Saturday, January 26, 2008

And now they have no chances
They fill the empty caskets
And leave you with your tears
And, oh, now we take our chances
We all will take more chances
Before our lives end, too

How could you have left us here?
You had friends, you had us, goodbye
Goodbye (break, break down)

Many Funerals - Eisley. heath ledger passed away tho i don't consider myself as a fan but he was famous for his controversial role in brokeback mountain. it will be a be a big loss for hollywood but he'll soon be replaced by new actors, no offense that's just how it goes there. after brad renfro's death, i was hoping other upcoming actors would learn that drugs and unhealthy lifestyles are the silent killers. even bodyguards can't save you from them. but tinseltown never learn a damn thing as usual. theyre the idols and they behave hideously, no wonder world has gone into a big wild jungle with so many loudmouth tarxans. i'm curios what's his cause of death. any suggestion?

stay away from drugs,


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