Friday, November 09, 2007

horrorscope (next version)

The Bottom Line
Seeing someone from your past will trigger some unexpectedly warm feelings today.

In Detail
It is only natural that a past relationship would enter your mind as you embark upon a new one the similarities and the contrasts are just as striking. But are you letting the past cast too heavy a shadow over your present? You have to see this person for who they are, not for who they are not. Your role in a partnership is something you have to be willing to adjust right now. To keep things progressing, you might have to start being more forceful than you usually are.

quite a deep horrorscope..
it didn't happen tho
i'm not sure whether
it's a bad thing
or maybe
it's a blessing in disguise
i can't tell
but let time reveal
if there's a good news
hopefully i'll tell you straight
coz me and my sist
made a pact together
not to sell
our private issues
to others
caaaannnn't waiiiittt!!!!(hopefully..amiiiiieeennn!!)
see ya on my next post tarxans,

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