Thursday, March 29, 2007

i have so many things going on, my love for new games *such as BULLY!!* and WINNING ELEVEN+PES. i've been doing extremely well, especially when my old bud suddenly contacted me and we chatted till we didn't realize time had flown away. God it feels great just to make peace with my past *though only some parts are forgiven*. i think letting some parts in my miserable past * so-called friends* go are not easy believe me it's easier said than done. mebbe it was a bit hard because i still have questions on why they did something barbaric like in the past..and of course i still remember how they managed to put shame on my face everyday oh well we were young back then mebbe that's the truth of my youth. i guess after all that said and done, i'm ready to end the sickening disputes and put it behind. well i hope theyre also sincere to make peace with me and not talking shits about me anymore. but at least i learned precious things while i was being treated badly. God is full of grace, and i'm one of His followers who feels damn grateful just to be very much alive and blisfully happy. God has given me more than just much so i guess he's also the One who opened my heart to realize so many things that i thought had dissapeared long time a go.
don't hold any's awful although a lot of ppl used to hate me but i didn't/don't hold any grudge towards them because i wasn't raised that way. my mom told me that no matter how hurt your feeling is always have patience and have faith in God coz he'll give u the best way to heal ur feelings.
gossips are nasty, take it from me it's all about karma. if u don't want to be mistreated by other people then treat others nicely. because the good deeds never goes unpunished. good effort will come back to u not as punishments but more as rewards.

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