Friday, February 15, 2008

when my emotion mixed up

so v'day brought nothing but sadness to me and also boredom that lead to another teary-eyes. dunno why i got sooo emotional lately, maybe it's the time of the month. i usually take things easy and laid back a bit but yesterday brought mixed up feelings that made me feel all the stupid feelings i haven't felt in such long period.

damn gutted alright. me and my friends planned to meet again *continuing the reunion kinda thing* but some of them said they can't make it. damn..i'm bummed coz all of this bad news. my bff showed up in chatroom but he couldn't chat with me coz his internet connection sucked!! he promised to chat for me tomorrow..which is today but he didn't show up and leave me feeling miserable hixhixhix

i don't know what's happening, emotional as i'm right now..God i was such a moron, i deleted cute pictures from my camera without even moving them into my flickr album. greatgreatgreat thank you for ruining your own mood! blah, i was very creative using my red-cam but i deleted all of the pictures myself without realizing that the pictures were un-transferred yet. W!

at least my mom's hairstylist gave a very nice-cute compliments about my new 'do and my dad said i look thinner harharharhar. *deep breath* and also a present from my sist that really2 uplift my mood. thank you dear!!

i miss my friend, he's a true star in my eyes.. adorable loving-life person which i adore so much. i really2 miss him, we haven't had a proper conversation since months a go which was also in chatroom. i kind of feel afraid, sad, and let down by his odd behaviour. why can't you be here with me when i need you the most? if only wishes could come true just like when i mean every word i'm saying?

i miss so many people right now, i just wanna see them..i'm dying with my own pool of tears. ok, now i'm getting emotional and it really2 bugging me because usually i'm much better than this. *deep breath* yeah i'm doing so much better than last week when i first had my allergies-that-lead-to-fluholic back, i mean i knew i was ok but i kept on sneezing which made my mom worry as if i'm really2 sick. thank you for the prayers..i'm doing much2 better. alhamdulillah.

enough swearing, enough writing off my emotions..enough sneezing



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