Sunday, March 30, 2008

when i first open up a website, i cant tell you what it is. i wasnt pleased to read the content. colorado beat LA Galaxy with 4-0. i didnt watch the game and wasnt sure what has caused LA to surrender with such huge result. with the defeat, ruud gullit must find a way out from the darkness. they cant have another season without a single trophy like last year. it'd be painful for becks coz it would remind him of his 3 seasons in real madrid. who would have thought that joining real madrid had been the most challenging one for becks. he has always loved man utd as its his dream team since he was a boy. and leaving him no choice except to join real madrid for a bargain price. real won the la liga title the season before and having a great time in football. and so many people thought by having david beckham on their side, real could have won more titles including copa del rey. but the fact is, real crumbled to the deepest ocean and failed to notch a trophy for 3 seasons in a row. it may sound absurd but all the tragedies had happened while becks spending his time in real madrid, was caused by instability in the management. 5 managers and perhaps more in the future, might harm real madrid in so many ways including title chase. real have been put out of the frame by uncertainties and caused them dearly. champs league and copa del rey are out of question since they have been kicked out early from the competitions. no one can figure out why on earth is happening in real madrid. perhaps, they need to start to play as a team. doesnt matter if they are trying to play beautiful football like arsenal are doing right now; a win can only be obtained once a team work together and PASS the ball like a true footballers. real madrid players cant afford to lose ball to an opponent in a silly way like they always do. even if they win, i can almost assure you that it was luck and not more. honestly, i cannot bear to write those words but thats from what i saw and observed. 

dealing with break-ups is almost soul-crunching, no hard feelings but really there are things that need to be taken care before words are spoken. 

basically, when there's no communication there will be no use in continuing relationship *whatever relationship that be*

it's currently happening right now i guess, two people who were very dear to me suddenly distanced themselves and stopped talking. 

i'm confused, i really am. because of all the things i have done for them nothing bad was included and i'm suddenly the scapegoat or the forgotten?

if it's your own call to distance yourself from me, and not returning any of me approaches maybe it's the right time to say au-revoir. i won't mind if you don't mind.



why show off when you can be 'cool' by being mysterious harhar

love you pretenders *it's an eisley song btw*


Friday, March 28, 2008

people magazine included a good article about becks night out in some lavish restaurant in france where his family had a marvelous dinner to celebrate his 100th cap with england. i put for you to read an excerpt of the article. check it out.....

"This is a moment which will remain in my memory forever. I'm very proud," Beckham told Le Parisien newspaper after the match, where 80,000 fans gave him a standing ovation. "I felt really good, at home, on the field... I have a house here and I was very touched by the French reaction." 

thanks to God, finally theres someone who really pays attention to becks performance based on what he does on the field, not his fame and money. he has done what he supposed to and must be pleased with his performance last night.  however, i believe, it wont be his last contribution to his country, that is england. there were only few of players who really deserved to be applauded. they are rio ferdinand, david beckham and owen hargreaves. england played a slow start and showed a promising result after 8 mins or so. but an error by david james, and miscalculation by john terry, caused england dearly. conceding a penalty didnt make capellos army to shake off their negative approach. from now and then becks supplied numerous good passes but they were cleared from danger too quickly. gerrard had two clear chances but he was unlucky and only be able to watch his chances fade away. i admit i am disappointed with the way england play and cant quite figure out why capello chose to go with one striker instead of two. and smacked in one DMF instead of two. tired lone soldier was run down by 2 heavy set DMF of france. it was clear on the second half that englands midfielders were not able to open up for attacking and instead, being bombarded with solid team work from the france team. well, i have to say it would have been 2-0 or 3-0 if other key players had been on the field. capello has a month to fix the terrible result and prove to the fans that he deserves  all the perks he receives every month. USA will pay visit to wembley stadium to play friendly match. it will be interesting match as becks will come face to face with some of his teammates. if capellos words were true, he will choose another captain for next two matches and will decide before the WC qualifying matches begin. hope it will be becks.... 

