Monday, September 29, 2008

pathetic headlines

do we have to buy all their lies? i guess we don't have to listen all those blabbering words. people are talking about world financial crisis that crumpling every single state in the US and soon, it'll reach all parts of this universe. it all began with US invasion to iraq about four or five years ago. billions of dollars have been pumping in iraq in order to create positive environment. however, instead of stabilizing middle east, bush and his administration brought a lot of pain to the world. sometimes it's better that we let things happen the way natural wants it. if iraqis want to make a change, they have to fight for it. back in 1945, we fought our way to proclaim our independence despite resistance from western countries. we had risen from the bottom of a bottle and seized the rare opportunity to gain the momentum of a lifetime. they should have faith on themselves and others to get whatever they desire. starting from that on, US have been incapable of handling their financial issues wisely. they didn't see it coming and it hurt them badly. reading nerve-wrecking headlines and stories from both newspapers and tv cable makes me sick. they created this monster and now they are looking some kind of solution to their own creation? no need for a punch line then.

getting colder

it's getting colder day by day and today is the worst since we got here. it reached 10 degrees today and it will only get worse ladies and gentleman. it's our first experience anyway and i think a lot of people will understand our craziness. we can't wait to visit dongdaemun market once more to get warm clothes we wanted to buy today but couldn't get our hands holding so many shopping bags. it's a great experience to have visited such place in other people's country. we get to interact with foreign people, although i didn't do much of the talking. we basically talk with alien language that's for sure. i spoke english and they would talk me back with calculator. funny it may seems but efficient in the end. there are lots of places we haven't visited but one month seems not enough to go around this country. we have only visited shopping areas and leave historical sites to other day. actually, this country has a different shopping ambience compared to ours. no mega building with sophisticated design and so on and so forth. perhaps, they are more concern with people who are living in rural area. they have developed so much from the last time i heard from a friend. there are of course, few set backs but they are holding up alright. they are not japan but getting closer to it. i am extremely happy to be in this country and refused to go away unless i need to. i have not told a single friend of mine and i am sure they are completely puzzled of my whereabouts. i'm sorry my friends, i didn't mean to hold any secrets from all of you but i have reasons on my own from telling this to you all.



at the beginning i thought every single thing i do in this world would not relate to other people's lives at present time. the truth is, it's not only related to people, it also give them potential shock of what we are capable of doing. if you don't understand what i am talking about, then you should live my life for a month. well, it could happen to you as well but you might have forgotten how it gotten into your life until you feel the great pain surging into your damaged vein. anyway, i should be grateful that i am given another day to live my life, therefore i should be thinking a way to bail out of this negative vibe, so that beautiful things will go my way. she must be wondering whether she had done the right thing to put her trust on my shoulder. i think she had done the right thing by allowing us to buy more time, however we can't do anything at the time being. perhaps, we could figure out a way to give her assurance on this matter without jeopardizing current situation. getting our way, is the one and only the it.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

yet again another twist

Football Shorts: Shaun Wright-Phillips to end Beckham's England run


Shaun Wright-Phillips needs only to maintain his resurgence with Manchester City at Wigan this afternoon to complete David Beckham’s demise as an England player, writes Joe Lovejoy.

Fabio Capello, England’s coach, names his squad on Saturday for the World Cup qualifier against Kazakhstan at Wembley on October 11 and is planning to recall Wright-Phillips, left, at the expense of 33-year-old Beckham, who has been on the bench for the last two matches. The City winger lost his England place during an unhappy sojourn at Chelsea but has been back to his best since returning to Eastlands for £9m last month, scoring three goals in his first three Premier League matches. Beckham is playing in a sub-standard league in the United States and is increasingly regarded as yesterday’s man, but he is not yet prepared to call time on an international career that has brought him 105 caps. He said: ‘I got a total of 20 minutes in the two games [versus Andorra and Croatia] after crisscrossing the Atlantic but it doesn’t matter if I play or if I don’t. It’s about the team’

i hate to read an article containing becks incapability to hold on to his position in england squad under capello's reign. i've seen older players still play their part in other national teams and the fans love them to bits. and now shaun is ready to take his position from right flank. i hate to see that to happen. i am deeply concerned with this process and only hoping for the best. there are other players who are seen as rightful owner of this position; they are theo walcott, david bentley and shaun wright phillips. they are all younger and much faster than becks especially walcott. i know becks can't always be in the regular team and now must be prepared to be in the bench most of the time, but i didn't know it would hurt like this. i can now understand becks feelings over this issue. well, i can only wait the squad list to be announced next week and hoping to see david beckham's name on it. pray boys and girls...

live again!!

