Friday, June 12, 2009

is this a credible one?

i guess if Becks has said it, we shouldn’t be bother anymore. there’s a quote in the middle of the article that showing his intention to go back to Europe after finishing his season with LA Galaxy. what interests me is the fact, that he might consider moving on to an English club. he has always been committed to his words for not joining other English club apart from Man Utd. and so far, he has been true on his words. however, seeing a new development in Chelsea’s camp might just twitch him a little bit. Carlitos is a long time fan of him and during Becks 6 month loan spell, it was obvious that they both formed a good relationship. Abramovich has tried to take Becks away from Real Madrid few years ago, but to no avail. He might be able to do it this summer though. also, there’s an interest from another London club, Tottenham Hotspur coach has also been lately commenting on Becks arrival in the Heart Lane. he desires to acquire an experienced player into his squad. Becks might not have the pace but he shows a lot of consistency and professionalism throughout his career in football. i am not sure he’ll take their offers over Milan’s though. reason number one, would be Man Utd. and reason number two is consistency. he has always been man of his words and by backing away from his earlier promise seems harsh to me, personally. but the situation has changed a bit. now that Carlitos has changed side to Chelsea, Becks might be tempted to join his old boss to premier league. earlier Pato was also linked to the English side few hours after Carlitos agreed to coach Chelsea. but Milan would not give him up without a heavy price tag.

will he go or will he not? it’s up to him obviously but i guess i need to be more patient considering summer isn’t over yet.

becks great achievement

many negative comments have been splashing in newspaper headlines all over the world claiming that Becks is more a celeb than a football player.

oh my God! how long since i first wrote this entry? it must have been months ago. how on earth it has skipped from my sight?. i better make this right. i don’t know whether i should write something about this. perhaps i just leave it be.

one to go

England have more than enough points to qualify for WC 2010, however winning another match doesn’t hurt Capellos’ squad. in fact, if they win their next match, they are entitled to enter WC 2010 in South Africa next summer. i kind of forget which side will be the key match, but i am pretty confident for England to qualify especially after this morning match against Andorra. perhaps, England have yet to meet their ‘real’ opponent, therefore doubts are still hanging in the air whether or not England have improved. it is a common one to have seen them qualify but lost in the quarter finals. could this be a new era for England? i guess we’ll have to see about that. so many questions, very little answer

Ronaldo in full swing

even though the summer transfer window has just begun, some of rich clubs are ready to run in full throttle. Real Madrid have managed to scooped Kaka from his beloved AC Milan for a fee of 60mill and they will not stop there. rumors are currently buzzing that David Villa and Ronaldo might as well be added to Florentino’s list. it also means, a LOT of Real Madrid players will be off loaded this summer for knockdown price, excluding Raul and Casillas of course. a few years ago, Rio Ferdinand had cost Man Utd around 30mill and that fee had made people gone berserk; what do you think Ronaldo’s price would make your day?. 2 seasons ago, Ronaldo had made a request to be able to switch club, however Man Utd, headed by their coach Alex Ferguson, had pushed away the offer even before they knocked on his door. well, apparently Real Madrid have always been in Ronaldo’s mind and proved to tell, he is back in the market once more. after months of denying and claiming he was happy in Manchester, he finally gave in. 80mill is the price for his service and obviously, Real Madrid are up for the challenge. this is of course could not have been done without Ferguson’s permission to let him go. i believe, Ronaldo had scheduled a meeting with the boss and asked to be switched side this summer. there’s nothing Ferguson could do except to let his another Golden Boy leave his domain.