Beckham Hungry For More

England talisman David Beckham expressed his joy at earning his elusive 100th cap for England, and insisted he feels well enough to carry on...

Much was made of Beckham's future with the Three Lions following his decision to step down as captain after Luis Felipe Scolari and Portugal proved to be their undoing in the quarterfinals once again.

Successor of then-manager Sven-Goran Eriksson was his assistant and Middlesbrough manager Steve McClaren. McClaren made the bold move of dropping Beckham from the squad altogether - many believed this was just to prove a point, rather than being on merit - and results were not forthcoming for the coach.

Indeed when Beckham returned to the fold with McClaren's men were near rockbottom, the iconic number 7 proved an asset and almost made enough match-winning contributions to see England escape the humiliation of failing to qualify for Euro 2008.

Of course, it was not to be: though the loss came on the final day of qualifying, the damage had been done months earlier.

McClaren was the fall guy on this occasion, and England sought out arguably the world's most successful coach as his replacement.

Capello had of course just left Real Madrid where he had won La Liga largely thanks to Beckham, but not before experiencing troublesome times with the winger. Don Fabio dropped him from his squad shortly after McClaren gave him the England axe, and refusing to play him when he had arranged a move to LA Galaxy at the end of the season.

Fences were mended, though, but Capello did not call up Beckham to his inaugural England squad due to a lack of fitness. Many felt this would leave Beckham stranded on 99 caps, and his fate became almost of more interest to the media than the rest of the team's put together.

Many thought with Beckham now playing in such a supposedly inferior league, he was of no worth to the England set-up. Capello appears to disagree, as tonight, Golden Balls ran out for his 100th cap against France, and Capello has hinted it's not the last we'll see of him either.

"I'm very honoured," Beckham told 
Sky Sports after the game. "Straight from when I started playing for England I never dreamed I'd get 100 caps, and hopefully beyond. 

"I'm happy, but like I said during the week I want to carry on. Of course things can change but I want to carry on playing for my country." 

"I've proved my fitness, that's the biggest thing. We're not into our season yet [in the United States' Major Soccer League] but I felt great, I felt a lot better than I thought I would." 

With Beckham now in a very much exclusive 100 club, suggestions have begun that he may go on to surpass the great Bobby Moore's 108 caps - the record for an outfield player - while goalkeeper Peter Shilton's 125 seems somewhat further off in the distance.

Beckham, though, is just embracing the achievement as it is: "Just to go over the 100 mark is a proud moment. 

"To be up there with Bobby Moore, Bobby Charlton, Billy Wright and Peter Shilton, I'm honoured to be in that company."

In Beckham's 100 appearances for England, he has scored 17 goals.

Chet Winter,

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

although he hasnt done well with arsenal, which currently sit 6 points adrift from the league leaders man utd, arsene wenger has always have something good to say about becks. if you have read my entries few months back, you would have noticed that i have explained why wenger wanted becks to be part of his team. his total dedication and professionalism impresses wenger in so many ways. some people might think that capellos gesture to include becks in the squad as a decent farewell for the 32 yrs old player. at the age of 32, he cannot possibly asking for a permanent start esp when younger players emerging from nowhere. there was one person saying that england wouldnt win a thing unless leaving out useless player like david beckham. well my friend, in case you havent noticed A LOT of england players are useless. look at their EURO qualifier match against croatia. so called the great steven gerrard, has failed to impress and lead his teammates to a victory. was it becks fault england didnt qualify to EURO 08? certainly it wasnt. englands fate doesnt count on one player but the whole team and that includes the coach himself and his staffs. theres a suggestion that once becks obtained his 100th cap, he will be forgotten. o yeah i am able to visualize this situation as it happened before. nevertheless, we all have to be patient to see capellos plan for the squad is actually work and will it bring in some influential wins over big teams. patient my friends.....

Wenger: Beckham was mad, incredible at Arsenal - March 25, 2008 

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has hailed the professionalism and commitment of David Beckham during his training stint with the club.

