Sunday, October 29, 2006


Don't think about an answer...just put thefirst thing
that pops into your head down.
1. My ex is still:
2. I am listening to:
my sist nagging haha no JT -my love
3. Maybe I should:
lose some weight haha i've been planning but still *a plan*
4. I love:
my everything i love them to death . other half..and my no. 1 fan
dadda..the most caring and loving dad
my sist..gosh i can't explain..she means so much to me we spend so many times together and we're closer after what we went thru together
my bro..guess he just need to grow up a bit ;)
6. I don't understand:
the world
7. I lost:
my winky hixhixhix
8. People say:
rubbish things bout me
9. The meaning of my screen name is:
i think it was taken from a thriller movie *korea* but i just love it it defines the sisterhood between me and my sist
10. Love is:
not blind but we blinded ourselves just to love someone *which is unnecessary*
11. Somewhere, someone is:
searching for me haha
12. I will always:
love my famz *insya allah* and be a good kid with a big-big heart
13. Forever seems:
14. I never ever want to:
hook up with someone i hate or someone who doesn't deserve me
15. My cell phone is:
the best!
16. When I wake up in the morning:
i thank god for giving me another day to live in *be gracious!*
17. I get annoyed when:
things don't go my way but i get annoyed easily with my bro dunno why
18. Parties are:
so lame
19. My pet(s) is(are):
dun have now
20. Kisses are the best when:
you do it at the right time, place and with the right one
21. Today I:
feel great *after seeing miss ashlee*
22. Tomorrow I:
have an appoinment with dentist
23. I really want:
good things to happen in the future and to be a good person *i wanna watch moviiieesss!!*
24. Really want to ask:
it's all about L.O.L.O.L.OL.O.L.O.V.E

well, its a picture of dave b when he was happy with Real and played an important part for their side. i noticed far more less of his pictures in Real official website. is this a sign or its just me playing worry? but it might be true though, i used to see an article dedicated to him when he was injured last season. however, none for this season. calderon, the president of Real, keep assuring the deal is still on and dave b is keen to stay in Real. well, mr calderon if he indeed keen to stay at your side why would he keep his 'oath' pending and waiting for another offer to 'board' into another ship. hes not asking much, just more minutes mr capello. hes not mulling or grumbling over nothin, hes 31 and he doesnt have 5 0r 6 yrs therefore he needs to build up his strength toward the end of his carrer. he is now competing with young players such as robinho and reyes. and this is only the beginning, when they get better or worse, score a lot more goals than beck, hes no longer valuable for the club. probably the reason Real bought him in the 1st place was to be the richest club in the world. and when they got what they desired, he is left in the darkness. poor babe, he doesnt deserve such treatment, i dont know what hes done wrong but it might be his time to think over his decision to stay in Real. whatever, he says i believe he only wants the best for Real. contrary to what ppl say, hes not selfish, its not that i know him but my instinct tells me hes a good person, and silently demand to be inluded in 1st team squad thats just not him. being benched isnt new for footballers but after few games and only starting 1 game for the team, its absurd for a player like dave b who has lots experiences in his pocket. ok, there are other players in the squad, so what? hes included in the team isnt he? so let him run on the field for 90 mins. he played for full time for the 1st after several hiccups but it was a joke coz at at that time reyes wasnt able to play due to injury. now reyes out of the spotlight, robinho comes into the picture. how suqs is that? no matter how hard he trains and performs, capello overlooks him and prefers younger players rather than him. very sad for him, not being able to play at his best. had he known this would have happened, he had surely chosen barca rather than Real, sorry to say. they, at least, won 2 la liga titles and 1 champs league but Real? none. they are catching up surely, but i doubt they clinch titles with beck on their side as he might have considered leaving. capello was interviewed after a match and he claims hes satisfied with beck service and wish him to stay at Real, however he did say that he sees beck as a right winger but he has other players to play in that position as well. isnt that a sign that a coach doesnt want him anymore? its like "ok dude you want to stay so you have to abide my rules if you want to leave, i have nothin to lose" kinda speech. i have no idea what is he thinking right now, but im sure its the best for his family. if he indeed goes to US, his boys wouldnt find difficulties adjusting with the languange, unlike in spain they need to study local tongue. im not sure whether he will be played in weds match against steau (i hope my spelling is correct) bucharest at home since Real claim hes suffering an injury. if not, it will definitely be a headline for the following days newspaper news and claiming beck running out of steam at Real. i also noticed ronnie hasnt played a full time since he overcame his injury 3 weeks ago. capello made a sign he would partner ronnie and ruudtje upfront, but ronnie still on the bench for unknown reasons. he might not ready after all or he probably afraid to drop spaniards from his squad as it will provoke a 'resign' order from the crowd. well, i guess i just have to wait and see whether beck will feature in next fixture......very sad.

note: why he still suffers an injury.....waiting him to come on....


Monday, October 23, 2006

These are supposedly 30 questions that no onewould EVER think to ask.
Answer them, with whatcomes to mind first, then REPOST the bulletin.

1. When you looked at yourself in the mirrortoday, what was the first thing you thought?
- i didn't think of anything

2. When is the next time you will have sex?
- haha do i hv 2 answer that??

3. What's a word that rhymes with "DOOR"?

4. Favorite planet?
- my own planet

5. Who is the 4th person on your missed calllist on your mobile?
- my dad

6. What is your favorite ring on your phone?
- terriyaki boyz TOKYO DRIFT

7. What shirt are you wearing?
- betty boop shirt

8. Do you "label" yourself?
- me?no

9. Name the brand of shoes you're currently wearing?
- i'm not wearing any but usually i wear zara shoes

10. Bright or Dark Room?
- bright

11. What do you think about the person who tookt his survey?
- dunno

12. If you're alone in a room with two beds, which one do you choose?
- depends usually near window

13. What were you doing at midnight last night?
- watching football

14. What did your last text message you received on your mobile phone say?
- it's from my dad giving some info

15. Where is your letter box?
- whut a stupid q..

16. What's d word/s that you say a lot seriously?
- dunno dun really know

17.Who told you he/she loved you last?

