Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chelsea draw at Nou Camp while Arsenal are yet to seal their fate

like i said earlier, Chelsea would have the advantage playing at Nou Camp and the result proved me right. Solid defense and disciplined tactics made Chelsea the happiest of the two. 8 days from today, Barcelona would need to force their way to final by beating Chelsea at home which i would say, a little complicated than we thought.

among 4 clubs in semi final, Arsenal are the least favorite to win the title. having lost their best players to other clubs and hit by injuries earlier in the season made the Gunners slowing their pace down in title race. premier league is out of reach, and so does FA Cup. but we can still illuminate our dream by winning the Champions League this season. i know it is far off, but we can never say never. unlike other contestants, Arsenal performance in domestic league is far from satisfying, having lost their grip in the driving seat and let Aston Villa snatched away their 4th spot, making Wenger’s squad look like hobbits among gigantic figures. although we have secured the last spot for play off next season, we are far from the best and playing against Man Utd is never a play around. Man Utd are still the top favorites to win champs league along with Barcelona. what a match they had against Totenham Hotspur. away matches never dampen Man Utd spirits to win back the game. trailing by 2 goals in the first half, and then came back to throw away Totenham’s lead was an effort need to be applauded. this is what we must do on Thursday! why would St. Petersburg have had to qualify last season in champs league? now we must rest him due to cup tie. darn! we need him more than we need RVP. let’s hope Wenger senses work just fine for tomorrow’s game, if not we’ll be a laughing stock for the rest of our life.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Long long time

It may not be the last for today, but perhaps the last one from my device. It is such a pity for not having BIS every time I want, but I have to understand my own circumstance.

I am only human, neither fate nor future can be predicted by my own self. After so many things have happened in the past years, I am not sure myself about my own future. Having compensated with long-desired dream, I do feel uncertainties haunt my soul. Eventually the dream itself has evaporated into mist. The usual one year period had been wasted for something less than stupidity. It really takes a whole lot of time to rediscover the luckiness. I was lucky, but I took it for granted and now, I am a deserted princess in no man's land. Just like a tramp, wielding nothing but integrity, I am cast away from civilization. Thirst and hunger overcome senses in a way only mad man can bear. Praying and hoping to be part of sanity once more. People say, never too late for anything unless God forbids us to remain alive and healthy
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Thursday, April 23, 2009

What in the world?

Apparently, my visa application has been canceled due to some stupid reasons. I was the one who decided to cancel it coz it has taken up more time than necessary. The consular was curious why would we want to apply for a visa a month after our extension expires. And he also inquired, why do we have to visit our father every 3 months?. He asked the wrong question here. I am too pissed to say a word
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R.A Kartini

She had been an inspiration for more than 100 years. Her masterpiece which consisted of writings, has been made headlines in our country's newspapers from many years ago. Her fight to get an equality from our traditional patriarch, has never dimmed even after her passing many years ago. She was the first woman to have asked, why would women come second after many men?. Every human being deserves to be educated, and that include women. Unfortunately, Kartini's birthday was yesterday but nothing significant happened. Most probably we are in the middle of 'it' again
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009


It is funny how things are crumbling right in front of me. How could I survive this horror? I may never know. Few moments ago, our application was delayed due to foolish reason for having previously- issued-visa extended to 3 months period. Why on earth would he need to ask that? Had we engaged in social or political activities prior to our visits? No, of course not. We have never had any intention to find a job in his country without first applying for the right papers. Come on man! We came to your ultra-nationalism country funded by our own father. We didn't ask you to pay for any of our expenses Sir, we simply want to visit our father whom we haven't seen for over 2 months. In particular, he asked our father to visit us instead of the other way around. In other words, he suggested that our dad should apply for day offs once a month; perhaps I need to bring this forward to our dad's company. They could accept a 25 year old foreigner foolish suggestion without much concern, by the way we are foreigners. Unfortunately, we aren't Americans
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I am desperately need some protein and carbs to help me go through this day. God please be with me
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I am trying to figure out why I wasn't able to open any web pages. As a try out, I sent this to my blog
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I shouldn't have written all my thoughts in this particular blog, but the other one is stupid enough to halt my requests. Anyway, my internet connection is starting to show some sort of slowing down. I don't know whether this is due to congestion or some idiot hackers trying to 'peek' into my device. I hope the latter wouldn't be the reason.

