Thursday, October 29, 2009


A very quick summary for the Carling cup result. Arsenal beat Le'pool 2-1 with Merida and Bendtner provided the goals for the Gunners. Overall, the young side has improved immensely especially Ramsey and Gibbs, hopefully they can give us more options in the future. Till next post
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Wednesday, October 28, 2009


As I have mentioned before, Arsenal are taking on Le'pool at the Emirates stadium in Carling cup competition. It's matter of life and death for both teams as Le'pool are desperate to make their point by beating their nemesis away from home; whereas Arsenal are trying to make amends from Sunday's disappointment against WH and get away with victory.

I am so excited to see my favorite players are now back from injury. Both Nasri and Vela have missed out the opening season due to serious injury. Tomorrow will be their first involvement as starting players. Also make debut will be two CBs Silvestre and Senderos who have yet to make appearance in premier league especially in the starting line up; but this could be a turning point for both of them as they're struggling to break strong partnership between Vermaelen and Gallas.

Unfortunately though, Jack Wilshere and Armand Traore will not be able to make the squad due to injuries. Hopefully, losing these players will not affect our chances to win the game
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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tough nut

This Wednesday Arsenal will face Le'pool in the Carling cup quarter final. And as previous experiences, the coach will field his best young players during league cups, instead of the regular guys. Most of the fans are still nursing from the wound we had on weekend. Some say, it was worst than losing to ManU but I think it's another routine for Wenger's boys in a process we all very familiar with; it's called, learning. This is a young side which has yet to learn to retain a win. We are so used to be beaten in recent years, therefore defending seems a bit classy for us. I may sound harsh, but in reality it is a fact. 3 days before the WH match, Arsenal were slapped right in the face when AZ Alkmaar coming from behind and snatched a late equalizer enabling them to get a point at home.

Arsenal were 2 goals up before the half time and were supposedly came home with full points. And when everyone thought the game was completely over with 3 points already in the bag, their city rivals ruined the early celebration by scoring 2 goals. How could a bunch of professional players let it happen?. This time no excuse Wenger, you have to tell those boys that we're playing a TRUE football here and in order to survive, we have to be tough and precise at the same time. What makes Barcelona so fruitful in terms of producing result? Yes, they have confident and reliable midfield players. They play like a football team should be, whereas Arsenal are totally the opposite.

Defending is twice difficult compared to winning it. Have you heard World Cup champions winning the cup in two consecutive term? NO. Preserving 2 goals can't be that difficult, can it? No, it can be for Wenger's boys. I'm still gutted as well as annoyed.

What did the coach say post match? The boys are still learning, ladies and gentlemen; give them some time to adjust. Freaking mad you are coach. I'm sorry for my language but I do think this time you're wrong. It is time for you to punch those boys right in the face and give them no time to relax. It's a job they should get it done and get it right for our sake!. Diaby and Song should be benched and look to other place in order to strengthen our midfield. It looks like mine hole to me. Fix it coach, coz we have very little time.
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Monday, October 26, 2009

Messed up

I didn't write preview match because of a simple reason: I want to enjoy my weekend as much as I can. Today was supposed to be the perfect weekend for me, but instead it turned out to be a nightmare. Everything was perfect except the Arsenal match.

Few hours before it started, I watched the big Sunday game between Le'pool and ManU. I was happy with the result which could have given some breathing space for Arsenal to catch up. But instead of getting full points, we let WH equalized and with only a point in the bag. We were lucky enough not to lose any point at Fratton Park. We were obviously lack of pace and creativity in the 2nd half in which we should have gone to score more goals instead of giving opponents reasons to attack us. We looked unorganized at times with Diaby busy losing the ball rather than picking up the pieces. Both Cesc and Arshavin did not look at their best and clearly overrun by WH midfield. We were careless by letting the opponent dominate possession and ransacking our own half.

At the end of first half, we were leading by 0-2. If it had been Chelsea, the score line would have not gone downward but the opposite. Man, I crossed the line but I know I am right. Among other big clubs in premier league, our midfield is the most fragile and soft. Song and Diaby aren't true DM, therefore their involvement in the centre remains a big question. We are slow to get back and often get caught up in the counter attack, thus keeping a clean sheet is almost an impossible task.

If you're talking about chances we had plenty of them and too bad not one of them saw the daylight. Sometimes, scrappy goal is better than none. But conceding scrappy goal isn't an option. Mannone failed to clear, Cole was there to hold it. It wasn't a nice one, but enough to make thousands of Arsenal fans howling because of anger. For your information, we had the same fate against AZ Alkmaar in the mid week. Could we win trophies? Possibly, but not with this kind of attitude. Win or lose is the art of football; losing with pride isn't degrading. What we're experiencing now is downward negativity.

