Wednesday, November 14, 2007

mood: insya allah HAPPY
song: it means nothing by stereophonics
time: almost midnight
it's undecided
yet breathtaking
several times i tried
but even before
i tried, i gave up
it's a never ending story
another fairy tale
that will never blend
through time
through year
no matter
how the ending will be
i don't wanna know
life is adventurous
life is a never ending story
life lies beneath my skin
i'll fly through time
if there's an asnwer
i should get
before today
is what matters
not diamonds
not glamorous
not the shiny suits
and care
back to basics
if a song
could reflects
then, there must be
hundred songs
playing in my head
let the night dances
my thoughts away
heal my mind
heal my flaws
hopefully it will be granted
see ya on my next boring post tarxans,
(all about purevolume)
purevolume rox!
how many times have i said that?
in love with the featured artists
that are very talented
and still undiscovered
by my friends
so i can always say
i have different taste in music
from my friends!
this band called brand new
is my new favourite too
their genre is rock
but it's not that hardcore
it's a smart rock
check out their song called
fork and knive
see ya on my next boring post tarxans,
its a good one and we definitely love it!!! hopefully, becks accepts this offer and train with one of the greatest club in the world. pray for it to happen...pray for it to happen....pray for it to happen...

Becks can train with Gunners

DAVID BECKHAM has been handed the chance to train with Arsenal this winter.
The LA Galaxy midfielder, 32, is currently not playing because of the MLS close season, which lasts until February.

But 97-cap Becks needs to keep fit as he is desperate to reach 100 appearances with England.
If Steve McClaren’s men qualify for the Euro 2008 finals next week, Beckham is being offered the chance to train with Tottenham, Watford or Arsenal.
All three clubs are near to his Hertfordshire home — but he is likely to opt for Arsene Wenger’s Gunners.

LA Galaxy have ruled out a loan move but will be happy to let Becks train in England until February providing he is still available for exhibition matches.
Ricky: I love txt with Becks

RICKY HATTON has revealed how David Beckham will put a night with the boys ahead of a night with the girls after discovering the joy of text.
The pair met in Los Angeles while the Hitman was promoting his fight with unbeaten American legend Floyd Mayweather.

Now Hatton has invited the England star to be a ringside guest for the showdown at the MGM Hotel in Las Vegas on December 8.
That is the night Becks’ wife Posh is performing over the road at the Mandalay Bay on the Spice Girls Re-Union world tour.

So Becks aims to watch the fight before sprinting across the Vegas Strip to hear Posh and Co.
Hatton said: “David’s agent got in touch with my man Paul Speak to invite me to an LA Galaxy game.

“I was in LA promoting my fight against Mayweather and I thought ’fantastic.’ Everyone is a David Beckham fan so I jumped at the chance.

“I got straight off the plane, went straight to the ground and met him in his box. He signed a shirt for me and a pair of boots for my son Campbell. He posed for pictures.

“We exchanged numbers and I said if there was anything I could do his charities or if he wanted tickets for the Mayweather fight, just ask.

“He sent me a few texts and I replied. Now he is coming to a fight which is brilliant.”
Manchester United’s hitman Wayne Rooney carried Hatton’s belts into the ring the last time he fought in Vegas against Luis Castillo and they have remained great pals.
Hatton is equally impressed with Beckham. He added: “He is softly spoken, but a good laugh and a real class act.

“I’d never seen a man more groomed in my life. He was only there to watch a football match, but there wasn’t a hair out of place and his eyebrows were plucked . . . I’ve never been that smart in my life.

“I can’t speak any higher of him. When you think how much he is in the public eye and to remain so humble proves he is a class act.”

Hatton, now established as one of the most recognised faces in the world of sport, admits he is still stunned at mixing with celebs.

He said: “Sometimes you exchange numbers and tell people you’re there if they need anything, but the last thing I expected was a text from David asking ‘How’s your training going champ?’
“Just the other day he texted me and said he can’t wait for the fight and it was his first major boxing show.

“When I received the first one I had to tell my dad. I have to pinch myself sometimes.
“People say to me that when I beat Floyd and become the best pound for pound fighter on the plant people will say the same things about me. I can never get my head round that.”

