Monday, February 25, 2008

i read an article claiming eduardos injuries could eventually become a career ending, and it threw me out off my sanity. it was before the 2nd half commenced, arsenal were losing their one of reliable strikers and clearly it shaken off everyones nerve for quite some time. they got their 3 points after theo fired to the back of the net in the 55 mins. however, the 10th man birmingham refused to back down and fired passed almunia to give them a point to go home with. i know its hell disappointing but i want all the players to look back and win the rest of the matches for eduardo. he has lost his hope to play in champs league, if let say arsenal won all the rounds and reached final, and dont let him know his team fall short behind other european clubs. win for him, and us, the fans. wish eduardo a very speedy recovery and joins arsenal next season.

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