Monday, June 30, 2008


i don't know if it should be called a reunion but it felt like it. my mom has a best friend and they have been treating each other like sisters. but they haven't seen each other for a decade and when we met her yesterday, it really was the good news among the bad one. we have walked those alleys of shopping malls and been in and out every outlets there but we have never bumped into each other, until yesterday. it was classic all over again. maybe she thought it was miracle to see my mom once again after so many years. unfortunately, they were unable to talk a lot considering my mom's best friend was having lunch with her family. perhaps one day they could spend a little time together and talk like mad. i am happy for them, because i can say they are truly bff unlike some people who claim themselves as bff but do nothing except quarreling over a job or a guy. the side of the story is that i am her dream child. well, i may have put it too heavily but i can guarantee it's 80% truth. she wanted a child especially a girl but God has His say and their waiting was fruitless. when mom conceived me many years ago, she sort of fell in love with me. since they were close friends, she would come to our house quite often. once she sighted me, she would yell "come to me, you'd be my lovely daughter". i know she was joking but i was a kid back then and would run like mad seeing her coming into the door. it was funny, and still is. and when my mom asked me to say hi to her, she nearly flipped over the table. i imagine i would look strange and weird like some other teenagers. i will never forget the way she looks at me. well, i must say she's never change. she's so lovely and without a doubt  the best friend for my mom.


can't it be more difficult for you and me? i have sacrificed a lot and this is how you pay them all?. we promised to put honesty on top of anything substantial in this world. how could you let such indefinite relationship ruin our delicate life. we have gone from top to bottom but nothing could thrill me anything more than purity of love. the way you held my hands showed to the world how a man loves a woman. wasn't it you who took me to the theme park and enjoyed a ride from zero to higher up? wasn't it you who lit 100 of candles to celebrate our healthy relationship? wasn't it you running at the back of a taxi just to snap the driver's head for running down an innocent woman while she was playing with her newly bought flowers at the edge of pavement?. you are somebody with thousands of goodness and loveliness. but how can you be like this when i am more than ready to be paraded around town carrying your given name. pleasure is what you seek and i am standing in between your dreams and reality. this isn't a place where you have left me. it was clear back then without shadowy mist clouding the town. i was standing and not crawling the way i am now. it is hard to differ between honesty and greedy nowadays when truth has no meaning anymore. what have happened between us? what have i done to make you go away and refused to hug my deserted soil? o mother earth please send my resentment to the man who has forsaken his lover for his own happy ending. i have waited and waited for years now and his tall figure has never arrived to touch my cold stone. i am lonely and bitter as nightmare but you are not here with me to whisk away my bony figure. i will never forget you my love. we will be reunited and that's what His promise to me. it only happen when the final day is justified. i am here waiting....

it is funny how we are actually influenced by so many things around us. i have watched many horror movies and some of them are difficult to erase from my deepest thought. this isn't an exact masterpiece like in any other horror movies, but it is in the other way around. the story itself is actually derived from a thought of mine about the dead. do they have feelings over living people? emotions and regret are something we are experiencing while we are breathing and live normal life. however, once we are no longer the living, do we feel anything? can i recognize my own face? or will i embrace the memory of happiness whenever my family visits my grave?. questions upon questions without precise answers have pressured me to write this simple story but yet terrorizing my own sanity. only God knows better and He will be the only judge of all judges in universe


should i be happy over spain's victory? i think i should. i am glad cesc can finally taste glory after many disappointment with arsenal. it's a fight that we have yet to win it, so we need to be patient. it is like watching a boxer match between evander hollyfield and mike tyson. we will never know who is going to flat out his opponent but you can feel that it is closer than ever. we have to wait for the right timing and jab! the game is over. arsenal may have lost their talented midfielder mathieu flamini, but they have other diamonds sitting on the bench including abou diaby. whenever cesc and flamini are patrolling in the center, he has to sacrifice his own feeling by playing as a winger. though he shows a lot potential and has helped with the attacking pattern, wenger hasn't given him a chance to play regularly. i will always love him playing as a CM for arsenal and keep my hope high this season. he is a good combination between steven gerrard and patrick vieira. his tall figure can help the defence to flush away nasty opponents flooding their half. and when he attacks, he has this little similarity to steven gerrard, liverpool's captain. his shots are menacing and dangerous to every opponent's goalkeeper. perhaps, if wenger would allow this man to partner with cesc in the center, i think they could be stars in premiere league. diaby needs more time to adjust and i think he'll do just fine. unfortunately, he is prone to injury and currently battling for a place in starting XI. can he make it? i am sure he will make the final XI but the question is when  will it be?. with a fact that regular starters are leaving arsenal, diaby could potentially hit the right button. flamini and hleb are definitely out from the squad and soon, could be adebayor's turn to be walking out from the emirates stadium. both barca and AC milan have already showing their interest and could steal him away from arsenal base camp. the thing is, i don't care. i have said over and over that he should just simply talk to the coach and ask his permission to leave. i'm sure arsene wenger understands the situation and let him out. that's what happened to alex hleb. he wants out, he does it silently over his agent and not a single word of agitation comes out from his mouth. that'll be interesting idea seeing samir nasri could be revealed next week or the following week with henry's no. but i know it won't be happening since it has already been given to theo walcott. i am sure he's pleased with it and wants to do better next season. by the way, premiere league will only starts on august 16, if i am not mistaken. i can't wait to watch it, if i can for that matter.