(courtey of thesun)

i came across this article from a blog and find it a lil amusing although not surprise reading it. ive been a fan of him since im in junior high and convinced hes more than a football star. some say hes only thinking about himself and his career. but i dont think so. he wouldnt be thinking of coming back to london and play for england after have been left out since ste-c took over as england manager if not bcoz of his love to his country. 10 months later ste-c era, he took a huge turn after more and more disastrous results coming his way. its nice to know there are people out there who appreciate becks as an individual not as a superstar.
clearly today its not a good day. first, we planned to go to places to pick up things we need to get before coming home. sadly, it has to be postponed yet again probably for the next hours. ive been furious about some things but i guess i cant do nothin at the time being. a friend of mine told me that if it doesnt happen today, it will on another day. shes definitely right and im not goin to complain on that. our life isnt as smooth as it used to be, however no one knows for sure. we life in denial, like so many people would say. if i take a good look at my own life, it hasnt been easy. of course, i cant 'dissolve' it pieces by pieces for peoples view. problems come and go but i will be here to stay coz that God would want me to do. superb week, if i want to say it that way, is around the corner. england match is one of those reasons i'll stick my butt on the wall while munching chips during weekend. whatever the result is gonna be i'll bet it would be a good one for fans and the england team as a whole. a lesson to learn everybody!. another day in paradise...ps2 im home!!. didnt know id miss it so much. missing our sanctuary where we can lay back and relax while watching time passes by. giddy up...

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

(love song to remember)

feeling green and not moody at all well a bit, but i'm enjoying every minute of my life. i'm listening to (current minute) avril's old song called tomorrow. it kinda reminds me of my old times with someone who was my mistake to be with. at the end of the day no matter what, i was selfish enough not to listen to my sist and yeah as you can guess tarxans, i was hurt and it lasted for quite a while. up till now i still feel there's this big wall between me and that person especially when we both have grown up and lead two different lifestyles. believe me, when you're teenagers you always felt you would be with the same person, the same crowd till forever. i was too young when i had the first backstab and i was too young to realize that life was cruel to enough to chop your heart into pieces and life sometime could offer more than just happiness. life can offer you some things to achieve even when you're over-pessimistic.

heck, forever is absurd forever is never. but it was just wild imagination just like the ones i had when i was young and too much happily ever after tagline. it's not that i don't believe in happiness at all but as i grow up i realized that life's not a fairy tale. but hapiness can still be found (no worries tarxans) when you're a good person you'll eventually have the happy-ness that'll last for lifetime. if there was no bump maybe i'm not who iam right now and i'm proud to have grown into a whole new person which i didn't expect to be when i was younger. although i need to fix up certain things with my attitude. i'm not perfect, far from it basically..i don't know what's the meaning of the word perfect. only God has the perfect answers and only Him who's perfect in this world.

if i said i was ready

then, i'd be arrogant

if i said i was prepared

then, i'd be lying

if i said i was perfect

then, that's a total crap

if i said i was opening up

then, i'd feel bless

so i think i have moved on from hardcore and moving fast forward to other genre, dunno why maybe i liestened to hardcore music for years when i was younger. i try to surf to purevolume very much often to find new bands i can check on, it's psyche to listen to different genre on my ipod. i got my sist soo hooked on this new band called quietdrive. yaay!! W, tomorrow's going to be another busy day hopefully i can manage to squeeze in between hectic scheduleand some quit time to rest, currently i'm listening to lost in space by lighthouse family. it reminds me to a novel i've read before, that novel really changed my view about relationship.
please, be nice and kind
don't be foolish by hurting other people
it's far important to smile
than smirk or even frown
it's our good deeds that count
life's not about
diamonds or
or even how many boyfriends
you slept with
see ya on my next boring post tarxans,
1) Single, Taken, or Crushing?
> crushing upside down the drain

2) Are you happy with that?
> why not? God has plans for all of us

3) Would you still kiss your ex?
> give me 1000 reasons why would i kiss my ex? (if any)

4) Have you ever had your heartbroken?
> life is up and down, there were times i caught myself into a maze and trapt inside it...bruised but not broken

5) Have you ever talked about marriage with another person?
> not interested at the moment, perhaps in the future

6) Do you want kids?
> yes when its due

7) How Many?
> havent made up my mind

8) Would you consider adoption?
> i would, nothin can predict future

9) If someone liked you right now,would you want them to tell you?
> its up to him, i want him to tell me the truth

10) Do you want someone you can't have?
> i always want somethin i cant have, i currently craving for a new console but have to be patient and wait a lil. as for someone, i only want him in my vivid imagination

11) Have you fallen in love?
> a couple of times. love is all around me, its either with him or others

12) Do you believe in celebrating anniversaries?
> i love to celebrate anniversaries, doesnt have to be with him though

13) Do you believe that you can change for someone?
> i change bcoz i want to or need to but who knows

14) Is it a good day?
> its another ordinary day without much happening. or i'll have to wait a lil longer and lets see whats gonna happen

15) Have you ever broken a heart before?
> mebbe, we cant avoid this from happening. wish i could

16) Does your ex still have feelings for you?
> ex s (if theres any) make everything looks difficult

17) Do you believe in long distance relationship?
> i believe in commitment, nevertheless long distance has always been a difficult one to pursue. seeing and feeling his presence makes me stronger and wiser...reality must come first babe...

