Tuesday, March 22, 2011

International break

I will be without proper football match for at least one week. I don’t know about you but I’m feeling rather gloom without Arsenal. yes, they have been disappointing lately but every game is a drug to me and nothing can substitute its magic spell on me. let’s move on to our main subject here shall we?.

We have 14 players on duty for their respective countries and will be facing 2 opponents this week. you can check those players here. regardless last results, the lads are ready to show their willingness to win remaining 9 matches. well, at least that was Persie said during an interview with Netherland Goal.com. so far, the fans have heard nothing more than words. it is very important for players to show their effort on the field rather than talking to the press every week.

Song, Cesc and Walcott are ready to make a comeback on the 2nd of April. it is good for them to miss upcoming international duties. I do not want my recently-recovered players have to go through distances to play for their respective countries. don’t get misunderstood, I want them to get involved in higher level but freshly recovered players should not be thrown into intense matches immediately. I’m expecting them to start next week, but may not last 90 minutes. Song has been out since final exit, so I don’t think it’s wise to give him straight 90 minutes plus of football in a day of his return. but decision remains on Wenger and his medical team hands whether or not playing these players at the start of the game.

As the league breaks for number of days, press starts picking up their pace. Clichy is rumored to be leaving this summer and some of them claiming Juventus are interested to get his service. one of Arsenal blogger even claims he was close to leave Arsenal last summer. but the question is, what made him stay?. was it because he wanted to give another shot and thinking we could win something this season?. I dunno, but I’m not going to pick it up unless a reliable source confirms it. it actually began when contract talks have been put on hold. according to Nasri, Le Boss has said to him the club would discuss it further at the end of season. perhaps, it creates bubble more than it should have.

We will have to wait until everything is done this season, then we will know who will get the boot. I’m going to talk about this tomorrow or the day after. forgive me if this entry has been pain in the eyes. I have not been in good health recently. my mind has a life of its own.


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Harder to breathe

I dragged myself slowly out of the bed this morning. Something i have not done in a while. I may not be a morning person but i never take too long to get up and get myself ready for the day.

Painful result from Arsenal gives me nothing but a pain in my heart. Perhaps you are wondering why do i get such illness that no other has experienced from a football match. We fall in love every other time and when we fall real hard it is hard to accept those red of rosses no longer blooming in our hearts. How can we obey our healthy mind to sweep aside nagging feelings to love but we have no one to love.

I wonder you might be asking yourself, why would i babble about love so early in the day. The answer is simple, i fall in love with Arsenal. Do not ask a person who is deep in love about why and how because you will never get a straight answer. I do not blame you either, if you feel i'm an insane person. For some others, love is between 2 persons who share the mutual feelings together; regardless our genders, every human being deserves to be loved and be in love, be it with the opposite sex or not. However, love can be blind sometimes and it hit me straight to the heart. My love for Arsenal is undiminished over time. Though we experience turbulence, i am unshaken and always get myself ready for Arsenal whenever they are playing. Whenever Arsenal lose, i promise myself not to watch their games again. And yet, every week i sit down on my couch and continously pouring my support to my beloved club. What is it if it is not love?.

If i found myself out of breath last night and could not set my mind in a positive way, it is because i have so much love for the club and i cannot stand Arsenal being ridiculed. It is never easy for me to get my mind and mood to be in the right places staright after a defeat. But i will always find my way when the right time comes and by the way, it's Arsenal we are talking about; we always make things harder for ourselves.

So what now?. Will i stop falling in love and look for someone else?. Heart breaking experiences can make you stronger and more determined for success in the future. Mistakes in your life are your greatest guru and will give you more than just a lecture; they teach you how not to fail for the second time. I am here to be with the club and i believe other Gooners will be too. I am no coward like some others; i am a true Gooner.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

oh hello, greets from the great eisleyian :) haven't been here in a while. seems like this blog has changed its function to a Gooner's corner, not that i complain though. at least my sister is doing good job in keeping our precious blog alive. so i ditched blogger for spaces.live.com then facebook, twitter, and tumblr came along. i only tweet nowadays no more blogs and self composed writings.

i made sacred promise with my sister that i will help her revamp this blog and remove my childish signatures. i did, and will do a lot to improve the layout. not that i'm fond of it or even familiar with this task. i will drag my fingers and stuck them on the keyboard to blog some time in the near future. blogging used to be my only way to let things go without hurting others..

ps: i think Eisley's new album 'The Valley' is addicting.