Of the LA Galaxy star, Wenger told the Daily Mail: "When he was with us, he set an incredible example. He worked and trained like a madman.

"He arrived first in the morning and was last to leave. If I had thought that for a moment he was going to come to us and play the 'big I am' then I never would have allowed him to join my group of players.

"But he was extremely discreet and was the model professional in fact.

"He just brought pleasure to everybody and everybody at Arsenal benefited from him being with us."

Wenger is expected to be in Paris tomorrow night to watch Beckham join the likes of Peter Shilton and Sir Bobby Charlton as an English centurion.

The Arsenal boss added: "It is a great happiness for me personally to see him do this as I have always appreciated the nice side of David Beckham.

"For me it was natural to welcome him to London Colney to train with us. I thought it would help the whole group of us and give us a boost and it did.

"I had already watched him with the national team when they had used Colney to train and I could tell from that how much he loved his football.

"After training had finished he would stay out there and he and Paul Scholes would just hit long balls and passes to each other for half an hour.

"He never once has given me the impression of being a spoiled child.

"For me he has always looked like somebody who plays football from the heart."

ive found something good to include for my first post in the early afternoon. anyway, ive been waiting for quite sometime to have someone speak out about cesc fabregas contribution in his team, arsenal. yesterday, kaka spoke about cesc resemblance to andrea pirlo and his future in football. hes only 20 and has played more than any player older than him. im hoping to see cesc playing for spain and gain a starting place. but i guess its too soon....

Kaka: Cesc Can Be A Modern Great

After watching helplessly as his side were jettisoned by Arsenal in the Champions League, Milan's Kaka' singled out one of Wenger's most important players for praise and admiration.

Cesc Fabregas, who has accrued genuine critical recognition for his deliberate and elegant performances, caught the eye of the FIFA World Player of the Year and is, in Kaka's opinion, what every modern footballer should aspire to.

As well as being the metronome in Arsenal's midfield, Cesc is also adept at making those around him play as he wishes, controlling matches, and this ability has not been lost on Kaka.

"He (Fabregas) is a great player for the future," said the Brazilian. "He's an amazing talent because of how he plays and how he controls how others play.

"He's always moving. He's the prototype of the modern footballer because he is aware of everything that his happening on the pitch."

Showing a composure and maturity that belies his tender 20 years, Fabregas, in the eyes of Kaka, can emulate one of the Milan star's more decorated and distinguished team mates.

Andrea Pirlo, the Italian World Cup winning playmaker displays similar panache and patience in his play to the Spaniard. Kaka' stated: "In some ways, he reminds me of Pirlo."

In terms of ability and vision, the two players certainly have semblence; and if Fabregas wishes to surpass the Milan midfielder and develop in to the player that Kaka' believes he can be, continental and international honours will need to be won. There are two major ones on offer over the coming months.

courtesy of

i love songs by coco or known as colbie caillat, most of her songs matched my mood. sorry if there's some spelling error coz it's very late at night here and i'm sleepy ready to be tucked in hohoho she reminds me a lot like vanessa carlton dunno which part..maybe it's de ja vu

take time to realize i'm on your side didn't i tell you? but i can't spell it out for you no it's not gonna be that simple. if you just realize what i just realized then we'd be perfect for each other and we'll never find another. if you just realize what i just realized  we never have to wonder if we miss out on each other but it's not the same no, it's never the same if you don't feel it too if you meet me halfway it could be the same for you.

eisleyian *final last call to admit defeat*. losing is a way to rediscover yourself, losing is better than winning coz next time,  you've got nothing too lose when you're challenging the winner. holding on to the crown is harder than taking it away coz there's always more chances on losing than to retain it.
can you hear me screaming
coming to find you
it's not that i want to making another night alone

this feeling is lonely
tearing me slowly
hits me so deep

it cuts my bone
fills my heart
burns me up

but why too long?
but why too long?
here's my hand, pull me up

we'll lie down now
making sure we put these words between us
don't put these words between us

can you hear us falling
we're falling faster
it's hard to remember

where we were at a year before
i thought we were ready
i thought we were steady

till the emotions hit the floor
fills my heart
burns me up

but why too long
but why too long
here's my hand to pull me up

(quietdrive-i lie awake)
the long wait.

