Tuesday, August 15, 2006

This is just great! beck has been dropped from national squad, temporarily, as the new manager Ste-C said. but how accurate his promise to bring beck to the squad, no one can make sure of it. but ppl are fed up with promises and need results!. it has been 40 yrs since England won any major trophies but probably we can blame this to the players. we have best midfielders, stikers, centerbacks, etc. i mean, who doesnt know wayne rooney? hes the best player in Manchester United and probably in England. Much have been said in the past a couple of weeks by a player in Chelsea regarding his experience in England with former manager Sven. he blamed sven for his lack of fitness and highlight svens decision to bring on uncapped striker theo walcott in WC 06. stevie g is no different. i think they are trying to blame ppl who arent involved anymore in the squad so they cant defend themselves from these attacks. well to be honest LAMPARD and GERRARD 'lent a hand' on their defeat with Portugal last WC 06. lampard, for example, he had more than (i lost counts) 20 shots on goal and none of it came with a goal. how many times did we see that his shots blasted behind the net whenever hes wearing blue shirt? almost all the time i think. both of the players FAILED penalty shoot out! o my god are these the players they regard as best midfielders? they must be joking. when it comes to failure you only have yourselves to be blamed on and not someone else. probably they are ashamed with the result and need someone to be blamed and here they are....theo and sven.

well, as a fan iam dissapointed when england lost unfairly to Portugal but they deserved it. to be honest they didnt perform as they supposed to and nearly lost to Costa Rica (an embarassing clearance from terry amused me) if mr. beck hadnt curled the ball and scored, well....they had to score from penalty spot which i doubt they would succeed.

let see how good is the 'new era' is going to be, perhaps they can be champions again? :p again promises have been delivered but how far they would go? we have to wait and see. perhaps i would have more to say after friendly with greece.....hopefully something good


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