Song and Diaby must learn to act quick and swift to combat opponent's centre attack. They run like camels.

Both goals from WH were evidence from our own carelessness. The penalty should have been annulled since Coles was not impeded by Song. But the big debate lies on the 1st goal. Our defence was caught off guard and foolishly made a tackle right at the edge of penalty area. Free kick was harmless but the clearance was even more dangerous. Mannone should have kept the ball clear by punching it away instead of handed it over to ravenous Cole. If you think those two goals happened in a very short period of time, you're wrong. Arsenal had 45 minutes to answer it, but failed to convert any attempts into the winning goal.

If we don't start pick ourselves up, we won't be able to win anything this season and our star players might just say 'sayonara' next summer. Wenger should do something with his midfield soldiers. Get down with the boys and let them know that premiership is about pace and agility. If they don't cover their back, who's going to?. Be tough and accurate. Make sure their tackles are precise and clean. A different day, a different referee Song could have been easily sent off for his stupid tackles. And make sure they do their homeworks. Don't talk in public about wanting to win trophies, if you do very little on the field. Prove it
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mighty clash

I have to wait for another day to watch my beloved Arsenal, meanwhile I can shift my attention to big match between league leaders, ManU and Le'pool which will take place few hours before the Gunners.

A season ago, ManU were hammered by the Reds in a very stylish way at Old trafford. Can Le'pool do the same this season? Well, I'm not too sure. After 2 consecutive defeats in champs league, it must be hard for Rafa's troops to do the same again as they'd done some months ago. ManU aren't so hot either, though they might have won their recent matches it doesn't stop them from being humbled by much 'weaker' opponents. With injuries plagued both sides, I believe it's going to be an interesting match. Le'pool already missed Stew-G and Torres and could probably trouble their future if these two don't recover really soon. ManU will be without Fletcher, Scholes and Rooney. If I were AF, I wouldn't worry so much as Anderson and Berbatov are there to fill in the gap, besides there's always other young blood to replace these players. Vibrate Nani and Shaky Valencia will be there to spoil Le'pool's night.

No matter how hard I pray to God, I know a fact that it will be hard for Le'pool to beat ManU even if they have the advantage by playing at home. But I do have this tiny hope that they could do it. But my verdict will be 2-2. A draw would be enough for us to catch them, but only after we beat West Ham.
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Another exclusion?

With an absence of Rooney this Wednesday, will England find the net? I think they will do business as usual. A home game has its own advantage with thousands of home grown fans cheering on its team. Rooney absence is nothing but a small hurdle along the way, as Lampard, Ste-G, Lennon and possibly Milner will find their way into the game. Gerrard was a doubt yesterday, but might be included into the starting XI anyway; and if, he were to be sidelined, Milner or Young would be more than happy to fill in. What about DB? Is he going to make it even as a sub?; I doubt he will make the cut. What a waste trip from LA anyway. But I do believe he can still offer something to the team though some young players are tired of seeing him in the dressing room. It's OK Becks, let them cry seeing you perform.

Ballack is considering to retire from international duty after WC in order to extend his play time with his club, Chelsea. What about DB? I don't know, he's definitely won't stop playing football at the club level so soon. I just wish him the best and hopefully he'll be on the plane departing to South Africa next summer.
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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Becks might be overlooked once more

Say, Capello would go for Heskey once again this Wednesday, he's definitely out of his mind. The commentators clearly pitied Heskey bcoz of the sending off Green, but personally I think Heskey had been out of form since the beginning of the game. He was barely involved in the defense and certainly looked tired even before the half time. Why would Capello stand behind this striker who hasn't scored in the premier league and set aside a credible candidate such as C. Cole? Only he knows the real reason. Owen was snubbed months ago bcoz of his lack of play; but what makes Heskey any difference when he plays but not once scores any goal?. Well, if DB got his expulsion, Heskey should get the boot as well. Mind you, that I've not been a fan of Heskey since ages ago and still believe Cole and Owen should get more play time. Shame on you Capello.

One question remains now, had green not been so foolish and confront Ukrainian striker that made him red carded, would England have been more ferocious than the result shown?. Well, way before the sending off, I was cursing the way Capello's men marching their attack; and even made cruel statement about how England would fare amongst the best teams in the words. I even said that had it been Spain or Germany, England would have eventually conceded. I said many things, but I believe my words are true and come from the deepest of my heart. What I said was based on what I saw on the field. I don't regret what I said. Contrary to anyone's belief, I think England will face many difficulties in the WC especially confronting big guys
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Becks out

I am not too sure about Becks involvement currently in England camp. He's only been brought in only bcoz Capello needs someone to cross the ball in the dying minutes. My thought was DB wouldn't be in the bench at all and I was right. He wasn't picked and Capello went instead with Lennon instead. I've mentioned before that with 2 much younger players, it is highly unlikely Capello will go for DB.