18. Last furry thing you touch?
- koala from my dad

19. How many drugs have you done in the last three days?
- i'm free from drugs haha i only take vitamins these past few days

20. How many rolls of film do you need to get developed?
- i dun really develop film anymore

21. Favorite age you have been so far?
- dunno..maybe when i was 15..i met two of my bestest and most reliable friends and when i realized i wasn't getting younger. i've gone thru many things and still i've to get thru much more complicated things in the future..i feel blessed maybe next year will be my fav age..*hoping*

22. Your worst enemy ever?
- they know who they are coz basically it wasn't me who started the fire..they stabbed and kicked me so what more shud i expect? i know they will never stop until i beg them YOU WISH! but nope i'm still standing *thank god* and still breathing i dun need them to tell me what i shud do with my life..they're nobody pretending to be god.

23. What is your current desktop picture?
- cute pic

24. What was the last thing you said to someone?
- dapetnya gitu doank?

25. If you had to choose between a million bucks or to be able to fly, which would you take?
- million bucks haha

26. Do you like someone?
- gilldy, poldi, bello, canna *always*, beau, gege, AND THE LIST GOES ON

27. The last song you listened to?
- there she goes by sixpence none the richer

28. If the last person you spoke to was getting shot at, would you jump in front of the bullet?
- depends!

29. If you could punch 1 person in the face who's in your life right now, who would it be?
- tomorrow is lebaran so i'm not planning to punch someone's face rite now

30. What is the closest object to your left foot?
- colourful boxes..



bubububu....i'm having a big blast!! first it was the man utd vs liverpool that made me giggle *2-0 man!* and i love the goals..especially from rio ferdinand it was awesome! i'm not a fan of man utd or liverpool but it was as my sist said clash of the titans. so we decided to watch and just hv fun *it was fun though!*. to look at mimi la rue and the gank's faces just made my day. they let the red devils won that day not because man utd were more superior or anything but liverpool didn't do anything meaningful to stop man utd and try to score some goals. they just let the hungry man utd scored goals..hihihi

dudududu...GUNNERS SMASHED READING BY 4-0. WHEN CHELSEA ONLY MANAGED TO SCORE 1-0 *my sist told me that it's not a secret that chelsea's always like that theyre so good at winning games by 1-0*. i mean when i look at the way gunners played yesterday, i could see their confidence. i can't imagine how proud wenger is to have the -used to be-non-famous players but now are among famous players in the world *because of their talent and skill*i could see that they're hungry for more on that game. maybe they've learned the lesson from sloppy defeat against cska moscow *shame..shame..shame* but a sweet revenge is around the corner *meeting mr carvalho once again in emirates stadium*. all the best gunners!

dumdudumdudumdudum...YES IT FINALLY HAPPENED LOS BLANCOS BEAT BARCA BY 2-0..ain't it cool??i didn't expect but thank god it happened coz we as los blancos fans have been waiting for this to happen since last year. pheewww a very-very big break for real madrid. i hope they'll continue playing like this coz i love it when they played well and score some important goals. i'm speechless...i'm soo grateful for this and to GOD that heard my prayer.



hes such a talented young player and im positive he'll be more a sensational football player if he stays under arsene wengers 'touch'. thats probably the reason on why he extends his contract to eight yrs! whatta number. i usually heard max of 5 yrs extension but 8? never heard of. im sure arsene is glad to keep his teenage sensation at arsenal for some time. last night was another prove that cesc is a keymaker for arsenal and if he keeps up his good work like this he will be more than pleased and win a champions league perhaps?. i knew hed be a good player when he substituted vieira 3 yrs back, and then he became my fav player in arsenal, not mentioning his adorable looks. there are many exciting young players in arsenal and they are GOOD, i mean very good. theres alex hleb (sometimes he tend to forget his own goal post) who can be the next ljunberg. and dont forget to mention rosicky, who had a splendid night and almost scored a goal for himself after having a hand in hlebs goal. lehmann, again, proves his strong hands are better than kahn, he stopped all chances occured on his goal. arsene deserves to be happy to see his side easily cracked open reading solid defence. chelsea had a hard time prying up readings defence a fortnight ago, wondering why?. sadly, theres no one in arsenal who can substitute henry in the future considering his age will slowly taken his magic. i doubt persie will fill in henrys boot, not that hes a bad player but hes got an attitude that i do not enjoy to see on the field. im sure wenger will eventually find someone that can be as good as him like he discovered henry years ago and become a legend in arsenal following ian wrights step. this win will of course, help the team to rediscover their form after sluggish display against CSKA moskow. i cant wait to see them play again next week......


