Monday, December 21, 2009

a win for us

it’s been a heck of a time since i posted an entry. i couldn’t do much of writing due to my own laziness. technology is created to enable human being reach higher ground and achieve magnificent results. do i sound a bit childish and irrelevant?; perhaps to some people i write nothing but rubbish but i was actually referring to my phone. nowadays, BIS enables you to receive as well as send email from your phone. by doing so, i can easily send post via email to my BlogSpot, therefore posting is so much easier. but why there is a gap in my time line? oh, my mistake let’s move on shall we?.

okay, let’s get down to business. Arsenal matches have been surrounded  by controversies and injuries, which has not surprised me at all. a penalty claim by Liverpool which was rejected by the ref was an addition to our controversies in the earlier season. i said earlier, other times it would easily have been given but that time the ref hadn’t been able to spot the incident right away. though i could safely say that the win against Liverpool was brilliant result, i wasn’t too sure about our consistency. while most of the fans were enjoying the win and praised our young squad to have been able snatched 3 points from struggling Merseyside club, i had been nothing but cautious. it’s true i don’t make things up. after reading numerous reviews, i had this little feeling deep inside of me saying that our battle isn’t even half done.

fortunately, sorry if i used the wrong word, i had missed the match due to unavailability in local TV program. misery was all i could think of but forgive me if i say this, i was overjoyed knowing that i missed for the best reason. had i been staying up late i would have certainly missed breakfast as well as my morning routine. the result was obnoxious. a draw that certainly drew a lot of criticism and cynicism. most of the media, even Daily Mail blatantly claimed that our league title hope had washed away.

3 days after the match, the boys came out strongly and tamed Hull City at home with satisfying result; it was 3-0 to Arsenal. i won’t dig deep into each of goals and momentums but i will give my view on the match itself. 1st half was half bad and meant to be forgotten. the most remembered moment was when Nasri involved in a huge fight with 2 Hull City players, i can’t name them but they certainly Hull players, which resulted in yellow cards for both players. free kick taken by the sinner but was perfectly blocked off by strong wall outside the area. few minutes before HT, Arsenal were awarded with another free kick. it was similar to our 1st one but this time it was Denilson turn to take it. what a relief, Denilson took the lead by curling a very neat free kick into the corner of Hull’s goal. 1 up, Arsenal had plenty of hugs to share with. 2nd goal was pretty much a walk in the park. Song gave a quality pass to Diaby who was magnificently cross it to unchallenged Eduardo. 2-0 and the home fans were in singing mood again. as minutes passed by Arshavin was more and more isolated up front. none of his team mate had done their job on supplying quality passes he wish for. closing to final whistle, Diaby got his goal by adding 3rd for his team. an inch perfect pass from Arshavin met by Diaby who was calmly blasted the ball into the net, so 3-0 it was.

among the 3 goals, my favorite will be Denilson’s. he had never taken any free kick before but clearly showing great promise by netting a stunning free kick. Beckham might have been jealous if had he been on the field. perhaps, with more practice and amount of work in training he can be as good as RVP. overall, the team played a lot better than they were against Liverpool, i guess playing at home had done the trick, nevertheless we claimed a very important points. with ManU losing its grip against Fulham, Arsenal chance is wide open.

my question is: will we be able to sustain our consistency in order to regain more points we’ve lost and throw Chels out of their #1 seat?. it remains a mystery to me.

update: Chelsea slipped further after only managed to get a draw against West Ham.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


In football there is nothing far important than collecting 3 points. In the first few matches in this season we saw crunching goals from Arsenal. Scoring 6 goals and then 4 in the next match propelled them to top of the league. But recent injuries and fatigue have kept Arsenal off the pace to retain their no 2 spot in the league. Though they are now in 3rd, the gap between them and league leaders have significantly widened to 11 points.

Apart from injury, international duties made it hard for Wenger to keep his players in one piece. Match with Sunderland is a good example. Players were back after World Cup qualifiers and international friendlies in battered mood and ruined physical condition. And the result was easily predicted, Arsenal lost to Sunderland. One injury led to another; RVP injury during friendly with Italy wasn't the only one faced by Arsenal. Bendtner was next in the line with groin injury which so far has kept him more than 4 weeks, and recently declared by the coach himself that he might be out until early next year. The ever injury prone Rosicky and Eduardo tripled Wenger's head ache by suffering muscle injuries after a match against Chelsea 2 weeks ago. Both of our left backs are out in the contention with serious injuries which has brought a rookie in to replace both of the players.

Though Diaby and Eduardo are expected to be back today, we are still in the dark whether or not these players are going to survive horrendous matches in premier league. And for your information, Gallas, Cesc, Traore have suffered a knock from last week match against Stoke City and though they are declared fit to play this week, it is remained to be seen whether they will be injury free after big match against Liverpool on Sunday.

I disliked the idea of our players to be injury prone as was 'advertised' by some newspapers in the UK, however after so many recurring injuries haunting our certain players, I am starting to think we are indeed in bad luck for having such fragile players. I didn't say I was unhappy, but a little bit disappointed to see them go back and forth to medical room. We have so much talent but these injuries have somehow retarded our chances to become one of the greatest club in Europe.

We are going to continue our battle to win the war. All of title contenders have either lost or drawn against their respective opponents, thus Arsenal chance to closen the gap has become top priority in Wenger's agenda. With Chelsea only drew against Everton and MU had a bitter night at home with no points to gain, Arsenal should take this opportunity to regain their performance and start making loud statements by getting positive results. There's no other option but to win this match and get the full points in order to get closer to top leaders. Lose or draw will bury Arsenal's chances to become champions. Good luck my Arsenal, please don't ruin my beautiful weekend
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Thursday, December 03, 2009

Beckham temptation

It's late and I'm supposed to be sleeping now but one thing has bugged me and forced to write this entry though it is now close to midnight.

England is desperate to hold WC in 2018 right In London. After few embarrassing mishaps in the beginning, FA decided to bring Beckham to South Africa in order to boost their chances in becoming the host of WC18. It was clear that few delegates and the FIFA head man himself were keen to meet Beckham face to face.

In short, these people were having a joyful time and clearly pleased with the global icon presentation of his country. No matter how sad his countrymen treat him, Beckham has always been there to offer them a hand. He has never been publicly loved by Britons after his sending off against Argentina back in 1998. Though his chance of playing in next WC is quite dim, he hasn't backed down and sincerely offered his hand in order to help his country win the votes for WC18.

What has made his effort priceless is the fact that he has personal grief to attend to but keeps his head up by making appearances for England's benefit in South Africa. His grandfather passed away later yesterday and due to be buried on Friday. He might skip WC draw in order to attend his grandfather funeral ceremony. He certainly has a big heart which might have skipped from anyone's attention. Those tabloids were quick to jab his new hairdo, but not his effort for England. He may not be the best football player around but he is certainly the most influential sport person on earth. Well done, Becks
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