Monday, December 18, 2006

if i could fly, i would. be with you everyday is something i want to do. just sit down in a corner of the street would be enough; anywhere will do as long as you are here holding my hands. i know words are not enough but these are all i have for you. lets get out from our routine, bring me to your castle and pleased me with the story you told me for thousands times but it doesnt matter, i dont feel bored with the story. maybe we could see something that others dont. lets walk those streets once more just to feel soft solid feature of asphalt and not be lectured bout how breezing cold will affect us. coz this will be the last day of my adventure life with you for i have to perform another journey outside your sense. hold my hands to steady the balance for my weak legs will give way at any time. thank you for stay by my side coz you have been great to me, i will see you again for that im sure. i love you my dear....and this isnt goodbye


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