(the little one)

Monday, March 14, 2011

Jens is back?

reports circling around Arsenal today claiming Jens Lehmann, former Arsenal no. 1, is returning to Arsenal. I know some pessimists would argue it would only be our hopes for nothingness after 2 consecutive defeats at the hands of manure and barca. but I believe mad Jens can bring something to this team and it does not necessarily have to be on the field. Lehmann is a tough nut, it is something that our young players can learn a lot from him.

I will post link if anything new comes up tomorrow. later all…

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wenger says we can, but can’t we?

on his most recent post match interview, Wenger convinced journalists that his squad is ready to take challenges in premier league. he believes the defeat will make them stronger and sturdier to overcome man utd in the first spot of the league.

somehow, I don’t think it is half truth, but certainly no lies as well. we are capable of doing many things that no one could possibly think of. but at recent matches we have shown nothing but inconsistencies. we beat Leyton Orient 5-0, few days after we drew against Sunderland, then lost on two consecutive matches. why do this incurable disease seems so hard to scalp off.

I read someone’s tweet yesterday and I couldn’t agree more with him. perhaps it is the best time to promote young players and show these seniors how to play for Arsenal with passion. if we had played with 7 young players yesterday, I would probably have been a lot more happy than I am today. we had full team at our expense, minus Song, Cesc and Vermaelen, and yet we were humiliated with 2 goals without reply. how could we have done it, I was wondering the same thing yesterday.

still nothing from the Arsenal camp except Djourou fate has been sealed. he will not return with us until next season. no clear time scale has been given but for me, I think it will take 3-4 months. it could take 6 months for full recovery. does it sound bad? maybe. but our season is not determined by our injury list. we have been struggling with injuries in more years than any other older clubs every exist, so we should not be bothered with it. we have Squillaci and Miquel as our back up players so we are pretty well covered. they may not be top class center backs but we can’t do anything about it right now.

our main problem is mental strength; it has nothing to do with squad numbers. midfield is showing a great deal of breaking up. Denilson and Diaby are not up to the task while Cesc absence might put us more in threats than we usually thought. Song return could help out midfield.

till later…

1,2,3,4,5 possible 6?

if you are an ardent fan of Arsenal you would guess it correctly once you read it first. I have not written anything since the champions league defeat against Barcelona. I was trying to see it from a different perspective and waiting to see some rejuvenating good news for myself and all of the fans. come to second week of March, every dream of getting quadruple at the end of the season has crashed down bitterly and left us nothing but the league title alone.

Man Utd showed us exactly how champions should take care of themselves on the field. with only Rooney and Hernandez their most deadly attackers, we were up against 7 defenders. some pundits and scores of fans thought Arsenal had it all. well, at least it lasted for several minutes before Fabio scored against us. it was a grave mistake from both Djourou and Koscielny. they failed to see threats coming from Hernandez, thus second goal was beautifully crafted against Arsenal.

were we still nursing from deep wounds due to cup exits? I have no idea, but one thing is certain: this team is yet to mature the way we had hoped them to be. Wenger is not an exclusion. his lineup was questioned again. Denilson and Diaby simply not good enough to be an Arsenal player. Diaby lost the ball too many times, causing opponent to counter us every other time.

yes, we missed few key players including Song, our reliable DM. but is it the real reason we crashed down rather significantly in the past three weeks?. if you asked Arsene Wenger, he would cheekily said yes. but this is football, a sport that requires physical presence and most of the times, players are caught in nasty tackles. injuries are bound to happen, whether we want it or not. so, what is the core of our problem? I can’t say exactly sure but some bloggers agree that our mental strength has been our weakness spot and it has not recovered this season.

we did not show the Arsenal way last night. as if the Arsenal I have known had disappeared last night and replaced by some middle school students playing their first team games. we saw plenty of running but no real penetration. this is the team with no purpose and real plan. we completely lacked of material to outrun even half-equipped man utd. there is no doubt we have so much to do to make this squad competitors to other English big teams. chelsea are the resurging warriors and assured themselves that they are champions once again. though they are sitting quite a bit far from us, we must not let our focus out of premier league title chase.

we are 3 points off league leaders, man utd, that is why winning our next match is crucial as winning the league itself. we are nursing deep wound but they must not let it get into their heads and control Arsenal. after champions league exit, FA match against man utd was they key. but now, we only have premier league in our sights, so we have to keep it close to our hearts. West Brom is next. considering our away games stat is much better than our homes, I must say we can still stand a chance to win this one too. players need to show their willingness to win the match and fight until the very last minute. mediocre teams are quite nuisance especially during dire minutes. they score important goals few minutes before final whistle. 1 goal will not be enough.

