Saturday, March 10, 2007


its very funny how things work out themselves, not in a good way of course. first, football. seeing real madrid qualify to next round other than 16 group would be amazing, it didnt happen though. i was putting my hopes for arsenal although they have a slim chance to qualify but at least playing at home would be able to give arsenal a slight advantage. my hopes falling to pieces and hope no more to see both of the teams win somethin worth than gold. hurt, sad and disgraced by the way things unraveled, i quickly decided not to post anything in our blog. to add more salt to the wound, beck was declared not fit to play for another month. i'd love to see him play against barca this weekend and Man Utd on the 13th of march. ppl are eager to see him play once more in old trafford for the last time; this game will be considered as his final salute to his fans in england since real madrid has already lost to bayern munich there will be no chance seeing beck play against other teams in old trafford. our pain is getting deeper and heavier. i really wish things would have gone completely different, but who am i to decide?. i can only wish beckham would play again soon rather than later and bounce back from this madness coz its a round world.

i have aleady talked about my first pain and its time to reveal the second. goin all the way only to find nothing but a dead end. goin backwards always be a good option despite the setback. all around the world looking for dimes and gold but ashes are the only thing she can find. disappointed, she decides to leave her sadness behind and breakway to other direction. her efforts come to nothing as, again, empty spaces are all over the walls.

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