Saturday, March 15, 2008

well, we found a light amidst the gruesome of reality. but it wont reveal anything unless we start looking for meaning. what we are experiencing is the result of cause and effect. if i was a smoker, chances of getting lung cancer is a lot higher than my mom who despises ciggarettes more than anything else in the world. i have to be ready for his grim expression explaining my situation. head down and tears falling down my cheeks. wow....what a great negative imagination in the early afternoon. im trying to visualize how a person deals with so many challenges and yet, he/she determines to reach the finish line without whimpering. few years ago i would have cast my hopes as high as the sky above. but its so much different now. changes take a different turn and giving not only false hope but disappointment as well. i see nothing but the sun set. tomorrow promising a better day but no one guarantees a certain result. we have to run to evade heavy downpour unless we love to feel the freshness of the wiggling rain. tomorrow is a mere fantasy to someone; but to me, is a certain decision and once i have taken one, i will live forever to keep it. whilst, i am standing off balance from the railing high in the sky. i hang on tight to my deepest faith....God will not let me fall to the ground.

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