Wednesday, March 05, 2008

perhaps my sist will, once again commenting about the font i chose to write this post, but what the hell. i love it when she raises her eyebrows and hears her rambling about it :). anyway, we are very delighted today as the gunners gunned down one of the most experienced teams in europe in terms of qualifying in the champs league; the glorious team is AC milan. most of people, i think, would have expected to see AC milan crawling through the tiny space and reclaim their title for the 2nd consecutive years. however, things turned out to be disastrous for them in their own home ground, san siro. who would have guessed the young soldiers stomping their marks in san siro to claim the first english club to ever beat AC milan in their own turf after so many years without success. just for your information, man utd were beaten last season in san siro. i dont know the scoreline, as long as they were down, i dont give a damn. coming to san siro knowing the fact as the 2nd best team didnt stop my lovely gunners to win the match and regained their best performance ahead of tight schedule in the premiere league. to be fair i wasnt expecting to see the gunner to win the tough match especially with loads of experienced players in milans side. i dont think pato deserves his place in the starting XI and i was right. i didnt see the spark between the two strikers and it clearly disadvantage milan in so many ways. hes only 18 something and playing in such level warrant more wise decision from the coach. he had 2 or 3 clear chances but wasnt able to convert them into results. perhaps, milan should think harder how to bear playing matches without their scarlet playmaker, kaka. if wenger decided to put a strong guard around him, milan would have to leave the stadium empty handed. last night though, wenger thought it would be better if each one of his players focusing on zone marking. and it turned out to be a lucky one as kaka hasnt completely recovered from his injury. one player cannot be burden with such huge responsibility. probably it is the best time for milan to have a few playmakers rather than to have one. last season henry thought that barca would be the best team he could have imagined and left us with much despair. but after several months and few adjustments, arsenal have become a completely different team. hleb shared the same sentiment claiming that the absence of thierry benefits him and other players in many ways no one would have thought. i dont want to be arrogant as arsenal have yet to reached final and nothing can be said before the D day. so God, please give me your mercy for writing rubbish every day... :)

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