Real won!!! its not just 1-0 but its 2-0! its a different team from last weeks game against getafe. they controlled the game well and able to pressured the catalan side till the final whistle. barca responded well by gave several chances on casillas goal but they never meant to be. i say the defence line has improved by 50%, comparing to 30% last week. they fought hard and finally realized that they are strong than they thought theyd be. the first half was a total fun to watch, Real took control in just 2 mins with raul shocking header. sergio ramos cleverly put inside a perfect cross from right side and raul, whos form isnt questionable at time being, slotted it in for Real to lead 1-0. there were bumpy roads afterward and Real managed to escape an equaliser from messi and gudjhonsen. anyway, second half was even more pressuring for the home side having messi running around the field like he belonged there. i enjoy barcas counterattacks, unfortunately, they love to playing pretence or i should say a play in broadway. they came down very easily and sometimes even on slightest contact thats pretty unfair. the referee booked 4 Reals players incl. beck which is sadly coz of little contact. i was expecting a substitution in the 2nd half but it was a false hope, emerson still playing with a yellow card in his pocket, and i was wondering why capello insisted playing him even though his dangerous play still a threat for another yellow. i think as a whole, the team performed a lot better esp in the back. raul and ruudtje deserved their goals coz of their effortless style of play. they should have had 2 more goals each after the post denied their effort and came empty handed. good for them though, that is to prove the critics wrong and they are ready for another battle.

unfortunately for beck is the fact that he wont be playing a bigger role next match considering gutis substitution in the 85 min. he only had the chance to play for barely 10 mins and its not enough for him. he needed more time to play coz hes 31 and clock is ticking for him. i think hes already find options elsewhere and ready to leave Real in no time considering his low flight hours in Real recently. there were rumours 4 or 5 months ago talking about transtition in Real Madrid. those rumours incl. whether capello would suggest a contract extension for beck coz his style of play doesnt suit capello. but beck insisted he would stand by at Reals side no matter what happen. i was concern about this issue and worried that beck wouldnt be able to play 90 mins for Real after capellos took over from lopez caro. and my concerns were quickly dissolved after capellos convincing interview bout becks future in Real and he assured ppl that he wanted beck to stay and ordered midjatovic to 'pressure' beck sign a contract extension that will make him stay to 2009. however, recent situation in Reals camp proved otherwise. beck became an unknown figure in Reals future. his involvement on the pitch has gradually subdued as well as his off the pitch activities. i personally think, that itd be wise to have an interview with him to clear up rumours surrounding his future but it seems this issue doesnt bother Real a bit. i know at this moment win titles is the main objective and no players are above the team. but isnt it ridiculous to treat their goldmine like they do to beck? after what he did for the team both off and on the pitch?. i kinda agree what ppl say that Real are only take advantage of his fame and gain more popularity in other countries by displaying beck as their player and ditch him after they success of hitting US. i still think beck has a lot to offer to both his team and country even though hes already 31. its painful for him to see his side leading 2-0 with him on the bench and couldnt do nothing about it. he still has a desire to play for Real till he decides to retire but if this situation continues he wont be signing any contract extensions. his interview clearly shows his dissapointment. he says "I feel frustrated as a footballer. I go over it again and again and can't find an explanation," Beckham said. "Sometimes you can't explain things, but you have to accept them. The only thing I can do is play well. It's really hard when I don't play.
"Being part of a team is important and I'm not a jealous person – never – because I understand that above all comes Real Madrid. But I love my profession and I always want to play; that's why I feel unhappy," "Two years on the bench would be very hard," Beckham admitted.

i can sense his dissapointment but he refuses to give up and continue to fight for his place even though chances are slim at the time being. theres a slight hint there, that he might not extend his contract after all. hopefully, he will sort out his problems soon and come back as a player we once knew. but if he decides to stay i'll support him throughout the way but he wants to leave i wont mind either but i feel sad coz i wont be seeing him in action, US league ( if he decides to move to the states) isnt aired in Asia, i doubt in any other place as well. above all we, the fans, want the best for him. whenever he goes, we will support you BECK! goodluck to you......

sadly Vic isnt playing for another 2-3 weeks..hiks hiks.....


Friday, October 20, 2006

Real will face barca this weekend and i am deeply concern with Reals defence, they mostly do a lot better when they are in champs league. they have not-so-good record in la liga and hopefully they can demonstrate somethin for their fans. id love to see beck play aganst barca but i know its unlikely to happen since robinho picking up a good sign to steal becks presence on the field. prior to his fine display dave b replaced by reyes (booo) and this week most probably will be robinho to replace him. poor baby, hes 31 and soon to be a retired player and if hes not getting a proper position in the 1st team he will be out of form forever. seeking other options is not a sin and he should start considering a better solution elsewhere. he can stay but might not get his chance to shine once more and be the david beckham we love coz he loses his grip in the starting XI. anyway, spain isnt the only main focus this weekend.

clash of titans will as well land in the most famous football league on earth. Man U vs Liverpool! how on earth will ppl take that? a good weekend for me of course, another reason to stay at home. i dislike how ferguson handle his players esp his scandal with beck and ruudtje. but i must admit that his side has been tremendous this opening season and it will be hard for liverpool to overcome the pressure playing at old trafford. liverpool dont play well in away games and lost to i dunno how many games, but surely they can challenge cant they?. no one would ever consider arsenal as a contender for chelsea or Man u but they won last match with MU. i say' anything can happen in football'....we'll see and whoever wins they will get the headlines. im positive there are going to be lots of controversies surrounding these two matches, and i hope i wont be the one who cries out loud and bang my head on the floor or even worse, flying off the balcony. God pls be with us.......i miss you babe i hope youll be there.....pleeeaaaseeee