i'm hopeful
tho i'm also doubtful
i've always been like this
always in between
never a risk-taker
always saving my own self
i don't think so
as optimistic as i'm
sometimes my self-esteem falls to zero

i'm stuck
can't go forward
all i could do is sit pretty
and wait for my path to come
can't go back
coz there's no door
that leads to my past
locked with the biggest gold metal lock
i'm sure
but i'm also unsure

forever seems absurd
and words are just words
but humans are destined to feel
if only wings were made to meet
leaves are falling
so as my hopes
tumbling down heavily
stars are shining
but my hearts glowing dim
forever seems harder than sleeping in tent

i wasn't ready
i was out of breath
my breath was taken by wind
it came
it took away my heart
and it flies too far
how to catch my heart back
how to smile
when the reason to smile
is nowhere near

logic will come to realize
and force your feelings to go away
unnatural as it may seem
i can't push myself over the edge
maybe i choose to be here
maybe it's my own fault
maybe i should stop questioning myself
maybe i should live learn and love everyday
like i was told by my inner deep voices

the room
starts to spin
shadow starts chasing me
lights are fading into thin dust
i'm crushed in a robotic wave
i'm crying in a crowded pack
i'm swimming different to the current
slave to the foolish wish
so as my soul begins to ache
let me fake a smile.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

a mix of bowl

i came across an article yesterday which mentioned *patience and sincerity*. it has become a trend lately the words patience and sincerity because the movie that was watched by millions of people. long before everyone knew the words from a novel, my mom has taught me about patience and sincerity. it's a really warm feeling inside of me, the voices that always told me to have more patience and be sincere in everything that i do. 

i've been trying to be more patient and sincere in everything that i do or feel coz trust me it's never easy, you need to have the biggest heart to always be patient when things are harder than hating yourself  *accepting the fact that you're losing your grip but you can't let your anger loose*. i'm still in a process to become a better human being *pray for me* maybe i'll get the best MAN, the best life anyone can get, and the best time with my lovely family! *amiiien*

wealth is never on top of my list. it's the littlest thing that melts my heart. laughters, a smile that can make me nervous but happy at the same time, cheap flower that smells good, good indie music, patience, sincerity, good poet, good people with good intentions. as long as i'm happy and i'm satisfied with my choices (including my parents' happiness), i don't really care about wealthy doodes. i think i have come into a place where wealth can't buy me happiness.

i love living life with the ups and downs in it..grateful and feeling blessed to have the chance to live healthy and loved by lovely people. i should be more grateful coz maybe i have more than other people deserve in their twice-lived lives. alhamdulillah, God's blessing me all the time yaaay! ok, it's over-rated i've been saying this all the time but it's no lie coz i really2 am GRATEFUL and feeling BLESSED. thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!

i love to see other people's smile on their faces, it amaze me how their smile could light up my day. i know my journey is still far away and never say never coz i might change my views in the future. in the mean time, i believe only God can guarantee the best for me no one can take His place in my heart. i'll try my best to be humble and be among good people with good hearts inside, i'll have to try harder to accept hard facts in life. X)

me and you against the world now babesiie!! hopefully it's no longer stupid premonition! i want it to hapen noooow!!!!!haha have more patience should i? dear God, please give me the sinner more patience and sinceritieeeeees!!!

harharhar. loove ya. peace out.

