Sunday, March 16, 2008

well, i must say that this weekend matches were anything but entertaining. arsenal lost their grip on the premiereship title with only drawing 1-1 against boro. and real madrid gave up their lead by losing to a weaker side deportivo la coruna, 1-0. i had the feeling of this sour match after watching the first 45 mins and decided to go to bed instead. i hate to read all the nonsense in the media, esp after man utd won against lowly side derby county. i must say, wenger should start focusing on champs league instead. its indeed difficult for his team to beat liverpool on their home turf. however, nothing is impossible. when all the odds were against arsenal, no one would have thought seeing arsenal defeating the defending champions with galloping scoreline in san siro two weeks ago. whilst record was broken, i certainly wouldnt have hoped arsenal playing against another tough side, an english club. this is disaster but i know for certain that as long as we remain positive, we can overcome challenges. lets go arsenal....dont give up now...
i must be crazy for not tuning in to football matches. but i cant do nothing. anyway, big plans are ahead of me. decisions arent meant to be easy and its fairly true. whatever the outcome will make, i'll have to be prepared for the worse.

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