It will only be another 3 days for me to use RIM service before I am moving on to other country. It is so convenient to have BB in my pocket. Not only I can access mailbox with ease, but to get in touch with the web world as well. Imagine, posting thoughts, retrieving information from anywhere around the world without much difficulties and within reach of everyone in every corner on earth, except some countries of course, are now a dream can true. Many years ago, people will need to wait for weeks and months in order to get their messages received by other people in the other part of the world. But now, email is no longer PC bound. Whether we are in the middle of heavy traffic or stuck in the elevator, world of internet is not far away. Unfortunately, I will never get the same service once I left my country. Poor me, no one is apparently interested though.
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For some reason, my other blog is being dumb. How could you reject my 2 posts? Don't tell me it's happening again!.

Arsenal are going to go against Liverpool today and I'd be pleased if they can beat the reds right in the stomach. I bet, he will put red all over his face. I can't wait to see his profile and see what's going on in his page. Ste-G will not be available, but the danger is still there. The reds are strong in midfield as well as in defense. We are still missing Gallas and Clichy whom are out due to injuries. Both strikers are probably missed out as well, therefore we might line up Bendtner and Arshavin up front with Arshavin playing just right behind Bendtner. I don't know about Bendtner, but I have a strong belief in Arshavin who has proved time and time again to be as deadly as any other Arsenal legend in history. Nasri could play as left winger while Walcott will resume as right winger to join Bendtner in the attacking force.
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Milan in 2nd place

Suspecting Becks would have to start from the bench, I had decided to rest early. Apparently, David Beckham played his part from the first minute and helped Milan passed through Torino with stunning 5-1 home win at San Siro. He could have hat trick in assist had not Pippo stood in off side position. I think it could have been magnificent night for both Pippo & Becks if they snatched 3 each for goals and assists respectively. Goal scorers for the night were Ambrossini, Kaka and Pippo who had one each, except for Pippo who grabbed 3 goals. I may have regrets for not watching it this early morning, I am happy though to see Milan in the 2nd spot leaving behind Juve in third place. What separates these two is the fact that Milan have more goals compared to Juve which made Juve flew away from 2nd place. Job isn't done yet, Milan need to win ALL remaining games in order to stay in current position. Securing 2nd place means they can avoid play offs next season in champs league. Good news then, but the job is far from over. Go Becks!
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Sunday, April 19, 2009

So be it

I am totally pissed with the result of last night's match against Chelsea. Around 6 minutes away from the whistle, Arsenal conceded a very late goal that eventually, brought the Gunners humbly to the ground. Had Arsenal been strong at the back, they could have passed through extra time considering fresh additions toward the end of the game. I was shocked to see Nasri & Arshavin were only came onto the pitch 10 minutes before the whistle. We lacked pace and defensive discipline which caused us the late significant goal score by Drogba. Goal keeping error capped the game from bad to worse. We need Almunia now!
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Where is he?

Milan will be playing against Torino tomorrow and guess what? Becks is not in the list of starting XI. Only Carlitos himself know the real reason behind Becks benching campaign. This isn't the first time Becks starting from the bench and I have a feeling it won't be the last either. Everyone seems a bit fussy about it and starting to make stories of his fall out with the coach. I guess all I can do is to be patient and see the outcome of the game on Monday
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Saturday, April 18, 2009


Ho ho finally, missing out all important matches are now made possible by my journey to home country without any subscription to TV cable. This is cruel! Today, we will see Arsenal go head to head with London rivals, Chelsea. How far arsenal will go in this cup? Nobody knows. But I do hope we can make to the final and win it. We will probably be without Arshavin, Clichy, Gallas and Walcott. Chelsea are tough and will create more difficulty than we expect it. Since we will have it in Wembley, we can only expect it to be tense around the stadium with thousands of fans from both clubs sitting side by side. Hope to the sky....later
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This isn't the first time ever happened in the country. How many times does it have to be repeated and bring our future down in the drain. Please do something before it hurts us more than the war itself. We are now in the midst of invisible war....
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Sucks isn't it?

Well, I guess we're not going to change anyway this news seems dampen my excitement to see some changes in my country. Despite being slow and insensitive, he will most probably be re-elected for the second time during this year presidential election that takes place in the month of July. Have you all gone mad and blind at the same time? If you want to see better future, please DO NOT re-elect this person. How many times have we seen violence went unpunished? Do we need to undergo civil war one more time? And by the time you all are aware and understood what is happening around you, everything is gone. We have to do something this july and make sure he will not get our votes.
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Will it?