you can visibly see his smile on his face during training with england squad yesterday. england will come up against 98 world cup champions france in stade de france this wednesday. whether or not will he take part in the starting XI remains to be seen as capello seems unsure which player running the right wing. some suggest capello prefers 4-5-1 and playing wayne rooney as lone striker and steven gerrard as his sidekick upfront. perhaps, capello is trying to break englands old tradition playing 4-4-2 for their national side. they, mostly, come good playing the formation. however, changes need to be made and tomorrows friendly against france holds the answer. i forgot to mention that becks will not be honored with the armband like all previous 100th cap gainers in the past. looks like capellos is unnerved by all this tradition. some claim that capello is unsure who is right for the position. contradictory to these reports, according to a close source, capello has decided that no one should replace john terry as captain. hes done marvelously with chelsea and he should carry on as national captain. thats what the source has said not me. if only becks had played for an english club, he could have had a chance to retain his armband. but his loyalty to man utd is above our sense. arsenal had the chance to snatch him off real madrid squad 2 or 3 yrs ago, esp when things didnt go too well in madrid. but wenger knew too well that becks would have never betrayed man utd, his old club. for your information, arsenal are man utd fierce rival since decades ago. theres no way becks could have easily sneaked into arsenals dressing room without creating too much controversies. its just too much for him and the family. playing for a club in a country where football is nothing but a high school sport, has caused him a place in the england squad. most of people think his move to US as semi-retirement decision and no one believes he will surpass 100th cap for england. once hes given out the milestone record, he will be removed from capellos minds. but i doubt this will be the scenario. capello, the england manager, has stated before that a player will only be graded based on merit, not even lesser than that. there are two players who, according to a newspaper, need to be worried about their place in the squad. these players are david beckham and frank lampard. i disagree with the statement. if they play well, theres no reason for them to be frightened as the coach has said before, play well and you'll be selected. last time round, lampard played like a 12 yrs old compared to gareth barry. but ste-c refused to back down and continued his service. anyway, all players entitled a second chance including frank lampard. lets wait and see. i hope i will able to watch this match....hoping....hoping....

Monday, March 24, 2008

Not Even.

he proposed.
why do i feel nothing
not even a glimpse of hope?
not even a bit of jealousy or even a smile

he used to make me cry.
for days until my eyes were swolen
he used to make me feel angry
because of lies he got me named

he smiled.
i nodded, he went on
did he know
he used to rape my faith?

little things like flowers
make me smile
not even you with flowers
could erase your lies to me

you threw my soul away
with your two bare hands
i took the last straw
i went to search my soul

i'm never a person full of rage
but still preferences are above words
and i can't be what i'm not
unlike you, fake those smile away

we have different lives
you can smile all the way you want
but the truth is never far
and your lies won't hurt me anymore

someday i'll know more than your tiny brain could fit
someday i'll see more than you thought you had seen
someday i'll feel more than you thought you'd feel
someday i'll be more than you thought i'd be


we both know, it was you who pushed me around. we both know, there was no one else outside our cynical-bond that should we blame. we both know, i was honest. we both know, you begged and i refused. we both know, you promised and you broke the chain not me. we both know, you had too much vodka when you blabbered your lies and it hurt me deeply. we both know, i used to have faith in you but you betrayed my faith in you. we both know, you should keep your useless mouth shut than begging for people's attention. we both know, i was the victim and i can never let you back in my live and pretend everything's never better. we both know, after what you have done and said i'll never forgive and forget as easily as turning my back against you.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


i don't want to feel sad
i don't want to feel hollow
i don't want to hide more tears
i don't want to have sorrow in silence

go away miseries
go away rainy days
go away bitter pills
go away sleepless nights

take my doubts
take my wounded heart
i'd rather be heartless
than having one but never whole

who'd want to fall into the same trap
at least i don't want to
the more you try to please
the more i feel displeased

patience, please stay
disguise, please go
if you don't intend to stay
coz i never invited you here

they're happy now
why can't i smile too
they're whole now
why i feel empty now

don't make me cry 
don't make me that i ain't
maybe we need some space
i'll never search for you if you don't want me like i want you

i've been in your place
and i know more than your brain knows
we'll see whose smile will last
we'll see how this will end

be nice to other people on your way up, 
coz you will meet them on your way down

i forgot who said this but surely this kinda fit my position right now, somehow *head on collision* once again be the theme song. some people when they're down they tend to over-reacted and always want to be close to you so you can transfix your psychic power to help them going through certain phase which is not easy. 