i'm entering the legal world next year. goodbye teenage life and goodbye to my past. my mom got hitched when she was 21..unbelievable but that's the truth. she was ready to be commited. but i'm not! so for those ppl out there wondering when i'll get hitched the answer is SOMEDAY BUT NOT TODAY OR TOMORROW. for me mariage is not only about you and your future hubby but also accepting his past, behaviour, FAMILY, and to be able to sacrifice. would you want to forgive him if he slept with someone else? if your answer is no maybe you'd want to reconsider your planning in getting married. i think it's part of the human being. either it's the woman or the man. it's not that i agreed the concept of being unfaithful but in marriage it's a different situation. you have to have a very big-big heart to be a wife for someone and a mother to your children. and of course you've to be able to accept someone the way he is and being able to forgive him when you feel like you want to choke him. haha having children is another complicated thing. for me i think it's a lifetime commitment, from 0 year-when he/she got hitched. what if he/she got divorced and decided to live a life in your house? and you've to take care his/her children *duh* when you want to spend your little time with a smile on your face.
OMG! i'm so not ready to get hitched..the commitment itself makes me want to choke myself.i'm not afraid to be single *unlike most ppl* coz i think it's the best way to know myself and what i want, plus i can have a great time with my loved ones. it's funny.. i dun hv the pressure to hv someone to go home to. i hv priorities in my life and getting married isn't on top of my list unless i meet the right person and he can assure me that living with him would not make me kill myself hehe just kidding.
Maybe when i get married someday, i'll be ready. i hope that's the very best time and all of my loved ones be there with me giving me their blessings. well i guess marriage life isn't all about lovey-dovey like on screen. but it's also about loads of things. i've met few people who changed the whole concept of marriage inside of me. i used to think that being with someone is automatically planning a future with that person. few years passed my ways of thinking changed, and it's so complicated for me to explain but the truth is marriage is also about responsibility! don't be hasty please think it over is he the one? is he worth your heart and soul? will his family accept you? and don't ever think of running away with your bf will solve things believe me, it's never gonna work. no matter what happens family first, lover comes after family.
please do remember life is bittersweet and so marriage is. life is about balance so marriage is. you complete him and he completes you..that's marriage is about. *being selfish isn't included*
nb:i'm happily in love but that doesn't mean i'm gonna get hitched soon

Thursday, October 19, 2006

how am i goin to face you today? i am not worth your love. i know its too late to say such thing like this but i do not have any choice but to come clean. several weeks passed without any solution and my hope is getting thinner to find you. i know ill find you no matter where you are coz we are meant to be, arent we?. we had our misunderstanding before and unlike other people, we solved it just fine. however, you acted strange rencently and i know why. here i am today with my knees bent before you to seek forgiveness. i admit my mistakes but it wasnt an act of negligence coz we were in the same wavelength and couldnt resist the temptation. i wish i could stop myself from dragging my legs to his place but what could i do? im a human and i was hurt back then and no one offered me a shelter. and then he came completely out of the blue to balance my life. we had argued bout the same thing and never completely fish it out of our life, but what could we do? we hardly had a chance to ovecome that issue. my saviour, pls do not hate me coz i love you still. here i am, standing over you to propose a silent pardon over my ridiculous act over the past weeks. have i told you that id find you? and indeed thats what i did. i was surprised to see you like this, cold and solitude. but i am here with you and no one shall ever intrude us my love coz we'll always be together no matter where we are. i am up here and you are deep below the surface. looks like rain is goin to wash away our pain and bury it underground. i have in my hand a beautiful bucket of roses, they are so lovely and will shower your tomb with Gods gracious. i will be here forever.....

*a good story for everybody*


Wednesday, October 18, 2006

its definitely not a good week, well so far. my fav clubs have been struggling and have yet to impress me. first, its Real Madrid. i know they won their 2nd consecutive match last night but that wasnt the idea. whats the point of winning if the team do not perform better. sure, its a win but did that guarantee their success? a big NO. still, the defence play in their usual style, that is not to keep mark on opponents. i watched the match against getafe and all i saw was a horror. it seems they do not aware of the importance of marking and keeping tabs on everybody on the pitch and leave them to running havoc on casillas territory. they have to work hard on that coz this weekend they will play barca, the most challenging opponent so far. a win against steau bucharest is the key to get things right, so they will remember how the goals boost their morale and keep motivated to score some goals against barca; ok 1 goal is enough but not a draw. they passes are still vulnerable esp in the midfield area, they lose possesion so often till i lost count and thats not good. they need to work on that too so they will control the game perfectly. i really hope Real will figure out somethin to come up against barca who are curently in a good form. they may lose eto'o but certainly they have other options such as gudjonsen (i hope i spell it correctly) and even ronaldinho can play in attack. they do need to work hard.
as for Arsenal, they were very unlucky to have 2 goals disallowed not on their consent. the 1st one the referee got it right but the 2nd goal was thierrys night. however, it seems the referee needs another pair of eyes to help him with his nightmare judgements. hes a controversial referee without a doubt. it was not an offside position and it certainly wasnt a handball, so Arsenal deserved a draw last night. they fought well Arsenal, this is what Real madrid should take lesson on, and nothin in that game could stop them. i agree they didnt play as they supposed to but their winning spirit was there. they were comfortable with possesions but not graced with luck and rarely challenged the moskows goalkeeper who had a tremendous night. on the other hand, moskow deserved the win after a lousy play of Arsenal and nearly double the lead minutes after their 1st goal. i am very impressed with daniel carvalho who single handedly led his team to a victory. i think Arsenal need a player like him who can manouver beautifully around the pitch. they have lost reyes, thankfully coz i disrespect his loud mouth, and need someone with naturally gifted left footed player. of course rosicky is a marvelous player but hes a right minded player and they cant count on ljunberg all the time (he can play either side although his right foot means he cant do much on the left) coz hes 31 and needs rest sometime. hleb was ok when he first joined the squad but he rarely made a good pass from the right. two players were fantastic last night, fabregas and gallas deserved standing ovation of what theyve done in the match. gallas is such a strong leader in the back and clearly showed what chelsea missed severely by giving a good impression with Arsenal. this isnt the end for Arsenal coz they have matches to prove what they are about and of course qualifying for the next round in champs league. good luck to both teams for their next matches..........

