Saturday, July 28, 2007

the love story
between moi
and NFG

i'm a hardcore fan of NFG (in case you don't know it's New Found Glory). the first time i know about them existing was when my ex gave me their cds. he dedicated a song called "dressed to kill" and i just laughed at his foolish act. so on the road home, i listened to the cd and instantly i fell in love with "my friends over you", "sonny", and "forget my name". but i didn't care about their whereabouts or even their names. so i kept the cd elsewhere, until few days before i graduated HS my ex gave me another cd. he thought i had already forgotten the song, but i still remember. on 2004 i saw NFg on TRL and i told my ex about their new song and their new album and he laughed at me beacuse he never though i'd still remember his fav band (he was amazed). love NFG

one day in 2004, i saw a lil bit of NFG's second single i don't wanna know. i was totally into that song..i had a crush back then and that song's definitely the anthem. though i was crushed by my crush, that song's definitely my fav of all their songs. i always love that video and the lyric, i was obsessed with the song. my sist hates NFG..though i know deep inside she sings to their song hehe. Thank God for NFG!

one day in 2006, i donwloaded NFg's songs coz i only have their stick and stones cd but it was in a poor condition coz it was kept carelessly (sorry!). and i listened to their latest single (on that time) which was it's not your fault and instantly it became my new anthem..because it pictured what happened to my sist at that time. i think since then i became officially NFG's biggest fan..heart NFG!

one day in 2007 (at some mall), i bought their coming home cd coz i couldn't find it elsewhere. and i was ecstatic even i still remember the shopkeeper might have thought i was another teenage girl who doesn't understand music. but when i paid the cd suddenly he tried to give the warm welcome (isn't a bit too late??). i love their new concept and i'm crazy for the songs in that album. heart NFG!

after boyzone, spice girls, limp bizkit, korn, slipknot, adema, it's NFG's turn to have all my attention! heart NFG


Friday, July 27, 2007

when i'm mad

1. Your 'ex' and You
= are just part of the miseries that happened in the past.

2. I am listening to
= head on collision by nfg

3. Maybe I should
= be more grateful for what i have and stop dwelling for what i'm not having, be wise and have more patience so i can be a better person

4. I love
= God, momdadsistbro and those who're loving me each and every second

6. I can't understand
= why, how what, and who

7. I have lost my respect for
= those who are careless and those who have hurt me along the way

8. I last ate
= tako2 and i'm damn full

9. The meaning of my display name is
= the greatest invention by me..a mix between me and my sist

10. God
= is the best, loving, the One who'll always love and care about me no matter what


01. is your hair wet?
: nope

02. is your cell phone right by you?
: it's with my mom

03. do you miss someone?
: yeah, badly =""(

04. are you tired?
: a lil bit..i get tired easily

05. are you wearing pajamas?
: yeah and i'm sleepy

06. Are you mad?
: yes, with circumstances, and chances..
though i can't question God but still i'm mad at myself

07. are you upset?
: yeah..but not that upset

01. recently done anything you regret?
: mebbe

02. ever lied?
: yeah definitely

03. ever stuck gum under a desk?
: yes..

04. ever kicked someone?
: hehe

05. ever tripped over your own feet?
: uh-huh i'm the master of falling down to the ground easily


01. have you cursed?
: not today, actually i don't really curse that easily except for something extra foolish

02. have you gotten mad at someone?
: yupp


Q: is there a person who is on your mind right now?
: yes somebody someone i miss badly

Q: do you want children?
: hopefully i'll be ready by then

Q: do you smile often?
: of course i'm the sunflower

Q: do you untie your shoes every timeyou take them off?
: i hvn't wear shoes in ages.i always wear flats or wedges

Q: do you like your handwriting?
: kinda

Q: are you a friendly person?
: not really..but hopefully i'm

Q: who's bed other than yours do yousleep in?
: only mine but usually i sleep at my parents bed too

Q: what color shirt are you wearing?
: red

Q: what were you doing at 7pm yesterday?
: eating

Q. I can't wait for...
: all of my wishes to come true..


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

it is one good article taken from everton FC (thanks to david beckham fans online), saying bout how becks cope with all the pressure he is now receiving. i can understand his admiration coz considering what he has experienced in the last few years has been overwhelming. does he deserve compliments? i guess he does. alan stubbs has somethin to say bout becks.

