Tuesday, January 15, 2008

completely leaving behind all the good side of me back at the cottage. rage and incompatibility shade my beauty. theres nothing good left inside me. nothin but ashes of my own self. slowly, it turns into a tree of mockery. my ambitions are melt down by a single step of haste. bloody knee keeps me out of shape to climb the famous hill. sitting down to watch beautiful sky with nothin but a shirt and a very interesting short pants. God...i love this...

how do people moving on with their life without a single trace of guilt and humanity. they share and laugh on someone else's bitter disappointment. he, who climbs up the stairs and get the most fresh air of all. he smiles, he laughs, he begs for mercy. he needs the attention as well as the popularity. his movement is restricted to singing only and nothing but a headline news for him. he has shown his ability to strike for almost 5 yrs now. but not a single thing he can fix. he put almost anything in the mix. walk out he goes...marched by gruesome army of God. being led to a place he should be...where he can sing and play his role for ever more.

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