when they're done and feeling overwhelmed with their new lives, they always forget to call you or to even say hi. i'm not sensitive or even feeling gutted by their whereabouts, i'm used to feel letdown by their choices over my advices. i'm just wondering will they ever know that i'm human and i can't escape that i have feelings too.

i don't regret every nice treatment i did for them i just feel sad for myself, for being too open and let them come inside of me and break my heart when they're finished with their lame feelings. it's sad when people are using you when you don't even realize they are sucking your power from your heart and soul.

although i haven't said anything to them thus i've been trying to have more patience inside of me but i also can't say that i'm ok when my heart's being at stake. i hope this is just my emo side so when i wake up next few days, i'll find my strength to go forward with or without them with heart or even heartless once again. 


i don't expect you to read this, all of you. maybe when life strikes foolishly my shadow will come by your brain and you'll think of me. some people when happiness comes they tend to forget people who are significant to them. was i important? was i just a shadow or was i real to your eyes? i don't hate you i hate myself for being emotional for something nitty gritty like this.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

yihaa.....whatta nice lay out this is. ive read about safari 3.1 from a website and thought it would be a good idea to have it in the laptop. didnt think it would be downloaded in bundle with other apple software for my pc. and it turned out to be fantastic, im not kidding. well, at least if ie7 gets crappy and sour, i certainly have other option. anyway, capello has announced his 30 men squad and guess what? becks is on the list. anyhow, he can be eliminated and no player is guaranteed of a place in the last 23. so, i keep my hope high. if hes indeed included in the last 23, he still needs to maintain his fitness and impress capello during training sessions. its true there are strong rivalries goin  on in the england camp but becks need not to be cautious coz he has 99th caps under his belt. and being on the field with champions such as france, england needing its best squad to conquer the giants. its been a while since i watched becks playing football. since his departure to LA Galaxy, i havent been able to see him whack some elses foot ;) hoping to see  him on the field once more with england. more power to becks....

i just wanna use your love tonight tonight tonight tonight tonight 
i don't wanna lose your love tonight. 
(kate perry-your love)

give me a reason to fall in love take my hand and let's dance
give me a reason to make me smile coz i think i forgot how
(meiko-reasons to love)

let me tell you how it be you won't get with this you see
coz you can't handle me 
(robyn-can't handle me)

ive got sunshine on a cloudy day
when it's cold outside i've got the month of may
(the temptations-my girl)

i'm falling apart save me, 
somebody take my hand and lead me slow me down
(emmy rossum(slow me down)

night and day come what may there's always change 
and nothing stays the same who can say what'll come my way 
(atomic kitten-be with you-)

Won't stop and try to turn the clock back, i won't beg - I'm no good at that
Too late to start and act like a saint, can't be something that I ain't

(holly valance-naughty girl)

don't want to talk...don't want to talk about it
i'll hide my tears behind a smile so that's all you can see
(one star story-tears behind a smile)

songs i've been listening to lately..
i decided to make quotes from the songs above 
in order to honor the songs harharhar *W*

Goodbye mourning

in a silent night
as the cat crawls in deep
emptiness kicked 
everything's meaningful
everything's here
what's more to wait?

as everyone lied down
questions rose
will there be a way?
will there you and me?
will there be 'fin' sign?

said and done
if this is the punishment
let God give me more patience
and forgive all my sins
as i've sinned so much in my life

bring me closer to You
heaven knows i'm in deep misery
let them think 
what they want to think
God knwos me best

as i've been waiting all this long
misery comes in double
and tears are inescapable
my heart and soul is at stake
i want to heal myself

how long should i wait
till this is over?
nothing left to pray
and i'm still here
so long, goodbye uncertainties
power behind your eyes.