after so long, i can finally write using WLW in this old laptop. usually, i can access it in less than a minute but in this laptop it'll take more than that. anyway, i am glad can post my thoughts.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

much more about it again

so many things happened as each day passing by. one of them, happened to be very much disturbing. we need to take another daring move this time but not sure whether it will work out just fine. again, we need it more than ever this time. to some, it just like taking tissues out of a box, to others it's more than working past hours. how can we go out of this loophole? maybe not in a short time. i have to come up with a good reason to explain my absence these past years. perhaps, he could be lenient this time although i am not pretty sure about it. i can imagine his red face hearing my dubious reason. ow...ow hit on the stomach hurts more than i thought it'd be. smack me one more time i can never be in time to be with you oooo...poor singing girl, no more trials next time.

craving for more...

i have been away from my books for quite some time now. it might sounds funny but i have always find them around me all the time. to be honest, i have never thought that i'll miss flipping those yellowish pages as much as this. laugh at me now, but you won't find it funny anymore after your boyf/girlf can't separate themselves from books. looking at people around me either reading or holding their books with obvious excitement makes me homesick. i can only hold my breath and look on to other side. i have bought books few months ago and don't have time to read them at the time being. and now, i am too far away to even look at them. i love to read and usually, spend about three or four hours a day reading a book. hopefully, i can solve this problem in time so i don't have to wait longer than i supposed to. anyway, my PS2 is unavailable at the time being therefore, my mind is already starting to roaming around places i shouldn't be. wii and PS3 are other alternatives that i have been thinking to replace my old PS2. if it hadn't happened the way it was, i wouldn't have picked these alternatives as a way out. i loved my PS2 and still do but buying a newer version of game console isn't something far off from my target. dad agrees to buy me a dslr next month as birthday gift. i don't know whether it would come as reality as i have wanted it since months ago, so good luck for me....

another win

arsenal won their last match against bolton wanderers with an important 3 points. well, at least newspapers would have positive stories written for their readers. but i can assure you that it won't be major headlines, unless they suffered embarrassing loss and crumpled against big clubs. anyway, i love it when everything works out fine. today, arsenal will compete against a division one club. nevertheless, nothing is taken for granted. arsene wenger is very keen to release his very young guns to get a win in third round of carling cup. so far, they haven't disappointed me the way they did last year. i hope they can go far this time and not be left behind by other big three. promising young players they were, have been developing immensely this year to fill up big gaps left behind by previous experienced players. we might have lost other talented players guided by arsene himself, but we can earn something out of it. some of them have improved including alex song and denilson. as the time goes by they are showing more cutting edge than before. having them on the team is huge relief, however we might need to shift our attention to  the defense line. as days passing by gallas and toure look more as unhappy couple to me. i missed the day when i see sol campbell standing firm on his ground protecting his area. he and toure formed a good partnership at the back and effectively send opponents away from arsenal's half. it's time for wenger to concentrate on his defenders instead of injecting more and more young midfielders in the center. let's get underway....

Friday, September 19, 2008

stuck in a moment

do i have to take this huge burden all by myself forever and ever? i guess so. it's starting to meltdown like iceberg in alaska and to make it worse i don't know how to halt this process. imagine if God were to granted longer life than i had to, those menacing troubles were not easily vanish and let me live my life happily ever after for sure. i had to make haste decisions to prevent any bad things crumbling all over again. why do these things never leave me alone. is it a curse? or merely stupid mistakes that never stops irritating human being for their existence. hah...what a blabbering non sense. i hope i can find guidance to bear this unbearable pain. am i too "dirty" to beg for His mercy? i don't think so. i am no angel but no evil either. lead me to your way forever more....

end of his era?

i have read many articles regarding becks latest match against croatia. not only, he played as subs but also as some people said that it would signal his last action with england. he got his 105 caps indeed but he didn't earn it through a tough match like used to have. it seems theo has a lot to offer in the future and at present, he's still growing to be a player he is long to be. he scored hatrick on tuesday that rousing positive remarks from all over england. it was signaling a new dawn for england and giving high hopes to qualify for the next world cup without much effort. i don't think it would the case though. other countries participating in the qualifying group are as determined as england to go to world cup in two years from now and i know they will not give up that easy. england recent nemesis, croatia were defeated indeed last week but they are not out. and will definitely seeking revenge when coming to wembley next year. ukraine is also other strong contender in the group to battle for the first spot, if not the strongest one. so, whatever achieved last week, will not surely or automatically give england assurance of 100% record especially dealing with tight schedule in premier league. capello will have to figure out how to manage those ignited players to stay fit during qualifying matches. i hope becks can still play roles in those games. he might not be 20s anymore but still can help england in many ways like he used to do when he was a captain. and i love they way he gave thumbs up to theo latest performance. he is genuine fellow and i do hope he can stay in the frame of capellos's mind although they used to have a very "strange" relationship while both of them served under ramon calderon regime. God has his own ways of putting puzzle back into its original state. who would guess FA appointed fabio capello as a successor of ste-c after ste-c had failed to bring the goodness of england players and cast them away from one of the best competition in the world EURO 08. it's always good to be positive but don't get overboard as it may hurt us more. work hard and it will pay off somehow