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

holla...wooowww it's been a great day but not for the result of real madrid last game against getafe..hixhixhix actually yesterday i was going to write about my craving for apam balik. but i was too busy and i wasn't in the mood (really!). So i decided to write today. in sunday me, my mom, and my sist decided to go to pasar tani and guess what the traffic was sux! me and my mom had to buy food in the rain but at least we got what we wanted. es kelapa, apam balik, martabak, and sup tulang. sooo glad my sist decided to drop off us there b4 we went back home. but i still want air tebu because of the rain i didn't get the chance to look further inside...
today i'm going to watch arsenal vs cska moscow and real madrid against steua bucharest *i'm praying arsenal and real madrid will win!!*. i have butterfly on my stomach hehe i'm too excited i think.
and yessss the phone call from my makes me real damn happy i know it's not an absolute decision yet but i hope..real soon!!i'm overwhelmed by the reaction of my dad and i hope it will come to reality *after the suffer i went thru in my life, the pain, the drama, and the tears inside of me*
my life has been great and the ppl around me are soo great too i feel blessed. everything that has happened makes me more cautious bout things and i know i'm a bit fragile but who knows..i'm still building from scratches so it really takes time i hope God will guide me thru this life and thru it all basically. i have to take responsibilites to everything that i've done in my life.
*reyshafabrista* thebabysistmissingcanna2195

Sunday, October 15, 2006

black is a color resemble sadness and its indeed what i feel today. Real failed to win their away game against lively getafe. i am frustrated seeing the way they play, as if they have not played together before. im not sure how capello feels about this, and he must do somethin to get over this nightmare. i thought 1st half was a bit static and boring but it was ok after all. capello decided to reinforce his attacking ability by substituting both diarra and cassano, who latter has been dysfunctional throughout the game. Real starting to look as they used to be but after the 1st goal (59 min) they faded away and quickly became a one sided game for the home team. putting off dave b and replacing him with robinho didnt produce anything. there are times he missed his dribble and giving away possesion. it looks to me Real players confused over things and failed to carry out instructions planned by capello. guti was a shadow of his former self and kept losing possesion. the only player who deserve a standing ovation is roberto carlos whos looking better after last weeks game against dynamo kiev. mejia kept forgetting his post, casillas wasnt confident enough, helguera and bravo were not meant to be a centerback and so on and so forth. capello needs to work on his defence misjudgements and come up with formula to prevent barce from scoring goals. everything seems out of place, i really do hope salgado and cannavaro recover quick so they can help Real sloppy defence. i never thought id miss ramos in action, he is a good defender i must think, rather than cranky helguera for sure. i still have a lot to say but i cant continue further more but i will find more brilliant ideas for tomorrows post or perhaps this late evening.....

note: whatta week.........


Saturday, October 14, 2006

Matt Czuchry
(pronounced Zoo-Kree)
i kinda like this guy from the first time i saw him meeting rory..better than dean i guess hehe sorry but for me dean is soo overrated. and here comes the guy we all have been waiting for these past years to get rid of dean from the show hehe. i do like dean on supernatural *i prefer his bro though* me and my sister have been waiting for the new season to be aired on tv but unfortch in us they're currently on season 7 but here we're still on 5 haha pathetic isn't but better late than never. i'm in love with this new guy..he's mysterious yet adorable and a bit rebel. the kind of guy i'd die for haha i hope he'll stay forever in the show. and i love the episode when he invited rory to his secret meetings with his friends.
nb: can't wait for the new season of supernatural! i miss jensen..
nothin i can say more than 'thank you God'. my life has been different for the past 2 yrs. i have been through a lot but nothin compare what had happened 2 yrs ago. starting from one simple mistake, everything came in a different manner. i lost hope and nearly thinking of quitting but something holding me up. the fact that i will not come into an end of problems everytime i say 'i quit', i realized i had to be firm no matter what happen. i know i will face more in the future but deep down inside me, i know i can go through another stages without a doubt. do i really think this is over? i do not think so. there are more complicated paths up there but im not afraid of what will happen tomorrow coz i believe God will not let me fall into a black hole. without bitter no one will know how good sweet is. i definitely learned somethin from my past experiences and wont stop learning. every minutes teach me about somethin unknown, however, i most likely ignore all this coz this is my weakness, as i have already undestood this condition. maybe its too early to judge my life as a jeopardy but i was close naming it few moments ago. jeopardy is such a bad word but i have no doubt i will call 'it' again once i am cornered with no solutions. i have faith in God coz He has saved me from my own self lots of times and i cant thank Him enough.
what is happening to my family and i, will not stop right here coz we will be faced by tough decisions ahead coz life is about that. every seconds we are faced by choosing which is best or suit us better. no one makes no mistakes neither do i. but what makes me happy is that i will not face them alone coz i have my family with me and i will not bow over some nitty gritty. God saved me last time and He will do the same next time, amin. i have come to understand that what it seems nice it doesnt have to be. i may not be the nicest person ppl will come accross but i certainly have somethin that other ppl dont have, i might not understand it by now but someday i will. i met ppl who talked nice but deep inside they just puppets, draw by their desire to outplay others. i do not understand my mistakes they thought ive done to them but i dont want to find answers either coz i had enough of them. they can call me and my family anything but no one knows us better than God. i will do with or without them coz i cant see the difference. i wanna be myself and they just have to accept it, if you dont like me just say it up front, like i do to them. my thoughts are with my loved ones....