everyone's asleep and i'm borrrreeeeed! hixhixhix i want to do netsurfing but i have no site to visit or at least no idea which site to visit. hmpppfffh and lately i've been running out of form when it comes to blogging, bad bad me. so i kind of listen to my playlist and write a bit of everything which is almost nothing *blooh* 

loner, i love the word although i don't ever feel lonely coz i have the loudest crowd but i really2 like to mention that word to myself or even to people who are very2 dear to me. no offense but i just love the word, nothing personal *get it?* X) i'm such an antique, blame the brain i guess who thinks/works too much.

i'm very2 delighted coz my dad's going to bring home my fav-fattening food ever but who cares coz i haven't had anything to chew all day just to wait for it. i lied, i had milk, cookies, and eggs before this harharhar. of course i had to eat something or my stomach will hurt and i will act abusively *harharhar*

i love oldies songs as much as i love 80s/90s/00s songs, i went to this mall with my family last week and thankfully there was a band who performed oldies songs and me and my parents were practically enjoyed the songs yaaay! *minus the old-dood who couldn't sing but sang songs anyway, helooo??*

my dad was very2 irritated for my download-songs-behaviour which to him was super annoying. harharhar everytime i use his lappie i'd download songs till his HD would cramp and stuck because of my many songs. i tend to forget moving it to my own EX-HD and my dad knows me best hihihihi *forgive me daddy!!*

i'm currently listening to the song that reminds me of a place i visited almost three years a go, God i miss that place so very muuuch!! as usual, i wanna say i feel thankful coz God has given me and my family the best opportunity and for me personally. God has given me everything that's needed for someone like me.

the theme song is very much the same that defines every absurd feeling that's been going on for a while. although i tried and been trying to let it go, the effort seems useless in some certain ways. bluish all over you.

eisleyian in pink!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

its goin to be a very stressful moment for becks coz capello is going to announce his 30 men squad. and according to the sun, if a player is included in the draft he will certainly be in the last 23. but it all down to mr. capello himself. he is famous for expelling becks from the real madrid squad a year ago and he will not be frightened to leave him behind this time around. he has proven to capello that hes worth the time. baldini, capellos assistant, had spared his time to watch becks play for LA Galaxy against dallas fc. im not sure what he thinks but according to many articles ive read, becks has given everything he could to inspire his side. nevertheless, we can only see his endless effort come into reality this friday. happy holiday everybody....anyway...tomorrow holds nothing against me or you....*sigh* my sist is going to say like this "o my god...what is the meaning of these words?? u only write about nothin important to human existing"...tsk tsk...whatta nice sister she is...
my sist ruulles hahaha she downloaded my fav songs ever this past few days. yaaay!! such a nice sist isn't she? occasionally only hohohoho

i'm bored, dunno waht to write hixhixhix well actually i'm still very much confused but i'm beginnig to understand which is which.

i'm sorry for those who have misunderstood for every action i took while they were busy leading lives. i had to keep it inside.

it was worrying me at first, everything i had to do based on the fact that they were very2 close to me wholeheartedly!!

i didn't want to hurt each of them, that was why i laid low too long and still i haven't decided the next step *indecisive!*

gotta go i need to find more inspirations, my writings have begun to bore people hahaha love ya babes..


Wednesday, March 19, 2008 thing that i really despise from david beckham is his tattoo. one or two to me is no problem. but when he decides to paint his whole arm with tattoos, i suggest from now on he should cover his "tainted" spots. i hope this one here, will be his last journey to ultimate pain. however, deep down inside i strongly doubt he'll stop painting his body. becks....legs are certainly out of options. those are your main assets....well, you can have them done once you are 40s and way out of anyones leagues which is few many years from now.