euro fever...
i am goin to feel you even greater this time....presence is felt when you are coming nearer to my mind...your ever-growing image is nearby...thank you for giving the nonetheless, a happier side of the world...all night always...home is where i feel close to you ...come and take us above the sky...leaving the bads behind...only God saves us from destruction...His hands covering the horizon to shade us from a leaping giant toad...keep you here just to hear the good...all lies in here...

never ending life....

ho ho ho what a funny color of choice....out of habit as usual. found this good new songs from my sis. wonder where did she get those superb songs. casually, i took precious steps put of a troubling cave and suprisingly, didnt find anything useful. or maybe not just yet. big decisions often trapt ourselves under special circumstances. when and where do we have have to stop planning and executing? only god knows. what might have happened that night, definitely not my business to find out, although i do feel a lil bit anxious. your sudden move made my heart melt away with pain and disdain. how far will you take me to your grisly blackened scene. courage needed to be there. fully equipped with wild imagination to move away from a broken soul. i tried to freeing myself from the pressure youve have given, clutching tightly on me will only liberate me even more. say goodbye to you...its over when i say i'll will remember this...i wasnt the only one to feel your can see me smiling...far away above the sky
arsenal went to a good start again after 2 draws against top teams, lpool and man utd. reading scored a late goal to make scoreline 3-1. it was a huge relief for wenger as the day before man utd 'stole' the top spot after winning against blackburn rovers 2-0. hopefully this horce race situation will improve in upcoming months and keep arsenal on top till the very last game in premiere league. i am not sayin anythin that might jeopardize their winning spirit and always wish the best for arsenal. anyway, this friday england will come up against austria. a friendly game doesnt mean lay back and watch the home team partying with hundreds of goals. england need to find their perfect notion to prepare themselves against a much stronger team, croatia in the week after. win or lose doesnt mean much to croatia coz they only need 2 draws in order to qualify for euro 08. nevertheless, winners of the game will prove whos the best of the group. england can only hope russia lose on one of their game. it would either be israel or andorra whichever team stops russia, england will certainly be the happiest one. israel are the big contenders so far and will be hopefully in top form next week. on 17th november russia come up against andorra, and i can only be hopeful that draw will be the result. becks will play a part in two big games in the upcoming week. hes not 100% match fit, however it can change in matter of couple days. hes surely wants to help his country to qualify and the only way to go to austria/swiss is to win and hoping russia will fall. heres a simple excerpt from the times interview with england manager ste-c about becks current status in LA Galaxy.

"David is different in that these are big games and he is a big game player and when you are coming to play Croatia needing a result there is nothing better than having David Beckham available to you. He has proved that. He has done it before and he can do it again."

i liked what he said although i still think hes only sayin this to save his flaging career. well, once again becks proved to ppl how wrong they can be, he may be a veteran but he has a lot to offer to his country. stay strong becks we all here for you. go england.....

Monday, November 12, 2007

(never lose my faith in you)

quickie (hopefully) sist has finished (again! her 3rd books within a week) another book but i'm still caught up with has nothing to do with lack of vocabs but because i have a biigggg crush over dean winchester so i read the book slowly just to picture him on my head (yikes!).

now my sist's busy as usual with her psp (i want one too!!), and i'm waiting for my dad's downloads wrap up soon. tomorrow i have to get up early to go to several places and of course get my hair done. while my mom and my sist will get their face fixed (no theyre not doing plastic surgery theyre just going to have facial treatments), me and my dad are going to the saloon and get treatments. me with the hair treatments and my dad with reflexiology. hopefully after that we're going to watch a movie or catch a bite before we go home.

i've been having this backache because of going online too damn long, and yeah noone cares coz i'm the princess in the house (in 5 min my dad would tap my back and tell me to stop). i love blogging, this is like my diary except i don't write my personal affairs thoroughly in here. what the heck? i'm living in denial X)

byby tarxans hv 2 go b4 my dad peeps once again,

see ya on my next boring post tarxans,


my friend became quiet
i discovered his/her
absurd acts
when we chatted
just now!
what happen?
why are you being so normal?
when you shouldve been "normal"
like you used to be?
arrrgghh life!
when i saw him/her ol
i was hoping
mebbe he/she couldve been
helpful in making me turn on my happy mode
i feel like losing him/her!
i feel like a stranger!
signing off,
see ya on my next boring post tarxans,

Sunday, November 11, 2007

pulling through

You must answer every question TRUTHFULLY

[01] still in love with you ex?

// nope, HAVE MOVED ON. and not interested if there's any chance

[02] ever given a red rose?

// yes my mom planted the roses for me

[03] the most romantic film ever watched?

// february, it's thai and one of the most breathtaking film i've ever watched

[04] if you fell in love, when's the right time to say the magic words?

// when he has finally (officially) said the words

[05] do you believe in soulmates?

// hopefully yes. God has created him and her so i believe that mebbe me and him are created to be together.