It is HT and England are trailing with one goal and one man too. Green was red carded due to his own negligence. And now with only 10 men, Capello needs to turn this around. My bet is England will get a draw with Lampard as the scorer, but I could be wrong.

I still piss bout DB exclusion and Heskey involvement. His the least favorite player in the England squad apart from Rooney and his 45 mins performance showed nothing but failure. Why does Capello love him so much? Figure out yourself. The match is about to start, till later
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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Russia vs Germany and England face off other group contenders

When Arshavin was made captain after his silky display during Euro 08, I was shrouded by many questions. But I can now understand Hiddink's decision to crown the Russian jewelry the arm band. He's not only a very talented player, but he is also a commanding figure on the field. He sets example by giving all to his team and not once he's rejected a call by the national team. He is now lead his team mate to fight a battle to win a place for next year WC. Will Russia make it pass through a very challenging battle with the Germans? I hope they do; it'll be interesting to watch.

England will never take Ukraine easy due to a very simple reason: integrity of the country depends on it. Indeed, England have qualified for the WC but it doesn't make the coach relax and ignore the match completely. He demands his squad to take the match seriously and coming home with nothing but full 3 points. Will England make it? I expect they'll do well and win it.
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Friday, October 09, 2009


It's time to try the new service of mine. Yihaaa
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Monday, October 05, 2009

Alex Ferguson is minion evil

we all know his contributions to premier league and ManU in particular, but coming  out with meaningless words about referees are just plain dumb. his words claiming that the ref is completely unfit and deserves to be rested after a ‘jog’ he had done in the match was completely ugly. well, to be honest lots of referees do the same thing week in week out. whatever he was saying only revealing the true colors of Sir Alex Ferguson. instead of lashing out on his under performed players, he chose to attack the ref. what i saw during the match was a bunch of school boys parading the field. ManU were lucky to escape with 1 point at Old Trafford.  shame on you Ferguson.

i can’t imagine what would it be like if Wenger were the ones who came out with those words. Eduardo scenes come back to live…

this is the RESULT

though i have skipped writing about Arsenal in recent weeks, that doesn’t mean i missed watching the Gunners’ matches altogether. gratefully, Arsenal won the game with sounding score line just before the international duty resume next week. 6-2 with a goal from debutant  Theo Walcott. since his back injury, Walcott has been missing matches and possibly losing out a place in the England team as well. thankfully, he made a statement last night, therefore there’s no excuse for Capello to omit him next time around. another star player was the captain, Cesc Fabregas. scored a goal and gave 4 assists have certainly made his mark. had he been an English player, Capello would have brought him into the squad without a doubt.

Arsenal were shocked by the first goal from opponent but able to bounced back from the humiliation with stunning strike from Vermaelen. as anyone thought we would have netted another goal, Blackburn came back from the dungeon and lead once more. but Cesc made his existence counts with his superb pass to RVP who scored with direct shot to Robinson’s left side. and like they say, the rest is history. Arshavin, Cesc, Walcott and Bendtner rounded up the afternoon with pride. after unconvincing display against Fulham, Wenger proves to his rivals that Arsenal aren’t dead yet. Go Gunners!

Eduardo was the only key player who was missing after making an appearance in champs league last week. he may be declared fit after the international break and with him back in our side, we’re complete. Rosicky, Walcott have returned and possibly, Nasri and Fabiansky will join us late October. Cesc, Arshavin, RVP, Rosicky, Eduardo, Nasri will terrorize opponent’s defence. but the main thing concern to me is the fact, we still lack of muscle at the back which is due to strong absence of capable DM. next January, Song will play for the African cup and we are certainly have a huge hole to fill in at the middle of the park. hopefully, Wenger will sort it out before it’s too late besides Diaby isn’t good enough to hold off organized attacks.

Becks is included in England team

it’s been a while since i blog about anything that happened in football. first thing first, DB is in the team, but it is still remains to be seen whether he can make it to the bench. with both SWP and Aaron Lennon available, it is highly unlikely he can be picked ahead of those much young player. moreover, he is still suffering from recurring ankle problem. prior to the match, DB will be analyzed by the FA doctors and the result will determine his availability. anyway, someone wrote a blog about DB involvement in MLS and how has his 3rd season come by so far.

joined the team after few matches played, he has since influenced LA Galaxy to winning ways and for the fist time since his debut, the club entitle to play offs. would they win the MLS cup this season? no one knows for sure. with the end of the season seemingly inevitable, DB must make this a story of his own. win a cup will certainly boost his chance to be back to everyone’s heart at the Depot Centre; not that, he needs to care but i believe deep down inside he wants to win something for the club. that’s why he had been brought into the club in the first place.