im glad capello back beck to stay at Real Madrid and continue fight for a place in his team wihtout giving up his social life. capello once said, football changing every now and then; marketing wasnt as important as it is today. every clubs try their best to uplift their wealth by promoting their players in order to boost the clubs financial ability. Real Madrid need beck both on and off the pitch, nobody doubts it. now even brits moaning over ste-c decision to left beck aside for england. how disgusting is that? i remember several months ago ppl threatning sven to drop beck fortunately he ignored all those voices and insisted beck was, still is, essential to team. well, he was right soon beck sent england through to quarterfinals but they were unlucky and sent packing by portuguese side. but beck wasnt on the pitch due to injuries he suffered from the first half and had to be substituted halfway through. again, the press and ppl mulling over the early exit and kept blaming dave b for their failure. what they expect? hes not a superman and stop blaming him for all england failures. what happened with so called best midfielders such as lamps and stew-g? they didint perform well as ppl expected them to. enough is enough beck must bury his desire to play for england for the last time coz he wont be given a chance as long as ste-c in charge. ste-c is now busying himself looking at youth potential from england U-21. ho ho what hes trying to do? as far as i remembered he was the one who ditched walcott from senior side claiming hes not ready for such competition. really? i think hes ready after all. he needs a bit of flight hours before becoming england next hit man. he can partner rooney or owen, whichever is available, and flourish.

beck is getting strong

i noticed how 'soft' mentality of england players after watching an intreview of their infamous goalkeeper paul robinson. he said he was upset by ppls comments on his ugly kick. well, mr robinson you have to realize you are now play for the most critical fans in the world, which is england. and you arent the first player to receive such treatment, many of former england players esp dave b who had been in similiar situation when he was sent off on WC 98 hadnt given a single moaning stories bout his puppet acts during WCs. you just have to accept that you need to gather your mind and win something for england, and not crying over your unfortunate events.

note: itching to see owen in action for england coz im tired seeing crouch-y silly kicks.....


well well whatta jerk, nicky has been the most 'chatty' guy ive ever met. he decides the world should know what had happened between him and his ex-wife jessica simpsons. he was the first came out with statements about how sad he was and everythings wasnt goin as he planned. tsk tsk it seems silence isnt golden for him. and now hes out with minillo? well it seems he isnt sad after all. unfortunately for jess, the guys she tried dated with were a bit over exposed and nothing went right for them. but im glad she parted ways with john meyer coz hes such a badass. she doesnt want you myer (or was it meyer? whatever), she might need time for herself and forget bout guys for some time. i hope everything goes well for her as ashlee is doin ga ga for her theater role. i heard she receives positive compliments from ppl, you go girl (but i still gigling over her current boyf, whatta couple *sigh*).


Friday, October 13, 2006


they're lovely aren't they..kk gw slalu blg selera co gw aneh2 ya emang beda lah ama dy ga tau knapa..dy jarang2 bgt jatuh cinta tapi seleranya keren2 loh kalo gw gampang bgt suka ama org hehe apalagi kalo nonton bola gw suka berisik merhatiin pebola2 fav gw yg ganteng2 trus ngomong yg aneh2 ampe kk2 gw gerah hehe. tapi soal bola gw lumayan pinter loh meskipun g setajam kk gw tp suka ga terima kl dibilangin cw g ngerti bola! contohnya kk gw..dy hebat looh ngerti bgt ttg bola makanya gw kagum bgt ama dy. ya kn lumrah kalo cw ngeliat bola sekalian cuci mata hehehe

gw emang belajar untuk menutup diri..bukan ngerasa artis sh cm gw g mau salah langkah adja. makanya sedeket apapun temen gw pst gw g jujur bgt krn gw g mau keulang lg tragedi yg dulu..cape ah..kalo gw jatuh cinta yg paling penting harus tau adalah keluarga gw.. kalo keluarga gw g setuju y gw hrs move on dan cr yg laen krn gw tau pendapat mereka adalah yg terbaik. temen mgkn ninggalin gw tapi keluarga akan selalu ada bwt gw.

Ada beberapa hal yang mungkin belom bisa gw lupain karena sakit bgt rasanya. pengalaman yg dulu2 itu amazing punya kesabaran yang alhamdulillah tebel bgt. gw ga mau nengok kebelakang makanya sebisa mungkin gw menghindari org2 yg ud nyakitin gw dimasa lalu. karena kadang2 kata maaf adja ga cukup bwt nyembuhin hati gw. biar adja Tuhan yang berbicara bagi pihak gw. Selama ini banyak orang yg nyebarin berita yg ngga2 tapi kenyataannya cuma gw dan Tuhan serta keluarga gw yang tau sejauh mana kebenarannya..

never trust gossips

haha ga maksud nyindir loh gw jg suka baca gosip artis tapi kn gw bisa menilai. jgn su'udzhon.. bulan2 puasa gini g bagus loh..hehe udah ah gw males sibuk2 soal orang laen gw-nya adja belom tentu bagus bgt yang penting itu kata nyokap *iya nyokap gw ngajarin gw hal2 positif kok* seseorang itu yg penting hatinya dan sikapnya..jgn mikir hal2 negatif, dan bersikap negatif nanti keliatan dari mukanya. itulah org2 yg demen bgt berbicara aneh2 tp g nyadar keluarganya jg belom tentu sempurna. at least gw tau keluarga gw gimana dan mereka tau gw gmana despite all the rumours.

jadi bwt org yg suka berbicara..jaga lidahnya mungkin pembalasan bukan sekarang tapi melukakan hati seseorang itu dosa. Apalagi sampe ngehancurin hidupnya. Inget God never sleeps. Lebih baik sekarang kita banyak2in berbuat baik kan mumpung bulan suci Raamadhan dan akhirnya keturunan kita terhindar dari bencana. Tadinya gw ga percaya hal2 ky gt kok kaya'nya bokis bgt tp ternyata setelah gw banyak belajar tentang hidup. semua itu ada benernya kalo kita berbuat jahat..hidup kita akan lebih sengsara dan keturunan kita jd keturunan yg bukan baik2. ga mau kan nantinya dimasa depan apa yg kita buat ato omongin ttg org kebales ke keturunan kita? bagus jg gw g banyak bergaul ama org2 jd gw g keikut2 sikap sesetengah org yang penuh dgn hal2 negatif.