[06] what's your big problem when it comes to love?

// ask him

[07] ever had your heart broken?

// yeah but not in a relationship

[08] ever tried long distance relationship?

// i don't believe in LD kind of thing but even if i have to, i hope i know what i'll have to do.

[09 ] Have you ever seen a friend as more than a friend?

// never ever

[10] Do you believe in the statement, "Once a cheater always a cheater"?

// usually yes, but that depends coz i don't want to be labelled as this or that so i don't want to label other people

[ 11] How many kids do you want to have?

// it's in the future so i wouldn't know now

[12 ] What is your favorite color(s)?

// none, i love colors so i'm not sure which one's my fav

[14 ] Do you believe your truly love only once?

// mebbe, not really sure about that

[15 ] Imagine you're 69 & your spousejust died, would you get re-married?

// nooo my loved one just died and i'm considering another guy? i'm not that cruel!

[16] first time u ever had a relationship?

// really young and immature

[ 17] What song do you want to hear at your wedding?

// i haven't decided that part yet

[18] Do you know someone who likes you?

// mebbe

[19] Do you like anyone?

// mebbe

[20] Do you believe in second chances?

// depends, i can't comment on something thats very sensitive. i believe that you can't throw away the only chance you have in your hands. no matter if it's your 1st, 2nd, and so on, you have to take care of people's faith in you. never for once lose people's faith coz it's bitter than taking pills.

signing off, see ya on my next boring post tarxans!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

i discovered new bands that i think i like (currently)
the bands are called quietdrive and cobra starship
i found them on
go and check the site
it's full of talented indie bands
that you tarxans might like
see ya on my next boring post tarxans,
Liverpool's Gerrard: Arsenal challenge will fade - November 09, 2007

Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard is convinced Arsenal doesn't have the staying power to sustain their title challenge this season.
Gerrard, who celebrates five years as captain this week, is back to his best form after a stuttering start to the season.
He has hit four goals in his last five games and hopes to continue that form against Fulham at Anfield today.

He said: "I played through it and now I have come out the other side, scoring goals and feeling great. We are keeping pace at the top and we are not at our best yet, while few would argue that Arsenal are playing to their full potential at the moment.
"They're on fire and playing out of their skin. But they have not had the problems that us, Chelsea and Manchester United have had with injuries to key players. It will be interesting to see how well they perform when they lose a few key players and face more tricky matches.

"The only thing we can do is get our own house in order and keep winning. Our away form is a massive improvement on last season and we know we must improve at home.
"But people are saying we are out of it and struggling. Wrong. We are in the first week of November, in a better position than we were this time last season and unbeaten in the league with a game in hand on most.

"Let us see where we are when the prizes are handed out come May - that is what counts."
Gerrard admits his form has been patchy this season. He added: "I know I was not at my best earlier in the season.

"But when you have been out for a while like I was with injury, it is always going to take time to get back into your rhythm."

im pretty intrigued with this article. stewie-g thinks his club is above the ground and pretty sure hes goin to get somewhere with his ego, which probably he inherits from ste-c his good old uncle. he declares to everyone, whos actually confused enough to believe his story, that injuries of few lpool key players resulting to their poor performance halfway throughout the season. how exactly does his statement prove to be true? lpool lost to besiktas 2-1 in their 1st leg of champions league and id like to remind all of you that they arrived in turkey with a set of their key players ready. hows that sounds to you? a big lie doesnt it? arsenal have dealt with more than injuries that other english clubs have experienced. they are not only losing key players but also experienced ones. their captain left to a club that sells promises last year and it wasnt bad at all until another experienced player, freddie ljunberg took a daring step leaving cesc and friends with nothin to hold. i remember crystal clear some doubters said about arsenals future after being left out by their two heroes. and 2 months after the hype people start to get wary and disdain over wenger rotation and young player policies. arsenal have been hit one after another controversies and yet keep maintaining their pole position, hopefully till the end of the season. i can only pray they will be given amount of strength to stay on top despite tough competition among 4 contenders. and in order to get through all those obstacles, wenger needs to keep his players fresh and be patient with the injured ones if not, they will lose all trophies overnight. go gunners.....

Friday, November 09, 2007

calling mr. becks (once again!)
-shame on you haters!!-

David Beckham has been recalled to the
England squad for the friendly against Austria,
and the vital Euro 2008 qualifier against Croatia.

England are reliant on Russia failing to beat Israel and then earning a victory against Croatia four days later in order to qualify ofr Euro 2008.

Manager, Steve McClaren believes fit again Beckham is just the player England need to do so, "We need big-game players like David" he told BBC Sport.

Captain John Terry did not make the squad though as he is recovering from knee surgery and Rio Ferdinand is absent due to suspension.