Everton’s Alan Stubbs has told evertonTV of his respect for David Beckham.
The former England captain is massive news over here in Los Angeles since moving across the Atlantic from Real Madrid and Stubbsy revealed that he is a big fan of what Beckham has achieved.
“All credit to him because he’s done everything really well since he came over here,” said the Blues defender.
“When Steve McClaren left him out of the England squad I think a lot of people thought that would be the end of him but for to come back after a lot of negative publicity, including being dropped by Real Madrid, is great credit on him.
“He’s had a massive resurgence in the last three or four months and he seems to be the type who thrives on people writing him off. A lot of players don’t have that in them but he’s proved all the doubters wrong and I really respect that.”

Stubbsy also insisted that he has every respect for the sheer consistency of Beckham over the years and also for the way he handles himself despite spending a large chunk of his life in the showbiz-like glare of constant publicity.
“I think there are two bits to him,” he said. “There’s David Beckham the footballer and David Beckham the personality. As a player, he has been top notch for fifteen years and he’s respected throughout the world.
“His lifestyle now is just the way it is and I think he’s used to it now whereas some players would hate all that. But he has adapted extremely well and he speaks fantastically well.
“He comes across as very humble and he seems to know where his roots are. I think him coming across here is a way of giving a bit back to football.”

i put all my strength to write this post. it isnt easy to let go my true feelings toward jk rowling last masterpiece. i am not trying to be too emotional but i have been reading HP for the last 7 years and knowing there wont be any HP in the future has made my heart numb. do you wanna laugh? i think this isnt the best for it. true, i feel sad and disappointed but i know theres always an ending for every story written.

and the entry goes like this...

finally, i finished reading HP7. despite my packed schedule i finally be able to finish it in less than 3 days, but it is still way too long from my desired time line. i was expecting 2 days only as i had done with the 5th book. anyway, on the 21st of july 07 the book released and as we all know die hard fans have anxiously been waiting this moment. WB have anounced that they received less amount of ticketing sales during weekend coz many people decided to lock themselves out for few days to finish reading the book. i dont mind though, coz i have watched the movie and dont think it isnt one of the best movie i ever watched. it may be due to the unseccessful story of itself. it isnt one of the best book ever written by her, not my favourite either. when i got home i quickly grabbed the book and isolate myself from other being. i wanted to finish reading the book as quickly as possible coz i couldnt wait to tell my view to my friends. however, after finished reading it i felt horrible and a lil sad coz knowing that there will be no HP books in the future no matter what i'll say. she ends it with so much dignity. she doest disappont me at all and hopefully, the rest of the world. stories and secrets are unravelled as we go along and i can promise you that this last serie will not make your day as grey as london weather. i am completely saisfied with the story and encourage others to read it as well, if you havent got one already. i will not review HP7 today, at least not just yet.

probably i will spend the next two days thinking how my days ahead will not be cherished by the excitement of the next HP books. my only hope is that WB will not disappoint the fans on how they visualize precious masterpiece like what they have done to the last movie (order of phoenix).

so the entry ends here...

Saturday, July 21, 2007

yihaaaa....harry potter 7th and final edition is available today!!! i have in my hands a pre order coupon to collect a copy of the 7th book. will i be satisfied by the story? i dunno and right now all i wanna do is to get some sleep coz tomorrow, we all be greeted by the sun shining down on my window pane. harry potter...get ready coz we are coming to get you.....

we'll be telling our views after finished reading the book......let the game begin.....
Hollywood breathlessly awaits Beckhams

An exclusive bash this weekend to be hosted by Tom Cruise and Will Smith will welcome L.A.'s newest celebrity couple to town.
By Claudia Eller, Times Staff WriterJuly 19, 2007

Global soccer icon David Beckham has made it clear he wants to be a star on the field — not on the screen. Nonetheless, Hollywood is expected to be scrambling like a striker chasing the ball to get some face time Sunday night with the Brit-turned-Beverly Hills estate owner and his glamorous singer wife, Victoria.Two of Hollywood's biggest stars — Tom Cruise and Will Smith — are hosting a private, welcome-to-L.A. bash for the Beckhams at the Museum of Contemporary Art's Geffen Contemporary in downtown Los Angeles.The 600-person, invitation-only list includes Oprah Winfrey, George Clooney, Jim Carrey, Anjelica Huston, Steven Spielberg, David Geffen, producers Jerry Bruckheimer and Brian Grazer, Warner Bros. President Alan Horn and Universal Pictures chief Ron Meyer. Not invited inside: the paparazzi that have followed the Beckhams' every move here."This is the hardest party to get into," said one person with knowledge of the affair, "It's A-list only. And, no press.