*reyshafabrista-miiich you boy-

1. What are your siblings MIDDLE names?
2. Where is your dad right now?
- having a flight
3. What was the last thing you said?
- he-eh
4. What is something you've learned about yourself recently?
- that
5. What color is your watch?
- i hv many watches
6. What do you think of when you think of Australia?
- koala from my dad.. i remember telling him that i didn't want a koala that was made in china i wanted the real one from australia so he went al around melbourne just to search for a koala for me hehe
8. Where were you at midnight last night?
- kitchen
9. Are you close to your mom?
- definitely she's my soulmate
10. Where does your best friend work?
- starbucks..miicch you babe!!
11. What is your least attractive feature?
- that i still hv my baby fat *duh*
13. What is your most attractive feature?
- dunno ask ppl around me
14. Do you have a roommate?
- yes my sist is my roomie
15. What color is your bedroom flooring?
- brown
16. Do you have a chair in your room?
- yes 3 of 'em
17. What time of day were you born?
- morning..i was born on syawal
18. Do you know anyone that is engaged?
- no
20. Do you know anyone named Michelle?
- michelle from buffy the vampire slayer hehe
21. What color is your mom's hair?
- black just like me
22. Do you have a dog?
- i can't my mom won't let me
24. Did anything bad happen to you in 1993?
- i broke my arm..i fell from my sist bicycle
25. Does your first memory involve your dad?
- yes
26. Do you remember singing any songs as kids?
- of course i'm a terrible singer but i love to sing
27. When was the last time you went swimming?
- dunno when i was 14 i guess
28. Has your luggage ever gotten lost?
- i hope never will
29. When was the last time you talked to one of your siblings?
- just now
30. Did you ever go to camp as a kid?
- dun really remember
31. Do you play an instrument?
- no..used to
32. Have you ever thought it would be cool to smash a guitar?
- nope..poor the guitar if i did that
33. Do you like fire?
- no
35. Are you allergic to anything?
- bed bugs, peanuts, sweet stuff, cockroach, and malt but i hv to balance my diet to eat 'em
36. When was the last time you cried?
- long time a go
37. What kind of shampoo do you use?
- sunsilk
38. Have you ever been to a spa?
- no
40. Did you take science all four years of high school?
- no i hate science bcz of the teachers
41. Do you like butterflies?
- they're beautiful
42. What's the last book you read?
- dun remember
43. Do you like Coke or Pepsi more?
- COKE! i'm a coke addict and soda's my best friend hehe
44. What is one thing you miss about your past?
- dun miss a thing
45. Did you ever see the school nurse?
- nope
46. Have you ever wanted to be a teacher?
- nope
47. What is one thing you've learned about life?
- so many things and i feel blessed for the highs and lows it's speechless to see how lucky iam
48. Are you jealous of anyone?
- NO
49. Is anyone jealous of you?
- ppl used to say bad things bout me but now i just dun hv to care anymore who are they to me?
50. Ever been stuck in an elevator?
- hixhixhix yes
51. What does your dad call you?
- ade
52. What does your mom call you?
- gimbul, ndut, ade, or when she got angry she'd call me my name
53. What does you hair look like right now?
- messy
55. Has a friend ever used you?
- yes and they became foes
56. Ever been involved in a trial?
- what kind of?
57. Has anyone recently told you that they like you?
- hmm..
58. What have you eaten today?
- just had my dinner
59. Is your hair naturally straight or curly ?
- looks awful hehe
60. Ever been called white trash?
- no..
61. Who was the last person to drive with you?
- my sist
62. What are you lookin forward to?
- tomorrow starting 7.40 time
*reysha fabrista -the coolest sister-*

Thursday, October 12, 2006

im not really sure whether to laugh or cry out loud. i used to love watching england play esp when they win. but unfortunately after what ste-c did to beck id have to say i despise them a lot. lots have been said about beck inability to bring england to finals in every competitive championships he involved, but now everyone wants a piece of him. ppl are still debating whether to involve beck once more before he retires entirely. there are of course, negative comments circling his comeback but anyhow he wont be able to play without ste-c backing. paul scholes was offered a place in england but he eventually refused and decided to retire for good. thats a good decison scholesy, coz once you have trapped inside the starting XI you will not be able to escape forever and receive taunts for the rest of your life. i think beck should consider the same, and not looking back. he has his future, either with Real or any other team, and it doesnt seem stop right here. i heard he has a success with his football (soccer) academy in 2 countries and it looks promising to me with more and more admittance of students. what beck has done for his country is countless and brits should be thankful to have him as a player. admit it guys, without him on the pitch americans would not turn on their tv watching football esp world cup. he makes football global and, i emphasize here once more, that hes currently the most famous football player ever exist and of course, the most valuable as well. i dont mind seeing him in the second half playing for his beloved country and help them go through. what happened the other night, was even emabarassing. england lost to mighty croatia and what made me laugh was the fact robinson handed them their victory. what on earth was he thinking, he may have lost his concentration coz his side trailing 1-0 but his miss was no doubt would be one of the worst goal he ever conceaded. i watched them play and assured myself that they wont be picking up 3 points as they expected, draw should be enough for england coz they played badly throughout the match. whatever happened beck will not be called up and i can assure myself that ste-c isnt good enough to manage a bunch of overpaid players. besides he takes the job coz nobody abled-enough want it....well ste-c your days are numbered. lets hope you will receive a warm welcome, which i doubt