ronaldo saga has lighten a bit after the guy called man utd that he'll come to pre season training in manchester. what has gone wrong with his head? a few days before, he claimed that real madrid would only be his destination in europe after EURO 08. but looks like he won't be joining after all. his not a man of his own words, what a shame. i assume he called it off because he knew that it will be impossible to join madrid not without lump sum cash. if he indeed wants to join other club, he doesn't need to sign a new deal with man utd but he signed it anyway. he still has four years to go and leaving the club, at the time being is almost impossible unless of course, real madrid are willing to pay 100 million euros. if he can generate profit more than his contract worth, ramon calderon the president is willing to take the risk. however, this man isn't david beckham. he may sell his shirt more than other players in real madrid but not in david beckham's league. i am not trying to be cocky or anything but this man should stand on his ground. no matter what he does, people are still admiring him. i really wonder why those people could be so blind. david who never talks out of his ego has been labeled as ego maniac etc. well, i guess unfairness does happen in the world of football.

the end of the championship

it has been 23 days since the first match of UERO 08 and the result is amazing. spain is the winner. they were struggling to qualify for this championship and almost being kicked out by their group rivals. however, it's a different story today. spain is the newly crowned champions and the whole country is colored in red. i think they will be paraded around town and be remembered as heroes. spain was never in the picture in everyone's mind. a lot of people are putting german on top of the list mostly because of their history in this championship. they have sealed a remarkable record by qualifying to the final for the 6th time in history and won 3 out of 6 times. it could have been 4 but they didn't do it at their best, therefore they have to bow for the newly crowned champion, spain. whatever people have said earlier didn't stop spain from going for a glory.


i can't tell a complete review at this moment but i can only be proud for what they have done to write off all the doubters. so, hail to the new king, or i supposed kings for that matter. england should adopt this kind of attitude. but i guess they'll never learn. after a long weeks of listening to shaggy dull song for EURO 08, finally i can rest assured that it won't be played over and over again. i hate the song especially if i had to listen to it everyday hundreds of times a day. goodbye shaggy, i won't miss you. spain coverage will appear tomorrow or the day after, i can't promise as i am still overwhelmed by the win. i guess i will enjoy the rest of the day with peace. cesc is the champion and casillas is the hero and the last but not least sergio ramos the warrior. aragones won both the battle and war; his tactics are working just fine. sorry for heavily criticized you in the past, i have to salute your brilliance. congrats spain


today on the 30th of june 2008, the final of EURO 08 will be held in switzerland. it's between spain and germany. who will carry the trophy to their country? no one could predict the future. but one thing is for sure, the winner will be the talk around europe as the new champions for another four years to come. as the newly crowned champions, they are entitled to get millions of euros. but i guess they don't give a damn on this business. what they do care is winning the title and go home with pride inside their pockets. i am watching the match right now and it seems to me german are taking the lead. they do know how to turn things around. with michel ballack parading in the midfield area, spain are looking toothless and cautious. it could be dangerous to leave senna out in the dessert who is patrolling as a sole warrior in the defensive area. i don't know if it works they way aragones wants it to be. in the quarter of an hour, both of the teams are going to their opponent's halves. and without a doubt this will be a cracker. i have got to go...c ya in a bit.

Friday, June 27, 2008



a match between spain and russia has ended from hours ago but still, i don't believe they qualify. no one has ever predicted that they would come as finalists. the favorites are germany, but we can never write off spain. they outplayed russians last night and could potentially ruin germany's dream to be the champions this summer. there will be no EURO until 4 years from now. so, if they want to do something, they better do it this sunday. when everyone pointing their fingers at christiano ronaldo to be the star of this competition, i totally disagreed with it and i was right. i have said before that neither portugal nor ronaldo would be the best in this championship but other players. i wasn't sure who will be the star but i was certain enough that it wouldn't be him. when aragones decided to pull out injured david villa, he was making a very important decision by bringing on francesc fabregas. he was soon contributing to the team's progress. two out of three goals were handed by his pin point pass to goal scorers. his movement wasn't limited to certain areas only. he made fine runs to the left and right to ensure his team mates were able to find free spaces in the box. his decisive efforts were finally put off after daniel guiza scored pass russian goalkeeper. shocked and awed were the perfect words to describe russian team after the second goal. spain deserved those leads and russians should have come up for a better ideas instead of hanging on loose tie. when everyone thought it was over, spain gave another "embarrassment pill" to the russians by netting another goal. and this time the executor was david silva.  cesc played one two and returned the ball perfectly for silva to widen the gap. final whistle was blown and the score line stood as it was few minutes before final time, 3-0 in favor of spain. there it is. it will be germany vs spain in final. who will grasp the first goal and end it as warriors? i will never now; not until sunday of course.  

tired russians


it's going to be interesting final. spain are flying high after beating russia convincingly 3-0. i have mentioned that spain beat russia 4-1 in the group stage and they did it all over again but this time without so much fights from the russians. something was amiss since the first minute. russia barely made real chances and tested spain's goalkeeper, casillas. perhaps, they have gone some kind of mental disorder feared will be beaten once again. and they made their it real. this is nightmare for gus hiddink as he once again failed to bring his squad to the final. in WC 02 he made a history for giving south korea a prestigious 3rd place over turkey. two years later, he made a headline by bringing the best out of australian players. however, their war has to end in quarter final after being beaten by the world champions, italy. and this year in euro 08, he was devastated by the fact that his team won't be seeing final on sunday. so much hype but no trophies. another time mr hiddink? perhaps WC 2010?. i doubt that he'll stay for another two years in russia. we just have to wait in two or three weeks to see whether he goes to WC or not. such a marvellous tactian from netherland but run out of luck before final. goodbye mr. hiddink, hope to see you soon in a different team, hopefully. match review will only be available tomorrow....have a good weekend everyone....

