Friday, January 26, 2007

how this partnership will end has spread all around the world that ronnie has taken medical test and predicted to join AC Milan much sooner than most ppl had expected. he was left out by unseated coach fabio capello and only played minor part for real madrid this season. AC milan losing their prolific striker andriy shevchenko to chelsea last season, although rumour speculating sheva will leave chelsea hasnt subdued it doesnt stop ronnie to jump ship and ready to help AC milan go through rough season after losing points as a result of their misconduct before WC 06. ronnie, as some expected, isnt goin to find italian league tough as he has shown pretty good seasons at inter milan few years back. however, goin to inter bitter rival, AC milan, seems harden his welcome party in italy. known for his 'tricky' deal with real madrid few years back left inter fans agitated and labeled him traitor. in 2007, he decides to be with AC milan rather than other clubs in europe will, at least givin inter fans a very hard time to digest. ppl have given him lousy names and still, helps real with important goals while playing in champs league. personally, i will give him some time to play in order to gain some fitness and make sure he trains as hard as other players. im sure if hes given a chance he will maximize his ability and be ronaldo that we know in WC 02. ive read capello statements earlier this season to try partnering ronnie and ruudtje, he will work hard to make this partnership work and succeed. even though ronnie starting to gain his form, so sudden capello changed his mind and continue using his fragile 4-2-1-2-1 formation. perhaps, with him moving elsewhere capello will find his squad get goin again and ready to challenge la liga title. absolutely non sense to sideline ronnie as one of the best strikers in the world where he can make somethin useful on the pitch. sevilla, barca and real madrid share points (a week ago) and it seems capellos team might stand a chance to be a champion again after 3 yrs of disaster. but a question remains here, whether real madrid is that good as they publicly announced?. the question seems absurd for madridistas as their team cruised through with two wins in recent matches. however, weaken sevilla and tiring barca squad seem to be the reason behind their slip ups in their last matches. could it be the year for madridista to celebrate somethin after crisis over 3 yrs? nobody knows as i always say, theres nothin certain in football. im curious to wait the outcome of ace striker samuel eto'o who has been declared fit to play for barcelona. hes the reason barca came to be reigning champion for 2 yrs in a row and be one of the most 'able' team in europe, possibly in the world. well, i guess its always be my pleasure to watch great players play their part in a game and see suprising results that i might have thought as impossible outcome. for example, beckham case. 2 yrs ago, real would rather lose their coach than beckham. but in recent weeks, he has been all over but in coaches mind, fabio capello. hes been magnificent though in controlling his temper during tough time when he was sidelined from first team. and most recently, his pending move to LA galaxy this summer has constantly been headlines in all over the world. could this be his final salute to european football? absolutely true. hopefully he'll come good in US and wipe off smirks from their faces


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