Tuesday, February 12, 2008

no more holding back.

i bumped into one of the nastiest Xs ever existed. i don't know who mentioned i was coming to my 'ol HS, but out of nowhere he was accidentally there and met me in person after years avoiding him. he was as usual smiling, pretending, selling bulls, but i was acting cold. sorry, but he wasn't worth all the smiles and nice treatments..i mean even i got along quite well with my ex-arch enemy but him? he was total different story.

seeing him, was some sort of total recall. it was painful and it was definitely showing that i can't stand him no more. he was the cause of my miseries, time hasn't shown much of his maturity. it still hurting me as it was back then..moving on has nothing to do with the pain inside. maybe some will react differently about this, but to me he's still the same character-killer as he used to be and accepting the fact that he mentioned many false news really2 bother me.

breaking up with him was pretty much hard to deal with because of his antics that kinda made me soured up. pleaspleaseplease you've done so much that really2 *outofwords* pissed me off so don't pretend like you never did something or talked bad about me. blahblahblah liars will always be liars.

there's no room left on my back it was damaged long a go, though you swear that you're true i still pick my friends over you.

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