semifinal day 2

today will be the last day for semi final in EURO 08. whoever go through, will definitely be the best of them all. if i were to choose between russia and spain, i would have to go with russia although i want to see cesc playing in the final. spain and russia have met before and the result was favoring to spain. well, that was before andrei arshavin came into the picture. his sensational form has helped his country to get this far. if they win, it would be history for russia as it would be their first EURO final appearance after so many years. spain are dwelling in the same pot. they have been waiting for forty years to taste the sweetness of the cup and perhaps this year they could lift the glory for espana. from what i can see in the last match, russia played a lot better against netherland and looked to me the perfect candidate for final. while spain looked unstable and lazy, especially in the midfield. perhaps, aragones could make a difference in this semi. well, i guess i have to see.


arshavin has been the talking around town. he's showed a lot in this competition and promises a good show for everyone around the world. many european clubs are going after his signature this summer and his price could go as high as 30 million pounds. i am not kidding, he plays that good and his current club won't  be that easy to release him without heavy price tag. however, it will be a huge risk to spend such crazy amount to a player who only emerges from this competition. to you, i may sound absurd but i am saying based on previous transfers. lukas podolski was brilliant in WC 06 but failed to shine with bayern munich. well, people could argue that he was battling injuries during his two seasons with hollywood fc. he made appearances indeed and some of them were fruitful but it wasn't enough to please former bayern's coach ottmar hitzfield, therefore he spent most of his times on the bench. he could be tempted to leave bayern of course, considering his top form in EURO 08. i wish wenger was chasing this versatile striker instead of hanging on adebayor or tailing dani guiza from spain. he has agility and speed that premiere league loves to see. however, i doubt that i can see him donning fly emirates jersey this season or the following. we'll see who will partner van persie up front next season. i think wenger is putting high hopes over dudu latest progress. he is said to be doing alright and expected to be back ahead of schedule. but it will for another story in this blog, so stay tune. currently, russia are battling hard over spain's constant pressure. and looks like spain can actually meet the germans in the final. i have to see this.....

keeping up to date

what can i say? there are lot of uncertainties nowadays. i have been pondering to do something a very silly action. i know it's out of option and irresponsible but  i don't know what else should i do. i am praying silently deep down in my heart i believe someday there will be solution to this mess. but i don't when will it be. i will busy in the upcoming months and could only hope for the best. i am not bored but i do need some kind of refreshment from the world outside. i am happy to see her finally meet up with a guy who could probably be her last boyfriend. she has been dying to see someone for about a year and half but didn't seem to work. i don't know how it went but she managed to crawl through fenced gate. could this be the "it"? we never know. let's see what will happen. can't wait to meet her and her new.....

transfer saga

it has been going on for the weeks now. rumors about ronaldo and ade's future in their respective clubs have been in doubts after much speculation about their interest to join other clubs. their reason is simple, a bulk of cash. it is understood that ronaldo is seeking new challenges after winning a lot of titles with man utd. he is also a big fan of real madrid and wishes to join his dream team for years to come. i don't know he's other intentions but ade's is definitely absurd. i understand their frustration after went through another season without trophies. but they can only work hard and let other things run by itself. well, they can't blame anyone but themselves. luck also plays part but it is a different story. adebayor wishes to leave arsenal and join italian giant AC milan for a fee of 25 mil euros. has revealed that AC milan are willing to pay his monthly wages for about 120,000 pounds per week and it is three times more than arsenal are capable of paying. i understand wenger stand for not keeping a player who has other thing on his minds. like ronaldo, adebayor has just renewed his contract for another four years. and it also include a pay rise, if i am not mistaken, from some amount to 40,000 pounds per week. i think it is a satisfying amount considering he is new player and doesn't deserve such blinding prestige. it is true that he was arsenal top scorer last season but it doesn't guarantee he'll be performing like he did on 07/08 season.

i am not saying non sense. thierry henry played fantastically before world cup 06 but he failed miserably a season after. no one knew why, but i presume he was tired to the bone and need a break from national duties so he can concentrate more on his club career. i guess he blamed himself totally and it caused him a lot of things including his private life. anyway, adebayor wants something bigger than what he deserves. i don't know i just have this weird feeling about his transfer. he prefers to play in UEFA cup next season rather than champions league. arsenal have to go through another play off next season and i have no idea which team would be our opponent this time. i hope they can qualify to group stage if not, arsenal will be joining AC milan in UEFA cup which is, to me a very bad situation.

adebayor said a lot of things few days ago and given the fact that he'll leave anyway, we shouldn't mind seeing him packing his bag. if he wants to go, why don't he just sit down and talk to the coach and i am sure he'll understand and won't be on his way. when robert pires decided that his future was elsewhere, he talked to arsene wenger and wished to be put up on transfer list in the summer. that what i call a true sportsman by not telling everyone he's committed but in the day after he wants to sign with another club. go adebayor, i do hope your departure would do us good. i can't wait to see his action in serie A...