our current team is tired both mentally and physically. but no one should stop their breath now and give up. premier league is wide open. it’s ours if we want it. so we better make the most of it.

last but not least, is our dear Johan Djourou. he dislocated his shoulder 10 minutes before full minute and look serious to me. he was carried off the pitch on a stretcher with oxygen mask on him. I personally think his season is over. the thing with shoulder injury is they need a good deal of time to heal. Walcott is our clear example. his recurring shoulder pain prevented him from making a good run with us a season ago. Senderos used to suffer the same fate and look at him today. he missed a lot on his matches and paid a great deal.

enough for now. I need my own dose of life and will update if something comes up later.

keep believing, at least try….

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Still no Persie in sight

The game will begin in less than 3 hours. Excited? I'm thrilled by the way. It is our best chance to show what we have and it couldn't come at better time. Barcelona is currently the best team in the world. I don't need to elaborate more on their capabilities. You can read that in other blogs, but not here.

I want to confirm with you again, we will be without Song, Walcott and of course Vermaelen. While Walcott's pace is hugely missed, we have Nasri & Arshavin who are more than enough to replace him. They both have no fiery pace Walcott possesses, but their dribbling in tight space will certainly add some spice in our attacking force.

It was reported yesterday through Arsenal.com that Persie was included in the squad and flown to barcelona together with his team mates. A jolly good news indeed. But we must keep our focus in the game. No matter who starts today, our mission will be the same: get the result and come home with a refreshed mind. We have another make or break match this weekend, so we must not get distracted and lose focus.

Persie inclusion will have to wait, at least 75 minutes before kick off; it is bound by UEFA rules. If he is in, it will be good for us but if he isn't fit, then we will have to make it anyway. Let's go Gunners!

Monday, March 07, 2011

Persie is in traveling squad

How should I treat this news?. I'm happy, of course. But will that change anything?. Some Gooners pointing out that his inclusion is a way of Wenger showing his doubts on Bendtner. I don't see it that way though. Persie has recovered way ahead of his scheduled match and the manager knowing his thin squad, decided to bring him along with other players.

Admit it, Persie has become integral part in our squad and having him in the team will be a huge boost to our chance winning the game. I don't know how far his fitness is concern but I will not risk him to play when we are bound to face another champions side few days after. Keep him on the bench and if situation requires us to use him, then we don't have a choice but to play him. In the mean time, let Bendtner and Chamakh do their business. We have Arshavin and Nasri fit for the game, Rosicky is here as well, so I don't see any point we rush him to this extent. I'm not saying we should not play him, but be cautious please. We need him to score goals in a match we have not played and won yet: the FA cup match at Old Trafford this weekend.

That's it for now. Keep you posted always. Cheers everyone...

Song is out of tune

Apparently Arsenal.com has confirmed Song will not be fit to travel and play for champions league against barca this Tuesday. Cesc though, is 90% and ready to be featured against his boyhood club. On the other hand Puyol, will not be in the game at all. He fails to recover from his injury and miss the 2nd leg the way he had missed the 1st one.

The news was a bad one, though it did not come as a surprise at all. Wenger had announced earlier that we may have to travel without Song who have succumbed to knee injury during Carling final. But we will have Wilshere and Cesc in the middle, so it is a big one for us.

The question is who will partner Jack in the middle. Will it be Denilson or Diaby?. Most of Gooners prefer the Frenchman over the Brazilian; simply because Denilson is thought to be an average player. Honestly, Diaby has been average since his comeback, so there is no point pushing and shoving Denilson without judging Diaby's performances as well.

Denilson might not be Gilberto but he is certainly not that bad. We will know more when Wenger is having his pre-match interview later on. I will post something if anything comes up. In the mean time I want to enjoy my dinner.

Line up pt. I

I'm guessing I will raise many eyebrows by doing it today. The game is not until Tuesday evening and anything can change during the time. But before going directly to our probable line up for champions league, let's see how are we doing right now. The mood is currently not good in the club. We failed to capitalize man utd slip up in mid week and only managed a draw on Saturday. The good news is, manure fell, yet again. And this time Liverpool crushed them with 3 goals to 1. The gap is getting bigger isn't it?. Chelsea gave them thump on their heads and won 2-1. Those who thought we were having pretty daunting task in winning it, suddenly burst into life again and cheered alongside delighted liverpudlian. I admit they helped us a lot but nothing is certain not until we play our premier league game next week.