why would Ferguson let him go? Ronaldo is an asset for both the team and club. so, why has he finally agreed to Ronaldo’s choice?. that’s the correct word, choice. it is become Ronaldo’s dream to play with Real Madrid and not with Man Utd, therefore no man should stand his way. if a player would like to stay, a coach should pat him in the back and give him more support, but if he decides to go, a coach should never hold the player back. Real Madrid’s magical history has of course, tempted those boys to play for the side and i do not blame them whatsoever. but look at the big picture, if i were Ronaldo i would never trade my place to anyone else. yes indeed, he has won so many trophies with Man Utd, but he can get more if he’s willing to stay. for instance, he can win over fans’ heart by playing at his best and become their future captain. but instead, he chooses to jump ship and seek new challenge. but will he be ready to face harsh condition and poor performances by the team? i am not sure. Real Madrid domestic dominance has lately been taken over by their arch rivals, Barcelona which have also snatched champs league trophy from Man Utd. their European adventure has also been a little too quiet lately and conceding to many losses during quarter finals. so, what is he looking for actually? like Becks said “it is in every boy’s dream to play for Real Madrid”. perhaps, Ronaldo shares the same dream

Thursday, June 11, 2009

a great score line

as predicted, David Beckham started as a CM alongside Lampard. with Barry gone, Becks snatched his place for the night and gave quite convincing play throughout the match. also as predicted, England plummeted Andorra with another mouth-watering score line. at times, i was given an assumption that Andorra were not playing football. i am in no mood to give it a very long review, so i just write in brief of what actually happened. since, the beginning of the first half, England looked threatening and nearly scored the first goal in some minutes. efforts were finally materialized in the 4th minute with Wayne Rooney leading the pack. first half was called upon and England already made 3 goals which scored by Wayne Rooney and Frank Lampard; Rooney got the double while Lamps slotted in Walcott’s pass from the right. another 3 goals were made with a brace for Defoe and Crouch to sum up the match.

generally, David Beckham has done his job better than he used to do for Real Madrid back in the day. moreover, the side need an experienced player to add some spices on the field. he played for full 90 minutes and not once he showed intentions to slow down. his pace was good as well as his deliveries. there were many of his long passes broke away defense line of Andorra and clearly gave advantage for wingers to keep their width in check. too bad commentators were too busy ‘missing’ Ste-G and Rooney as though players on the field were just bunch of clowns whom need to be hospitalized as soon as possible. though these 2 players were substituted in the second half, their replacements provide some entertaining move as well. mind you, that these two have not involved in the team since many months ago, therefore last night was not a bad performance guys. a job well done i guess. 

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

can they do it?

although it is known that Andorra are not one of the best European teams, they could threaten England 100% record. England need full points in order to make WC 2010 dream a reality. with 18 points in pockets, they are surely in full throttle mood. with Gareth Barry suspended, there’s a gap in midfield which need to be filled. and if rumors out there are correct, David Beckham may just have the chance to show his skills one more time. with RM is already booked for Theo Walcott, there’s only one hole for Becks to fill in which is a central midfield role. although he had had the role few years ago back with Real Madrid, there’s a lingering doubt his involvement in the center. there’s always a possibility that Walcott would be deployed to the left and Becks hovering in the right while Stew-G and Lampard patrolling in the center. i am not sure though, but i can only hope he will start. it’s been a while since he played his first minute for the Three Lions and hopefully, on Thursday we can see changes. last match against Kazakhstan we saw Capello playing Becks out of his position as RB. instead of bringing another RB, he decided to field in a midfielder. what was on Capello’s mind? probably a victory. i am for sure going to watch this game since there won’t be any matches involving Becks until August.

Interview of Becks

it’s been ages since i watched Becks interview on YouTube. anyway i came across it from one of his fan site and honestly, i was glad i decided to read it once a while. he mainly talked about that night victory against Kazakhstan and his possible inclusion into the squad after Barry’s suspension. he might start at Wembley or he might be just a sub; we don’t know just yet but my guts telling me that he will not replace Barry or anyone who gets the axed. though Walcott looked rusty the other day, Capello seemed reluctant to replace him at the moment, so we’ll see.