Monday, March 17, 2008

its very early in the morning and i am pretty sure, i wont be able to raise at 9am sharp like i am supposed to *sigh*...what can i do? he should have told us for not coming back early as we had thought. anyway, its goalless draw and becks took the game marvelously according to the coach. well, i supposed it should have been more than a draw but nothing can be done now as the game has ended. one thing for sure, becks contributed to the game tremendously and i am certain capello will not think twice to include him into the national side. next match will be against france and i cant be sure whether becks last performance would convince the national coach more than we are. maybe its time for becks to consider retiring from international duty. i dont doubt him, i never do. but there are people out there who hate him more than adolf hitler himself. i guess these people are just jealous of his fame and glory. whatever he touches turns to gold. well, i might have exaggerated a lil bit but who cares. i have an interesting article from LA Galaxys official website regarding their last match against dallas fc. check it out....

LA, FCD play to scoreless draw
Beckham's debut at Pizza Hut Park overshadowed by 100th cap talk
By Steve Hunt / Staff

FRISCO, Texas -- The Los Angeles Galaxy concluded their preseason on Saturday night with a scoreless draw against FC Dallas before a sellout crowd at Pizza Hut Park. And judging from the scoresheet, where the visitors outshot the Hoops 14-11 with six of those being on frame to FCD's none, the Galaxy might be a little farther ahead with the start of the MLS season two weeks away.

"I think we played an excellent game," Galaxy head coach Ruud Gullit said. "For most of the game, I think we dominated. I think we created some excellent chances also. I think several of the youngsters did well today and that was great experience for them at this level. It's still a matter of looking for the right shape."

Much of the capacity crowd came to see L.A. star midfielder David Beckham, who was making his first appearance in Frisco. He was scheduled to play last July in a SuperLiga match but was unable to make the trip because of an ankle injury, leaving scores of disappointed fans in north Texas.

"David (Beckham) played well," Gullit said. "He's an excellent player and a great example for the other players on the team, especially the youngsters. He has the experience we need to bring the youngsters to a new level. He made some excellent passes but we couldn't convert any of them. I think he played excellently."

All told, Beckham took eight free kicks for the Galaxy and countless other free kicks. Several of those resulted in great scoring chances. In the 19th minute, he found midfielder Alvaro Pires off a corner but his header went wide right.

Then in the 34th minute, Beckham floated a great ball off a free kick to Landon Donovan, who was near the Hoops' far post. Donovan then had the presence of mind to head the ball back toward the goal, where Abel Xavier was waiting but his header was tipped over the crossbar by FCD goalkeeper Dario Sala, resulting in another corner for the visiting side.

Following the match, Beckham was pleased with how his Pizza Hut Park debut turned out.
"It was a good game," he said. "I think we played some good football.

At times, we played through them quite easily and created a lot of chances. But when you don't finish chances, it's always going to be a close game. I think that both teams performed well but I think that we edged it because we had so many chances and could have scored. It was great being here in Dallas. I enjoyed the game."

England national team assistant coach Franco Baldini was in attendance to gauge Beckham's fitness in advance of England's match with France on March 26 in Paris, which would be the 100th cap of his international career, but Beckham didn't feel pressured a bit.

"I think it's just like Premiership games when he goes to games there with Fabio Capello," Beckham said. He's obviously going to see how my fitness is and how my form is. It's only natural that's going to happen. There's no added pressure on my side.

"I just had to go out there and perform. I had to play the balls that I can play and work hard. I enjoyed the game tonight. It was a great game on a nice pitch before a majority of nice fans.

I got stick from some of them but that's normal. That's part of being a player for your national team. You're always being watched by somebody. It comes with the job."

Gullit employed a lineup featuring a mix of veterans along with a few youngsters and, overall, was pleased with how the evening turned out.

"You want immediate results but that's something you can't get," he said. "The youngsters have to have experience the older players have to help them out a lot. It's OK to play a lot of youngsters but you have to have patience."

But one positive for the Galaxy boss was the number of chances his side created on the offensive end.
"You always look at the creative side," Gullit said. "The most important thing is to build a good foundation. It all builds up from the defense and midfield to up front. We're not yet where we want to be but hopefully, slowly we will get there."

The Galaxy open the 2008 MLS season on March 29 at Colorado (5:30 p.m