I am not sure whether it will work, but I hope I do. I like to stay current and by having bb in my pocket I can do a lot of things, including updating my blogs.
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Monday, April 13, 2009

this is great!

twitter is not just a mean for communication to our loved ones, but to get to know what is going on in the outside world. for example, i got this info about new smart phones coming this mid year to replace their predecessors which perhaps would make half of this world hold their breath up till the launch dates. yes, i got a glimpse of new iphone might look like but don’t have a clue about new BlackBerry except the fact that it will get better than its previous serie BlackBerry Storm. 

Becks still on top

looks like David Beckham’s switch to AC Milan this winter has not hampered his rich status. he might have sacrificed his huge salary back in LA Galaxy, but he still is the best paid footballer in the world. Christi Ronaldo is at no. 5, surprised? nah i don’t. he is supposedly the only replacement for Becks in terms of everything is fall behind his senior by a staggering $35 million. i was a little surprised though to see Henry came 3rd right after Ronaldinho with $28 million to his pockets. want to know the whole list? check the hyperlink.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

no Arsenal match; David Beckham is off duty as well

starting my day with a visit to the most hated place on earth would sound comforting rather than missing out Arsenal match every weekend. no! that was not the correct sentence. ESPN and STAR SPORT missed out listing it to to today’s match list. what the….? i was kind of hoping to watch it this weekend since i will probably miss it next week and the following week as well, but my hope was dashed. it appears another fall awaits me right after the previous one. the usual Lega Calcio is also missing, making my heart ache a little bit more. no Serie A, no David Beckham. deep breath lady! don’t lose yourself to incompetent losers. my wish is to see both of the teams won today’s match and secure respective places. Cesc is back to inspire his team mates and of course, Arshavin will be able to play this time around after missing out a champs league match against Villarreal due to cup tie. hopefully, i can see positive result tomorrow

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

positive result, though not convincing enough

as predicted the match against Villarreal proved to be as tough as final. since the start of the game Arsenal were struggling to break down Villarreal packed midfield as well as their penalty area. less than 25 minutes of the game, yellow submarine ‘gunned’ down Almunia’s weakest spot through Marcos Sena’s impressive volley. the funny part was, it happened barely 2 seconds after i had said Sena’s ability to make goals far away from the goal itself. all went down to depth of the ocean afterward. more and more errors made by Arsenal players and it seemed in a fraction of a second i almost thought they had the willingness to hand over the match to Villarreal.

DSC02354 (Compressed)

second half rolled over but the same thing kept happening from time to time. i hate to elaborate more on this, so move on to the most amazing goal scored by Adebayor, probably it was even made the best goal for this season in champs league. a draw at home next week will bring Arsenal to semi, but would it be enough to prove all those haters out there that Arsenal deserved to be in that spot? their acceptance is unnecessary. playing at Emirates is by far, the strongest point for Arsenal, however Villarreal could spoil our dream. thus, nothing can be taken for granted. there’s no such thing as favorites here and FC Porto have once again proved to be Man Utd’s nightmare. after being defeated some years ago by then Porto’s manager, Jose Mourinho, Porto looked even more menacing yesterday. Old Trafford was the witness of their downfall. securing a lead with only minutes away from final whistle, Man Utd should have earned their win with attitude. but it was not meant to be. Porto made a dramatic equalizer to keep their dream back on track. as visitors, they have advantage over the home side. earning a draw could be their ticket to next stage and both FC Porto and Arsenal have made it through with a lot of effort. hopefully, both could make it to semi next week, amin.

pics pics pics

DSC01925 (compressed)

i’ve taken some pics while i was in Seoul and this one was taken around Omokgyo, our favorite place to hang out. originally, it was not as bold as this one but i need some adjustments in order to make them visible against the blue sky. i love them and wonder when will i be able to go closer to them? i guess i probably won’t.

after the delay i can finally post this; FAIR RESULTS (WEEKEND GAMES)

DSC01954 (compressed)less is more, some may say. but why can’t we get more if we able to have plenty?. none of these words reflect on weekend games in both Lega Calcio and premier league. Arsenal have plenty to cheer about, one of them is their captain’s comeback ahead of mid week schedule. and you know what? he had so much to do in midfield including feed on superb passes to his forwards. i believe he is born to be one of those leaders. marching forward and win the match were probably his mission. i am proud of him and i am sure the fans are agreeing with me. finished Man C off with solid scoreline: 2-0 to be exact. it is a good moral boost for the boys ahead of champs league match this mid week. i am going to watch, that’s for sure.

