Thursday, January 24, 2008


very blessed, very happy, and very much adoring God. alhamdulillah, hopefully "blessing in disguise" will define the current situation. can't say much coz it's still undecided but at least it's becoming good news after all. love you God, if some are asking how to love God..

live your life and someday when noone makes you feel safe anymore then you'll know deep inside there's only one who'll never leave you unless you're the one who leaves. it's the safest feeling you'll ever feel in life, it's when you realize that you still have God that'll always love and safe you from disasters. but, don't love Him for granted or only when life gets you down, it's called selfish. i'm lucky that God has never leave me for once in my life, God has helped me and guide me into a better path.

i'm not flawless, i'm in fact full of imperfections. that's why i always encourage myself to grow my faith and belief in God coz it's the best feeling in the world. the feeling of knowing there's God beside me who'll guide me through the rainy/snowy/fallingdown/goingup/crushingintolovelyfeelings, i know i'll survive everything.

pray for me, bear with me, don't ever leave me.


eisleyian *insya allah, hopefully life is going through the right direction*

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