I would much prefer for us to play our premier league match as soon as we possibly can, but we have our FA cup match in the weekend. Guess who will be our opponent? Yup, it's man utd indeed. I'm sure they can't wait to prove their worth in front of their own fans next weekend. No matter the result we will be getting in champions league, we are not going to let anyone come between us and FA cup title. Man utd are nursing deep wound from the beatings they received recently, so it is our best chance to embarrass them even further. Most important thing is, Nani is out with leg injury. It is our time to make it happen. They are respected in the football world, probably the 2nd best after barcelona, that is why cruising past them will be a huge boost for the team.

One thing that could pose a trouble for our FA glory: result of champions league in Nou Camp. If we lose, it can severely damage our confidence. It will crush our players' mental state to pit bottom level and I don't know whether they will be able to pick up another fight and win. So, it is important for them to be hundred percent focus on Tuesday in order for us to get through Nou Camp misery. Barcelona will come and attack us from the very first minute. We can win the game by not sitting at the back obviously. We must not leave our post and get invited to their half and be punched in counter; that would be dangerous. We need to wait them patiently and look for the chance to make way upfront. The key would be possession. We must control the ball intelligently and don't let them pick up our pieces. If we do that, God willing, we can dominate the game and fly out of barcelona with pride and glory.

It is not easy to dominate a game in Nou Camp, that I know. But we must show greatness and willingness to win the game or we will forever be 'barca wannabes'. If this is the moment, don't let us wait no more lads. Show the world what are you capable of.

Okay, it is time for my probable line up. Diaby is fit, so there is no chance for Wenger to bench him. Somehow, I have this tiny feeling of dislike toward the manager when it comes to Diaby, as if Diaby is indispensable. You can mock me all you want but when the game is on and Diaby is started, it's my turn to get it back at you. Sagna is now available after his suspension and will easily retain his place from Eboue. That leaves us midfield for open discussion. Song is not available due to his knee injury, that makes Deni as potential replacement, but my guts telling me Le Boss will go for Diaby and Wilshere in the deep side while playing Nasri in the left. If Cesc is fit, he will command his post as usual. If manager opt for Bendtner instead of Chamakh, we will most likely see Arshavin in the right side. As you see there are various options for us to play with but I'm sure Wenger wants every attacking options available to him.

We come as the winners, so in my opinion Wenger will choose Bendtner upfront and playing Arshavin & Nasri both in the wings. They will give us more width and space in the far side. With Walcott and Persie out that means we only have Chamakh and Rosicky as our offensive players available. It is why I think Wenger wants to reserve these two players when we are in dire moment. Ramsey will probably be in the squad but I don't think he will take part unless necessary.

So here it goes:

Wocj (GK)
Sagna (RB)
Kos (CB)
Dj (CB)
Clichy (LB)

Diaby (CM)
Wilshere (CM)
Cesc (CM)

Nasri (LW)
Ars (RW)
Bendtner (FW)

That is one of my scenario. If Wenger chooses to be more offensive, he will play Chamakh and reduced Arshavin to bench. But I don't think it's necessary. Arshavin was in good form against Sunderland, so it's unfair to snub and shove him to a bench role. From what I've been seeing, Arshavin is much better when he starts his engine since the beginning of the game. He has little effect when he is only given 15-20 minutes to play. Rosicky can replace him in the 2nd half if the situation requires. Diaby can also be sacrificed and be replaced by Chamakh; Rosicky can play at his position.

Whoever starts the game, I need them to be at their best. 1 goal aggregate is not enough to secure a win at Nou Camp. Be at your best then, lads!

Till then...
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Sunday, March 06, 2011

Can we keep up?

Everyone in Arsenal world know the result of last night’s game. but many still do not know that Wilshere may travel to Nou Camp this Tuesday. he picked up a knock yesterday and earlier thought would miss out the crucial return leg but then considered fit. Cesc is reportedly to be ready for 2nd leg champions league clash while Puyol, barca captain is not going to feature.

I don’t consider this as a breakthrough or essential for us to be happy. however, playing without your most reliable CBs could be a threat too. Pique picked up a yellow and will not be available in the 2nd leg and now Puyol is down too. I don’t know their players but whoever replaces them would not be that bad. remember, this is barca we are facing. they have abundance of talent in the squad, so don’t expect a walk in the park.