Saturday, June 06, 2009


when David Beckham made a verbal contract to Milan few weeks ago to rejoin the team in January 2010, it had been a different management and coaching staff. Carlitos had been the coach but it was a different man this time. Leonardo has been appointed to coach AC Milan for the next season and beyond (no one knows exactly when his contract ‘truly’ expires). whether or not he will be interested to sign a 34 year old player still pose a big question mark. Leonardo wants to rebuild Rossoneri from scratch and i am not sure he intends to sign an aging player in which for some people, is too old to play football. unlike other people, i honestly oppose those words of aging player and sagging here and there. but i am now looking at the big picture. whilst, Leonardo has known Becks since his arrival last year, it is completely unknown what kind of tactical development he will use during his term.

the Italian League will commence this August and by then, some of injured midfield players have probably regained their fitness and ready to replace Becks position. Gattuso and Flamini are clearly posing threats to Becks existence in Milan’s squad. although both players playing the exact position, they are completely different in style of play. Ambrossini will unlikely be reassign after months of uncertainty. if Milan would want to be at the same league as other elite clubs, they need to reinforce their back four. with Maldini gone and both Kaladze and Nesta starting to look rusty, Leonardo must take his priorities. indeed they do have Senderos in stock, but he can’t be forever injury free and his other fellow defenders do not posses a true leadership at the back. apart from the back four, Leonardo might need to equip another attacking midfielder who can win the ball as well as posing threats to opponent’s defense line. someone like Steven Gerrard will be good, but i am not talking about buying him out from Liverpool, you guys.  if Milan decide to sell Kaka to the highest bidder, Leonardo can have plenty of cash to splash this summer. Ronaldinho and Pato are not enough to terrorize enemy’s line, thus someone who has determination and brain needs to be acquired. Carlos Tevez could be an alternative, in case Samuel Eto’o reluctant to go anywhere else. if Eto’o is out, another unlikely candidate should be considered as well. hey, if we have cash any club would be tempted. i was talking about Podolski. he is young, talented and clearly has brain. his pace and determination will faze his opponent’s backline.

David Beckham contract with LA Galaxy expires this November and if he wants to quit MLS, he can do so by buying out his remaining contract and fly back to Europe. however, after Carlitos exit, Becks may have just lost his last hope. with WC 2010 looming overhead, Becks is desperate to look elsewhere. it is obvious that Capello will unlikely consider him in the squad unless Becks is playing with a European club and AC Milan are the most preferable choice among others. could he still be on his way to Milan after Carlitos resignation? i am not sure. once Leonardo opens up his thought, i will no longer have doubts.

2 qualifying matches

less than 12 hours from now, England will face its  1st opponent of the week which will determine England true colors. after tormenting weeks of leagues, most players must be feeling the pain. Chelsea players are the most likely affected by this schedule considering their last match had only finished a week before the showdown. Aaron Lennon, Emile Heskey, Joe Cole and possibly Rio Ferdinand will miss out the first game but everything can be different once the national team Doctors confirm their health status this afternoon. next stop will be Andorra and no one, including players, should ever belittle them. collecting 3 points are crucial for both players and the coach. it is simply because slipping into 2nd spot wouldn’t be a good idea. they need to learn from past mistakes.

when Ste-C took over from Sven Eriksson, England had been nothing but bunch of clowns. unable to retain their 1st spot, and slowly slipping into 3rd position had made FA realized that a credible coach need to be appointed as soon as possible. and now, under the reign of Fabio Capello, England are in the right track. but the last encounter with European champions, Spain, Capello were unable to work his magic and made England losers among champions. that’s why he needs all his best players to be there on the field and claim their 3 points.

it is unclear, however David Beckham will play any part in this match, especially when both SWP and Theo Walcott are fully fit to face Kazakhstan and Andorra. his natural position will be in the right wing in which SWP and Walcott are familiar with. i really do hope Becks can play and wish him well. i have not seen him play since his last match with AC Milan and the fact that he will go back to LA Galaxy makes my heart break even more. none of sports channel in my country broadcast Galaxy’s matches live on TV. it is also unlikely that he will move on and join Chelsea this summer after his 6 month coach, Carlo Ancelotti joined the club few days ago. Becks will never join other premier club except his old club, Man Utd.