Monday, June 23, 2008

badminton in our history

i have a very pleasant day. badminton is one of the most popular sports in our country. although we have been known as mighty giant in badminton, we have not shown our best performance in world championships. in recent years our teams have only managed to reach finals and unable to retain the title the following years. what have happened? no one seems to understand what has caused this "emptiness" from our history. maybe we do need some kind of investment from a foreign country in order to maintain our sportsmanship. i am sorry, i know my words are totally cruel and irresponsible; it was utter non sense. last month, we had the honor to conduct a prestigious badminton championships, thomas and uber cup. our men's team failed to qualify for final, however underrated women's team surprised most of us as they were through to the final and beat favorites such as netherlands. can we explain this phenomenon? i, too, seem out of words. you could say it was luck and not more than that. but i believe otherwise; when one has solid desire to overpower mountain, mist will never obstruct his/her view. their great effort put everything behind as insignificant. i can say "hey look, they are the unsung heroines and they don't mind to be called such as that as long as they can show people what they are about". not a single person predicted they could go through such obstacle. but they proved to unbelievers that only strong will can take us far . i am proud as i can be, and silently planting hopes that someday i will be able to see my countrymen lift our national pride above the sky.


few hours ago, djarum indonesian super series have ended and we won the two trophies out of five offered. it wasn't enough but a good start for our national team, especially for the women's team. they have been under performing for the past decade. and perhaps, this year they can build something out of this competition. maria could have grasp the title hadn't been her drained stamina prevented her from playing at her best. i notice she has also minor injury to her knee. whatever happened in the last minutes of third round, she has done all she possibly could. with the injury she has endured since early stages, she has somehow showed people in the stadium that anything is possible. i hope she and her team mates can overturn this story in the upcoming month which they will participate in beijing olympics. go all of you, our prayers are always be with you and may God give His grace. make us proud.....

Friday, June 20, 2008

hoping to see my favorite players in this EURO 08

david beckham is away in US to play his part as captain in LA Galaxy. but he feels distraught for not seeing his country play in EURO 08. no one can place doubts over his love for football and country. england were close to qualify if hadn't conceded a goal in a dramatic fashion. correct me if i am wrong, petric shot a beautiful goal and england were left dumbfounded for the rest of the match. i guess, they deserved to come out as a winner that night. england were second best for the rest of the 90 minutes play, therefore they were butted out from the competition. who would have thought that england were outclassed by croatia?.it looks like croatia's win last year were a minor reflection of their success some years ago. their 100% record proved their true color. anyone would have thought about croatia 2 years ago as a candidate of title contender in EURO 08? well, to be honest i didn't give a damn at all. fact speaks for itself. they beat german and top the group to qualify for quarter final. they have to face turkey in order to get to the next level. it won't be an easy fight for croatia. in the last match against czech rep. , turkey were left behind by 0-2. in any other days, it could have ended the match and czech qualified. however, God has something else to say. three goals from turkey sent czech rep. packed their bags home. but croatians have something to cheer as some of turkey's key player are either injured or banned from playing. their first choice goalkeeper is definitely out, so the coach has to go with the veteran goalkeeper rustu rechber (i hope this is the right spell). well, the game is about to start. ciao....

becks could play part in the closing ceremony of beijing olympic 2008.

it is already known that david beckham's involvement to help london bid as olympic host has been successful and his role will be welcomed by his country. leona lewis is also invited to perform in the closing ceremony of olympic beijing 2008. it should go like this....enjoy the article...

Bus boy David Beckham launches London 2012 Olympics show

All aboard – destination Beijing. A red double-decker bus, symbol of London, will burst into the arena at the closing ceremony of this summer’s Olympic Games, carrying stars such as David Beckham and Leona Lewis, to herald Britain’s hosting of the 2012 Olympiad.

The open-top bus is already en route by container ship to China.

Once inside the 90,000-seat Beijing National Stadium, built to resemble a bird’s nest, Beckham is expected to hop off to kick footballs with children representing every country in the world. At the next “stop” inside the £250m arena, Lewis, who won the X Factor talent show in 2006, will perform to a glo-bal television audience forecast to number 1.5 billion. Then the two stars will link arms as 40 dancers from groups as diverse as London’s hip-hop scene and the Royal Opera strut their stuff.

The £2m extravaganza, lasting just eight minutes, is London’s contribution to the closing ceremony on Sunday August 24. It will be mirrored by a show in Trafalgar Square and street parties in 10 other cities, including Cardiff, Glasgow and Manchester.

The bus is believed to be an AEC Routemaster on loan from Transport for London.

Another passenger will be Boris Johnson, mayor of London, who will receive the Olympic host flag from Jacques Rogge, chairman of the International Olympic Committee.

The London section of the closing ceremony is based on the themes of journey and transformation.

“This is to be London’s calling card, showcasing what our Games are going to be all about,” said Bill Morris, director of culture, events and education for London 2012.

Both Beckham, who was a key figure in the bid that won the games, and Lewis confirmed they had been approached and were hoping to take part.

“They want David for the ceremony. We are not going to say what he is going to do because it is planned as a big reveal,” said a source close to the footballer. “He is seen as an example of the modern face of London and the UK. They are not going to get him dancing, though.”

A spokeswoman for Lewis said: “Leona was born in Hackney, in east London, close to where the Olympics are to be held, and would love to do it.”

