Wednesday, February 13, 2008

finally home.

i chatted *again and again* with someone i hold dearly in my heart. i still remember the first time i met her, she was the new girl ins chool and i was her senior. i didn't really know her much except the fact that she went to the same elementary school as mine.

i was really close with this guy friend that actually famous for calling me mom in school, he was older than me tho. i think tha fact that i cared so much for him made him realize that i was like a mum to him. so that so-called-son dated the lovely chick i mentioned above for quite a while. he asked for my permission and also my opinion, since he was totally in love with this chick and the fact that i didn't really know her i gave him the ok sign.

he introduced me to her, i got to know her a little bit better. she became one of the closest person during my last year in HS due to moreenemies-lesfriends. she called me mom too, and we even had diary together *iknowiknow it's damn lame*.

but holding hands doesn't mean we had no disagreements, i think that fact that i fell out with some friends that affected my relationship with my so-called-son really2 contaminated my relationship with his gurl (lovelychick). sobsobsob, we carried on, she moved to another town due to her parents' request following some bad news that spread out about her dysfunctional relationship.

she broke up, no news from her. i got so busy with my life and suddenly i caught her on tv and i was sooo damn happy for her. we made few contacts but we both had issues to deal with.

after quite a while, i found her profile on FS and contacted her. yeah, we did that bombay-tears kinda thing harharhar thank God i could finally talk to her once again coz only she could make funny voices that's definitely will crack me up.

hunnybun, i love you trully and deeply. you're one of the sweetest gifts that i feel thankful for, it's amazing to share something special with you although it's been too long since we hugged each other. miss you too dearest../mommyalwaysloveyou/


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