"I believe that with the likes of Rio Ferdinand and John Terry out of the squad we are lacking experience. We need those big players with experience and David is one of those."

Despite his sides injury worries and slim prospects of qualification, McClaren remains confident of England’s chances.

"I still believe Croatia will be a big game. We have got to be positive but we are disappointed that we are in the situation where it is out of our hands - that is a big regret.

"We have got to hope that Israel, a proud nation with a great home record, get a result against Russia."

Ashley Cole and Wayne Bridge also return to the squad after injury. McClaren has ensured that he has plenty cover for the left back position, as he has added Reading’s Nicky Shorey and Everton’s Joleon Lescott to the squad, who played against Russia as an emergency full back.

England play Austria in the Ernst Happel Stadion in Vienna next Friday 16 November, then face Croatia at Wembley on Wednesday 21 November.

England squad: Robinson, Carson, James, P Neville, Campbell, Richards, Brown, Lescott, Shorey, Bridge, A Cole, Beckham, Wright-Phillips, Bentley, Gerrard, Lampard, Hargreaves, Barry, J Cole, Downing, Young, Smith, Crouch, Defoe, Rooney, Owen.

courtesy of
horrorscope (next version)

The Bottom Line
Seeing someone from your past will trigger some unexpectedly warm feelings today.

In Detail
It is only natural that a past relationship would enter your mind as you embark upon a new one the similarities and the contrasts are just as striking. But are you letting the past cast too heavy a shadow over your present? You have to see this person for who they are, not for who they are not. Your role in a partnership is something you have to be willing to adjust right now. To keep things progressing, you might have to start being more forceful than you usually are.

quite a deep horrorscope..
it didn't happen tho
i'm not sure whether
it's a bad thing
or maybe
it's a blessing in disguise
i can't tell
but let time reveal
if there's a good news
hopefully i'll tell you straight
coz me and my sist
made a pact together
not to sell
our private issues
to others
caaaannnn't waiiiittt!!!!(hopefully..amiiiiieeennn!!)
see ya on my next post tarxans,

Thursday, November 08, 2007

there are gonna be football matches this weekend like always does. too bad i cant watch them once again. not many things amuse me anymore, perhaps i should create one in my imagination. i am stumble upon so many things these day, not sure where do i want to end my steps coz i hardly find good railing to hold on to. maybe, just maybe one day someone will rescue me from slight bewilderness. anyway, i want to comment a lil bit about ac milans interest over sergio ramos. sacchi has said that ramos will be as good as paolo maldini or even better. if the rumour of this interest is true, id be hell disappointed. ramos has always been my fav player apart from former real madrid player david beckham. hes strong, talented and highly motivated. real madrid has lost so many promising players, especially young talented player and as a fan id say they are dumb stupid if ramos is released during winter or summer transfer window. he has the ability to defend and attack at the same time and his accuracy is mesmerizing. as a defender he often helps his team to win with stunning header. perhaps its the right time for real madrid to change their player policy. there are so many talented players in youth club but the club hasnt made a real gesture to make statement that young players should get their chance to play even though only minor minutes in league cup. one of examples of real madrid failure to secure their raw diamond from their own backyard is when they agreed to sell young midfield player ruben de la red and goalkeeper diego lopez to other spanish clubs. are they gonna make same mistake as they did before? we'll have to wait and see...

Wednesday, November 07, 2007


while my dad's asleep (it's been all day mebbe he's damn tired) mom's busy with the mirror and my sist trying to keep her eyes open just to read sports paper, here i am trying to post another thoughts. so i 've been trying to upload this pic from but i still can't get it done right away. H.A.T.E, anyway my digicam has gone back to meeeeee and i feel pathetically blessed (so called craziness). i miss it so muccchh, i always have special feelings for my gadgets no matter how much their price tag cost me coz my love for them will never die (this is total madness!). they'll never turn their back on me, they're always reliable and never ever for once scold me for ignoring them or breaking them apart X)
ok,my sist is feeling cold and in a while she'll have words with me just to make me turn off my lappie (holding it tightly). i've been listening to cape cod kwassa kwassa over and over again, it's a fun song. tame my mood exactly when i'm out of balance, and right now i'm feeling worn out (my back's killing me) but i have to wait for my apple software update so yeah patience is the only answer. hopefully my dad's not going to scold me for going online this late, i'm very2 annoying don't u think? yeah that's just me, i'm the last one in my family so as you can guess tarxans i'm very naughty at times.
before me and my family went to have our holiday i was online until 3 am when the next day i was expected to wake up very early to fix up certain things. luckily i had prepared me and my sist's luggages so i wasn't in a hurry. on the contrary when i should had gone to sleep the night before the big day, i was busy with my lappie. i pretended i was watching world rugby championship (in case dad finds out) and hide my lappie underneath my blanket so my dad wouldn't find out (i was sleeping in my parents bedroom). my sist even told me that she won't take responsibilities if dad finds out (which didn't happen coz i turned off my lappie right before my dad woke up to check on me).
funny thing, the next few days when i was going to tell him straight that i was online until morning and without words coming from my mouth dad had already found out. well i guess he was guessing, that night i prayed he wouldn't find out (thank God it was granted), but sooner or later he'd know anyway. he was kinda laughing about it but as we all know tarxans when it comes to my own purposes i rarely listen X).
my download is finishing soon, so mebbe
i should wrap up my post before i need to restart my lappie.
the internet connection sux badly!