DSC02995 (compressed)

while Arsenal completely controlled the game with ease, AC Milan had not done the same. true, they had the most possession in the game but had not done enough to threaten Lecce’s goalkeeper who seemed had simple things to deal with in the first half. subs were more concerned in the bench, with David Beckham and Ronaldinho appeared to be very cautious and alarmed on what’s happening on the field. 2nd half seeing more attacks from Rossoneri but none of those efforts made the crowd cheer. Carlitos decided to bring on Ronaldinho and Sheva to replace Seedorf and Kaka respectively. both of players had failed to shine and helped Milan to get better in position and perhaps that was the exact reason Ancelotti had brought another attacking minded players on. clearly, they made a positive impact but not enough to make Lecce well-structured defense rattle a bit. it was Milan who seemed a bit more nervous than their visitors who had their 10men on the ball throughout the match. the waiting finally paid off when Senderos made a strong header toward Lecce’s goal and gave the advantage to Milan’s side. not long after the first goal, Milan doubled their lead and this time through their veteran striker, Inzaghi. and this was done in less than 2 minutes of the final whistle. i guess miracles do happen in football.

Chris Brown might just get what he wants

this is completely absurd. why would Rihanna let him go after what he has done to her? probably she can’t let him go. had the news not leaked to the media, she would have probably stayed by his side. it’s totally disappointing for her fans. i admit i was her fan back then, but honestly after the way she has handled this issue, i have a doubt she can even take care of herself. as women we have every right to stand up against domestic violence at all costs. but if she chose to do her way, i can never stop her. Chris, though, should be punished for the violence and his delay in the court the other day.

Thursday, April 02, 2009

well well

after so many reports claiming that Becks is going broke, it is eventually revealed that he is STILL the best paid footballer in the world. following close to him is Argentine sensation, Lionel Messi. last year, a lot of newspaper highlighted Pepsi deal with Becks which has been terminated. financial crisis is the most possible cause. however, many pressmen outside think it is the end of David Beckham era and Pepsi no longer think Becks as their golden boy anymore. looks like, they’ve got it wrong,  again.

England beat Ukraine 2-1

it would be naive to say that England are currently the best team in Europe; Spain are. they played well last night and i could see that they are performing above par whenever Stew-G and Rooney involve in close proximity. i think, Capello has found promising formula here, and of course it will take time to actually make it real good, however we can hope now that somehow England could finally succeed in WC 2010. it is too premature to claim England will qualify to WC 2010 in 100% record like we currently having, however after 5 games played, we can safely say that England are going to right direction after so many disappointing moments in the past. Wembley somehow played its magic last night and its crowd helped England team beat tough nut, Ukraine. right now we are sitting on top with 15 points leading 5 points more from closest rivals Croatia. if i am not mistaken, England will be having another qualifier matches against Azerbaijan and Andorra right after the season closes. if they can pull the same performance like they had this past week, we can probably qualify with ease.

David Beckham completed his 110 performance with a story to tell. replacing Aaron Lennon in the second half and repaid the coach’s confidence on him with superb crosses throughout the match. and one of them converted into goal by John Terry. his free kick had been passed through by stew-G’s header to Terry’s open arms. the captain was the man of the match last night after having superb night. both he and Ferdinand made a good team in the back line preventing Ukrainian forwards to ever make real chances. the first goal came from Crouch after having been fed by strong header from Terry which came from Lampard’s corner. honestly, England were the best in the first half with so many chances created by ever-energized Rooney. he is one of a hell player. he runs the whole field without a single pause. he helped his defense by making so many important tackles. if Terry had not been picked as man of the match, i am sure he would have been selected. if all players mentioned above enjoyed strong performance, Ashley Cole need to review his game with a closer look. he may have played over 70 games with England, but last night he was just a junior. perhaps, it will be better if Capello starts to look alternatives. Wayne Bridge could be the next in line to replace Cole, in case he has yet to recover from mysterious illness. hopefully he will come over his jittery in no time.


after a couple or more posts regarding England performance, i haven’t mentioned my new addiction to England new kit. it is so adorable and quickly reminding me of classic jersey from the 60s. gosh! i have to get this one, plus Becks looks good on it