Martin Green, head of ceremonies for London 2012, said there had been “an enormous amount” of discussions with the Chinese over the British contribution. “It’s their show . . . We won’t try to challenge them,” he said.

quarter finals start today....

well, this week will determine who's gonna play in the semis. germany will take on everyone's favorite portugal. unlike previous years which the germans were always the favorites to win the title, this year portugal are the likely champions. i don't quite agree with this view as it only premature to talk about champions way before the semis. some people say, it will be between netherland and portugal. but we can never write off other countries, such as croatia and russia. too much talking won't help your team to win anything. chivu is a player who likes to talk rather than work. he said in a press conference, that he would like to see both italy and france to be out from the competition. looks like his dream won't be happening at all. italy qualified after beating france 2-0. it wasn't convincing win, nevertheless it should be a turning point for italy if they want to win european title this summer as a bonus for their win 2 years ago which made them the world champions. back to our topic. lucas podolski is confirmed to be left out this match because of his hamstring injury. i don't see gomez should be playing once more as klose's attacking teammate. they can't play together and joechim loew should have chosen other player to replace his trusted striker, instead of pairing him with klose once more. can german beat portugal? no one can say for sure who will be the mighty titans this summer. i expect surprises as much as you all do....

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

could it be any harder?

disgusted by all the uncertainties. waiting at the edge of it doesn't make my life easier. stumbling upon controversies lead to more disastrous events in my graced life. feel a bit anxious to find out the ultimate answer. will he bang the door and ram it wide open. one could only guess. i have made his life more than living hell and i am pretty certain that he will no longer tolerate my dubious reasons. how bad it will become? i do not posses the solution for my own troubles. i am solely responsible to whatever actions i decide to do in my life. i chose to stand down, therefore someone will charge down my wall of defense. probably i do need a counselor to defend my state of mind. i am really wishing that it will end forever. i need a comforting zone to make peace with everyone involved. God give me your answer 


someone came after my soul and i was not in a position where i can refuse the overbearing figure. should the debate continue haunting our future? i believe no arguments are good for anyone who choose to shade their eyes from the goodness. someone chased down my car and drove it into a ditch. the driver pulled me out from driver seat and holding my shoulder against my car. his face was hard and full craziness that no one has ever seen. you have been chosen out of nothing and i am fully yours, my lady. life is full of surprises and not a single human being can offer precise answers and even if they say they can, they are nothing but a lost soul. i am here not to give you those lies but lending you a hand for you to hold. we'll separate ways but if He permits, fate will eventually come forth and unite both of our tormented souls. dreams were not be the only solutions my mind would love to offer. driving by myself and consuming too much caffeine would have been the most sane answer i could come come up at the time being. after his sudden disruption on my vacation, he chose to stepped out of my way and drove his ride away from the hectic of busytown. was able to leave the town after so many outgoing calls the other night. feeling relieved and fresh no matter how frightening his presence yesterday. i believe we are all meant with somebody. and this person isn't hiding from us. he is just in the corner and i will only be able to see him if i want to. welcome to my life....


those starry eyes piercing hard on my back. turning my head around and caught your attention. when did it happen? i barely knew it would shook my world apart. another months of waiting and guessing but no answer coming out from your lips. i had to take my leave and i felt sorry if i left you without explanations you might have needed. you have given me no other options but to wave my hand as goodbye. funny exclamation shadowing my views about the things i should have done. did i have to knock your doors and pick up all the meaningless words you were about to say. how are you doing? is there anything i can do to patch up all those messed ups i might have caused to your life a little while ago. deep down i am half wishing to be able to meet you in a positive way. all of a sudden you have entered my world and sent me sky high. unable to hold your presence; i was more than willing to wait for the precious moment you seemed to offer. there were many uncertainties clouding our journey to eternity. it sounded marvelous back then, than it is today. could we have been more than friends? i did not know and probably will never find out the answer because we have once again, been separated by conditions. and now we are leaving in two different worlds without patience. i will shake your hands, but will you shake mine? i do hope to see you just to remind you that those fire were kindling inside our soul wasn't a lie. when will i see you again? *humming*

Monday, June 16, 2008

another day another life

can i have it like that?

some would say, the grass is greener on the other side. i agree at  times. but when i sit down and think about it. it doesn't happen all the time. for example, we are lucky to buy two devices at once. well, not exactly at the same time. cera came first and bb was the last. i am glad that finally, both of these gadgets are in our "household". i have been dreaming for a long time to acquire powerful gadgets as useful resource. i can't believe that God has given me his grace after granting my wishes in a perfect moment. anyway, i do have things running on my head right now. long-waited business still missing my presence in a foreign country. what shoud i do to prevent chaotic situation in the midst of all this madness?. i can only talk to Him and He'll be only my witness of my despair. could you please answer my humble prayers? only You will satisfy my curiosity among others. why does it have to happen? why am i going underwater rather than surfacing? these wicked hands have nothing to grasp except empty air. please...could You lift me up?

another tough games

i can't believe that referees made awful decision and came out to public apologizing for their errors. i think they should just shut their mouth and live with it. but it is already too late. italy have now at the edge of losing all. they need to gather themselves and knock france out of the way in order to qualify for the next round. but it all depends on how netherland and romania play their match. romania need a win to enter quarter final and avoid being snubbed once again like four years ago.