"Beckham's name was up in lights before with the 2002 independent film "Bend It Like Beckham," but he was not a member of the cast (an airport sighting at the end was played by an actor). He did appear in file footage, and received a "special thanks" in the credits for lending his name to the title.Beckham's sold-out debut for the Los Angeles Galaxy is set for Saturday night, although a tender ankle could limit his play.However, he should be fit to party by 8:30 p.m. Sunday for what is expected to be the hottest ticket in town. While event planners are trying hard to keep all details under wraps, no doubt the next few days will bring some major last-minute dribbles from those hoping to attend.Invitations were sent out earlier this week.Cruise and his wife, actress Katie Holmes, who have befriended the Beckhams and are their neighbors in Beverly Hills, are said to have initiated the party. Smith's wife, actress Jada Pinkett Smith, helped Holmes pull the event together. To attend the affair, Cruise will fly in from Germany, where he just began shooting his latest film, the World War II drama "Valkyrie."The Hollywood coming-out bash caps more than a week of Beckham-mania sweeping Southern California, with TV ads proclaiming his arrival, a mob of photographers greeting him at the airport and more than 700 journalists attending a news conference Friday at Home Depot Center in Carson, the Galaxy's home field. On Monday, Creative Artists Agency, which represents Cruise, Smith, Holmes and the Beckhams, and other hosts including Galaxy owner Anschutz Entertainment Group held a reception for the celebrity couple at CAA's posh, new Century City headquarters. Most of the guests were sports industry figures.In a deal valued at a potential $250 million, Beckham signed a five-year contract with the team in January. Of that total, the soccer star will receive $6 million a year in salary. The rest will flow from endorsements from such advertisers as Adidas, Pepsi and Motorola.

Beckham's publicist, Glenn Lehrman of Rogers & Cowan, reiterated what his client recently stated publicly: "He really has no intentions in Hollywood. He came over here to play soccer and work with kids, his two big passions."The publicist added that Beckham had "no intentions to do TV shows or movies — it's just not his ambition. Ten years from now, he may change his mind, but I don't think so."Such talk won't discourage Hollywood agents, executives and filmmakers from hoping that someday the dashing, 32-year-old Brit might consider a life in show business after soccer.After all, they say, he's got what it takes to be a leading man."He's certainly handsome and has movie-star looks," said Bruckheimer, one of Hollywood's biggest producers. "He's a big enough celebrity that TV will love him and, if he can act, he'd be a major player in the movies."Bruckheimer, who's never met Beckham and will not attend Sunday's party due to a prior commitment, was invited by his pal Cruise, with whom he made the movies "Top Gun" and "Days of Thunder."But fans who want to see Beckham will have to settle for the small screen — in a commercial he shot in Madrid with former USC Trojan football player Reggie Bush, now with the New Orleans Saints.

this is totally insane. i know they are famous but welcome party? unbeliveable. what next? a parade? hope not. i just wanna see beck back on his daily training and weekly matches. unfortunately for me, MLS may not be aired in here and it looks like i'll be missing his actions for another year or so. unless, ESPN asia decides otherwise. anyway, good luck to him and his new team.

Friday, July 20, 2007

i know i shouldnt be saying this but i really miss seeing becks running and playing around with his ex team mates. it really hurts for him leaving his dream team with the situation like he had this early year. thank goodness i saved some good pics while he was in real madrid. i know deep inside he is missing those golden moments with ex team mates but nothing he couldve done to make things better and now he is ready to embrace new challenges with la galaxy. hopefully, he will have some good time in LA even though crazy paparazy wont let their life go easy.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Beckham given hero's welcome......

July 14, 2007

CARSON – If there were any doubts about David Beckham's true value to the Los Angeles Galaxy and American soccer, they were answered in a matter of seconds after he was formally introduced as a member of the Major League Soccer club yesterday morning, before he so much as opened his mouth or swung his golden right foot.

