Thursday, March 20, 2008

my sist ruulles hahaha she downloaded my fav songs ever this past few days. yaaay!! such a nice sist isn't she? occasionally only hohohoho

i'm bored, dunno waht to write hixhixhix well actually i'm still very much confused but i'm beginnig to understand which is which.

i'm sorry for those who have misunderstood for every action i took while they were busy leading lives. i had to keep it inside.

it was worrying me at first, everything i had to do based on the fact that they were very2 close to me wholeheartedly!!

i didn't want to hurt each of them, that was why i laid low too long and still i haven't decided the next step *indecisive!*

gotta go i need to find more inspirations, my writings have begun to bore people hahaha love ya babes..


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