right now, czech rep. still leading with one goal and looking really threatened in the second half. one goal may not be enough for the czechs as turkey are starting to fire some of their best strikes. well, the turks have to wipe all their tears right away as another goal has been scored against them. it looks like czech rep. are building their attacking force way much better than the turks even when they are one goal up. in the 70th minute, czech rep. nearly tripled their lead if a player hadn't struck a post. it was unfortunate for him as a goal might end turkey's survival in this tournament. finally, after all the waitings turkey had their one goal to make this game a little more interesting. a goal from arda in the 75th minute give turkey a space to breathe in. score is now 2-i for czech rep. another goal for turkey can bring them further into the game. draw will definitely put a stretch and perhaps we can see some unbelievable moments. in the midst of everything i can say there are more dramatic events in this tournament. the match has ended and i am certain it will be the most talked about in years to come. when everything should have gone the right way for czech rep, it hasn't happened that way. 30 mins into the second half, turkey gave all they could to make the score line moves up. i think it was the determination that sent turkey all the way to quarter finals. they were a goal down but managed to steal two important goals. when arda hit the mark, there was a hope that second goal would eventually come and turkey would be able to level with czech rep. a nightmare for petr cech after unable to catch a very simple pass from hamit altinthop that resulting a goal from turkish captain, nihat in the 85th minute. when everyone would have thought about penalties, God has his own words of answering prayers from his servants. nihat was cleared from offside and shot a remarkable strike from quite a distance. his shot was bounced down the line which made the final score 2-3. another story in another life, the goal could have bounced off the bar. but all i can say, football gives a different angle in sports. it does require skill and talent. but when it comes to playing on the field, luck is also the x factor. not many would have survived the game and won with only ten men on the field but turkey had. as if the drama wasn't enough, turkey goalkeeper was sent off for pushing a czech player. it was silly and unnecessary considering their stand has already clear. it will be a headline in all over the newspaper tomorrow for sure. i enjoyed the match and hoping to see some attractive games in upcoming days. surely, no any other games could challenge this match intensity couldn't they? well i am not sure. i have to watch them and see who will be the winner. o yeah i forgot to mention that co hosts swiss have defeated portugal 2-0. key players were rested except pepe, ricardo and fereira, considering portugal's position as top group. nevertheless, it would send a warning to scolari's squad that they are not invincible. could this have been caused by latest announcement by the coach that he will be saying goodbye after EURO 08 and coaching chelsea instead? you have your answer, so don't bother to write me a letter.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

sweden vs greece

i won't be commenting too much about this match because i don't find it as an interesting as matches played before. in the 66 mins ibrahimovic scored a goal for his country with a splendid style. greece didn't look like a defending champions in this match and sweden were waiting to paunch once more. well, i was right. sweden scored another goal from a very funny angle. i was not sure if the defender scored with his ankle or his hands. anyway, the swedes have already put themselves in a comfort zone and it didnt' look like the mighty greek could have done much better than they already have. no inspirational figure that can turn this game around into winning ways for the greeks. how pity to see these fallen warriors picking up pieces of their dignity. the game ended and the score line stood as it was, 2-0.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

first half: spain vs russia 2-0 the only word i can say for the first 45 mins. russia made it difficult for spain to make a breakthrough from both sides. pressure came from both teams which excites me more than anything. russia made plainly clear that they came to swiss to win the european champions.


second half has already finished and the score line after another 45 mins was 4-1. i didn't watch the match because the new season of csi: ny made an appearance right into the half time. however, i did get a chance to see cesc's late goal for spain. it was a soft header, nevertheless he already made a headline by grabbing a goal that counted as the winning goal considering russia stole a header right through casillas' palms. right now sweden are playing greece and from what i can observe, both of the teams lack of accuracy. technically, greece are played at advantage here for having won EURO 04. but we can never say never. ibrahimovic needs to back down a little bit and give his teammates a chance to score goal. pass the ball dude! perhaps you can see the sun shining tomorrow morning. 

cesc the goal

two EURO matches i missed

hei ho...i wasn't able to post any news from euro last night bcoz of small matter. anyway, there were two surprises yesterday as france had only one point to grab while the world champions, italy, were left with nothing but dust. first thing first. runner up in WC 06, france, didn't give their best as what others would have wanted. i believe it was due to leadership absence in the midfield. patrick vieira had an injury that kept him out of competition since weeks ago. injury has also shadowed thierry's involvement in the tournament. france is a country with so many unique talent and last night some of those brilliant young footballers were displayed. however, instead of picking up positive result france couldn't do nothing but to accept the fate. a playmaker is badly needed in the france camp if they want to qualify for the next round. while, france were held in drawless match, netherland were someting else. no one, i mean not one of us in the football world ever predicted that italy would have been flattened that easy by the dutch. 3-0 is the final score line and i was totally flabbergasted. the dutch's first goal was, for me, a bitter decision by the assistant to let van nistelrooy had his goal although it was clear that his was standing out of anyone's line. second goal from wesley sneijder was to me, a true strike from a true footballer. it was no doubt would be one of the best goals in the tournament. late goal from gio van bronchorst decide the match and italy had to swallow the lost in silence. perhaps, someone like marcello lippi could lend his experience in this matter.  but i know it will be impossible for the former coach to have any interference in national side. i can only hope italy will be able to compose themselves and keep their chin up to face their next opponent. as the world champions, italy need to show to the rest of the world that they can too, be a european champions and beat all doubters out there. i can't say no more but to watch another beautiful match between spain and russia. hoping that he'll be playing....