take care tarxans..

have to go quick, my sist's going to wake up my dad

see ya on my next post tarxans,


this is one of coolest pics i gathered from gamespot and i have to say i am satisfied with them. i am really glad hearing the news that new resident evil game will be out hopefully, this november. however, it only available only for wii. in order to try it i will have to have wii console and sad to say i may, financially bankrupt once i lay my hands on it. after numerous worthless buying habits, i started to figure out i have to stop this non sense once and for all. wait a i make any sense to you? i dont think you even understand this matter do you?. i tried once and failed. what makes me think i will make it out this time? no and once again ladies and gentleman, no is the ultimate answer. i will, like other girls spend their quality time by 'investing' in non essential goods. sigh...when does it have to end?...endless journey
i am quite disgusted nearly offended by articles written in local newspaper. how come they have been biased toward some football clubs. arsenal and real madrid are not good enough to be posted as headlines, although from time to time they included some good stories about both teams. however, good stories dont mean a balanced one. we realize ronaldinho is one of the greatest players ever exists, however his recent dipped form is basically caused by huge expectations from barca fans around the world. hes human, for god sake and not a robot. i am talking this way not bcoz i will be his lawyer defending from all critics, however, a player needs to take his rest once in a while. as soon as he scored his goal after so many critics, he suddenly became the 'one' once more. his pics all over the headlines claiming his form has rescued barca as always....duuh. hello...he scores a goal and suddenly people are talking bout his performance yada yada. cesc has even more promising future ahead of him but no one bothers. alex hleb helps his team won important matches, has anybody taken a minute to have him on the cover of sports newspaper? not just yet and im waiting for it to come up.

anyway, times online has a good article about becks recent match against hollywood team in order to raise fund for californians who are suffering from fire outbreak a couple of weeks ago. he scored twice and had three assists to contribute in the match, which is good. england friendly match against austria is coming up less than 2 weeks and i expect his name will be on the list of players against austria. some people argue that his involvement in england squad is nothing but useless. fav contender to set becks aside is of course shaun wright phillips. i dont know whether he'll play after months of injury and he did say he has yet to reach 100% fitness and woulndt know if hes able to play on that match. anyway, i'll bring on the best part of the article. here it goes....

Beckham confirmed that Los Angeles will allow him to train with an English club during the Major League Soccer close-season in order to maintain his fitness. “The Galaxy haven’t got a problem with that,” he said. “They know I have got to keep myself fit for the England games coming up.” The Galaxy will play Vancouver Whitecaps in Canada tomorrow, then Minnesota Thunder on Sunday.

January training destinations for David Beckham

Arsenal Obvious cachet and training ground is close to home, but Arsène Wenger is not known for coaching thirtysomethings with no pace.

Tottenham Hotspur Short jaunt down the M11 to the training ground in Chigwell, but will Juande Ramos want any distractions as he settles into the job?

Chelsea Reuniting with England colleagues such as Frank Lampard and John Terry would ease the pain of the drive round the M25 to Surrey.

West Ham United Have so many injuries, Beckham could be useful for making up the numbers in training.

seeing this news is a huge relief. i have heard the news few months ago from the sun online but didnt really took no notice coz the sun is hardly reliable. id say arsenal will be a good place to be. wenger is known as one of many longtime fan of becks and hes a good coach. playing with young players might motivate him even more than competing against the same players in england squad (lamps and jt are playing with chelsea). arsenal is facing stiff competition from chelsea. lamps and jt will be his main factor to join the blues rather than any other london clubs as they are his teammates in england squad. which club he might be interested in? lets just wait and see.

i cant say a lot about marriage coz i have yet to commit to any guy but i am certain that as a couple we both need to be mature and 100 % ready to face almost anything in life. my friend posted this in a bulletin board and i found it quite amusing but yet a truth no one tells. enjoy...

