season. He trained himself to become the greatest player in the dead-ball situation. Not many can still match his accuracy.

In his over-a-decade-long career, Beckham has taken it all — the hatred, vilification and jeers. He has now played 105 international games and scored 17 goals. That’s surely an over-achievement for someone of his talent and I only have admiration for such a spirit.

But, he has also received tremendous love, from people world over. (Here’s an extreme example — ‘a fan was reported to have licked every toilet seat she could access at a famous hotel in hopes of tasting one he had used’). He’s made his millions posing for the cameras, endorsing even underwear, has married a pop star, and is best friends with Tom Cruise.

He is now 33 years old and it seems, has realised that he has more to do for the game off the field than on it. He is willing to step aside and make way for Theo Walcott, if it means England can win the match. He is eager to work with various world bodies in promoting the game. The FA has benefited from his popularity.

Isn’t it fair then that we place Beckham in the same pantheon as the greatest of the game — if not for his skill, then for his impact? And it’s high time we called him ‘Sir David Beckham’

bitter weekend, well almost...

i heard a lot of bad news regarding la galaxy's achievement in recent weeks. they have. once again slumped even further to bottom league. well, to be fair it all depends on the overall performance of the team itself, not one particular player. david beckham is largely blamed for the lost games la galaxy have endured in the past months. it's not fair to justify la galaxy performance based solely on his chart alone. la galaxy must build their battered confidence to win remaining matches of the season and hope for the best that top groups slip to enable galaxy go for their play off. only miracle can save la galaxy from slipping even further to the ground. and to make it worse, arsenal were also failed to get full three points after drawing against sunderland. i didn't watch the game and to be honest i am grateful for it. other top clubs earned their win this weekend to make even greater gap between arsenal and number one group, chelsea. what a nightmare for me, could it be any harder? i hope there will be no more saddening news, or i'll go mad. is this a sign?. other teams can triumph after embarassing early goals, why can't arsenal and la galaxy do the same?. and why did i have to watch these maddening matches. i even watched ronaldo scored winning goal for man utd and saw arsenal lost. well, what a life. it drives me crazy to actually experiencing mental breakdown after watching my team lost to any team.

at least, i found a lot of cute accessories today and hopefully i can go to the place once again some time soon. i'll be leaving next week and i am hugely disappointed to learn that i can only come to this country at the end of this year. that can happen if dad wants us to come. i hope we'll stick to our commitment and not changing to other negative options. anyway, i bought so many stuff that i will not mention them one by one in this blog coz it seems unfair to tell you without giving a single thing to you. well, sorry to say i am happy to let you know that i'm not finished.