Monday, June 09, 2008

first half of : germany vs poland 1-0

with 15 mins of the first half but no significant attempts from both sides. germany look indecisive for few minutes and their solid figure captain, michel ballack looks secluded in his own half. i have a feeling that it won't be as interesting as the first game. at the 20th mins podolski put germany ahead. a simple mistake by the assistant referee allowing klose to pass the ball to lucas podolski. well, germany got away with it, so i guess they are lucky. fair performance by podolsky and his compatriot miroslav klose. just to remind you that these two strikers had also been paired before which is during WC 06 to be exact. it is pretty quiet from poland at the time being, whilst germany put forward their decent play. a good strike from poland's captain but he missed it not by much. poland look lethal in the last 10 mins and germany were caught sleeping. another chance from germany, after a marvelous run by fritz from the right flank and put a remarkable pass toward gomez but klose was unable to convert it to a result. nearing to a half time, but the two teams haven't found their strong counter attack just yet. i am expecting a tough and tight match in the second half. so let's wait for it...

second half: germany vs poland 2-0

why do i have to stay up late? it's merely because of my passion for football. i want to know how the game ends, so i have something to stay at the end of the day. i need to make myself aware that tomorrow is a big day for us and i can't wait the day to see "it". anyway,let's back into the game. in the beginning of the second half, michel ballack nearly put germany ahead once again, but his effort bounced the wrong way. hope i will see some actions in the second half. ballack put in a pin point pass from left but klose penalized for pushing an opponent. a decent header though from klose, unfortunately it was wide. poland nearly got a goal if the striker  hadn't strike it to the post. a very lame decision from the referee as the poland's striker was level and not offside as the referee decided. this is a game i love to watch. at the edge of the 69 mins, ballack hit the target but his strike was brilliantly saved by boruc. another decent oppurtunity by the germans. perhaps, i would see another goal? but the question is, who will get it?.well, my ultimate question was answered in matter of seconds. podolski hit it one more time after klose stumbled upon nothing but himself. looks like germany are starting to feel at home by giving more and more pressure toward poland's goalpost. it would be interesting to see if poland could steal one goal from germany and let the rest of the game cruising like one of a hell of combat. aha... my words proven to be even saltier than the wide ocean. poland nearly had their first goal hadn't been the german goalkeeper saved the day. he was well positioned and was able to palm away a direct shot from poland winger. podolski had his chance but still wide. i was hoping to see him scored so, he will get his hatrick. well, i guess i have to see hatrick some other time. a good start for germany as they bagged 3 points and waiting the next round with happy faces, well done joachim loew. until i c u....

austria vs croatia

it is less than 30 mins of the game however, croatians have already stamped their mark by scoring penalty. olic was gunned down by pogatetz right in front of the referee and modric put it nicely at the back of the net. looks like croatia have indeed determined to warn other big guns that they came for a victory and they mean business. i like the way they play and hoping to see them at least until the quarter. i know i am not supposed to support croatia after beating england in their last euro qualifying match in 07. croatia are not shy to attack and they are good at it. austria meanwhile, have yet to look dangerous in the last 30 mins or so. their system doesn't look sharp at the time being which allowing croatia to dominate possession in the 35 mins  of the first half. it was an entertaining 45 mins seeing croatia terrorizing austria's half for most of the time. a true football match i would say as none of the last two matches  in the first day of the tournament showed such intensity. i can't wait to watch the second half...wait for it..

second half...

a much better performance from austria in the second half. they seem determine to get the three points they desire. as a host, they will of course, do anything to be on top of the table, it's pretty 50-50 at the time being and i don't see how both of the teams knock their rivals out of the way in this match. i like the way croatia dominate the match and put so much of anything in this game, however, they do not have the edge to put the ball inside the penalty area. i think they are missing dudu a lot and looks like they need to focus on the task at hand. austria dominated the second half and not letting croatia to make a single chance to double their lead. it's good to see a very balanced performance from these two teams and i am looking forward to see who will come up as a winner tonight as some people have dismissed croatia as a favorite in this tournament. if austria lost their first match, it would be a massive blow for the host. we already in the added mins and croatia have shaken off every bits of austria attacking force. and now, croatia got what they wanted, a full 3 points. a well deserved win for the croatians as they can rest and wait for the next game to unfold. next game will be one of the most anticipated one which is germany vs poland. these two countries have their stories of their own. it started when nazi invaded poland with their monstrous bombs and countless rivalry in football terms. so far, poland haven't been able to defeat germany. in last WC 06, poland had to swallow a bitter defeat from the host. who will come up as a winner? i assume it will be a tough match and germany will not get their win easily. c ya till the next match....