With blue and yellow confetti erupting from cannons on either side of the stage, with a worldwide television audience watching live, with an estimated 3,000 fans and 500 journalists jammed into one corner of The Home Depot Center stadium, with a news helicopter pounding overhead, Beckham dramatically stood and made his first official act with the Galaxy:
Holding aloft the club's newly designed jersey with “BECKHAM” and No. 23 on the back.
Already, club officials claim, orders have been accepted for 250,000 jerseys (they cost $92.99 at the club's stadium store) since they went on sale Wednesday. And in case you weren't paying attention, Galaxy General Manager Alexi Lalas closed the half-hour ceremony by saying: “I want to remind you that the brand new Galaxy jersey and other Galaxy apparel are now available.”

About the only people who weren't at the lavish ceremony were Beckham's new teammates. In an almost surreal scene, they were on a back field at The Home Depot Center complex, holding a practice while the echoes from the stadium washed over them.
In a series of interviews with international journalists afterward, Beckham insisted he is here less to sell the sport than play it – that “my priority is the football, er, soccer” – although when he will actually step on the field is suddenly an uneasy topic. An exhibition next Saturday against English club Chelsea at the HDC has been billed as his grand debut, but Beckham and Galaxy management conceded that is not guaranteed given the uncertain status of the midfielder's left ankle.
It figures to be the first of several confrontations between marketing and matches, between the almighty dollar and the beautiful game, between the demands of an expectant public and the frailty of a 32-year-old body.
For weeks, ESPN has been promoting its live coverage of the Chelsea match that will have 19 cameras, including a “Beckham cam” trained exclusively on him. It is preceding the game with an hourlong documentary on Beckham's move to the States. And the HDC is nearly sold out with fans who, you presume, didn't pay up to $500 per ticket to see Ty Harden (annual salary: $30,000) play right back.
Beckham injured the ankle with the English national team in early June and it bothered him enough that he exited early from his final few matches with Real Madrid in the Spanish league. He has had the past month off and was spotted during a family vacation in the south of France cycling but, significantly, not running.
Beckham admitted he jogged on the ankle, or tried to, for the first time four days ago.
“It felt slightly unstable and there was a little bit of swelling,” he said.
He reports to Galaxy practice Monday, though he indicated he might not join regular training until midweek. A few days later, he'd be facing a hard-nosed Chelsea side that rates among the top teams in the world.
“The ankle is of concern,” Lalas said. “We don't want to sacrifice the long term by having him play in the short term. . . . The ankle is not 100 percent. This is not a robot. This is a human being.
“We're going to play it by ear and see how it goes.”
It was the only part of the day that wasn't meticulously orchestrated.
A few minutes before Beckham and league officials emerged from the HDC tunnel, Victoria, Beckham's pop-star wife, walked out gingerly in her 6-inch stiletto heels and posed for the legion of photographers, sticking one knee in front of the other and placing her left hand on the hip of her electric fuchsia dress.
The loudest cheers were for Beckham himself, decked out in a gray suit with a gray silk tie.
“I think soccer in America has a lot of potential,” he said. “It's just that something is missing to take it to another level, and I'm hoping I'm going to be part of that.”
The loudest boos were reserved for Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, the subject of a recent scandal involving an extramarital affair with a TV news reporter. When the boos subsided, someone yelled loud enough for everyone to hear: “Is your girlfriend covering this?”

Villaraigosa immediately launched into damage control by – you guessed it – slipping on a No. 23 Galaxy jersey and shrieking into the microphone: “Who loves Beckham?”
Boos magically turned to muted cheers.
Sitting not far from Villaraigosa was MLS Commissioner Don Garber, who later admitted the best part of Beckham's arrival is that he won't have to sit “next to people on planes so much who say M-S-L.”
But even Garber cautioned that Beckham, as mega a soccer star as they come, would not transform the sport by himself.
“My biggest fear is that people look into this too much,” Garber said. “It's still a sport that has a generation of development in front of it.”
And that's fine with Beckham, who has always fashioned himself as being just one of the guys in the locker room – never mind that he now lives in a $22 million, 13,000-square-foot mansion in Beverly Hills, or that he'll make $6.5 million per year while some of his Galaxy teammates make as little as $12,900.
“I've tried to live my life as normal as possible,” said Beckham, who noted that he drove himself to The Home Depot Center yesterday.
“I've tried to make my children's lives as normal as possible. After I do all this today with the people and the press, I'll go home and jump in the pool with my kids.”

i took this article from san which tells us a lil bit more bout the hype mr david beckham made during his presentation in front of 3000 fans and 500 journalists. im really glad americans didnt push him aside just bcoz hes more popular off the field. but im more concern with the outcome of his games in upcoming months. if lets say, LA Galaxy failed to win trophies, becks would definitely be the scapegoat. lets hope this is not the case.
here for you..