We are still going to be without Persie, Walcott, Vermaelen and Song. our mission stays the same regardless our thin squad, so don’t be a cry baby. we are used to have crocked players sitting on the bench, what could be the difference this time around?. if facing barca makes you scared, then perhaps you should watch more golf or chess than football.

You can say I’m a overly positive bitch but I don’t care. anything can happen in football. Real Madrid got beaten by us few years back, and why can’t we do the same this year?. you may argue we had Henry, Ljunberg, Pires and others in our side and not one of our players capable of pulling the strings the way those players did, but I believe otherwise. we may have not showed our best seasons and are painfully trying to write away ‘6 years drought’ from our tagline, but it does not mean we are losers. we can, if we show it we can. in order to win matches, players must focus on task at hand and not to be bothered by media reports.

Anyway, we are currently trailing 3 points away from man utd and could have made it 1 if we had won our battle last night. however, it proves to most of football fans that nothing is certain not until we are playing our last match. there is still a chance for Arsenal to crawl back and snatch #1 spot. FA cup match against man utd next week could potentially harm manure’s confidence, should we beat them at their home. it’s a difficult task but we must get our heads up and win it.

It’s barca on Tue. it is now or never. all odds are against us I know. and even some Gooners think we are guaranteed the losing side, but please have a little faith in your heart that we may actually survive from the test and through to quarter final.

see you all then…


Done and Busted

it is half an hour after the game and I still cannot contain my disappointment over our bitter result. We said over and over on how important to seal the game with 3 points in order to close the gap to 1 point. Somehow, we always make things difficult for ourselves don't we?. Sunderland did wonders in first half but 2nd half was totally ours.

I'm not planning to give details on how the game was played because I'm simply not in the mood. There are 3 things to take note from today's game. They are: wrong offside call, wrong throw-in foul call, wrong decision on penalty. Key word is, wrong.

The ref is no doubt has no capability to go far with this kind of performance and it will be a surprise if Taylor ever gets a call for European matches. We have been robbed that's for sure but I WILL NOT blame it entirely to the ref. We looked sluggish in the first half despite few chances, we still didn't look convincing. We only get ourselves in the mood when Chamakh and Rosicky both replaced Denilson and Diaby respectively.

It's too late now to howl and cry. We have Barca coming up and we don't have time to sit and ponder what went wrong. The team has to pick themselves up again and show doubters they are wrong. And I hope this time I am right.

Till tomorrow..

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Live as Ramsey makes it

It's not custom for me to miss Arsenal matches but pray for me I will be having so much fun sitting on my comfortable sofa while cheering my lovely Arsenal.

I have forgotten to put Ramsey's name in my previous post. His comeback will surely be greeted with thunderous applause from the home crowd. I'm excessively happy to see him again in home game. I wish he could make it against Stoke last week; it would be a blast. Nevertheless, he is here and we should make him feels like home.

One question though, will he be on the field tomorrow?. My guess is, he will but only as cameo. He has just returned and yet to play full fledged football, so I don't think Wenger would play him as a starter. Anyway, I'm happy he is back. He is an intelligent player and I think he will only get better.

Till tomorrow Gooners...

Sunderland, here we come

Tomorrow will be our biggest test yet. Yes, I'm not kidding. If you think our past encounter with man utd was the key, you are wrong. If we had them in our clutches, we may have not been this far from them. But 4 points isn't bad at all. They have played their match & it's time for us to get ours. I know it sounds annoying but chelsea helped us to get man utd grounded for a while. They think they are invincible, but they are not. So here we are, 4 points adrift but we are yet to play our game.

This weekend, man utd will face liverpool. Though Daglish (I hope I spelled it right) men aren't in best form, I believe they can provide resistance we are craving for. I'm not thinking about their result but hoping for negative is not a sin. The most important thing for us is to stay focus and ignore whatever result our opponents are looking for. Another thing Arsenal players need to focus on is their own goals. Don't look at other upcoming matches because nothing is assured until the final whistle is blown. Barcelona players may think they are already winners but no one is unbeatable. We must not bow to pressure they're applying on to us.

Alright, enough about barca and other things. It's time for biggest test. If we could win on Saturday, we are only 1 point away from man utd. If liverpool could snatch away their points, we are more than grateful to put more pressure on them. Therefore, it is important to win the game tomorrow and bag 3 points we need. I know I sound like a robot and those scenarios are purely my imagination but anything is possible. Chelsea have proven man utd have loop holes and if we are smart, we can take advantage of their weaknesses.