Sunday, June 08, 2008


tonight germany will face poland but i am not sure though whether or not i would be watching the match. tomorrow is my sister's bday and i can't wait to pick up the"prize". nothing can stop our happiness from surging forward and as the days go by we only get better and unite for the sake of ourselves. God give us your grace.....

half time: turkey vs portugal 0-0

all the hype has yet to reveal itself. ronaldo has yet to show his best display in this match. like i said earlier, portugal won't be easily cruising through as turkry won't give up no matter how though the game is gonna be. let's see who will join czech rep. on top of the group. i didn't see a real football match in the first half and i hope i can see more action in the second half. bye for now....

second half:

in the 10 mins of second half, pepe (real madrid defender) has finally gotten his mark after his first goal was being disallowed because of his advance position in the heart of turkey's defense line.who would have thought that potugal's goal came from central defender. i always knew pepe would be a star after dozens of fine display during his first season in real madrid. i am greatly impressed by the resistance of this humble man. i believe turkey could have had more chances of goals if they hadn't played like a school boy. nihat should have shot directly to the goalkeeper and made him shaking like hell. instead of shooting, nihat would only give his team a harmless corner. tuncay sanli had a perfect chance of scoring but ricardo, the portuguese goalkeeper, made his presence felt by palming away a pin point cross from the right side. i am quite bewildered on why tv channels refuse to display the scoring sheet and the time line. i had difficulties on guessing the time. minutes away from the end of the second half, but turkey haven't made portugal's defense rattle for a minute or two. emre asik should have done better than hitting the ball outside the target. portugal played a lot better in the second half with nuno gomes hitting the frame twice. but it was way to slow against their standard. i would love to see more beautiful football as i always see when national sides come to meet their rivals.  less than 5 mins to go with portugal still ahead in this match. tuncay sanli had another clear chance but once again, he disappointed both the fans and his teammates. perhaps he needs to learn how to shoot the ball back into the net. portugal doubled their lead after mareles (i am not sure about his name though) put the ball behind the net after a perfect pass by joao moutinho. i said earlier that turkey have only themselves to blame after missing gold chances during the game. i guess i was right after all. it's a perfect start for portugal and a lot better than the WC 06. sitting on top will thrill felipe scolari at least, and what he needs to do is to face one more obstacle which is to come against czech rep. i dunno whether portugal have lift up the expectation, however they have yet to face real enemy and czech rep could be their first test. can't wait to watch tomorrow's match. bye for now...

fabregas is ready to take the world by storm

PFA-Young-Player-of-the-Year-cesc-fabregas-1332252-800-600i can't wait to watch spain in action. cesc will be playing his first euro ever and i do hope he'll be playing a significant role. but i doubt he will play as other experienced players won't be back down as easily as others would say. anyway i am happy that i am able to watch EURO 08 and i will try not to miss every single game played in this tournament. as i am writing this down, czech rep. are celebrating their first win in the first day of EURO 08. in about a minute the turks will face their arch enemy, portugal. every corner in the manchester will focus their attention to this young star. how much will he lift up the huge expectation he endures since the first day he arrived in austria. i don't know, i just do not have the feeling for him; he's not the kind of player i would bring to my club. he only plays for himself. i am a fan of real madrid and i want to see the club cruising to every finals they are participating but not this player please. i guess all will be determined after EURO 08. i admire real madrid because of these players: sergio ramos, iker casillas and wesley sneijder. and i believe they will achieve many more if any of these players stay and perform their best display ever. well, i will have to wait for another 2 days to watch my favorite player represent his country. in the mean time, i have to be patient and watch every game diligently. football is in every vein of myself, so please honey, let's join the crowd with me and feel the passion.

Saturday, June 07, 2008


It is indeed a very entertaining football event in the european championships which is conducted every 4 yrs. after seeing greece won the trophy in the euro 04, i want to see other country to lift the cup. and i have this funny feeling that the winner won't be portugal or other favorite teams. ronaldo might have won double winner this summer with man utd, however his passion for football is no deep than 2 ft. i guess it will open fergie's eyes on becks. david beckham might have loved his popularity while he was a player in man utd. he however, loved man utd more than ronaldo is. i just wondering, what could have happened if becks hadn't been booted out from man utd. i am 100 % certain that he would have been made as captain and not gary neville. he is a  true man utd player no doubt about it. fergie despised becks way of life after meeting victoria adams of spice girls and clearly declared that she has destroyed becks true ability as a player. the amounting rage finally, erupted when man utd were defeated by arsenal in the league cup. and the boot saga eventually made becks left his beloved club and went to gigantic club, real madrid. let's go back to EURO shall we? i am currently watching swiss vs czech rep. and both of the teams have yet to make successful attempts that could possibly lead to goals. let's see how it goes. actually, i have a little grudge against ste-c. because of the former england manager, england failed to go to EURO 08 after being defeated by croatia in their last qualifying match. i miss seeing becks play football. at least, he was given a chance in england and honored one more time as a captain in the last match against trinidad & tobago. i bet capello is weighing becks role in the squad. currently he is the most experienced player england have at the time being and with his ability i believe he is still have something to give although he is already 33 yrs old. go becks....i believe in you....

can I have more please....

seeing my country being divided by anonymous force, makes me cry. honestly, i do not know why the government choose to stay put and do nothing except defending their own policy. why do you have to scream on top of your lungs sir?; we do know that you are good to know no one. go home and lead your own household. what we really need is someone who can stand up and inspire others to do right things. he or she who can lead us by giving positive example. no more empty promises and no more kissing ass. you like to be praised and honored, don't you sir? but none of them would do good to our country. you go ahead and bury yourself deep down under mother earth. perhaps, the Almighty God will eventually forgive you for giving us a very hard time for the past 4 years. O... God give us your grace and lead us to your open arms. please forgive us....

after months of recovering, we finally here. can't wait to write another journey of my own. let's get started, but first i have to get some sleep which will enable me to power up my thoughts. cao...