1. what did you do last night before you slept?
* had the best laugh

2.what did u do this morning when you woke up?
* went to toilet

3. what song did you recently hear?
* here to stay

4. did you sleep in your room lastnight?
* of crz

5. what's your day like yesterday?
* gloomy, happy, tired, insecure, and missing someone you enjoy being alone?
* depends..

7.are you a daydreamer?
* abso..

8.where's your favorite place to daydream?
* anywhere

9.what was the last thing you drank?
* water

10.if you were a shirt, what color would you be?
* dunno..mebbe black or pink or even dark blue

11. describe a favorite moment.
*staring at someone..

12.describe your favorite weather?
*rainy's quite scary but lovely at the same time

13.can you eat anything?
* not most of the allergies etc

15.are you going to take a bath today?
* check.

16.who do u wish to spend the rest of your life with?
* around ppl who love and care about me (vice versa)

17. who do you adore?
* first and foremost God, nearly second my family

18. if you were alone in a cafe whatwill you be doing?
*listen to my ipod, read a book, sippin my iced caramel macchiato

19. would you rather be having a cup of tea or coffee?
* a cup of hot milo made by my mom you believe in wishing stars?
* i do believe God will listen to every wish even if it's only inside our heart

21.which do you believe the most, fairy or wishing star?
* God

22. do you like chocolate?
* yes since forever..though i only eat 'em when i crave 4 'em

signing off,


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

coming again,

(For a girl who's finding

new friends, new love, new beginnings...

drama is never far behind!)

yet again, i feel dizzy. my heart jumping around hehe i feeeel so damn glad. i was having *emotional breakdown* for quite a while. and still i feel a bit hollow everytime i think about it. i had the best therapy which was *chocolate therapy* haha i feel lucky to have my mom by my side everytime i acted stupid. dear someone, i miss *u*'s ok i'll live thru this. i admit i have made stupid decisions all this while, but i have also made the good ones, and now i have decided not to let the memories fool me. i had my hopes higher than the tallest tower in the world but when i try to make it possible i was dissapointed *once again* by the fact that i shouldn't have put my hope that high coz i only hurt myself by keeping stupid hopes. i cried a lot these days, i missed so many people in my life, and the moment i feel scattered (as if those weren't sad enuff) i found out that i was diagnosed with....!! oh God it was hard for me to accept because i was going through such hell and suddenly i had to face more bumps. i had to let some parts of me go, i was more than just sad..i was devastated..i asked to God..why..why..and why. but i'm better off now maybe there are brilliant reasons behind this, behind every tears i've cried. looking forward to next month..where i'd have a better days with bright smile on my face.

though it's been hard 4 me to digest,

i still thank you for your never ending blessings,

every lesson to learn, sad goodbyes, and i love my life.


mom, i could never-ever say enough thank you because uve been the most inspirational person in my life. you always said nobody's perfect, that's why we need other people to complete us. i love you mom! we'll have the best future together with dadda..and dad, no matter how painful it is you always manage to ease my pain with a smile in your face for me i love you to death!
Thank God for I-POD! i'm loving every bit of vids..and my pics..really2 ease my feeling for not seeing him.
signing off,

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

this is the most recent photo of becks in london attending princess diana bday celebration. the party was attended by many celebs and singers from both US and england. becks coming on stage introducing take that as the next act. it was mesmerizing moment for him as he took the stage and claimed a very stunning applause from the crowd. i almost thought he would become the next PM considering the huge applause. thank goodness we chose to stick to the end of the show, if not we would have missed his speech. unfortunately, i didnt get the chance to see joss stone on stage. but i gotta say, that the concert did make our day. i wanna say somethin more about the dear princess, unfortunately my time is short and the connection didnt seem to bless my pure be it. i could probably write a lil note in a memory of the late princess diana. may God bless her soul.....