first things first,

what the hell is she doin? she will, again, 'promote' herself to ppl that she doin just fine with ViVa a.k.a vince vaughn. after all the storms news and pics of ViVa kissing other woman, id rather stay quiet and do my own thing. thats what im goin to tell her. cant Jen As see this reality? ViVa needs someone else right now who probably doesnt mind trying something new rather than acting like a cool couple. she will reappear in oprah winfrey show and explain to ppl what has happened recently and will confess her love for him! after all this while with tons of hugging-kissing moments she only come clear now? or this is done bcoz brad & angie have started their new life brilliantly? ho ho jen you need to relax. and what happened to ViVa? why on earth he hug other woman when his heart only meant for jen? thats the big question. well, maybe its time for both of them to chill out and re-think their love life, coz jen is far too serious for a guy like him.

note: love seeing brad & angie getting along just fine despite rumours of splitting up, go for them.........(pic from


Wednesday, October 11, 2006

i have learned something today, that is do not trust ppl who say good things in front of you coz they are B.I.G FAT L.I.A.R.S! ive seen so many ppl with masks and what i saw behind their glossy cover was something horrible. sign of burnt and crumpled skin overshadowed my first impression of them which deceiving peoples sight. im talking about ppl i know for ages, deep inside me refused to realize the darkness of their intentions. i am a human being who fails frequently and often hurt ones heart. but i never had any intentions to burn down someone elses life coz all i want is the best for them and it seems my purpose misread and in the end having door slammed in front of my face. what did i do to get such hatred? did i treat you badly? did i say something that hurt you? did i ever say no to you? didnt i always be there for you?. enough is enough coz i cant take it anymore, i hate being left behind. im always be the scapegoat, maybe we are not meant to be. if this is the turning point, id have my balance checked. i dont wanna lose my strength in your hands, and live for tomorow without a soul. maybe i had my mistakes but you had yours too but i can forgive them; i will remember today as a reminder to me what has happened to us and i am sorry there will be no US again people!. i dont hate you i just despise you, u got that?. maybe someday i'll understand but will i? coz this is something i cant figure out for years. all this while i thought our friendship was fake but i never thought it would turn out to be true, i knew the day would come to watch my defence go down the drain. after what weve gone through this is how you repay me? how nice of you. thank you but no thank you, i had enough of you and from this moment on we no longer friends, got that?.


beck has finally been applauded for his dedication to his nation and being backed by several former england players and other ppl out there to start in englands next games. but whos the coach? its ste-c everybody! he wont listen to those ppl and stick to his options. hopefully u'll get what u deserve ste-c.......


hey hey our fav reality show stars have finally ended their differences and decided to be BFF once more. its nice to see them back together again no one can pull silly jokes better than them. i hope there'll be another season of simple life and i bet it'll be a hit. when they decided to part way and continue with their so called 'life', we thought how gross was that...but thankfully their back again! hopefully for good.


he's cute isn't he i love his eyes damn..btw helloooo!!!! it's been a damn while since i wrote sumthin either i'm too busy or i'm just being a lazy bitch hohoho.
shout out to :ogger and ivana..happy birthday and be wise ok!!
ah..ada cerita yg melucukan akhir minggu ma nyokap ceritanya tukeran hp gitu gw make communicator nyokap trus nyokap pk n93 gw..tadinya g rela abisnya gw pikir jg y udhlah knp g toh gw bs pk semau gw ntar2 *sampe sekarang belom dibalikin hiks100x jd kangen* yowdy gw pakelah hp itu trus gw masukin lagu2 dan foto2 hehe abisnya nyokap jg g perduli trus gw mo nyoba pake security code..setelah gw pasang gw diemin sambil sebelomnya sms kk gw yg lg jemput nyokap..huuh setelah 10 menit kk gw ngejawab sms mo gw buka kok g bisa gw nyoba terus seinget gw kodenya itu tapi ga bisa2 gw ud mo nangis kk gw dateng ke rumah ama nyokap. dan gw dgn paniknya manggil kk gw y kk gw ikutan panik lah. gw takut bgt ama reaksi nyokap. jadinya gw diem adja sambil terus panik nyobain masukkin nomer2 dan tetep ga berhasil. nyokap pikir gw bt ama dy *nyokap plg g bs ngeliat gw bt* things got really complicated. gw diem dikamar sementara nyokap ama kk gw masak bwt buka huuhh gw mo nangis dh tp kn lg puasa. akhirnya gw keluar dr persembunyian gw *duilee* haha and guess what nyokap gw nerima dgn cueknya..jd kekhawatiran gw selama ini tuh sia2 bgt krn nyokap gw asik bgt g marah malah ngsh solusi *yg akhirnya dgn bayaran yg cukup mahal hiks100x* alhamdulillah hpnya ud bener gw bersyukur lagi2 dh gw maen2 kode tanpa ngajak2 kk gw. *biar kl salah barengan haha*
mom!!i love you and i'm crazy about you
sist!!you still have me although they turn their back on you
just can't wait too arsenal and real madrid in action!!!!!
i have finished my 1s season in soccer hehe and i hv bought several players and
made a huge income from selling players
nesta, chivu, fernando, cy park, willhemsson, mathieu, kuyt, podolski, buffon, trezeguet, emre, and bosingwa those are the world class players that made the difference in my arsenal team..lovelovelove
reyshafabrista *thelildaughter*