Love is holding hands in the street.Marriage is holding arguments in the street.Love is dinner for 2 in your favorite restaurant.Marriage is a take home packet.Love is cuddling on a sofa.Marriage is one of them sleeping on a sofa.Love is talking about having children.Marriage is talking about getting away from children.Love is going to bed early.Marriage is going to sleep early.Love is a romantic drive.Marriage is arrive on tops curvy tarmac.Love is losing your appetite.Marriage is losing your figure.Love is sweet nothing in the ear.Marriage is sweet nothing in the bank.Tv has no place in love.Marriage is a fight for remote control.Love is 1 drink and 2 straws.Marriage is "Don't you think you've had enough!".Conclusion: "Love is blind, Marriage is an eye opener!"
song: it means nothing (stereophonics)
time: (after midnight)
mode: (happiest, hopefully it will last forever)
i've been crazy
about posting blogs
it's krazeeee..
this is sooo addictive!
BUT, from today
i won't be posting much
coz yeah, busy
will be the right word
i can still have time
to post at least one blog
each day
or once every few days
if you're wondering where the hell
is my older sist?
she's busy with csi's novel
titled DELUGE
she said it was awesome
so better grab the chance
to post and to surf the net
whenever i want
she'll be asking for her turn
to occupy the lappie!!
but i'll be busy
so i think it's alrite
not really,
love her no matter what
coz i can bully her
like she does me too!
much love and kisses,
see ya on my next post tarxans
i survived their loathe
can they survive other's loathe?
"Here We Go Again"
And here we go again
With all the things we said
And not a minute spent
To think that we'd regret
So we just take it back,
These words and hold our breath
Forget the things we swore we meant
I'll write you just to let you know that I'm alright
Can't say I'm sad to see you go
Cause I'm not. (No, I'm not)
Well, I'm not.
And here we go again
With all the things we did
And now I'm wondering
Just who would I have been
To be the one attached
At all times to your hip?
Forget the things we swore we meant.
I'll write you just to let you know that
I'm alright
Can't say I'm sad to see you go
Cause I'm not. (No, I'm not)
Well, I'm not.
(No, I'm not)
Oh (No, I'm not)
I'll write you to, to let you know that
I'm alright
Can't say I'm sad to see you go
Cause I'm not. (No, I'm not)
Well, I'm not.
(No, I'm not)
I'm not, I'm not.
And here we go again
With all the things we said
And not a minute spent
To think that we'd regret
So we just take it back...
(No, I'm not)
So we just take it back...
(I'm not)
So we just take it back...
soo, the song speaks for itself. this goes out
to everyone in the past
that truly hurt me in such cruel way
i'm not re-opening
every case
but as i looked through
some pages with their pictures
that almost made me puke
i cringe,
do they still remember
every detail
like i do?
it's never about letting go
or asking forgiveness
or even about forgetting
it's always been about bruises
how they all got in to me
how they all created
monsterous disasters
can't escape
we're all human being
i admit sometimes we're just being human
and maybe it went ballistic
but what they did was out of control
drama queens
tragic gossips
pathetic reasons
and i kept quiet
altho they never stopped
they continued exposing
every bitter side
that never existed
this shout out goes
to each and everyone of them
that thought
they might not remember
but i do
and i'll keep on remembering
coz it was a bitter lesson
it was painful
but i pulled through
not because of him
he did nothing but tailing me
but it was me who stood my ground
as i said before
it was never about rage
but if you get the punishments
do remember it's nothing
like what you made me go to
your nightmares are just going to start
when i have moved 10 pages forward
sorry is kinda outdated
forget is kinda lame
don't tell me
coz i've been moving too fast
so even if we finally meet
don't go shout my name
like i'm pretty known
they labelled me as non visible garbage before
why should be trying to make nice?

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

song (the runaway train)
time (night)
mood (addicted to blogging)

(MY KIND OF CRAP list before you ask me to marry you X).)

- ask for God's permission *A MUST IF YOU HAVE ANY*

- ask my fam's views

- be fully commited

- be less selfish and more family oriented

- ask for more patience from dearest GOD

- learn how to take damage control

- learn how to take care of myself and that other person which lives with me after i'm hitched

- learn how to do everything by help boi!

- learn how to please others (his family included)

- learn how to compromise and communicate properly

- learn how to accept the good and the bad sides from my boi

- start shopping if it's confirmed (yay!!this is the fun part)


*the list isn't final subject to change without prior notice*

quite clueless, not planning any wedding soon so i kinda scratch my head with this one. the reason why i post my thoughts about what i should prepare before i move forward to a very much big step which is *wedding* (dunno why i cringe everytime i say that word. yikes!). it's definitely a huge step that will decide my future, everything i do must be based on the fact that i'm commited to someone. and that's not easy believe me, i've seen some truths and seriously both of me and my sist are very much aware with the situations in marriage. hopefully when i decide to get hitched, that's the best decision i'l make at that time and the future -amiien-.