I'm currently away from laptop so I cannot give you ample stats on our recent encounters with Sunderland. Last time however, they managed to sneaked in and grabbed late goal. We will not and simply cannot accept anything less than 3 points and I'm sure the boys know it. We showed character during FA match Leyton Orient and we must bring the spirit back again in order to win the game. It is important to win a game before crucial 2nd leg of champions league against the best team in the world. A few days after, we will be going to old trafford and take on man utd for quarter final FA cup.

March is the month of impossible challenges and so far we are doing good. We need to take one step at a time so we do not slip and fall. The 2nd step will be beating Sunderland at home. And that's where will I be this weekend.

And as for injury news, we have only Koscielny back for us this weekend. The likes of Cesc, Song, RvP, Walcott and Vermaelen will still be out. Cesc hamstring is doing okay and he would probably feature in return leg, while Song is still recuperating from knee injury and most likely to miss Nou Camp visit. Persie is struggling with ligament while Walcott couldn't make it due to ankle injury. Vermaelen situation has not changed and still 3 weeks out. Well, he's 3 weeks out from last Christmas anyway, so don't count on him to return this month. Rosicky, apparently survived from elbow smacking incident on Wednesday and available for selection.

With Diaby fit to make the cut, Wenger has much better choice in midfield. He no longer has to field Bendtner as a winger and can obviously place Nasri there easily. Chamakh isn't getting better, unfortunately so I'm thinking Wenger wants to put his in-form forward upfront. So here's my favorite line up:

Nasri Arshavin

Note: I have few other prediction line ups though. My guts telling me, whenever Diaby fits Wenger will always put his name on XI sheet. I want Rosicky to start ahead of him but I'm not sure he will. If Wenger sticks to his decision to put Bendtner as a winger, then we will see Chamakh upfront with Diaby in the middle and Rosicky reduced to the bench and Nasri is taking charge in Cesc's position. Anything is possible now but there's no need to risk both Koscielny and Chamakh at the same time. Our fixture is driving us crazy, therefore keeping one forward injury free is a must. Koscielny has just recovered and I don't think it is wise move to put him at risk while we are about to play the best team 3 days after.

So there you are. More updates tomorrow. Hopefully, we don't hear stupid injuries during trainings and practices. See you...
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Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Quick update

It will be just a quick one. I'm on mobile so I won't be able to give links for reference, however it remains unnecessary to say that injury news needs no evidence. As Arsenal fans I'm sure all of you will very well understand what I'm trying to gather here.

As expected Walcott, Cesc, RvP are all missing for Wednesday match against Leyton Orient. On top of that, Koscielny and Song will most likely to miss as well. Surprised? Don't be. As a Gooner, we should not be surprised at all. These five players will also be left out for Sunderland and unless Madam Pomfrey is in town, I doubt we will see them again this week.

Meanwhile, Cesc could be starting for 2nd leg Champions League against Barca as Wenger claimed he would be 'possible' to play next week. Song and Koscielny would also be back in the team as they are expected to recover from knocks just in time before Nou Camp visit.

Dear oh dear. Persie is injured, yet again. Last time it was his ankle and today he's out because of knee injury. No one is willing to give clear time scale but Wenger said he would be unavailable for 3 weeks. But I sincerely doubt his statement. It usually takes longer when it strikes Persie. I'm sure he feels disappointed with himself after seeing his good run in the past 2 months. He must have thought he had passed his nightmare once and for all.

Another setback is the fact that Walcott still mending his sprained ankle. Honestly, when I saw him being stretched off the field, I knew he would be a long absentee and most likely to miss March fixture. It's a pity to lose him during crucial matches but injuries are hard to predict and it would make us fools to keep pondering why do these things happen to us, although I do sometimes think about our bad luck in recent years. Walcott can be our strongest player to punch Barca defence as they are pretty uncomfortable with set pieces. His pace will be greatly missed.

So what do we do now?. I suggest we take a deep breath and calm ourselves down. Injury means absence but it does not mean we are already losers in these games. We can coz we believe we can. Let's start with Leyton, then Sunderland on Sunday. Barca is still 2 matches away, so we better prepare and focus on our 2 games ahead and forget about Barca for a while. If we win against Leyton, it means we're in the quarterfinal and will meet arc rivals man utd. It makes FA match tomorrow more tasty isn't it?.

Come on Gunners!


This is merely a test.