Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon is resigned to axing coach Fabio Capello at the end of this season. DiarioSport says despite public denials from the Real supremo, Calderon knows he needs to change coaches in the summer.

Calderon had high hopes for Capello and his iron-fist approach to player management. The plan was for the Italian to unite the dressing room, but his behaviour in recent weeks has backfired and led to increasing rifts amongst the squad and management.First freezing out and then grudgingly recalling Francisco Pavon and Raul Bravo has not gone down well amongst the players, along with the treatment of Ronaldo and Mahmadou Diarra. Capello's blast at David Beckham has been the last straw for some Real powerbrokers, who can't believe the Italian's stand after the way he quit the club in his first spell in charge for AC Milan - while still having two years left on his deal.Capello has also infuriated the supportive Madrid press after banning journalists from training earlier this month. And his middle-finger salute to fans after Sunday's victory over Zaragoza did not go down well in the director's box.English sources, meanwhile, insist Real have been sounding out unsettled Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho about moving to Madrid next season.

i surely think this is goin to be an interesting story, watching capello being treated differently from other coaches seems to me a bit of an extraordinary of excitement. well, i am very curious of what those fans had to say bout this near-retirement manager. somethin delicious perhaps?

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