tarxans, if you're asking why on earth is she (a one screwed up) girl like me writing about marriage when she's not going to have any soon/when she's not married yet? then the answer is simple, i'm quite tired having thoughts without expressing it into a post on my blog. it's irritating just to think and think but no actions, and this is to show that i also have thoughts about marriage. mom if you're reading this, thank you for never pushing me like other moms..thank you for understanding my weird rituals with gadgets (like now,i've been blogging ever since i arrived from outing with my mom and my sist),
and for being the cool mom
that understands me
for who i am

hate this!
i miss my digicam
just to touch its reddish
just to glare
just to open the cover
and unwrap many bubbles
that will flow with
the stupid smile on my face
2moro ull be back in my arms
just to tickle you with my fat fingers
signing off, see ya on m next boring post tarxans

the reunion full of blessings.

the moment i read the news about spice girls reunion, i went practically madball. i was ecstatic i even jumped off my chair..i couldn't believe what i read. after years without their antic performances soon there will be another live performance by my fav girlband. who didn't like the spices? i still keep all of their cassettes (duh! so last century!). i'd die just to see them live but with this technology-era why sould be wasting your time crying over things like live concert (beside, i have asthma so don't bother pushing me to go to live concert). hopefully many fans will post their videos on youtube so i can enjoy spice's concert with chips nearby x).

i made some list about songs that i've been listening to these days..

it means nothing (by stereophonics..their best song ever!)

all at once (by the fray..dunno why i always listen to them tho i can't say i'm a big fan)

until tomorrow (by paramore..hayley reminds me of old-avril, still kickin' and original. their songs are amazingly creative. unlike most punk-rock (pop) bands that are trying too hard to be on tv they manage to keep their solid performances, HONEST!)

postcards from italy (by beirut..i saw the vocalist on some teen magz and i was kind of interested with the band's concept for the album so i tried to find postcards from italy on youtube YAY! i loved the song the moment i heard the lyrics and the beautiful harmony..i listen to this song each and everyday especially during my time with babYpod)

crazy for you (by new found i have said gaziliion times before their latest album is worth buying if you're a fanatic like me -not really i lied x) - i really2 like most of their songs, they did awesome with the songs.)

when will i see your face again (jamie scott and the town..ooowww!! this is the one of the song that soothes me currently, whatta crap i sound so melodramatic just like telenovela. but honestly it really is, the song is brilliantly done by them. just like the first time i heard collide by howie day, this song reminds me of my mom's fav song)

cape cod kwassa kwassa (by vampire weekend..Gosh i'm so hooked to this song, i've been repeating this song for quite some time. this song reminds me of the sound of music, yupp that movie by beautiful julie andrews. dunno why, tho this song is never related in any terms. the music is colourful and melodious..loovve it!the new era of beatles, i believe that if the beatles were alive and still kicking with their iconic instruments they'd be on the same page as vampire weekend. or should i say vampire weekend are their resemblance? i bet the beatles must be proud with this band)

it's too late baby (by either carly simmons or carole king..i'm quite confused who's the real singer but this was the song a friend of mine recorded for me waaaay loooong time a goooo and i had troubles finding it online. FYI my friend recorded the song for me in a cassette with 60 minutes duration which i believe was misplaced or screwed)

tender (by blur..this is one of my youth anthem. plain, original, but this is a masterpiece that blur had composed beside song2 and coffee and tv)

headlines/voodoo (by spice girls, the new song by spice girls. needless to say i love spice girls so much, everything they're doing are ok to me)

with every heartbeat (by robyn.. seriously i grew up listening to robyn's show me love and do you really want me, but i didn't expect she'd come back and amazed me with this song. this is was out of my expectations! maybe posh should make single like this too)

lost in space/high (by lighthouse matter what everytime these songs come and tickle my ears i always keep hoping that someday when i hear this song in the future, i'd think back and feel thankful for my life..tarxans, i cursed a lot too when i was 15 x) but i've grown up ever since, i love the fact that me as a human being just trying to cope with heavy thoughts and be less selfish each and everyday)

scenic world (by beirut..very2 entertaining especially the opening notes, where do they get all those inspirations? heck, good to hear there's a real creative band in this cynical world)

mouthwash (by kate nash..the brilliant version of lily allen with far better attitude than her. no offense, but lily has talked rubbish about people, who the hell is she to judge other people when her life isn't on the right balance?)

the adventure (by angels and airwaves..the fallen piece from blink 182, it's far emo than blink 182. i play this over and over again no matter on what occasion)

birds (by kate nash, the brilliant pop starlet. she's the lowkey musician with so much going on on her album which is marvellous*)

sorry, disconnected for a while

my mom decided to clean up the room

and ordered me to do this and that

so i had to obey her words x)

beautiful ones (by's my sist's favourite brit song apart from their song she's in fashion. it has tons of message, wonder where did they get their influence? or maybe they were sitting in a cafe, sipping their latte when they got their inspiration)

* wondering why i love to say marvellous?

coz it's almost near with her next of kin which is marshmalow x) *

signing off, see ya on my next boring post tarxans