Wednesday, April 02, 2008

his contribution to england wasnt welcomed by press, i presumed. i have a serious doubt that all those criticisms written in the newspapers arent meant to build a solid teamwork. im pretty sure that all they want is to get rid of becks from the squad. one thing for sure, capellos isnt someone who listens to all those non sense. what appears to be in the surface, doesnt seem to be the truth of all. one can only measure the depth of the ocean but anything crossing someones mind, one can do nothing except guessing. i believe my own words. however, i remember again what happened a year and half ago. real madrid president ramon calderon and sporting director pedrag midjatovic were quite adamant that becks deal was meant to be done before his contract run out the next year. however, they were merely talking out of nothing but empty promises. becks wanted to stay on until he cant afford to run on his feet again. at that time, everyone was pointing fingers on capellos face. not until last year when capello was appointed as england manager, the true story finally revealed. it was roberto carlos who talked to the press that two of the most influential people in real madrid camp, have written off becks from real madrid squad for the future. capellos decision to leave out becks after his sensational deal with LA Galaxy last winter, was clearly made because of the two men displeased with the way becks handled the deal. i know it was only a reason made by those two devilish men. so, after weeks of certainties becks finally signed a deal with an unknown club somewhere in US. well, it is unfair for us to compare LA Galaxy to other european clubs as no quality players and managers are interested to join those US clubs for many reasons. europe has always been the best destination for all footballers. champions league and domestic competitions are the main reason many footballers find them attractive. lack of quality in both of player and manager makes US football competition sour. anyway, nothing can guarantee becks will or will not be included in the england squad after last game against france. england lost and it was entirely not becks fault. the negative approach since the beginning of the match certainly didnt help england to go anywhere near the winning force we have always dreamt. france were missing some of their key players including henry, benzema and vieira. i wont be talking about it again coz it wont help to answer questions. its a lesson to learn for the squad. we can only hope that the hard lesson they had, was indeed taken to their heart. so next time around we can see true footballers wearing white shirt playing for their beloved country, england. lets just hope.  

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